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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1039 - National Policy (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Li Er wanted national policy.

Jiang Jiang also wanted to continue fooling around a bit, perhaps crippling His Majesty Li Er.

Only when Li Er was crippled could he carry out the next plan.


Jiang Chi added, "Ruling a big country is like cooking a small one, although I don't know how to be in power and in charge of people, but I know that a country needs many things to become rich and strong and achieve prosperity.

It just so happens that these years of overseas experience have made me realize some things, so if Your Majesty finds it useful, you can listen to it."

Li Er naturally begged for it.

He was wondering how he could get Jiang Chi to speak up, and Jiang Chi came.

And so.

Li Er smiled with anticipation, "Reality please speak, but right or wrong, I will compare them one by one and pick the best to fill in the gaps."

But anything that was beneficial to the country, he would adopt it in.


Jiang Ji nodded his head in satisfaction, Li Er was a wise ruler, surely he wouldn't miss such an opportunity.

It was by grasping this mentality that Jiang Chi knew that he had room to perform.

Only then could he fool around....


It's about understanding with emotion and reason.

His Majesty must have found these words to be classical words of governance.

He will certainly treat him with courtesy.

Jiang Ji has already thought about it, all kinds of ordinary strategies to brag about, in this extremely backward productivity of the ancient Tang Dynasty, will certainly make Li Er stunned.

After clearing up his thoughts, Jiang Jianyu said, "To make a country strong, it's all about having money and soldiers.

It's true that the Tang's military front is also good under Your Majesty's governance, but that's not enough, it should become even stronger.

The people also need to be wealthy, so that a country can have money and taxes, and then it can do more things.

However, I think Your Majesty understands that the country's wealth and people's prosperity cannot be changed overnight.

These strategies are actually summed up in two words: making money..."

After hearing Jiang Jiang's words, His Majesty the Second Li always felt strange, and could not help but ask, "True Man, making money is the merchant's doing, and besides, I am an emperor and monarch, if I perform the merchant's actions would not be competing with the people for profit.

Moreover, since ancient times, the people have been mainly farming, which is the fundamental of living and the foundation stone of the country."

Li Er was a bit confused by Jiang Ji's words, what was so good about competing with the people for profit.

He was not seeing it.

Jiang Ji was full of black lines, not to sneer: "I thought that His Majesty was an emperor of the ages, a bright ruler's honor, but I never thought that he was also so limited.

If there wasn't a single merchant in the world, I dare ask how this country would function.

Where do you get your money and food?

Will you transport it yourself, Your Majesty, or will you transport it with your troops who will fight the enemy?

It's true that people farming is the foundation, but how much tax revenue do you think a country can get from the contributions of all those farmers?

Why doesn't Your Majesty allow the people to try the same model that was used thousands of years ago, when slash-and-burn farming has been the norm since ancient times?

Whether or not a model is good or bad, it needs constant practice and improvement, and advancing with the times is the only way for a country to progress.

Now Your Majesty you are willing to stick to the rules, decades later, even centuries later your descendants will be similarly stuck to the rules, do you think this country is standing still, or is it moving forward?"

Li Er: "........"

If it was an ordinary courtier, how could he dare to speak to him, Li Er, like this.

In other words, it was Jiang Jiang's few words that berated this ancient emperor with no words of rebuttal.

He opened his mouth to argue, to explain a sentence or two, but was bitterly disappointed that he had nothing to say.

What Jiang lacked to propose was too fresh and unimaginable, and even more subversive.

Li Er would have difficulty accepting it for a while.

But then, Jiang Ji said once again, "I know His Majesty may not believe it, but the truth is this.

Vigorously develop commerce, your majesty can take the opportunity to collect commercial taxes, and the exact method of how to collect them can be studied in detail.

When the commercial tax comes up, the state coffers will definitely be full, and at that time, no matter whether it's a foreign war or a reserve of provisions, it will be beneficial to the country.

The first thing you need to do is to think about what you're doing and how you're doing it.

If Your Majesty were more generous and reduced or lowered the taxes of the common peasants, this would be the real way not to compete with the people for profit.

If commerce is developed enough that one person can support a family for several years by engaging in commercial activities, does Your Majesty think land is still important?

As for grain, when I traveled around the world with my master, I found in the small southern countries, rice that ripens twice a year, or even three times a year, as well as dry rice and the previously mentioned drought-resistant and high-yielding crops.

If Your Majesty introduces these, it will be enough to keep the Tang from running out of food.

In addition, it would also allow those small countries in the south that are subservient to the Great Tang to pay tribute with food, and to open border markets through commerce and trade, so that there would naturally be no shortage of food, and a new batch of taxes - tariffs - could be obtained as a result..."

It was as if a new door had been opened for His Majesty Li Er as Jiang Jiang's explanation continued.

It was a field he had never understood before, so naturally, he was stunned by Jiang Liao's great strategy for the country.

That's right.

Even Li Er had to admit that only when a country had money could he do more.

Even conquering the Turkestan himself.

Back then, the Weishui Alliance had disgraced his majesty Li Er. If he had money and food, he wouldn't have to hold back for so many years.

Thinking of this.

Li Er then asked, "Real person, these strategies you speak of might actually be implemented?"

"It's not up to me to decide whether or not it can be."

Jiang Jiang said, "The world is owned by all the people, but in the end it is your majesty's, how you govern is your decision, whether the new policy can be implemented or not is actually related to whether you adhere to it or not.

