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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1043 - Rewards (Seeking Subscriptions)

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In the Great Tang.

In addition to those old brothers who had followed them to fight the world together, there were also some people who occupied most of the mountains.

Those were the five surnames and seven looks.

The generation of a group of family members, they were the worms of the country.

His Majesty Li Er felt very anxious, and his own Tang was not entirely in charge.


It was only after being the ruler of a country that he knew how difficult this matter was.

Seeing Li Er torn, Jiang Jiang was really a bit intolerant.

He then said, "Your Majesty, don't worry, I will definitely help you in this matter, and I will suppress anyone who resists.

After all, the world belongs to you, Your Majesty, and how to reform it for the benefit of the common people is something Your Majesty also knows.

The five surnames and seven looks are the big trouble."

"True Man is right."

Li Er nodded, "It's me who is limited, even if the world becomes chaotic again, I will still reform to the end."

He was excited.

The method of refining sea salt that Jiang Jian said would be enough for him to take control of the world.

But not yet.

The Five Surnames and Seven Hopes would definitely intervene and would definitely take action against him.

Li Er was hurt.

He also felt that it was too difficult for him to be the ruler of a country.

Jiang lack's words made him long for it, maybe he, Li Er, should really make a change.

Li Er was thinking about things in a beautiful way and was so unhappy.

But at this time, he heard Jiang Ji say to him, "Your Majesty, look at me, I'm lonely and returned from overseas, it's not easy to cultivate, and I still have nothing to fall back on in the Great Tang.


How about your majesty granting something?

And so I can have a place to stay and not sleep on the street?"

Li Er: "........"

Jiang Guiao's words made his old face dark, this person was so thick-skinned.

It was really thick enough, almost catching up with him, Li Er.

To be able to say something as grand as a reward and still bring it up with him without any scruples, it was truly rare in the past and present.

This brat.

It really is infuriating.

But despite his anger, Li Er calmly said, "There is some truth in this.

Now that I have made him my national teacher, I cannot chill the hearts of others.

It is given some gold and silver money, and a mansion, the rest of the treasures go with the single."

A reward is a reward.

He, Li Er, was not a stingy person.

Some extraneous things to use up is fine, just use it to win the hearts of the people.

"I'm not a stingy person, but real people need not worry about the rewards, I'm not careful yet."

Li Er laughed heartily, he felt generous.

Just give you whatever rewards you lack.

The palace has it anyway.

The mansion was also left behind by a former criminal officer.

Just in time to do a passing thing, His Majesty Li Er felt very skilled anyway.

In the past, when a subject needed a reward, Li Er did the same thing.

Just in time to reward them with scavenged items.

He hadn't lost yet.

How nice.

Li Er immediately added, "The decree to pardon Real Man as State Master will be issued later.

In the future, I hope that Real Man will help me with strategies to contribute to the Great Tang.

I will not be stingy with my rewards."

He would never treat a meritorious minister badly.

This was the case for the old brothers who had fought the world with Li Er in the past, and this was and would be the case in the future.

He would never be an ungrateful monarch.

Whether Li Er would be ungrateful or not Jiang Xiao didn't know, but Li Er must be a black-bellied lord.

After secretly despising him for a while, Jiang Ji said flatly, "Okay, since Your Majesty trusts me so much, I'll wait for Your Majesty's decree.

By the way, as a State Master, you shouldn't have to go to court often, right?"

He didn't want to go to court every day.

He was to be a state teacher, not an official.

He doesn't want to go to court.

In this lifetime, he, Jiang Da Xian, didn't want to go to court.

Being an official wasn't fun.

"No need."

The corner of Li Er's mouth twitched slightly, "But if there is a need, a real person is required to go to court as well."

If it wasn't for the fact that the State Master was different from the other esteemed positions, he would be like reprimanding Jiang Liao right now.

But when he thought of Jiang Liao's special status, forget it.

