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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1048 - Immortal Arts? (subscription sought)

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The void.

Suddenly there were visions popping up, causing Li Er and those servants of the State Master's Palace to be shocked.

What was going on?

Where did the vision come from, and how did it come from?

They haven't figured it out yet.

Gaijin actually has very few visions in the Great Tang.

And there weren't many chances to see them with your own eyes, they were basically coaxed by the people below.

Li Er had already experienced this.

It was also a psychological preparation early on, but at the moment he was still shocked up.

It was hard to stop being horrified.

Covered in the void, countless storms and lightning appeared, but no rain fell.

At the same time.

With the naked eye a pillar of light appeared, connecting the nine heavens, as if to cover everything.

This sudden scene was seen by the people of Chang'an City, and they looked at it sideways in fear.

The appearance of the seven-colored pillars of light was unprecedented in ancient and modern times.

Even those Buddhist Daoists were unsure of what was happening at the moment.

They had never seen this sight before anyway, and they had thought that the Daoist Buddha who had cultivated all his life was just an ordinary cultivation.

Where had they seen such a divine scene today.

It was simply out of their expectation, and it was simply hard for them to imagine what was happening in front of them.

They were so horrified that they opened their mouths so wide that they couldn't utter a single word for a moment, as if they were being strangled.

Looks of fear.

Of course, in addition to that they had deep excitement and joy, as enthusiastic as ten thousand.

Immortal Fate.

This was clearly the Immortal Fate.

Maybe all of them would have a chance to touch the Immortal Fate.

At the thought of being able to obtain the Immortal Fate, they all became excited one by one, if they could, perhaps....

They can ask for immortality too.

How nice that would be.

And so.

Within the first hour, all of those Dao-Buddhist streams in Chang'an City took action.

If they could obtain the Immortal Fate, if they....

Maybe it's okay.

Immortal destiny was a supreme existence, more important than anything else, wouldn't it be better if they could ascend to immortality one day.

They were suddenly excited.


After the blink of an eye, the light disappeared.

By the time those excited people came back to their senses, the countless rays of light had already disappeared without a trace.

Where were there still visions in the sky?

It was gone.

Look at the entire Chang'an City appalled.

Where were the endless visions?

Where's Fate?

Where is it.

They hadn't even had time to observe where Fairy Fate was.

Now it was actually gone.

Suddenly they didn't know where to look for it, and they were appalled and surprised a few times.

And so.

They all panicked, with complicated feelings, and greatly pounded their feet and cried with great regret.

The heart was so remorseful.

"If we just remember the location of the vision, can we trace the Immortal Fate."

"It's over, the vision disappears, so we won't be able to discover where that vision is, what can we do?"

"Ugh, that's embarrassing."

"What should I do, where's Fairy Fate?"


For a time.

Throughout the Great Tang Chang'an City, those Daoist Buddhists were helpless and their faces were pale.


The current situation seemed like they should have missed out on a lot of trouble.

This world was originally a world of mundane existence, and was originally a world where ordinary people lived.

Originally, there was no such thing as an immortal god.

There were also no divine wonders, and no so-called heaven and earth visions had ever been seen, let alone any immortal fate or the like.

Where was there.

Now, it was hard to see the Immortal Fate appear, and they had thought that their many years of waiting would finally have a chance.

But how could they have imagined that it would end like this?

Even though they knew that the attraction point of the vision was in Chang'an City, they couldn't find the exact location.

It seemed frightening now.


It was a thousand times more regrettable.

Immortal Fate ah.

It was the fate of becoming immortal, how they looked forward to it.

And right now.

Inside the State Counselor's Mansion.

His Majesty Li Er was watching the vision in amazement until it disappeared.

He had seen that the vision was emitted from this State Teacher's Mansion, and he was even sure that the vision just now was related to Jiang Xiao.

It was a pity that it disappeared too quickly.

It made him disappear before he could even react.

It also made Li Er secretly feel sorry, if that vision was used well, he might have been able to consolidate his throne even more.



Suddenly, Li Er smacked his head and thought of one thing.

How did the vision come about.

It was made by that guy surnamed Jiang, "In other words, he knows how to cultivate, he'll be able to truly cultivate and even become an immortal."

At the thought of Jiang lacking a high possibility of becoming an immortal, His Majesty Li Er was not calm.

He couldn't help but mutter to himself, "If the State Master really has such skills, then why didn't he just perform a set of immortal arts when he was in the palace hall some days ago, wouldn't that have been more shocking?"

Li Er was a bit puzzled.

He looked pensive, "In that case, when he was in the palace that day, he actually had something to hide from me, and his wounding of my one thousand guards was also intentional."

The truth was most likely like this.

Li Er felt that he had figured it out, and he couldn't help but suck in a mouthful of cold air, Jiang Qian's scheming was too deep.

This was a person who couldn't be offended and couldn't be countered, an Immortal God's generation.

It would be better not to offend him more in the future, or else it would be too difficult.

He was helpless.

Even if he was a hallowed emperor, it didn't seem like it was enough.

He was stunned and shaded his gaze, "What a Founder's Monk, it looks like the sky of the Great Tang will change in the future."

The talk of Immortal Gods was no longer a legend.


In the future, the talk of the Immortal Fate would no longer be a legend, it would no longer be something ethereal.

The Immortal Fate could also be found in front of the eyes.

Li Er's heart was a hundred different complexities, intertwined and unclear.

