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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1044 - Adopting People (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Just Jiang Daren remained somewhat helpless.

Especially said after seeing the people Wang De brought, even more said the old face was black and quite a bit angry.

There were inevitably a bit too many people.

He carefully counted, and there were dozens of men and women combined.

How much money was needed to feed so many people.

Even though Li Er had a reward, he still had to eat.

All in all, Jiang Xiao felt that the ones Li Er had rewarded probably wouldn't be enough.

One or two months would do.

After more than a month, I'm afraid that it wouldn't be enough.

If he couldn't recover his cultivation, he simply couldn't afford to feed.

It was mainly laziness.

It's impossible to make money, he Jiang Da Xian is capable of making money, and since he's used to fighting the autumn breeze, scavenging resources and wealth has become a habit for him.

The big deal is to find Li Er reward.

Jiang Ji looked at Wang De grudgingly and couldn't help but say, "Eunuch Wang, all these maids are said to be palace maids coming out of the palace, aren't they?"

"That's right." Wang De nodded and smiled, "Real person, you have entered His Majesty's law, and these are said to be His Majesty's rewards."

And don't worry.

"Then... will His Majesty pay to help me raise it?"

Jiang Ji asked curiously, "After all, you know, I just returned from overseas not long ago, and I have no penniless farm or business to earn a living, so I don't even have a workshop."

Even he, Jiang Da Man, couldn't afford to support it.

This was even more bitter.

Where is the spare money to support dozens of people.


Stunned by the news, Wang De couldn't help but say, "The real person is joking, a few dozen people really isn't much."

Not very many.

Jiang Kou did feel that it was quite a lot.

How much do you have to eat in a day, how much do you have to pay in a month, not to mention having to issue a monthly routine.

Wang De: "......."

Isn't that stingy enough.

Your old man is even chattering about the dozens of mouths His Majesty has rewarded him with, acting like he's dying.

It makes him laugh and cry.

His Majesty's reward, there are a few people in this world who can be treated like this, and that's to say you, Jiang Zhen.

O State Master.

Under one person, above ten thousand.

This is a supreme honor.

This person is good, but he is biased against His Majesty.

If Wang De were to tell you, Jiang lacked many flaws, but he found another way to do things when he saw His Majesty.

-- Against His Majesty in every way.

This is not good.

Wang De didn't say anything on the corner of his mouth, but in his heart, he understood so well that he was unwilling to even raise dozens of people.

What about the others.

Clearly saying some other thoughts.


Wang De continued, "Reality, His Majesty has rewarded a lot of money, and even if the number of people in the house is large enough, it's enough for just one year.

So don't worry about not having enough money, just put your mind at ease as a State Teacher, you may have a promising future.

And do not worry about some small fortune, His Majesty is a wise ruler, he will not treat meritorious ministers badly."

Do you lack money yourself?

Does he look like a cheapskate?

Absolutely not.

Jiang Chi thought that he was an immortal, so he was definitely not short of money to use.

How could he lack money when he had gone to fight the autumn breeze and scavenge endless treasures and rarities.

If it wasn't for the fact that his entire cultivation was now sealed.

Why is that so.

He definitely wouldn't say it was because he was stingy.

"How could I, Jiang Someone, be stingy and stingy."

Jiang Jiang mumbled, "I just don't think it's necessary ah, after all, I, Jiang Someone, also said that I'm an outside cultivator, I look down on yellow and white things like money, those are just outside of my body."


The corner of Wang De's mouth twitched as he thought to himself, "If you weren't stingy, if you didn't lack money, if you didn't say that you looked down on those yellow and white things, how would you feel that you couldn't afford to feed dozens of people?"

There were indications that Jiang Xiao, an accomplished outsider cultivator, was actually quite stingy.

He was very particular about money.

At least that's how Wang De saw it from the side.

He felt that Jiang Lack was just stingy, just miserly, just unwilling to give up money.

This was a stingy monk.

I don't know if this was by nature or if it was because of something else.

Anyway, Eunuch Wang De's face was twitching and depressed at the moment.

But he knew that the things given by His Majesty Li Er was extraordinary, enough to last Jiang lacked for a year.

So there should be no shortage of money.

He must be saying this on purpose, or else this would never have happened.

"Just saying."

Wang De thought about it and said, "Everything has nothing to do with me, just report it to His Majesty truthfully when I return, I don't know how His Majesty will treat it."

For a moment, Wang De was looking forward to it.


Right at this time.

Jiang Jiang said again, "Eunuch Wang, how do you arrange these people?"

He didn't know what Wang De would arrange.

What if Li Er had other accounts to give, what if that abdominal sire had other thoughts about him, Jiang Da Ren.

It was also possible.

Thinking of this.

That's why he had this question.

Wang De was so stunned that he couldn't help but shake his head, "These people will be the real person's people from now on, all arrangements can be made by the real person himself."

Self-arrangement is.

He couldn't control it.

Jiang Jiang looked depressed and said, "In that case, I'll be rude."

He pointed out an old man and said, "From now on, you will be the steward of this residence, and be good enough to take care of it for this seat, so there will be benefits in the future, so do not be lazy."

The old man was delighted, and even bowed respectfully, "Yes, I will definitely help my master to manage the residence."

A face of assurance.

He was looking forward to it with great anticipation, and then he listened to Jiang Ji continue, "Alright, you can distribute the rest of the people, soon, the reward money from His Majesty will come down, and then we will have money in the residence."

It's just money.

It doesn't matter.

Even if he didn't recover his cultivation, even if he couldn't get anything from the Vajra Bracelets and Qiankun Bag, he still didn't lack money.