Li Er felt that he might not be able to reprimand him, but he had bellied up over the years, but he also felt that his eloquence wasn't as good as Jiang lacked.

This person was worthy of returning from an overseas cultivation trip.

The strength wasn't bad.

Jiang Ji said in his heart, "This Li Er is not bad, at least he's much better than other emperors, let's see if it's feasible after the decree comes down."

He just wanted to recover.

Otherwise he would have escaped long ago.

Where would he have bothered to give Li Er a plan here.

This was not his Jiang Chi's style.

Jiang lacked the intention to leave even as he drank his tea.

Seeing that Li Er was quite embarrassed, he couldn't help but say, "Real Man, I wonder if there is anything else?"

"No more."


Why are you still here.

Li Er almost took off, this was the palace, he also needed to review the memorials.

There wasn't much free time.

Plus, he thought Jiang lacked a thick skin, but he couldn't wait to send this punk away.

That's right.

Li Er felt that he was older than Jiang lacked.

Jiang Dazhen was just a young boy in his sire Li Er's eyes.

Young and energetic.

He didn't want to see Jiang lacking.

Even if this boy was talented, talent couldn't be a meal.


Before Li Er finished his sentence, Jiang Jiang said, "Cough cough, I'm not waiting for a mansion from His Majesty's reward."

Without a mansion he had no place to go out of the palace.

It would be better to remain in the palace.

Li Er was stunned.

He said in his heart, "I said I would reward you, can't I still break my promise, good you Jiang lack."

He suddenly regretted a bit.

If he hadn't promised to pardon Jiang Chi as a state teacher, could he have blasted this person out.

But when he thought of Jiang Chi's situation, he still said, "If that's the case, then I'll let Wang De go with you and help you finish the mansion along the way."

That would naturally be best.

Jiang Jiang smiled, "Thank you, Your Majesty, I suddenly realized that you are really a good man."


Li Er's mouth twitched, as long as it wasn't a wrongdoer, it was good.

As for the good guys not being good, he didn't care.

It's not up to you to decide whether it's a good person or not.

Look at these words.

Do they seem like the words of a normal person?

He didn't think so.

Li Er seemed to have a conscience and felt that Jiang lacked a mansion, but it was a big one.

So there wasn't half a servant or a housekeeper either.

Feeling that he should care about his subordinates, Li Er said, "Real Man has just returned from overseas today, and I don't have much to give, a mansion is not bad, but it's not precious, why don't I give some more maids and servants so that Real Man can settle down in Chang'an?"

He inquired.

But he also felt that he was a dignified emperor, and it was only right that he should be sympathetic to his subordinates.

The State Counselor was also a minister.

A minister is a subordinate of his second majesty Li.

This was something he should be concerned about.

Jiang Ji was stunned by Li Er's words, but he frowned and pondered over the meaning of Li Er's words.

It wasn't necessarily a good thing.

Rather, he was not afraid of Li Er spying on him or something, it was really something that he felt very inappropriate.

I have no money since I returned from overseas, Your Majesty, and now I have no good jobs to do, and I don't want to do them, so it's fine if you reward some maids and servants.

It's just that..."


But you refused?

Li Er was surprised, "Why did the real person refuse, I am doing this for your own good."

What a dog biting Lv Dongbin, not knowing the good heart.


I cared for him in vain.

Li Er felt so angry, as soon as he saw Jiang Qian's heart unconsciously came to anger.

This jerk.

But he's doing it for his own good.

Really depressed.

While Li Er was depressed and didn't mention it, Jiang Qian explained to himself, "Your Majesty has no idea, I really don't have the money to raise those maids and servants, so..."

That's why I refused.

In a word: he couldn't afford to raise it.

At least he couldn't afford it when his mana hadn't been restored, and a strong mana was the guarantee for everything.

Otherwise he wasn't much different from an ordinary person.