He knew very well that once the talk of the Immortal Fate was no longer a legend, once there were traces of it, once the Immortal Fate became possible, the imperial power would have to fall away.

It would be different.

And the divine power would climb above the imperial power.


It wasn't useless.

"At the very least, in the future, I might also be able to find a trace of immortal destiny and become a god."

Li Er thought so in his heart, "In the future, I will definitely become an immortal and live forever."

Eternal Life Emperor.

You know, back then, His Majesty Qin Shihuang of the Great Qin Dynasty didn't even have the chance to live forever.

And yet he, Li Er, had.

It would be the time when divine power and imperial power would become one.

Thinking about it made Li Er feel happy in his heart, "Although it's possible for the imperial power to fall, it may not be a bad thing.

For me, it might also be a rare opportunity ah.

Immortal fate, who wouldn't want to have it."

What His Majesty Li Er never expected was that Jiang Qian, an out-of-square monk, would have such a skill.

It was truly somewhat powerful.

Li Er was a bit bitter.

He wasn't sure if Jiang Xiao's appearance was good or bad, and he was a little worried because Jiang Xiao's arrival would affect the future situation of the Great Tang.

Perhaps I should pay some attention?

Li Er's heart was silently thinking about it, he was quite looking forward to it.

But having previously offended Jiang Lack and having some bad interactions with him, wasn't it too good to say.

Letting him teach himself the Dao of Immortality?

Or have it teach itself the art of immortality, or the art of immortality?

"Maybe it's okay,"

Li Er muttered to himself, "My Great Tang will be different from now on."

In the future, he, Li Er, would also be immortal, and would also cultivate eternal life and be an emperor of all ages.

At the thought that he could be immortal, Li Er's heart became extremely happy and excited.

He was suddenly very happy.


Li Er instructed Wang De and said, "Wang De, you bring someone to guard the entrance of the State Master's Mansion, never let anyone in, or I will take you as a question."


Wang De still nodded seriously, indicating that he knew.

As an inner servant by His Majesty Li Er's side, he was a firm supporter of Li Er's side, so he would definitely follow Li Er's orders as well.

At the same time.

He also knew what the purpose and significance of Li Er's commanding so.

The State Master's House showing visions might be related to Jiang Lack, the State Master, and it was hard to say what His Majesty Li Er had in mind.

But none of this was what Wang De was thinking or worrying about, he felt very calm now.

The Immortal Fate was very close to him.

But at the same time, it was also too far away from him.


After taking a deep breath, Wang De then respectfully brought his men to stand guard at the entrance of the State Master's Palace.

It was also expected.

He, Wang De, was also a man, and a mortal one at that.

Although he was a eunuch, he also wanted to achieve immortality and live forever, as well as to one day become a man once again.

Perhaps to live another life.

Wang De's mind was alive and well, perhaps he could get on good terms with the State Master in the future.

He was his future ah.

It was a sudden excitement.

Previously, he felt that Jiang Liao was a man with some skills, although he was also very tactful.


And that was all.

This person was stingy as hell, at the same time he, Wang De, didn't see eye to eye and felt that this person was no good.

Now it seemed that this person was really good and actually had an immortal fate.

The Outsider Friar was a true immortal cultivator ah.

Wang Deton felt for a moment that it didn't really matter that Jiang lacked Jiang Da Guoji was stingy, who didn't have stingy moments.


That's all unimportant.

Big deal, just take the money and invite him yourself later.

It's just a matter of a few meals.


At this time, His Majesty Li Er, however, said grudgingly, "National Master, ah National Master, I don't know what kind of status you actually have, but if you're really beneficial to me, perhaps..."

It's also possible to build the Great Tang into an Immortal Dao Empire ah.

Li Er thought to himself.

As for those unpleasant moments between him and Jiang Liao earlier, he felt that they were nothing.


His Majesty Li Er was the Emperor of the Great Tang, a ninety-five year old.

So he didn't mind.

There were plenty of broad-mindedness that he was more excited about.

With his Li Er's boldness, he had the ability to suppress it, and besides, Li Er was convinced that Jiang lacked would never spread the word.

After all, it was a matter of Immortal Fate.

It wasn't something that everyone could enjoy, so the five surnames and seven hopes absolutely couldn't have it.

And so.

His Majesty Li Er had other ideas in his mind, perhaps taking this opportunity to exterminate all the people with the five surnames and seven hopes.


His Majesty Li Er was severely shocked and looked hard to rest.


It was the sound of the door opening that sounded, and at a closer look a man in white brocade robes quietly appeared in front of you.

It was the outgoing Jiang Chi, the man who had come out of the gate, the immortal cultivator.

Claiming to be an Outsider Friar.

Now after recovering a bit of cultivation, he was a true immortal cultivator and would be an invincible existence.

In this way, he could be considered to have self-preservation in this Great Tang World.

Jiang Kang was happy.

With Immortal Yuan Mana, after having cultivation, he, Jiang Ji, would have the capital and courage to be invincible.

This way, life would be much easier.

He got excited.

"After today, I, Jiang Lack, won't worry anymore."

Before, if he had a bit of mana, he could have cast the Transported Art out, where there was no need to think about thinking about that.

The next moment when he saw Li Er, Jiang Ji shrank to appear in front of him.

But Li Er was staring at him with eyes wide open, full of incredulity, "This... is this an immortal art?"


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