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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1042 - State Master (Seeking Subscriptions)

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His Majesty Li Er secretly breathed a sigh of relief, "It's fortunate that there aren't many out-of-fang monks as powerful as him, it's like a phoenix or else I should be hurting my brain."

If there were more characters like Jiang Chi, he, Li Er, would be afraid to cry.


The Son of Heaven was not called for nothing.

Li Er felt that he should have been taken care of by the heavens and thus possessed extraordinary luck.

Otherwise, his Li Er Majesty would be muggle.

Jiang Ji sat on the guest seat and suddenly said, "Your Majesty, but your tea is not very good."

He wasn't afraid of Li Er's anger.

The soup that was mixed and boiled into a pot was still just soup after all.

It was very far away from the tea.

"I don't know how Li Er and the Great Tang's subjects are used to it."

Anyway, he, Jiang Dazhen, was not used to it, not at all.

Li Er: "........"

My tea doesn't taste good, then how much do you mean by a strong pour.

His facial skin twitched slightly, and he scolded Jiang Gui in his heart, he was at least an emperor.

But Jiang Mo didn't give him any face at all.

It was a great embarrassment for Li Er.

But after thinking of Jiang Jiang's ability, he had to suppress the fire in his heart.

And pretended to be enthusiastic, "O Jiang Zhi, I command the land of the Central Plains and am the honor of the Emperor of the Great Tang, but this Emperor of mine is really a bit of a wimp."

He had originally said it as a casual sentence, trying to draw out the words that followed.

Who knew that Jiang Jiang immediately nodded his head and agreed, "That's right, although His Majesty has great talent, he is indeed a wimp."


I'm just being polite and you're taking me seriously?

Does that sound like the words of a minister?

The State Master is also a minister.

Li Er's face twitched, and he continued with a hard scalp, "My position has not come from the right place..."

It was not finished.

Jiang Guiao picked up again, "On second thought, it really isn't very positive."


A moment.

Li Er stared straight at Jiang Lack, is this what a human said.

He was so angry that his old face was blue, but he was depressed.

Almost Li Er had a seizure on the spot.

Fortunately, Jiang Lack didn't have any more to say, so he extinguished his other thoughts.


Li Er said again, "Jiang Zhi, I think your proposal earlier was very good, if..."

Before he finished.

Jiang interrupted and said, "Wait, what is the proposal His Majesty is talking about?"

He forgot about it.

I didn't expect that he had discussed something with Li Er.

He only became curious once he heard Li Er talk about it.

But Li Er was inexplicable and quite embarrassed: "What the real person said earlier about wanting to be the Great Tang State Teacher, did the real person forget that as well?"

Naturally, he hadn't forgotten.

He just didn't have the good sense to mention it, after all, he didn't know what Li Er thought of him either.

Now that Li Er had mentioned it, he asked in a general way, "What does His Majesty mean, is it agreed?"

A national division of a country, who hadn't even agreed to it before, agreed to it after a fight himself.

"Did I, Jiang Someone, just get into a fight and beat Li Er silly?"

Jiang Ji looked at Li Er suspiciously and thought, "This Li Er Majesty is a bit of a criminal, ah, if I agreed earlier I wouldn't have to fight a fight."

What a trouble.

He became furious, "If His Majesty had agreed earlier, there wouldn't have been a thousand guards falling down."

Naturally, one should grumble.

It's all your Li Er's fault, a big mistake.

Isn't that just being cheap.

Li Er: "........"

He was dumbfounded by Jiang Chi's words, inexplicably depressed, secretly saying, "I don't see how to know that you're so powerful, if you fool me, don't you want to slip the world."

Scratch that.

But Li Er was still depressed.

He said in a deep voice: "Real person is a Taoist true cultivator, is a person of great ability, I am the wise son of heaven, naturally for the sake of the entire Great Tang, I think Jiang real person you can be the national teacher of the Great Tang."

If at first Li Er felt that Jiang Chi was joking, then later he felt that Jiang Chi was hitting his face, that guy was doing it on purpose.

Finally well.

He gave in.

If he was helped by Jiang Chi, the Great Tang would definitely prosper and solidify its mountains for another hundred years.

Li Er had confidence in this.

At the same time, he was also ambitious and mighty, with the intention of putting his tail up in the sky.

Jiang Chi was surprised to look at Li Er, "Your Majesty's high opinion, can have such an insight, is really discerning eyes, in the future! The Great Tang will surely prosper under your leadership."

Flattery he would too.

Although it was a little stiff and not so smoothly patted, it was still normal.

Hearing Jiang Chi's words Li Er was a little surprised, this surname Jiang actually knew how to flatter.

It was rather interesting.


His Majesty Li Er thought it was rare.


Jiang Ji then said, "Your Majesty, I wonder if you understand the position of State Master?"

He was afraid that Li Er did not understand the way of it.

Then he got worried.

After all, a country's division was, to put it mildly, one person under a million.

It was very pleasing to the ear.

The power could be great or small.

It sounded that way.

Li Er was stunned and suddenly asked, "Although the Great Tang does not have a national teacher, I am naturally aware of it."

At least he was an emperor.


Spin Li Er said, "The teacher of the country, the way to protect the country, in the Great Tang, I give real people the right to act cheaply and with great power, okay?"

Do it cheaply.

It's not that it's not impossible.

