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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1038 - Bluffing (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Immortals are immortals as well as people.

Li Er doesn't understand this, but Jiang Ji is very clear, he said with a calm and indifferent face, "Your Majesty doesn't need to worry that I have ill intentions, people like me who are outside of the Fang monks, gold, silver, money, the world's rivers and mountains, power and beauty, are all useless to me.

Only by continuously cultivating and becoming an immortal and a god is what we, Outer Fang monks, seek."

He was the first to give Li Er a reassuring pill, or else this famous Li Er would have thought that he had an ulterior motive for Jiang Chi.

Or even harboring evil intentions.

In fact there was no such thing.

Upon hearing this, His Majesty Li Er's expression was slightly embarrassed, he had indeed just thought a lot.

It included his suspicions about Jiang Lack and the matter of whether the Immortal God existed or not.

He didn't know if the Immortal God existed or not, and the skills that Jiang Kou had just displayed were indeed somewhat extraordinary.

He had seen it too.

Slightly relieved at the moment, he led Jiang Chi into the palace while having Wang De serve tea.

Although it was all boiled in one pot of soup, His Majesty Li Er was drinking it with great relish.

On the side.

The corners of Jiang Qian's mouth twitched slightly, "Wait until this seat has a chance to get some tea out, then you'll know that what you're drinking now is rancid water."

After dividing the guests and settling down, Jiang Li Er asked again, "Reality, I wonder how the overseas land is, is it also like my Tang realm?"

For His Majesty Robber Li Er who had never been out to sea or to a distant gate, he was filled with infinite expectations.

It was also a million times more curious that he could let go of the Immortal God's words, and even the purpose of Jiang Ji.

Naturally, Li Er's thoughts were clear to Jiang Ji, who looked calm and smiled as he spoke freely, "If Your Majesty wants to know, then listen to me slowly.

Once upon a time, when I, along with my master, decided to go overseas to cultivate together, I purchased a good ship and headed overseas.

Since I had prepared some supplies for my life earlier, and with the countless fish and prawns in the ocean, I was fearless at that time."

At this point he paused God and looked at Li Er.

The latter, on the other hand, listened with great interest and was quite eager, "Real Man, please continue."

Jiang Ji nodded, so he continued, "At that time, both my master and I had not yet completed our cultivation and were unable to split the valley, so we needed a boat for transportation and something to survive.

However, because we all know some means, we drifted downstream with the wind along the way and drifted far away.

When there were dangers such as big fish and prawns and dragons sucking water, we were able to defuse them with our supreme means.

Thus we traveled for several months..."

Full of nonsense and open-mouthed, not at all ambiguous.

And you hold your head up at a forty-five degree angle, as if you're remembering.

As if he had really experienced it.

Seeing Li Er stunned, especially the spirit of that all sorts of quest and adventure, going to the unknown land, listening to him quite magical, but also yearning.

It would be great if he could go for a walk himself in his lifetime.

There was a big world out there.

Once the horizons were opened, it would not be possible to return.

In his heart, he was looking forward to it in a million ways, secretly saying, "I must go and take a look, I thought the Great Tang's territory was vast, but now it doesn't look good either."

He was arrogant before.

Where did he know that the overseas land was nothing more than Jiang Qian's nonsense, there was no such thing.

If Li Er found out that he had been lied to, I wonder if he would order Jiang Chi to be killed.

Probably he would.

When he heard about all the dangers on that sea and the lack of land for months, Li Er's heart was a bit hush-hush.

He also sighed, "It's only a magical person like the real person, who possesses all sorts of legendary and unbelievable means to cross the sea, but if some ordinary people were to go, I'm afraid that they would only be reduced to ashes within a few days."

Isn't being caught in that sea the same as being reduced to ashes.

A corpse without bones.

It was truly horrifying, and the horror was hard to stop.

Jiang Ji also nodded, "Your Majesty is right, that sea is indeed dangerous, you can't see the edge, nor do you know the direction.

It's like that endless desert, and it's equally unscrupulous.

Very afraid.

An ordinary person in a small boat would definitely not be able to withstand the strong winds and waves, but if the boat was big enough, it would be like walking on level ground.

Moreover, your majesty probably knows that there are countless fish and shrimps in that sea, and I'm afraid that if we could make all the people of the Great Tang eat meat, they wouldn't be able to finish it.

In addition, according to my research with my master, there are not only fish and shrimp in the sea, but also ores and salt.

A good use of these resources would be enough for the lives of thousands of people in the Great Tang, so it would be considered a great harvest..."


Jiang Hou then began to increase the firepower to fool around.


According to Jiang Da Xian, he was sincerely introducing the world to His Majesty Li Er.

He was like a living map.

I'm sure that this unstoppable His Majesty Li Er will be very eager to see it.

Since there were so many resources in the ocean, he, Li Er, must have been moved to take the ocean for himself.

As expected.

In the next moment, he heard Li Er ask, "True Man, is that great sea really as you say, with countless resources?

If these could be used by me, the entire Tang would not be poor."

At this moment.

His Majesty Li Er was wide-eyed and excited, and although he didn't believe Jiang Qian's words one hundred percent, he believed most of them.

The sea had always been mysterious, and it naturally had endless resources within it, no matter which one it was, it was a good thing as long as it could be obtained by the Great Tang.

