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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1041 - Invincible (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The palace was gleaming, but in reality it was just a bit of yellow brick and red tile, nothing more than that.

A thousand guards gathered around, murderous intent rolling up.

Just waiting for a command from His Majesty Li Er, this group of guards, who had survived countless live fights, would head towards Jiang Xiao to kill.

Saying that they would have to be suppressed and killed.

The corners of Li Er's mouth rose slightly and he looked cold, "I'd like to see what you're capable of, huh?"

To actually want to be the Great Tang State Teacher, an ordinary person can't.

"Is the real person ready?"

After a glance at Jiang Lack, His Majesty Li Er continued, "If you need time to prepare, I will give you time to prepare."

It didn't matter to him.

As an emperor anyway, he had plenty of time.

Jiang Chi: "........"

Does he need time to prepare?

No need for okay at all.

He looked cold, but his tone was calm, "Your Majesty need not worry, let these guards of yours give it their all."

A mere thousand people.

He wasn't afraid.

With his immortal body, it was easy for him to deal with Li Er and these guards, it was simply not difficult.

Jiang expressed calmness.

Li Er: "........"

The corners of his mouth twitched, so he commanded, "All the guards don't need to stay behind, let's go all out and just leave them alive."

This Second Li Majesty was also a black belly.

After hearing Jiang Di's confident words, he felt that as the Emperor of Tang, he should teach this guy a little lesson.

Lest its tail be raised to the sky.

It proved to be quite effective.

Jiang Chi didn't turn green after hearing that, although he was a Human Immortal and his body was strong.

But it wasn't this pitiful.

He was also depressed, this Li Er was really abdominally black.

Not a human son.

No wonder Old Li was depressed, probably because he was angry with Li Er.

"However, even if you have a thousand guards, I'm not afraid."

How could he, Jiang Da Ren, be afraid of that.

Li Er, you're thinking too simply.

Jiang Qian said there was no pressure.

And so.

After Li Er gave the order, he swept towards the surrounding guards.

With a simple sweeping kick, like an iron rod, he swept out and then swept hard on those guards.

He didn't kill anyone either.

But it was still possible to make those guards temporarily lose their fighting power.

Even Li Er couldn't say anything.

It was a sudden moment.

Seven or eight guards flew out upside down and landed on the ground scattered all over the place.

The rest of the guards saw this and hurriedly closed in on Jiang Lack, but with a few flippant flips, Jiang Da Zhen dodged the siege.

And following the example of a certain national martial arts expert who knew shadowless kicks, he kicked out a kick of shadowless kicks, calling those guards to suffer.

But all those who were kicked lost their fighting power.

Another seven or eight people fell down.

It was only a few short breaths, and only just the beginning of the encounter, and so many guards had lost their combat power.

His Majesty Second Li's eyelids jumped as he looked at them, secretly saying, "Is he even that powerful, these guards of mine are all experts who have gone through countless battles to hone their skills, but they are no match for him."

He was like a mole in front of Jiang Ji.

Seeing Li Er stunned, he secretly twitched his cheek, "This guy's skill is indeed extraordinary, just don't know about these 1,000 guards..."

Before Li Er could think too much, Jiang Jiang acted once again.

With a strong physical force sweeping over you, it would be difficult for any of you to resist.

At least not against Jiang Lack.

A punch could hit several people, a kick could kick out, and another large group of people fell down.

Even those with extraordinary strength couldn't stop Jiang Qian's power at the moment.

With a few flips, he dodged the siege, and the powerful force pouring down, he would be able to call those guards of Li Er to fall down as well.

For a moment.

No one was even able to get within three meters of Jiang Lack, but everyone who came close fell down.


Li Er sucked in a mouthful of cold air, it had only been less than half a tea, and this surnamed Jiang was so capable of fighting.

Hundreds of people fell in the blink of an eye.

Crying and wailing in pain.

How powerful was Jiang's punch and kick?

At least two or three of them wouldn't be able to stop him, and they would have to fall down if they were hit by him, instead causing inconvenience to the rest of the guards.

They probably didn't expect that Jiang lacked only one person, but he had great strength.

Very quickly.

After one tea kung fu passed, five hundred people fell to the ground.

At this moment.

His Second Majesty Li's old face had darkened, and he coldly said, "What a Jiang Zhenzhen, this is clearly invincible."

Even though there were still five hundred guards on the field, he knew that the rest of them were useless against Jiang Jian.

"I really have underestimated him."

Li Er faintly said to himself, "If there were a thousand, no, even if there were only a hundred of these people I would be able to sweep the world."

Unfortunately there weren't.

He was unaware of strong people like this, as if they didn't even exist.

It was just a Jiang Chi that popped up and threatened to be the Great Tang's national teacher, when had the Great Tang ever had a national teacher after so many years of establishment.

Li Er was also worried.

But looking at Jiang Chi's skills and truly remarkable, if you can make good use of it, it may have great potential.

It would also be of great benefit to the Great Tang.

Thinking of this.

Li Er stopped looking at the scene.

Anyway, Jiang Chi was already invincible, he was already so strong that the thousand guards were probably no match for him.

This would be enough.

"No wonder he was able to return alive from overseas, how can this kind of strength be compared to ordinary people."

Second Li Majesty recited, not feeling sour, if only he could be this strong himself.


Heaven doesn't do what people want.

Li Er felt helpless, and his heart was suffocating.

The field.

