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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1035 - The Origin (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Jiang Mo suddenly had the feeling of a robbery, fortunately Li Er was busy on official business, fortunately Empress Changsun also had extremely many affairs.

Fortunately, all of them have left.

I was able to escape with my life, otherwise I would have been in a big hole.

It's fate, it's luck.

Jiang Ji compared himself to an immortal. No, he was an immortal.

Just an unusual immortal, and at the same time, now still an immortal in distress.

He was so difficult.

Cultivation was already difficult, and now he, Jiang Someone, was still seriously injured.

It was good that he had just survived a calamity and Li Er and Empress Changsun had left.

He was secretly relieved, "Next, with those great tonic medicines like ginseng and lingzhi, I should be able to recover a bit of Immortal Yuan Mana."

Even if he only recovered a little, he felt that it would be enough for himself.

Even Li Er and Empress Changsun were just ordinary people, indicating that this world was just a world where ordinary people existed.

There were many mortals.

There should be very few extraordinary people.

He thought so, "A trace of Xian Yuan Mana is enough for me, Jiang Someone."

Any one of his two magic treasures would be enough for him to use.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Ji was busy saying, "Thank you Princess for your righteous help, I am grateful."

"You... you want to leave?"

Princess Changle asked curiously, "Although Father and Mother have already left, this is an important part of the palace, so I'm afraid you won't be able to get out, Mr. Jiang."

She was worried.

At the same time, she also persuaded, "Although this palace of mine is not very big, you can still be allowed to recover here for the time being, Jiang Gongshi."

Actually, she was hoping that Jiang Gou would stay.

A pretty face was blushing.

So unashamed.

Jiang Ji was stunned, but said, "It will take some more time before I can stay here with the princess this time, but Jiang feels that this is a bit disturbing to the princess, so..."

He was rather embarrassed.

Feeling sorry, if it wasn't for the previous problems with the space-time channel, if it wasn't for his Jiang Lack's own death, how could this happen now.

And what does the Outsider refer to?"

She was a little curious.

Drawn in by the mystery of Jiang lacking, she also had no intention of pushing him away, "Can Mr. Jiang tell me about you?"


As if he hadn't seen it, Jiang Gong, who had wanted to go to heal his wounds, was now busy explaining, "Since the princess wants to know, I'll tell you."

He was in a hurry.

So, under the expectation of Jiang Chi Li Li, Jiang Chi slowly spoke, "My name is Jiang Chi, I have told this to the princess before, I was originally a cultivator who traveled the world, and the tunnel also called itself a scholar outside the square.

I've been in the business for a long time, and I'm very grateful to you for not giving up on me, and for your imperial grace.

Here, I would like to thank the Princess once again, if it wasn't for you, Jiang Mou might have died."

In terms of what had just happened, Jiang felt that he should thank this Princess Changle for everything.

If it wasn't for someone else's maneuvering, how could he have bypassed His Majesty Li Er and Empress Changsun ah.

He didn't want to come to the palace, but he didn't come even if he didn't.

It was something that could not be helped.

He was helpless as well.

But he should continue to be grateful, and it's not his character to be ungrateful for the favors he owes.

Princess Changle was indifferent to the news.

Although the experience just now was thrilling and stinging . It was the first time in history that she had deceived His Majesty Li Er and Empress Changsun.

But it had to be said that after successfully deceiving them, it was quite an accomplishment.

After all, even someone as wise as her own father and mother had been fooled by her, what was there that she couldn't fool .

"What do you mean by cultivation again?"

Princess Changle was curious, "Could it be that it is like a monk who wants to become a monk and cultivate?"

"Yes and no."

Jiang explained, "Whether it's Daoism or Buddhism, they all count as a cultivation, whether they are born or entered, and their encompasses a wide range of disciplines.

However, many schools of cultivation have evolved out of this.

There is Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Mohammedanism, Dharma, Soldier, Agriculture, and so on, but this cultivation that I have inherited does not belong to any of the above.

What I inherited was the cultivation of immortality, the cultivation of the true self, the comprehension of the Dao, the daytime ascension, and the rules of the gate are different from those of other cultivation gates, more free and easy.

I have summed up that this cultivation of immortality can be summed up in two words - cultivation of truth.

Is there anything else that the princess is puzzled about?"

Jiang Da Xian shamelessly said all these theories combined with his own thoughts, whether they were there or not, but anyway, they were words from his Jiang's mouth.

In the future, it would only be his Jiang's contribution.

As for whether Princess Li Li of Changle would believe it or not, that was not a matter that Jiang Chi could care about.

