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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1047 - Visiting (Seeking Subscriptions)

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That's right.

The idle Second Majesty Li came and managed to come to Jiang Di's mansion.

This mansion has now been renamed the State Master's House, and there are maids and servants acting hurriedly both inside and outside.

Li Er had nothing else to do, so he planned to come to the State Master's House to see that Jiang Chi, although it made him angry, was actually talented.

This was indelible.

A talented person Li Er still appreciated.

At least it was enough to show that many of the plans were actually beneficial to the Great Tang, and he, Li Er, was not stupid, so naturally he could see the pros and cons of the shortcomings.


Li Er didn't have a suitable executor.

He naturally couldn't personally go to battle, nor could he just find anyone to do it, after all, it was a matter of national importance.

It was a matter of whether or not the reform could go on.

If it didn't work, it would be a waste of time.

Li Er felt very anxious.

There were many things he needed to worry about, although the Tang Dynasty had improved quite a bit after the reign of Jingguan, thanks to his efforts.

But in reality, this Great Tang was still accumulating poverty and weakness, and most of the country was still in the hands of those five surnames and seven looks.


Or rather, scholars, are very popular in this era.

To fight the world can rely on martial generals, and martial generals can be illiterate and can't read most of the words.

It was different to rule the world.

It needs civil ministers, it needs scholars to govern well, and many policies, whether it's the formulation and implementation, or other decisions, all need a certain amount of scholars.

This is why there is the saying: it is easy to rule the world, but difficult to govern the world.

It is because in this era, educated people are very important.

Because of the importance of educated people, ordinary people's families had no money to study, and even less qualifications to study.

Even in a dynasty as open as the Great Tang, it was a thousand times harder for ordinary people to study.

It wasn't that the government didn't allow it.

It's really a lack of money.

In this era, books were so precious that the average family wouldn't have them at all.


Those big families had the most books, and among them were the Five Surnames and Seven Wishes, which controlled the world's educated people.

Even if they were to take scholarship in the imperial examination, most of the people they actually took were from their five surnames and seven reputations, or were related to them.

Only in this way could they truly control the civil official system of the world.

And the emperor needed civil officials to govern the world.

This made things tricky, as the Five Surnames and Seven Wishes held themselves in control of the civil official system, so naturally they didn't take Li Er seriously.

Thinking that Li Er is just like that.

No matter how wise he is, he's just one person who can still kill the entire civil official system.

You have to know that the Five Surnames and Seven Visions, however, held the majority of the entire world's civil officials.

Those old brothers of civil officials who followed Li Er, or those disciples who came from humble backgrounds, were actually relatively few.

Compared to the entire Tang Dynasty's civil officials, it was a bit too few.

Not enough to see.

That's why Li Er was very anxious and his face was unsightly.

His mind was also very complicated.

He had pinned his hopes on Jiang Lack, the State Master.

If there was a good plan on Jiang Lack's side, perhaps his Li Er's life would be much better.

And so.

Li Er came to see.

He intended to see what Jiang Lack had been doing recently, and whether he could do something for him.

He was looking forward to it, "Although he, Jiang Chi, is sometimes very unpleasant, but I am the Emperor of the Great Tang, the ruler of a country, so naturally, I cannot follow him."

This was the only way to reflect his Li Er's broad-mindedness, showing that he was definitely someone who could tolerate sand in his eyes.

Definitely not angry.

This day.

Li Er resolutely came, accompanied by Wang De and some guards.

The guards were a new batch, the previous ones were all recuperating from their injuries, and none of them were well so far.

Because of this, that's why Li Er thought of Jiang Lack.

Perhaps he could use this advantage of his to do many unexpected things.

He, Li Er, also had no choice but to do so, but if there was any other way, he probably wouldn't have thought of this infuriating Jiang Lack.

This State Master....

Very angry.

He was so angry.

His face was also a tangle of colors, that was complicated.

"Wang De, is the State Master in there?"

His Majesty Li Er asked indifferently, "What has he been doing these past few days?

But did it go out?"

Wang De slightly recited his gaze, thinking of all the information Jiang lacked, he said after organizing his thoughts, "Back to your majesty, the State Master hasn't been out since he moved in.

That's right.

A few days ago, he even instructed the housekeepers and servants not to disturb him, and said that he was going to close the door for cultivation.

It's said that he hasn't come out of the gate until now."


What the hell is he practicing.

Li Er was not stunned and said, "What is he practicing?"


Wang De hesitated for a moment and said, "Your Majesty, I don't know about that.

However, didn't the State Master say that he was a monk from outside the Fang?

Think you should be fixing it?"

He remembered that Jiang Chi had asked Li Er before, saying that there were no immortal gods in this world.

At that time, His Majesty Li Er didn't answer, nor did he get curious about it, so the topic didn't continue.

Now that Wang De thought about it, he felt that the extra-party monks that Jiang Chi was talking about were actually just immortal cultivators.

It should be like this.

He intoned, "Your Majesty, why don't we go in first, maybe the State Master will be able to leave the gate soon, and then we can ask him what exactly he is cultivating."

Li Er: "........"

Although he really wanted to know, he was actually reluctant to ask him personally.

