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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1037 - Immortals (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Great Tang Palace.

Jiang Gao thought of a good way to do it.

---pretend to be a goddess.


He was already an immortal, so why bother pretending.

It was just a bit awkward at the moment, but essentially, he was still an immortal, incomparably noble.

"Impersonating an Immortal, I can actually think of it all."

Immortal Jiang felt so rare.

This law would allow Li Er to name him as the State Master, and "restoring your cultivation will be just around the corner."

Whether or not Li Er believed in it, Jiang Chi also had a way to deal with it.

It was nothing more than two words: lulling.

As long as the bluffing was done well, I believe Li Er would definitely fall for it.

"No, this can't be said to be falling for the trick, after all, I, Jiang someone, am a true Immortal God's generation, not a liar who lulls people around."

Although there was an element of bluffing in it, he actually felt that he was a good person.

A true Immortal in the true sense.

At any rate, he was a human immortal existence, a magnificent immortal cultivator, so there was no deception.

After thinking about this, Jiang Xiao asked Princess Changle to find a white brocade robe to wear.

A dress that was also human-like.

Rather, it was somewhat nice.

Paired with his handsome and dashing face, he was also suave up.

For a while.

Seeing Princess Changle was secretly surprised, "So he's actually this handsome, when he's really a man of style, like an immortal god ah."


Heart suddenly like a deer bumping around, her that pretty face is also red.

It was quite shy.

Since breaking through to the Human Immortal realm, Jiang Qian's face was indeed a bit more handsome than before, and also more knife-like.

He used to be an ordinary person, but now he was out of the ordinary as if he was immortal.


He, Jiang Da Xian, was originally a fairy, so there was no talk of resembling anything, originally.

"Mr. Jiang, how do you plan to get out?"

Princess Changle asked curiously, "I'm afraid you won't be able to get out with these robes, so why don't I bring you a set of clothes worn by the little eunuchs.

No matter what the little eunuchs wear, it'll do."

The white robes were just a bit too flamboyant.

Eunuchs are easier to conceal, and palace maids' costumes are even better, but the worst that can happen is that men dress up as women.

It didn't seem to matter.

He thought it was quite good.

Jiang Qian: "........"

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and he couldn't help but say, "Princess and don't worry, I have a solution to the current situation, and I don't need to sneak out of the palace, your father will send someone to escort me out then."

He had even thought of a solution.

Although it was true that Naiji was a generation of ancient wise rulers and was incomparably smart, he wasn't a simple person either.

But Jiang Jian didn't intend to rely entirely on bluffing, "If I offer my advice to Li Er, I can completely cripple him."

Maybe he, Jiang Someone, could even gain great benefits.

He was confident and said, "Princess, you don't need to worry about me, everything is within my grasp."

He was confident, at any rate, he was a one-man Immortal, and with the power of his flesh he felt that he could even kill in the midst of an army of ten thousand.

Keeping unscathed.

And he could definitely become the Great Tang State Master.

His Majesty Li Er liked to award titles, and Jiang Xiao felt that the title was probably not meant for him.

That's why the position of State Master was the most important, "Maybe I can gather qi luck, I can take this opportunity to obtain a certain world origin, and then I can recover."

The plan was perfect.

The next step was how to make that Second Li Majesty unaware of his presence.

It couldn't be directly in Princess Changle's bedchamber.

It was too dangerous here.

Judging by that Li Er's control of the harem, there's a good chance that he'll discover his presence.

So I have to go out to the palace to show that Ancient One a glimpse of my Jiang Da Xian's magnificence.

And so.

Jiang Chi then slightly arched his hand towards Princess Changle, "Princess, I'm going this way, I will definitely not disappoint her."

He spoke articulately, as if everything was within his grasp.

The plan was perfect, and it wasn't even difficult.

The only hard part was that it might not be so easy to execute, after all, that Li Er Majesty was no ordinary person.

"I think it should work." Jiang mumbled to himself in his heart.

"Mr. Jiang, be careful along the way." Princess Changle hurriedly said, "If your plan doesn't succeed, I... I'll help you."

The shy Miss Li stole a glance at Jiang Ji, her fair face still a little flushed.

Jiang Kou was fine with it.

As if he didn't see it, he continued, "Princess, I'm on my way.

Farewell, and take care."

With this departure, there was no telling when he would be able to meet Princess Changle again.

But he must leave.

"Li Er, Li Er, it's time for us to meet for a while."

Jiang mumbled, his gaze flickering with an imperceptible gleam of ordinary people.

The Imperial Palace of the Great Tang wasn't very big.

Although Jiang Ji did not recover his cultivation and could not use his consciousness, he used the strength of his flesh and powerful memory to frostily remember Li Li Er's delivery.

If he wanted to get the attention of His Majesty Li Er, he would have to go to the plaza outside the Palace of Dynasty.

"I'll then come down with a handful of celestial beings and will definitely be able to get Li Er's attention."

With Jiang Chi's physique, it was naturally impossible for him to fall to his death, and he could fly over the walls with just his physical abilities.

It was like a martial arts expert.

He had a plan all figured out, and was just waiting for the noon hour to be good enough to execute it.

Everyone else is a sword immortal, but I, a real immortal, have to play the immortal myself.

It's a real loss to the grandmother.

If it wasn't for the sake of recovering Xiuwen and returning to his own place, he would never have done this.

Everything was ready, just waiting for the east wind to appear, and he was expecting His Majesty Li Er to see it at first glance.


The sun was quite poisonous, but today Li Er did not attend court, it was a rare day of rest.