Jiang lacked to kill seven in and seven out, punching and kicking no one could come close and no one could beat him.

This kind of skill Li Er was jealous.

If he didn't know he couldn't get it, he would have wanted to transfer this ability of Jiang Lack.

"Bang bang!"

When a fist smashed out, the thousand guards of His Majesty Li's Second Majesty fell down completely, and no one else could stand up.

He muttered, "Your Majesty, how about another thousand for me to play with?"

Li Er: "........"

Look at that!

Does that sound like human speech?

It was simply a bummer that he was so shameless.

A thousand elite guards were defeated like this, another thousand would still be the same outcome.

Li Er sort of saw that this surnamed Jiang in front of him was an abominable generation.

"He must be taking revenge on me, blaming me for not believing him before, so he wants to defeat another thousand to whisk me off my face."

It must be like this.

His Majesty Li Er had already seen through Jiang lack's tricks.

"This person is not kind."

He sort of understood that Jiang Liao was doing it on purpose.

And let him send out another thousand people, he, Li Er, had never seen a big scene before.

Trying was probably the same result.

The main thing was that he still had to heal these guards.

Those were money ah.

His Li Er meat ached.

Already poor, how could he have any extra money to waste.

Just don't look at it.


Then what?

Jiang Xiao continued to wait for the rest of the story, gazing at His Majesty Li Er.

"What's wrong?"

Li Er intoned his gaze and asked, "Does the real person think there is something wrong with what I said?


It does seem to be a bit inappropriate, after all, I had never seen it before, and I am indeed limited in my vision.

Please do not blame the real person."

Jiang Qian: "........"

He really wants to explain to Li Er that what I want is not your admission of wrongdoing and apology, but the position of State Master ah.

Are you blind or something.

Can't you see that his Jiang Da Xian's eyes are blinking.

When His Majesty Li Er saw that Jiang Jian didn't respond, he continued, "Does the real person still want to make things difficult for me?"


Jiang Gu was confused and asked, "Your Majesty, why would I ever want to embarrass you?"

"And the look on your face just now was?"

He thought it was weird, and particularly scary.

"Oh, it's fine, I was just thinking about something."

Jiang lacked peacefully, "Right, Your Majesty, I've just finished warming up and I'm trying to have a good fight right now, why don't you send some more people?"


Li Er's mouth is twitching, sending someone to call you?

He wasn't a masochist, nor did he have that kind of inclination.

Why gamble with the safety of his men, was he Li Er that kind of person.

He was, and he's not now.

For his part, Jiang Qian didn't care about His Majesty Li Er's expression and continued, "Your Majesty, I've just warmed up, and all my energy needs to be ventilated..."

Before he could finish.

Li Er then interrupted, "Jiang Zhenzhen, you see that I'm also quite poor, so just spare my inner treasury."

"Your Majesty, I didn't do anything to your inner treasury."


It takes a little silver to treat one person, but a thousand is more.

A thousand more and Li Er would be a muggle.


These thousand guards were already causing him a physical pain.

If he had known earlier, he could have done a different trick, and perhaps there would have been an unexpected harvest.

Now it was embarrassing for him, Li Er.

The flesh on his old face was bouncing around, quite wonderfully.

Jiang Qian looked confused and secretly said, "Isn't this His Majesty Li Er wanting to see my Jiang someone's skills, a thousand guards shouldn't be enough to show my skills."

So it wasn't enough.

He was really only warming up to the end, and with the powerful power added, even without half a trick, the guards would be unable to resist.

According to Jiang's estimate, it would probably take ten thousand people to show it.

But Li Er wasn't stupid.

He knew how powerful Jiang Chi was, so he shook his head and refused, "Cough cough, I have already seen Jiang Cheng's skills, so I don't need to see it anymore."

What's the use of seeing it.

On the contrary, it would just add a lot of trouble.

His Majesty Li Er's heart was clear and clear enough.

"Your Majesty has really seen it?"

Jiang lacked a frown and said, "But I was fast just now."


Li Er expressed that he wanted to punch someone, "This guy clearly did it on purpose, and now he's acting stupid with me, he's so damned."


Even if his heart was still raging, even if he could not wait to run over and slap Jiang Lack wildly a few times.

On the surface Li Er still nodded amiably, "I was born with good eyesight, I can see clearly even if the real person is fast, so I don't need to look any further."

"Oh, okay then."

Only then did Jiang Ji nodded his head, which was considered letting Li Er go.

This also made His Majesty Li Er slightly relieved, and it was good that this real person Jiang didn't continue to dwell on the matter.

How else could he be spared.

At this time.

Li Er continued, "Real Man, why don't you come with me to the palace and sit down, and we'll discuss some matters?"

The powerful Jiang lacked, causing His Majesty Li Er to be courteous.


Jiang Jiang was stunned, then he said, "Good, it just so happens that I'm thirsty after a fight just now."

Li Er hurriedly said, "Wang De, quickly serve tea."

In case he offended this person, if he angrily fought and killed, wouldn't he be half powerless to resist.

Li Er felt it was better not to risk his own safety, it was too terrifying.

After once again separating the main guests and settling down, Li Er's majesty said, "True Man, I wonder how you cultivate, are all of you outside the Fang cultivators this powerful?"

Jiang Ji explained, "A casual cultivation will do, but as for the other out-of-square monks, I don't know, and I haven't found many strong ones."

Look at that.

How arrogant and cocky this man is!


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