Jiang Jiang smiled slightly and said, "Your Majesty, although the sea is incredibly dangerous, it's much better than the desert.

Back then, before Master and I had even left the Middle Kingdom, we had been to the desert, endless sands, always thinking about water sources, and having to guard against black sandstorms.

The desert is the barren, while the sea is the treasure of countless, if taken and used, good use will also be able to make the Tang rich.

I remember that at that time, after months of wandering, we finally approached land, so my master and I went ashore..."

Upon hearing this, Li Er was also curious to follow up, "Reality, I wonder how it was after landing?"

So Jiang Jian continued, "Once ashore, it's different from the overseas immortal mountain we imagined.

It's basically a barren land with black Kunlun slaves and white demons, it's a place where blood is tapped.

But it's also a special place, with drought-tolerant, high-yielding crops and all kinds of food.

In addition to that, there are quite a few mountains of gold and silver, and just because it's an uncultivated land, it's useless..."

Before Jiang lacked the chance to finish, Li Er hurriedly asked, "Is what you said true, real person?"

Not to mention the mountains of gold and silver, just the drought-resistant yet high-yielding crops were enough to make His Majesty Li Er's heart flutter.

To know.

Even though he, Li Er, had diligently created the rule of the Chastity, even though he had vomited his heart out to govern this country, there were actually many commoners who did not have enough to eat or wear.

If it was possible to obtain the resources from across that ocean, perhaps....

Maybe the Great Tang would have a much better time.

For a moment, Li Er thought a little too far ahead and believed that what Jiang lacked said was true.

Endless resources must exist.

It had to be said that Li Er was already interested by Jiang lack's words, and he already thought of going to the other side of the ocean to conquer the scene.

It was only that these would have to be put on hold for the time being.

As Li Er continued to listen to Jiang Lack's introduction, his heart was like a tumbling wave.

He was happy.

If it was possible, would he be able to....


This real person in front of me called Jiang lacked.

"He must know how to get there, he must know where the resources are on the other side of the ocean."

Li Er had some hidden thoughts in his heart, "If it can be successfully realized, perhaps I can really become a generation of wise ruler."

After seeing the expression on His Majesty Li Er's face, Jiang Qian actually knew that this Emperor of Tang had been moved.

It meant that his blundering had worked.

That infinite sea and the endless benefits of resources across the ocean had forced Li Er, the Great Tang Emperor, to be impressed.

All those benefits were real, and if they could be obtained and used on the Great Tang, perhaps the Great Tang's power would be even higher.

These were tangible benefits.

How could Li Er be unmoved, although the pie drawn by Jiang lack is large, but this large pie is also real.

For the rest of his life, His Majesty Li Er felt that he had to get that endless benefit.

Only then would the Great Tang become more powerful, and he could be considered a true emperor of the ages and leave his name in history.

And so.

Without waiting for Jiang Ji to continue boasting about the rest of the story, Li Er eagerly asked, "True Man, with the Great Tang's national strength, do you think it would be possible for the Tang's children to travel overseas?"

A single word highlighted his Li Er's ambition.

He really wanted to go to the other side of the ocean to see what Jiang Kang said, even if it was only to obtain those resources.

The Great Tang was too poor and needed resources too much.

As the Emperor of Tang, Li Er knew this very well, and this was the reason why he was so eager.

Jiang Jiang smiled, but his mood was exceptionally calm, saying, "Your Majesty, it's not that I despise the power of the Great Tang, it's really that the power of the Great Tang isn't very good today.

Not to mention crossing the ocean, just exploiting the endless sea is not possible.

Your Majesty, don't forget that the Tang Dynasty is now in order and flourishing under your administration, but it is undeniably weak.

But there is no denying that the Tang is really weak, at least the northern Turkestan is not even completely resolved, let alone others.

Whether it's reform, change, or strengthening the country, these all need to be done slowly.

Not fast.

Sometimes it's not good to be fast instead."


Upon hearing Jiang Jian's words, the Second Li Majesty stared in amazement.

Shocked, he asked, "Real Man is a monk from outside the square, an ordinary existence that is that out of the dust, and he also knows how to rule the country?"

How he wasn't curious.

Didn't this person say that he was an out-of-party monk?

I thought you said you were an immortal.

Do you also know about family and state affairs?

That was refreshing, and it was true that Jiang lacked a reasonable speech, and he felt benefited from hearing it.

"Is he still a talent for ruling the country?"

Li Er muttered to himself, "This person's nature is jumpy, but if used properly, there might be unexpected rewards ah."

For a moment.

Li Er moved to cherish his talent.

"The only thing I need to worry about is that this person is an outsider monk who may not enter the court as an official."

That was troublesome.

Crowning a knighthood?

Someone else who has stepped out of the mortal world may not accept it either.

That's a bit of a problem.

Li Er was anxious.

Jiang Jiang looked calm, under his white robe, he looked exceptionally dusty and immortal, as if he was an immortal.

Looking at Li Er, he was envious and looking forward to it, "Maybe he can even come up with some better strategies for ruling the country from this person."


His Majesty Li Er, the First Emperor of a Thousand Ages, had a new idea.

He felt that he should continue to speak with Jiang Chi and perhaps get some useful strategies for the country.


It was also just what Jiang Xiao wanted.


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