He was thinking of taking a walk outside the main hall, but he noticed that a silhouette suddenly appeared in the sky.

A white silhouette.


Li Er was shocked and said, "Man... how can a man fly that high and still be so smooth?"

In all the years he had lived, he had never heard of a man being able to do the things of the Immortal God.

It seemed like it had never happened.

Even if he had never even heard of it, after suddenly witnessing it with his own eyes, it was a bit of a jolt to his imagination.

"Was I not aware of this before, or was my horizons really too limited?"

Li Er suddenly felt that the world was becoming more and more magical, and he was busy telling Wang De, who was beside him, "Quickly, prepare for that strange man to come down for a narrative."

He didn't dare to say immortal.

Nor could he be sure that suddenly seeing a person who could fly in the air for so long and hover countless circles high above the palace must not be an ordinary person.

It might be a strange folk.

He muttered to himself, "I must invite this person down, I want to have a good chat with him."

His Majesty Li Er didn't know who Jiang Chi was or what purpose Jiang Chi had for coming here, but he must get to know him.

Or rather, to understand how many existences like Jiang Lack existed in the world.

His Majesty Li Er knew that there were good and bad things about the appearance of the Flying Goddess, and his eyes glittered.

"Let's hope that everything is as I think it is, otherwise..."

He felt too hard.


Wang De nodded and looked into the void as he began to have the eunuchs and guards of the palace wave into the air and shout.

"A little trickery will do."

The silhouette hovering in the void was none other than Jiang Lack, and he couldn't help but mutter to himself, "If I hadn't recovered my cultivation, why would it be so troublesome."

Looking at the kite beneath his feet, he looked helpless.

That's right.

What Jiang Da Xian stepped on under his feet was a large kite, and it was what he relied on when hovering.

Although he felt that his flesh could kill seven times from a thousand horses, he couldn't fly.

Without Immortal Yuan Mana, he couldn't even move against the wind.

Luckily, Wang De beckoned at him.

And so.

Jiang Ji then controlled the kite and slowly fell down, "Founder Friar Jiang Ji, meet Your Majesty."

He slightly arched his hand towards Li Er as a way to show his respect for Li Er.

No matter what, Li Er was still a human emperor.

"I am the Emperor of the Great Tang, I wonder where your Excellency comes from?"

Li Er curiously asked, "Are the Founder Friars the Qi Practitioners of the pre-Qin period?"

He had heard of the term Outsider Friar, though, and that was often seen in some ancient texts from the pre-Qin period.

It was rare now.

Jiang Chi smiled slightly and said, "My surname is Jiang Chi, I am an Outsider Monk, I have only returned from overseas training this time, because I saw the dragon energy and endless virtues in this place, I came here to find out more.

Now, after seeing His Majesty, I suddenly realized that the dragon qi and virtue emanate from His Majesty's body.

Ordinary people can't see these things, but I am an outsider who can see things that others can't see.

Your Majesty is truly a wise ruler."

It was right to brag anyway.

Jiang Chi was bragging vigorously, and for a while it made His Majesty Li Er feel a bit floaty.

He had been given the wrong position, so he was also afraid of people gossiping about him.

Now that Jiang Chi, a Founder Monk returning from overseas, was praising himself, it meant that he had done the right thing all these years.

It also means that someone agrees with him and that what he did was good.

There was a sense of recognition.

And so.

Second Li Majesty then smiled intensely and said, "Jiang..."

"His Majesty can just call me Jiang Zhen." Jiang received the words with a smiling face.

"Jiang Zhenzhen, I don't know if your outside monks..."

Seeing that Jiang Mo had asked him to call him a real person, the first thing that came to His Majesty Li Er's mind was those titles of the Dao Sect.

Wasn't this person also a Daoist monk?

It existed during the pre-Qin period, Murphy....

For a moment.

His Majesty Li Er's thoughts drifted far away, and he thought of many things.

Jiang Jiang smiled slightly and said, "Hahaha, Your Majesty, there's no need to guess, it's better for me to say it directly.

I was originally an orphan, but later I traveled around the world with a great master, because I saw that the world was filled with wolves and the people were suffering, and there was no peace in my divine land.

Then I traveled abroad with my master and saw many strange and bizarre things.

The cultivation methods were inherited from the pre-Qin period, and the blue is better than the blue, so he did cultivate some skills.

A monk is similar to a Taoist, but different, so it's okay to call yourself a real person.

I'm here to ask Your Majesty if you want the world to remember you in countless years to come.

Could you want to become immortal?"


Li Er: "........"

After hearing the words, however, His Majesty Li Er was directly stunned.

This Emperor of the Great Tang who had once achieved great war success and had successfully launched the Xuanwu Gate Incident, the bright ruler of the ages, was also a bit surprised by Jiang Jian's words.

He was bewildered by the door.

He pondered carefully, and then asked cautiously, "Jiang Zhenzhen, are there really immortals in this world?"

Why had he, Li Er, never seen it before.

Even if he had heard of it, it was just a legend about immortals.


Legends were just legends after all.

It couldn't be reality.

Now that someone had told him that legends were actually reality, how could His Majesty Li Er not be surprised.

Could it be that there had always been immortal gods in this world, that there was that kind of high existence.

Did he have a new choice himself?

Li Er was a little confused, and also felt a little incredulous.

"What do you think?"

Jiang Xiao seemed to smile and faintly kicked back the balloon.

At the same time he muttered in his heart, "I don't know if there are any immortals in this world, maybe not before, but now that I'm here, there are immortals!"


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