His Majesty Li Er only rewarded quite a bit.

Does he look like a master who lacks money?

"I, Jiang Someone, am an autumnal fighter, it's not like I make a living from making money."

Jiang felt that he didn't have to be like this.

He was an immortal himself.

Even more so, he was a capable one.

He was looking forward to it, and after instructing those servants, he said, "Butler, I'll leave the servants to you, first let everyone clean the mansion and cook some food, the throne is going to entertain Eunuch Wang."

Can't do nothing, right.

After all, people Eunuch Wang hadn't left, so what could he do.

Making a table would be fine.

That steward nodded and said, "Master is right, old slave will go and prepare it, and will definitely not disappoint master."


Jiang Da Man smiled slightly, but he was calm.

There were no more words.

He did hope that Wang De would leave early, just like when His Majesty Li Er wished for Jiang Chiang.

At that time, Jiang Chi had never left.

And so did Wang De, who had been standing smiling, "Reality, hospitality is not necessary for me, His Majesty is still waiting in the palace, and I need to serve him well."

So no more serving either.

He had to leave quickly, so he gave a slight arch and said, "Real Person, I'm going back, so dinner will be unnecessary."

If one waited to eat, one didn't know how long to wait.

After all, this Jiang Dajin only had the mansion in his hands, and if he waited for his family's meal to come out, he didn't know how long he would have to wait to go.

Can't afford to wait.

Really can't afford to wait.

Thinking about it he thought it was better to forget it.

Wang De felt that he was not lacking this one or two meals, he was not lacking this one or two meals, he was a chamberlain beside His Majesty the Great Tang Emperor.

Simply didn't eat.

He found it hard to wait anyway.


Jiang Gou was stunned and said, "Want to go? It's really nice."

No need for hospitality.

There was no need for hospitality either.

This was also good, so Jiang Jiang was polite and said, "Eunuch Wang, why don't you sit back for a while so I can talk to you properly."

The emperor's side chamberlain, on the other hand, still had to be entertained.


He was really just simply being polite.

It was insincere.

Wang De was stunned, but he also shook his head and said, "No harm, I'm going back, after all, His Majesty's side still needs me to take care of it, so..."

He didn't want to stay any longer.

Wang De suddenly had the same feeling as His Majesty Li Er.

He felt that Jiang Lack was too much of a person to call angry and particularly stingy.

It was really flat out rare too.

Wang De since he was going back, he looked calm.

Looking strangely at Jiang Chi, Wang De continued, "Real person, I'm going to talk too much here, His Majesty is a wise ruler who is rare in the past, if you really have great talent and assist His Majesty to achieve great things, you can definitely make a name for yourself..."


Before Wang De finished speaking, he listened to Jiang Qian say, "Eunuch Wang misunderstood, I actually don't care whether I'm famous or not, Eunuch should be clear that I'm an outsider monk, I only care about myself."

What does the Great Tang have to do with him?


He Jiang Chi didn't mind, didn't care.

Even if it was that Ancient One Emperor Li Er, he didn't care.

Wang De: "........"

He suddenly wanted to hold his forehead, thinking that Jiang Jiankou was that rotten person who couldn't help himself to the wall.

I've reminded you like this, but now you say you don't care.

I dare him to remind Wang De Bai.

He cried and laughed up, his face strange, well-intentioned reminder but useless.

It was as if a punch had hit the cotton.

No, it was clearly hitting the air.

Forget it.

He was just a eunuch, a chamberlain beside His Majesty Li Er.

Think about it or leave it.

It was pointless to mention it or not, Wang De felt disappointed.

Jiang lacked Jiang Dazhen on a wooden man, a big frosty person, Wang De felt that he could not mention it.

So he decided to forget about it.

And so.

Immediately Wang De said, "Real person, and there is no need to send him far, I will go back to the palace and take my leave of His Majesty."

Jiang Jiang: "........"

When did I offend the Eunuch of the King?

Why he felt like he had a problem with himself sounded incomparably strange, it was really baffling.

However, seeing that Wang De was determined to go, he was not in a position to persuade him, so he raised his hand slightly and said, "Eunuch Wang, take care, why don't we go out for a meal some other day when I'll be the host?"

Wang De was somewhat impressed.

After all, Jiang Jian was the esteem of the State Master, and although the decree hadn't come down yet, with His Majesty Li Er's personal promise, there should be no running.

So it was still a great honor.

It was nice to think that he, Wang De, would also have this day.


"Isn't this Jiang Zhen Zhen stingy as hell and hasn't he always felt that he has no money."

Wang De suddenly thought, "So why would he feast on me?"

It must have been a polite remark.

It was him, Wang De, who was thinking too much.

For a time, his old face was black, it was so depressing ah.

The corners of his mouth twitched as he responded, "No need, I'll take Real Man's kindness."

It was not necessary to eat.

Jiang Ji was inexplicably relieved, but continued, "Eunuch Wang doesn't need to worry, even if His Majesty finds out at this point, there's no harm in it."


Now Wang De was a bit confused, "Am I wrong in my guess, although this Jiang Real is stingy and miserly, he actually doesn't treat me like this?

Does he really want to feast on me?"

That's possible.

After all, he, Wang De, was a chamberlain by His Majesty Li Er's side, a person by the Emperor's side, and there was a difference between him and those ministers outside as well.

It was normal for him to invite himself to a banquet.

"Could it be that I was all wrong about him before?"

Wang De thought darkly, looking strange.

At this time, Jiang Xiao said, "Eunuch Wang, then I won't keep you now, goodbye."

Wang De: "........"

He opened his mouth, feeling a little confused, as if there was something he didn't know.


What does this Jiang Man mean?


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