The wisdom of the ancients should not be underestimated either, and Jiang Dazhen felt that he should be more careful.

Li Er: "........"

For some reason, Li Er wanted to beat him up after hearing Jiang Jian's words.

You've become my teacher, I can't treat you badly.

And then, I can even reward the money things, such as the decree issued after the monthly salary to take.

How is no money it.

And so.

The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the newest products and services that are available.

All right.

I'm not going to be the one to say no to this matter. I'll have Wang De go with you to see the mansion later, and I'll have him find some maids and servants to go with him.

In the future, you will be the State Counselor of the Tang Dynasty. You can't live in a big mansion by yourself, it's not suitable for your identity!

No matter what, food and water always need to be served, can't wait for my decree to be issued, the real person has become the Great Tang State Master or a person."


That was a good reason.

And Jiang Gong couldn't refute anything from hearing it yet.

All he could do was to spit out under his breath that His Majesty Li Er was meddling in his affairs, while helplessly accepting it.

The good thing was that the money was a gift from Li Er and not earned by him, so there was no need to feel bad.

It wasn't his own money to spend anyway.

That's good.

After reluctantly accepting Li Er's offer, Jiang Xiao slowly got up and prepared to take his leave.

It had been more than a month since he had come to the palace, and it was time for him to go back.

Li Er couldn't wait for Jiang Ji to leave earlier, and after hearing Jiang Ji speak like this, he was overjoyed.

And so.

This already displeased His Majesty Li Er immediately said, "Wang De, you take a trip for me, be sure to get things done, Jiang Zhen can say the Great Tang State Teacher later."

A national teacher is one person under ten thousand people.

Wang De knew this.

He didn't dare to slacken off in the slightest and immediately said, "Your Majesty is sad, there must be no mistakes in my work."

There must not be any slip-ups.

In addition, Wang De felt that Jiang lack of this real person, in fact, quite easy to get along with ah, face is kind, a remarkable skill.

From now on, the Tang would have to have another talent.

If His Majesty Li Er knew what Jiang Jiankou was thinking, I wonder if he would slap Wang De to death.

Probably he would.

After Jiang Jiang got up, Li Er was only slightly relieved, "This jerk is finally gone."

He was afraid that Jiang Lack would stay on.

The main reason was to delay him from approving the recital and delay the big event.

Jiang Guiao secretly skipped away.

He felt that Li Er, the black-bellied fellow, was too unsympathetic, seeing that it was going to be the next lunch point, but he didn't even ask him to eat before leaving.

So what if a thousand ancient emperors, peerless bright rulers.

Still not the same stingy.

"A meal can't even be spared, Li Er really isn't interesting enough, at any rate, I, Jiang Someone, will be the Great Tang State Master in the future, it doesn't matter if I eat a meal."

He didn't think it was a big deal.

As he muttered, he walked.

Wang De, who was leading the way beside him, couldn't help but laugh bitterly, thinking, "My State Master ah, if you want to spit in your heart, tell me what's going on."

He was still listening.

You know, Wang De was a chamberlain beside Li Er.

Fortunately, he didn't talk too much.

He only hoped that Jiang lack would not say anything later, or else he was reporting to Li Er, but also said that he would not report to Li Er?

It was a difficult question.

To Wang De's relief, Jiang Xiaochao quickly stopped talking.

After finding some palace maids, he instructed his eunuchs to go find some servants.

All the way out of the palace in a vast manner.

A carriage was also called.

Jiang Chi did not want to be seen, Wang De only had to follow his wishes, at any rate Jiang Chi was also the State Master.

The status was still above Wang De.

The mansion that Li Er rewarded was not far away, I heard that it was located in Chang'an City, in one of the workshops, and Jiang Jiang Jiang did not understand how to distinguish it.

I don't care.

It's much easier to live in Chang'an City as long as you have a place to stay.

Adding up all of his past and present lives, he was considered to be a house owner, and was quite satisfied for a while.



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