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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1040 - Seeking (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Li Er: "........"

Suddenly, His Majesty the Second Li suddenly fell for it a bit.

It sounded conspiratorial.

Look at that!

Is that what people say?

Anyway, the corner of His Majesty Li Er's mouth twitched for a moment, only to feel that he had been cheated.

A miscalculation.

If it wasn't for the fact that he felt that Jiang was a talent, Li Er felt that he was already angry.

"My word is nine."

Immediately, Li Er patted up his assurance.

A word from the heavens was like ten thousand gold.

His Majesty Li Er's words were like spilled water.

There was absolutely no reason to take it back.

Jiang Ji seemed to be smiling rather than laughing, and said jokingly, "Since His Majesty has asked, I'll tell you honestly, although I'm actually an outsider cultivator, there are some things that I need Your Majesty's help in order to do..."

Slowly, he said, listening to His Majesty Li Er.

But the words had already been spoken .

There was no way for him to refuse or stop it anymore.

He could only harden his scalp and say awkwardly, "Jiang Zhenzhen, I wonder what you need my help with?"

He, Li Er, wasn't stupid.

I thought to myself, "This is only what you, Jiang Dazhen, are after."

If it wasn't for the fact that Jiang Chi was yet a great talent, that kind of strategy to rule the country was indeed refreshing to him and he felt that it was promising.

He, Li Er, wanted to blow people up right now.

Jiang Chi didn't know this, he was so intent that this Li Er's Majesty had been crippled by his blundering.

After all.

Although he, Jiang Da Xian, had never deliberately exercised his eloquence, there was still a bit of it in his ears and eyes.

He had never eaten pork before and had seen pigs run.

Jiang Ji continued, "Actually, it's just a few trivial matters, Your Majesty really wants to hear it, so let's recount it in the next court."


Li Er's mouth twitched at the words, "When did I ever say that I really wanted to hear the words, this Fang cultivator Jiang Zhen is a bit too thick-skinned."

He thought it was thicker than a boar's skin anyway.

But with his mouth he politely said, "Just say it if you want, real person, as long as I can do it, I will definitely not decline."

Jiang Qian nodded seriously, it seemed to him that Li Er already believed in himself completely.


He said rather apologetically, "Your Majesty, I don't want to be an official, nor do I want Your Majesty to break the rules to confer a title, I only wish to be a state teacher with a clear breeze sufficient."

The words were said lightly, as if they had no weight.

But Li Er understood it.

It dawned on him, "So what he is seeking here is not for being an official, not for a title, but only for this State Master's dignity."

Rather, it was somewhat interesting.


Still, what puzzled His Majesty Li Er was that this Jiang Ji had come all the way here just to be the Great Tang's State Master?

Is that all you want?

Isn't that a little too little.

The puzzled Li Er asked, "Reality, I wonder why you prefer to be the state teacher of the Great Tang?"

He didn't know much about it.

Was there a secret here that he, Li Er, didn't know about?

Naturally, there was.

But Jiang Chi wouldn't say it foolishly, he said, "Your Majesty need not worry, I am a man who offers advice, and naturally I have something to ask for.

However, for a mundane object, an official position is of no great use to me, and there is no point in asking for it.

But the position of State Counselor is different, as there is luck in the underworld, so I can use the Tang's luck to cultivate and feed it.

At the same time.

I will also be able to dedicate myself to His Majesty to the greatest extent possible and serve His Majesty as well.

I wonder what Your Majesty thinks?"

His explanations were both true and false, and under the confusion of truth and falsehood, even the wise Li Er had trouble distinguishing between truth and falsehood.

To be a national teacher.

To cultivate with the aid of the Great Tang Qi Luck, wouldn't that be the same as having to borrow the Great Tang's national luck to cultivate.

Li Er wasn't sure about the Qi State Luck, nor did he know how Jiang Ji would practice it.

He simply felt that this method was probably a bit inappropriate.

What if it was detrimental to the country's luck.

Jiang Ji seemed to see Li's hesitation, so he hastily advised: "Your Majesty, there is no need to worry, the Qi Luck you borrowed is just a drop in the bucket, it will not affect the country much.

In addition, if you are able to implement my dedication, you will be able to strengthen the Tang Dynasty's power and increase its fortune.

When the time comes, the Tang Dynasty will be like a golden dragon out of the sea, able to stir up endless storm clouds.

The Tang Dynasty has five surnames and seven windows, and the families of the warlords are deeply entrenched, causing countless internal and external problems.

If we don't innovate and become stronger as soon as possible, His Majesty's so-called Chaste Rule will be nothing more than a passing cloud."

Li Er: "Sheesh..."

Is that so?

Is it possible that my Tang is really so serious?

But I still have a good reputation among the people, so how come I've become useless to this person.

Listening to Jiang Jiang's words, Li Second Majesty always felt that he was nothing.

As if all of his skills were irrelevant, his face changed dramatically, and the corners of his mouth twitched vigorously.

His heart was a bit complicated.

The old face was black.

Jiang Ji suddenly said again, "Your Majesty, the future of the Great Tang needs change, if you still want to continue to be the wise ruler of the ages, I feel that you should still make an effort."


Li Er understood.

But the words didn't sound that way when they came out of Jiang Lack's mouth.

It was probably a bit angry.

If he hadn't been so magnanimous, Li Er would have slapped Jiang Lack to death.

Although Li Er wasn't able to do so.

"Real person, how do you want me to believe you?"

Only after a long time.

Only after a long time did Li Er speak grudgingly, "Those plans you spoke of are all based on great strength, and if you want to be the Great Tang State Master, you naturally need strength as well.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

I wonder if Real Man would be willing to show me his hand?"

