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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1036: A Bit of a Pit (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Grand Tang.

At the palace of Princess Changle's residence, in a small side hall, Immortal Jiang Da was looking forward to it.

"This time, I'm going to recover a bit of mana no matter what, right?"

After all, the herbs he used were all things from the palace, all of which were of the utmost quality and should have a little efficacy.

He was rather looking forward to it.

"When I recover a trace of Immortal Yuan mana, I can open the Vajra Bracelet and Qiankun Bag and take out the healing items inside to heal my injuries, so that a virtuous cycle can be formed."

Previously, the resources from the countless worlds he had scavenged were finally of use, and healing was just right.

There were many medicinal herbs in the wooden barrel.

The water was also specially boiled, made by Princess Changle herself.

He, Jiang Hou, was considered unique, and it was rare in the world to be able to enjoy the handiwork of Second Li Majesty's daughter.

"Everything is ready."

Jiang Xiao muttered, "Then the next step is to try to heal the injuries, if you can recover your cultivation."

That seemed....


How could he recover with these herbs, I guess he was overthinking.

Jiang Qian contemplated, "Nine Daoist powers, give me a run for my money!"

The method of cultivation had been silently functioning.

The body was as empty as if it were empty.

Those medicinal powers were indeed great, but they weren't enough to allow Jiang Chi to recover ah.

It was useless to run the cultivation method.

Like an ordinary person cultivating immortality, it was pointless ah.

This made him feel embarrassed.

"What's going on, the gong method is useless?"

Jiang Gou paled strangely and had a feeling of listlessness, "What I prepared with my heart and soul, coming with great expectations to heal my wounds, did it not work?"

He frowned.

Some cried out.

"If I can't recover my cultivation, how can I, Jiang Someone, still be in this world."

Jiang said depressingly, "Do I have to pray for Princess Changle's help so that she can take me out of the palace and go outside to make waves?"

It didn't seem realistic.

If the First Prince was still able to carry out plans like this.

A princess.

So difficult.

Since ancient times princesses have not been allowed to leave the palace, even in the Great Tang, I guess that Li Er will not let his daughters leave the palace easily.

After all, the outside world was dangerous.

As a father he would never allow such a thing to happen.

Jiang Chi's gaze burned, but he pondered, "But if I can't recover my Immortal Yuan Mana, how am I going to leave the palace."

Shamelessly begging Princess Changle?

That was a solution.

Jiang Qian, however, didn't want to use this method.

He always felt that this method was bad, and thought about putting it on hold for now, "Keep trying, I don't believe it."

Persistence he had plenty.

He continued to run the Nine Revolutions Daoist Technique again, with a view to recovering half of his mana all right.

The wooden barrel was full of soups made from precious herbs.

If a body of mortal injuries would definitely improve.

Jiang Ji's flesh wounds were also better, but his body just couldn't recover half of his Immortal Yuan mana.

Ever since his True Yuan was transformed into Immortal Yuan, Jiang Kou knew that Immortal Yuan was even harder to recover, and it would probably take a lot of work to do so.

"Keep cultivating."

The technique was running, whether it would succeed or not he didn't know.

One quarter of an hour.

Two quarters of an hour.

Even one hour passed.

Three quarters of an hour also passed.

And still no response, he was confused, "Eh? What the hell is going on?

Is it possible that I, Jiang Someone, am not destined to recover?"


This can't be.

He mumbled words.

Frowning tightly.

It was really a bit at a loss as to what to do.

The two-pronged attack of ginseng, spirit wisdom, snow lotus, and many other precious, and vintage, herbs actually didn't allow him to recover.

He didn't look too good.

"If I can't recover my cultivation, I, Jiang Someone, am just a stronger person in this world, a mortal."

Does an Immortal of the Human Immortal Realm have to eat with his flesh.

It's too difficult for myself.

"It's been so long, it seems hopeless."

Jiang Ji smiled bitterly, "Is it because I, Jiang Someone, have made too many mistakes that has led to this current situation?"

God forbid.

He was so helpless.

For a moment.

It just felt like his life was a little bit miserable, and if he had known he wouldn't have done it.

Wouldn't that have been better.

But right now, there was no use in regretting it.

"It's just that, it seems that my path to recovering my cultivation is destined to be a bad one this time."

Jiang mumbled words, "Let's live first and then think of a way to recover, it's a bit too dangerous to continue in the palace, and it might not be worth it to be discovered by Li Er, and then he'll be dragged off to be cut down."

That would be a joke.

He was a strong human immortal, a true immortal of the highest order.

But if he was dragged to be beheaded by Li Er, it would be a joke, it's just not right.

Jiang Ji's face sank, "I'm thinking left and right, I'll eventually have to search for Princess Changle to solve this, let's pretend to be a little eunuch and blend out."

He could think like that too.

You know.

Although that Second Li Emperor was known as the Emperor of a Thousand Ages, if he knew that he, Jiang Chi, had been staying in Princess Changle's bedchamber, he would have come out in a rage and just cut him down.

Even with a Human Immortal realm body, I'm afraid that he wouldn't be able to bear the shocked and angry Li Er Majesty.

It was better to leave the palace.

Slipping out.

Can't stay.

"Although the world says that the most dangerous place is the safest place, but I can't trust Li Er."

That belly emperor would pit people against each other.

Jiang Da Xian felt that he had been screwed by luck, and so badly that he was the kind of person who would drink cold water with a gag in his teeth.