Jiang Daofu said, "That's fine, Your Majesty, you can see to it yourself, but whenever there is anything I need, Your Majesty just tell me to do it."

Very good too.

Getting the position of a State Master, he also wanted to cultivate na.

As for whether he could succeed, he didn't know.

Landing here, Jiang Xiao felt so difficult.

This life was simply too difficult.

Just as Jiang Ji was floating in thought, Li Er said again, "O Jiang Zhi, after becoming the Great Tang State Teacher, you will be my subject, I wonder if there is anything you want to say to me?"

As a courtier, one should be inferior to others.

At least that's what Li Er thought.

How else could there be such a thing as one person being inferior to ten thousand others.

There was a great need to popularize it to Jiang Zhenzhen.

He might not know it yet.


Li Er's smile was thick, "Real Man, not later I will issue an edict to pardon Real Man as the State Teacher."

Must be accomplished.

It's just the State Teacher, he must fulfill up.

Li Er felt that he was a good emperor.

He should give Jiang lack a position.

The State Master would be good.

Jiang Ji was stunned and said, "Your Majesty's words are very kind, but I'm not Your Majesty's subject yet."

As long as the decree doesn't stop, I'm not.


After hearing the words.

Li Er's eyelids twitched and the corners of his mouth twitched.

This man was really good for anger.

But he was atmospheric.

He, Li Er, who boasted of being an emperor of the ages, still had such magnanimity.


Then he said in a deep voice, "True Man, I wonder if you have any family or friends or the like in the Great Tang?"


Jiang Ji simply shook his head, "I have heard from my Master since I traveled the world with him that I am only an orphan.

Subsequently, I went out to sea with Master and never came back, and this is the first time.

Why does Your Majesty ask?"

He was puzzled.

Was this Li Er going to be his relative?

That's not good.

Think about it.

Again, he said, "Your Majesty, although I am jade and suave, I am a normal man."

A normal man.

He didn't want to have too much else to do with His Majesty Li Er.

What was important to know was that Li Er's family was not simple.

From Old Li down to Young Li, they were all a bunch of people who liked to toss around.

He didn't like it.

Being a State Master was just a matter of wanting to recover his cultivation, and if it was useful, he would continue, but if it was dismissed, he would stop.

That would be embarrassing.

His world was very tight for Jiang Dajin.


Li Er was stunned and confused.

I didn't say that you are abnormal, nor did I think that you are abnormal ah.

Men well.

Being abnormal he didn't know.

I really don't know what Jiang Qian is nervous about.

"I'm however going to become an ancient emperor, forget it, I'm not going to bother with him."

Li Er secretly thought, "This man is of great use to the country, I might as well ask again, where should the Great Tang start innovating?"

This was a big problem.

As an emperor of a country, His Majesty Li Er is a little touchy.


And quite helpless.

An embarrassed look flickered on Li Er's face, and as an emperor he had a thick skin.

Then he felt nothing.

Then he asked, "Real person, where do you think we should innovate from?"

What should the Great Tang do in order to achieve the wealth of the country and the people.

He was looking forward to Jiang Lack's scheme.

At any rate, this person had trained overseas and had an incomparably broad horizon, with a reputation of being a bit of a genius.

Jiang Dajin took a look at Li Er and asked with a surprised face, "Your Majesty, didn't I tell you about this before?"



Did I get Alzheimer's because I'm getting old?

That's quite possible.



When did this guy ever say that.

Why am I not affected by it half the time.

The embarrassment on his old face flickered away as he carefully pondered over what Jiang Guiao had said, but it still didn't come back to him.

Could it be that it was really his own problem.

His Majesty Li Er doubted himself.

Seeing this.

Jiang Ji reminded, "Your Majesty's heart is really big, you forgot the words from the bottom of your heart that I mentioned."

Li Er: "........"

He was not embarrassed by what Jiang Jiang said.

Then he could only shamelessly say, "Reality, since I have already promised to pardon you as the State Teacher, why don't I mention something else?"



Mentioning it once is mentioning it, and mentioning it twice is also mentioning it.

Li Er Lao was thick-skinned and said with a straight face, "How about real people just take it as an early contribution to the Great Tang?"


Jiang Jiang: "For the sake of your Majesty's ten thousand pleas, I'll reluctantly say it."

Li Er: "........"

He opened his mouth, but he couldn't get a word out.

This surnamed Jiang is bold enough.

Look at that.

Is this like the words of a human being.

When had he, Li Er, pleaded with ten thousand times.

He...he was just a bit thick-skinned.

Just like that.

It's really irritating.

Anyway, thick-skinned, the world sits.


He still said, "Since that's the case, I'll just say it casually, what you need to do most urgently right now, Your Majesty, is actually just two words: earn money."

"How to earn?"

With money, you can do many things, such as training the army, using war to feed the war, using the small neighboring countries to support the central government and so on.

It's all possible..."


He can't appear personally and he can't let the ministers know about it, otherwise it would be difficult.

Jiang Ji intoned, "Running a business, the ministers will naturally oppose it because they also run it, and if your majesty also runs it is competing with them for profit, so you still need your majesty to make up your mind."

If you don't make up your mind, it's a bamboo basket with nothing to show for it.

Li Er felt very bitter.

He felt afraid that the ministers would not be able to do a good job of thinking.

After all, the ministers were very stubborn.


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