I will only offer strategies, and besides, I am only an outsider monk, so I won't participate in it.

Whether it will be implemented or not will depend on your Majesty yourself, which also tests your boldness.

In addition, if Your Majesty finds it difficult to implement it on a large scale, you can implement it on a pilot basis first, and if the results are good then it can be implemented nationwide."

"That's fine." Li Er nodded, agreeing, "It's just that you don't know anything about it, but although the Great Tang is peaceful nowadays, the fact that the five surnames and seven hopes hold the private sector, it may be even more difficult to implement it, and the reform is even more difficult."

Li Er also felt bitter about this.

Although he was the Emperor of the Great Tang, and although he ruled the world, the reality was quite cruel.

He didn't really have any real command and was depressed, if he could, perhaps....

Jiang Ji shook his head and said, "There is no harm, if Your Majesty really wants to implement those plans I just mentioned, I will naturally help you with your plans, and will definitely not disappoint Your Majesty."


Li Er's face was pleased at the words, but he was busy saying, "Reality, are you seriously willing to help me?"

It would be great if that was the case.

His heart was overjoyed and he continued, "The world has been in chaos for a long time, and True Man has a gulf in his heart, so why don't you stay and help me, I will definitely give True Man a good treatment..."

Who knew that Jiang Jiang shook his head and sighed lightly, "Oh, Your Majesty is kind and well-intentioned, but I am a monk outside of the square, and I have no interest in entering the court as an official, nor do I intend to become an official.

Mortal customs are like passing clouds to me, so I have no other use for them, so if Your Majesty wants to make someone an official as a duke, it's better to forget it."


Li Er was slightly stunned and surprised, "Reality, whether it's being an official or holding a title, it's actually contributing to the Great Tang ah.

I will definitely not treat True Man badly..."

Nor did he wait for His Majesty Li Er to finish his sentence, he heard Jiang Jiang explain, "I'm sorry, contribution or no contribution is of no use to me, this time to inform His Majesty is only for the sake of His Majesty is a true dragon heavenly son, otherwise wouldn't it be better for me to go out to travel and cultivate?"

He was an immortal, so how could the court battle suit him.

It's impossible to be an official, and he'll never be an official in his life.

He has nothing to do with the title.

Of course.

Pardoning a State Counselor is different.

But this kind of thing can't be said directly, or else Li Er will suspect that he has ulterior motives.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ji continued to speak again, "Oh, Your Majesty need not worry, although it is impossible for me to join the court as an official, if Your Majesty needs me to help out, I will still do so."

Although Jiang Chi did not promise, Li Er nodded once he heard this promise, "In that case, then I will thank the real person first."

Li Er yearned for the future, and he was ten thousand times looking forward to the plans that Jiang Chi said.

The mood was set.


His Majesty Li Er said again, "Real Person, those national strategies you just mentioned are good, and if they can really be implemented, they are indeed good.

But it's very difficult to implement them concretely..."

He was helpless.

Li Er's mind was complicated.

Jiang Jiang, on the other hand, reassured: "Your Majesty doesn't need to worry, people are actually afraid of death, and Your Majesty has countless soldiers in his hands, if anyone dares to stop it, he will definitely be beheaded, and if you kill that person's head, who would dare to offend or disobey?"

He believes in one word: kill.

Just kill to kill.

See how you resist, and holding a blade in your hand is no joke.

Li Er: "........"

Jiang Ji's words stunned him, and he couldn't help but say, "I'm afraid that the real person is thinking too simply, you can kill to fight the world, but you can't kill to rule the world."


Jiang Chi secretly helped his forehead and said, "If you block the way, you are an enemy, and I admire your Majesty for being so magnanimous to your enemies."

Li Er: "This..."

He sighed grudgingly, really unable to refute Jiang Xiao's words.

It was indeed so.

His heart was sad and desolate, he should indeed be more ruthless in his treatment of his enemies and not be honestly tolerant.


Not today.

The world was already peaceful, there was no need for him to kill anymore.

Li Er was also worried about this, could killing really suppress everything?

Jiang Ji continued, "Killing to stop killing, of course it works, but it doesn't work only because you didn't kill right.

Killing is actually an art, if Your Majesty had used it well, there wouldn't be so many disasters in the world.

Moreover, it can't be said that the common people are grateful to you, Your Majesty.

Killing is only for the enemy.

For those ordinary people, there is naturally no need to kill."


Jiang Mo's words were like words of supreme wisdom, which did not calm His Majesty Li's mind.

It seemed to be the same reasoning.

"Did I think about it wrongly before?"

Li Er frowned inwardly as he heard, "Could it be that I'm really thinking wrong?"

It might be possible.

He was so helpless that he was bitterly frustrated, "In that case, it might be feasible to have this Jiang Zhenjin stay and help me..."

Since he didn't like being an official, since he didn't like knighthoods, I don't know what this Jiang Zhenzhen was here for.

He looked forward to it.

It was just that Li Er was now a bit unable to figure out what Jiang was thinking.


He said grudgingly, "Real Man, I wonder if you have other thoughts this time when you return from overseas?"

What's the purpose?

He became curious, "If the real person doesn't mind, I will definitely help the real person and will never disappoint him."


Jiang Qiao felt a bright light, "Is that what Your Majesty really thinks?"


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