Look at that!

That's what an emperor should say.

Believe in strength, believe in magic.

The previous Li Er was definitely a fake Li Er.

Jiang Ji was busy saying, "I understand what His Majesty means, he wants me to show some strength as a way to facilitate His Majesty's judgment and convince others, is that right?"

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with that understanding.

Strength is the ultimate criterion for convincing people.

That didn't run either.

Jiang Qiao also felt that it was long overdue, but he just wasn't good at opening his mouth before, so he kept hanging on.

"It's like this."

Li Er nodded his head and admitted that he just wanted to see what you, Jiang Dajin, could do.

Is there a problem?


At least Li Er didn't think so.

Wanted to see what Jiang Lack, the Outsider Friar, was capable of, wanted to see what his so-called methods were.

If he could convince himself, he would naturally be able to convince the court dukes of Nagon as well.

Li Er looked forward to it.

If what this Jiang Zhen was saying was true, "Then all those national policies he mentioned will be realized, and then the Tang will have the opportunity to develop at a high speed."

That was good.

I am also filled with infinite yearning.

It wouldn't hurt to be pardoned and made a State Master.

He was just dying to see the miracle of Jiang Di before he said anything.

Jiang Da Man's magic was naturally not on display at the moment, but he could have another display.

With a thought, Jiang Da Ren said, "Your Majesty, if you want to see what I can do, you may not be able to see it here, so how about moving outside?"

"What does the real person plan to do?"

Li Er was curious, "But it needs me to prepare some as well?"

"That's not necessary, but I would like to borrow one of His Majesty's guards for a while."

Jiang Ji said solemnly, "In order to let His Majesty know of my skills, so I plan to perform the Five Hundred Army Hanzhong like a fish to His Majesty."

"Do you want me to use five hundred guards to attack you together?"

Li Er understood.

But his eyebrows furrowed and he said, "Every one of my guards is a hundred men in the army, a full-fledged good man, five hundred men are enough to leave you with no way to live, but the real person has to think about it."

Once the decision was made it could not be changed.

Most importantly, Li Er had great confidence in his five hundred guards.

As for his confidence in Jiang Chi, it was half gone.

"Naturally, it's true, and I don't dare to deceive Your Majesty." Jiang Jiang said casually, "Although the guards beside His Majesty are indeed powerful, it's no lie that I've been cultivating with my master all these years.

Your Majesty can just call five hundred guards to come, even if one death is just a matter of life and death.

Besides, I won't lose.

If Your Majesty feels that five hundred is not enough, he can also increase it to a thousand, how about it?"

Once that was said, it was tantamount to offending Li Er.

Li Er who was furious after hearing this, "Fine, then, as the real person said, a thousand guards will be a thousand guards!

Wang De, you go and call someone."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Wang De farted and went to call for people, it would take some time to gather a thousand guards.

I thought we were supposed to have 500 people?

Jiang lacked a muddle, secretly saying, "Good Li Er, this is untrustworthy, he must be trying to see my joke."

A thousand it is.

He Jiang Chi wasn't afraid of it, with the physical strength of the hallowed Human Immortal realm, he was never afraid of any amount of armor.

Li Er, on the other hand, was thinking in his heart, "What an arrogant and arrogant person, and calling himself some kind of extra-fang monk, if I didn't think you were still somewhat valuable, if I didn't think you were somewhat talented, I would be able to behead you right now."

The crime of bullying the king is unforgivable!

"I would like to see how you can kill your way out of a thousand elite guards."

His Majesty Li Er had great confidence in his guards, these were all warriors who followed him.

Not only were they loyal, but they also possessed great battle power, each one of them was an elite soldier.

He simply didn't believe that Jiang Xiao could come out of a thousand guards.


Wang De called the men over.

Jiang Di looked around at the densely packed guards, all of them were warriors who were guarding the palace, guarding Li Er.

But Jiang Dajin wasn't afraid.

He was an Immortal.

A genuine immortal, even though the tiger was now falling from the sky and he didn't have half of his cultivation on him, he wasn't afraid.

On the contrary, he was excited.

Li Er.

This time this seat wants you to take a good look at this seat's strength, and I'm afraid that your one thousand armored guards will be in vain.

One thousand is too inadequate.

I was clearly talking about 500 before.

Good Li Er, actually taking personal revenge. This guy is really ruthless and black-hearted.

He's not a son of man.

It's a shame that he even bragged about how untouchable he was in the beginning.

The so-called wisdom seems to be all pretend, this two goods.

A moment to make your flesh ache.

The method of revenge Jiang Hou had already thought of all the ways to dry down Li Er's thousand men, and I'm sure Li Er would have a lot of flesh pain.


Jiang Dazhen thinks he is really a talent, Li Er you just wait for the meat pain.

It's better not to cry your nose off.

Will cry nose Li Er does not know, he is also gloating at the moment, thinking whether Jiang Ji will just cry and beg for forgiveness later.

Probably it will.

He thought.


"If you want to be the Great Tang State Teacher, I don't want it without a little skill."

He, Li Er, was also a picky person, if it was too common he wouldn't want it.

The position of State Teacher was special after all.

Where can it be special to, it's reasonable to say that it's below one person and above ten thousand.

Even saying that it was an idle position was also really normal, Li Er was still hesitant in his heart, so he raised the idea of wanting to see what Jiang was capable of.

"If he really is a capable person, it wouldn't be a bad idea to pardon him and make him the State Master ah."

Li Er looked at Jiang Chi in the crowd and smiled as he looked incomparably calm.

"In any case, I won't lose anything!"


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