To think that he, Li Er, the Tang Emperor, also had his own pride.

He was proud.

Feeling that he was the best in the world and unrivaled.

Moreover, that Jiang Chi made him look angry, so naturally he didn't want to ask him directly.

Going in was definitely the way to go in.

After all, they had already arrived at the entrance of the National Palace, so it would be too wasteful if they didn't go in and sit down.

It was a trip after all.

If they were lucky, they might even be able to take advantage of it to meet Jiang Jian, who had been in closed-door cultivation for some time now.

Just what made His Majesty Li Er also curious was, what exactly was that Jiang Chi cultivating?

Are there really fairy gods in this world?

So he's fixing immortality?

He was a little shocked and his face was dark, "Let's go in and take a look, and also see the elegance of this Lord of the State."


Wang De was stunned, somewhat baffled.

State Master's Mansion.

There were many servants in the government who were talking to each other and doing things under the supervision of the butler.

"Have you heard, our master has been in seclusion for many days now, and I don't know what he's cultivating, but he hasn't left the gate anyway."

"This isn't something we can worry about, do your work well, our lord is the Great Tang State Master, a capable man, following him will definitely be beneficial."

"That's right, the Master is supremely strong, it's said that even the Emperor is afraid of him when he sees him."

"Is that so?"

The servants seemed to enjoy the gossip as you talked and talked and talked.

Thought it was interesting.

On the side.

Li Er: "........"

As soon as he walked into the State House, he heard the words of the servants, and had intended to hear all the new things.

So he didn't call anyone to disturb.

But after hearing the discussion of the State Master's House's servants, his Li Er's face darkened.

It was not cold, "What are you muttering about?"

The servants were frightened by the sudden drink, but they had never seen Li Er and couldn't help but stay where they were.

There was still some confusion.

Their eyes were filled with confusion, as if they didn't know what was happening yet.

While Wang De at the side saw it, he said in succession, "This is His Majesty the Emperor, why don't you guys come over and pay your respects?"

The Wang De crowd had seen it before.

When the Japanese said that it was His Majesty Li II himself, one by one they all became frightened and horrified.

They fell to their knees and begged for mercy.

But they knew exactly what they had just said, and in detail, this was a death sentence for presumptuously discussing the monarch.

Although Li Er was a wise ruler, the others were actually quite afraid.

In case His Majesty Li Er was furious, still furious, he might get them killed, right?

At the thought of such a situation, those servants of the State Counselor's Palace all turned pale white, afraid of being blamed by His Majesty Li Er.

As soon as Wang De saw all these people kneel down, he immediately asked, "Is it necessary for His Majesty himself, er not to go and invite the State Master?"

He was also furious.

How come all of these servants, one by one, were so eyeless and annoying.

Could it be that after coming to the State Master's Mansion, these people's brains had all become unintelligent?

Rather, it's quite possible.

Li Er's face was gloomy, but he was furious, "I came here, but I listened to you talk about right and wrong, this is a bad wind also, I will not punish you, you are the servants of the State Master's House, so the State Master himself will be punished."

Thinking that this bit of face Jiang Chi was still to be given.

But didn't dare.

He didn't want to continue standing at the door.

At this moment.

But the steward of the State Counselor's House came over, and after some salutations, he said to Li Er in a hurry, "Your Majesty, my master hasn't left the gate yet, what can we do about this?


Li Er was stunned at the words and asked with a raised eyebrow, "Or else what, can't he include me in this?"

He was a monarch, an emperor.

The steward looked hesitant, but he didn't know how to take Li Er's words, who by all accounts was the rightful Lord of the World.


Jiang Lack was just too frightening.

Even the housekeeper who had never seen Jiang Lack's skills had quietly inquired about it before.


Jiang Lack was able to become the Great Tang State Master, this was not something that ordinary people could compare to.

So he was embarrassed.

It was complicated for a while, so embarrassing.

What to do was good.

The housekeeper was actually torn, but he also knew that it didn't seem to be a simple person that Jiang Lack could become the Great Tang's State Master.


He was actually considered to be Wang De's person, so he had a scruple in his heart towards His Majesty Li Er.

Li Er: "........"

After hearing the words of that old steward of the State House, Li Er's face drew up.

Somewhat depressed.

He didn't look calm and was rather gloomy, he felt that he was probably going to be bullied by the State Master's House.

It was biased that he couldn't be killed directly.

For one thing, the reputation was bad, and for another, if he killed, it would have an impact on the relationship between him and Jiang Lack.

So in summary.

Li Er concealed his frustration as he said, "Then do you know when your lord will be out of the gate?"

"The Master didn't say, so the little one doesn't know..."

That old steward cryptically said, "Your Majesty, if you have something important to do, why don't you wait until my master is out of the gate?"

I can't even see him now.

Anyway, the old steward thinks he's too difficult and not good enough for his master.

To break in you Your Majesty Li Er yourself.

Li Er: "........"

He was embarrassed, not in and not out.

For a while.

It's also a time when he finally understands what it's like to be on pins and needles of embarrassment.

Right now it was.

But he, Li Er, had a thick skin, so he didn't need to care about these trivial matters.

At this moment, a vision appeared.


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