And so.

After healing his wounds without any results, he had to come out of the gate, "I hope Princess Changle can help me, or else I'll be miserable as a Hall of Human Immortals."

Outside the palace.

Princess Changle was curious as to how Jiang Gou had recovered his cultivation, was this man really a Immortal?

But it didn't look like it.

This person was merely an ordinary person, not like someone with magical means.

"He looks quite handsome, but he has a good skin."

While Princess Changle mumbled to herself here, her pretty face involuntarily reddened.

The maid beside her, on the other hand, teased, "Princess, have you moved your mortal heart?"

"Go go go, what nonsense are you talking, I...how could I possibly move a mortal heart."

She sensed that she was just curious.

There was no other intention.

The maid ghostly looked, but said, "Oh my, my princess, you should not deny it.

If you want my servant to say it, that Mr. Jiang is quite handsome, and if he can get some merit, it's guaranteed that His Majesty will bestow a marriage."

"Father would really bestow a marriage?"

Li Li was surprised: "If he knew that Jiang Gongzi was in my bedchamber, I'm afraid he would just drag him out and chop him up."

The maid said, "Princess, you have to send Jiang Gongzi out first, then let him find a way to enter the court, mix up a merit and get an official position, things will be much easier."

"Seems a bit reasonable." Li Lizhi nodded and asked, "Then how should we send him out?"

This is the palace grounds after all.

How to get out.

Unless you fly out, right.

As a generation of monarchs, Li Er's control over the palace was certain, but with any hint of trouble it would only be discovered.

If it was discovered, His Majesty Li Er might have to do something, and that wouldn't be worth it.


As Princess Changle and the maid beside her continued to speak, Jiang Jian opened the door and came out.

A white brocade robe was missing.

It had been torn to shreds while traveling through abnormal time and space back in the day.

This outfit was still the one that Princess Changle had helped find.

Li Li questioned, "Mr. Jiang, have you finished healing your wounds?"

Although Jiang Xiao's so-called healing method surprised him, he still couldn't help his fist of curiosity.

Maybe there really were immortals and demons in the world?


Probably would have.

Although it was not certain about such things.

Jiang Ji shook his head with a bitter smile and sighed, "No, I'm completely clueless right now, and I'm just a little better with some injuries.

Princess, there is one thing I would like to ask of you, and I hope that you can help me out.

I would be grateful if Jiang Mou would do so."


Princess Changle was in a daze and asked, "Mr. Jiang, just tell me what you want, as long as Lili can do it as well, I will help."

Jiang Ji nodded, "I would like to ask the princess to help me find a eunuch's costume to wear, so that I can go out to the palace gates, I am afraid that it will be dangerous if I stay here for a long time."

That Li Er would not be able to stand it if he came to visit every now and then, he, Jiang Someone.

Princess Changle also did not object.

She said, "There's no need to be polite, I just don't know what Mr. Jiang will do after he goes out."

"Probably will make some money first."

Jiang Ji intoned, "Then find a way to recover my cultivation, only after all my cultivation is restored can I do more."

"Is Mr. Jiang willing to join the court as an official?"

Princess Changle asked, "It would be good if someone as capable as you, Duke, could serve the country."

Be an official?

Jiang Ji was stunned and said, "I hadn't thought of that, but if there's a chance I could give it a try."

Maybe become a State Master or something, maybe use the luck of His Majesty Li Er's country as a way to recover his cultivation?

The method is a bit earthy.

But it should have some effect.

So Jiang Xiao didn't say too much.

At this moment.

He continued, "Princess's great kindness to Jiang Mou, I have always remembered it to my heart and have always been grateful, and if you have any instructions, you can send someone to find me in Chang'an City in search of a Jiangfu."


Princess Changle also knew that it was impossible for Jiang to stay in her bedchamber forever, he needed to get out and have an open and honest identity.

As for being able to get by at Second Li's Majesty.

One this short period of time, Jiang Xiao's thoughts changed quite a bit.

"Li Er is the emperor of this realm, the famous Heavenly Khan, if I can gain his approval, or if I can become the national teacher of the Tang Empire, I might be able to obtain some world origin, and with the help of the origin I can recover a bit of my cultivation."

This was also good.

It was better than now, cultivation and recovery without a clue was the hardest, and he sort of knew the bitterness of that.


Jiang Ji secretly said, "Princess Changle's advice is also quite good, but how to gain the trust of His Majesty Li Er in order for him to grant me the title of State Master, which still needs some planning."

Thinking of this.

He then said, "What the princess just said is quite true, I can agree to it, but it still needs some planning, why don't we stay with the princess for now and I'll leave the palace in a couple of days?"

Princess Changle didn't know about Jiang's plans and thoughts, and thinking that it wasn't easy to leave the palace, she still agreed.

Li Li said, "Good, but I don't know what kind of skills and talents Mr. Jiang has, so let Li Li know about it?"

She had only heard Jiang lacking say it was extraordinary, but had never seen it with her own eyes.


At most, she'd seen Jiang Jiankou fall from the sky and then not die yet.

Summed up in two words: big life.

"It's hard to say, my skills can't be manifested right now." Jiang Gou shook his head and said, "You'll know when I show it some other day Princess."


Princess Li of Changle was actually a bit disappointed, but chose to believe Jiang Gou, "Maybe he really can't show it right now."

That must be it.

One day later.

Jiang Lack's plan was on the horizon.


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