"What about the identity of Mr. Jiang?"

Princess Changle went on to ask, "Besides being a cultivator seeking immortality, do you have any family or friends who still want to return to the world?"

She thought that a cultivator like Jiang Ji had also become a monk.

Jiang Ji slightly lifted his forehead, but also continued, "I was an orphan, I used to follow an old Daoist to cultivate, but later I realized my true self, and I was able to cultivate a little.

But in the end, my cultivation was not good enough, so something went wrong.


Princess, besides, I'm not a monk, so I don't need to return to monkhood or anything like that, much less follow those pure rules and precepts of the Gate of Tao and Buddha."

He indicated that he was very good.

Also very unrestrained and spontaneous.

A cultivator of immortality, but also a cultivator of truth.

Jiang Xiao felt that he would gain a lot of benefits from spreading this theory of truth cultivation to the Great Tang World.

After all, he was at least an Immortal.

Qi luck?


Although he hadn't studied these, it wouldn't be wrong to study them if they helped him, Jiang Da Immortal, recover his Immortal Yuan mana.

There were no immortals in the world, and there was no immortal path, "Because I'm here, there's naturally an immortal path."

That's also possible ah.

You know.

After these days of side-splitting general understanding, Jiang Kou kind of understood that this world was probably just an ordinary world, and even if he wanted to obtain the origin power, it was somewhat difficult.

Not as good as the Dou Qi Continent, where there was no foreign fire.

Now that he was without half of his Immortal Origin Mana, he was naturally helpless, and it was normal for him to do this.

If the injury could be recovered in a short period of time, Jiang Da Immortal reckoned that it would probably be impossible.

So the association was many.

After he explained his own history, he quietly looked at Princess Changle and thought, "O Princess, I've explained everything clearly, can you let me go?"

Naturally he didn't say that.

But that look in his eyes was enough to say it all.

Princess Changle didn't fully recover after hearing what he said, but continued to ask, "Mr. Jiang, according to what you said, you should be a person who cultivates the truth and asks about the Immortal Way, but do Immortals really exist in this world?

And why did you fall from the sky?"


Jiang Jian was a little embarrassed.

He really wanted to make it clear to Li Lirian, I am actually a genuine immortal, but now I'm just unlucky.

Falling from the sky was also due to the fact that when he opened the Vajra Bracelets in the Receiving Channel, he caused a time and space disorder and was swept in.

He was also injured as a result.

"But when these profound words are said to others, even if Princess Changle is kind-hearted, she would still look at me, Jiang Gu, as a monster, right?"

So Jiang Hou had no choice but to conceal it.

He wasn't a Xian with strange and unfathomable magical spells after all, at least not right now.

Not even half a strand of mana.

He cast a fart of magical power, and the Vajra Bracelets Master didn't react, so I don't know if it was downtime.

Bitter too.

If he had known that, he would have gone to that Grand Dominator World to take a look as well.

He might have waited until Xiao Yan's daytime ascension.

Now that he was trapped in this world, he was also helpless, not knowing how long it would take for him to obtain enough energy to recover from his injuries and recover his cultivation in this world where mortals were piling up.

Frankly speaking, Jiang Da Xian had no bottom in his heart.

If he got unlucky and could gag on cold water, he wouldn't dare to think about it.

After all, life was too hard.

Right now, seeing that Princess Changle was still puzzled, Jiang Ji explained again, "Princess, I was just testing a new spell before.

Well, that's it.

It was because I was careless so I suffered backlash and then got injured and fell down.

In the end, I was saved by you, Princess."

"So that's how it is."

Princess Changle finally understood a bit more, although she didn't understand all of it, but she also judged that this person wasn't a bad person based on Jiang's mere words.

She was probably evaluating whether or not she was worth saving.

Jiang Xiao wasn't sure.

Following that.

When he saw that Princess Changle hadn't finished speaking for a long time, Jiang Gou asked tentatively, "Princess, you see I've told you the situation in full, so why don't you let me heal my wounds first?

Don't worry, as soon as I, Jiang Person, recover a little from my injuries, I will definitely repay you, Princess.

And I promise I won't make things difficult for you.

You will also gain my most sincere friendship, but if there is a need and command, I will be willing to do whatever I need!"

A big pat on the back for assurance.

That promise came like a tornado.


And big.

"And how are you going to repay me?"

Li Lili's clear eyes blinked as if they did not carry any impurities.

But there was something playful and expectant in her look, and Jiang Kang shivered slightly, feeling that something bad was about to happen.

But after thinking that Li Lili was only a mortal, he secretly shook his head again.

What could this girl want.

If he, Jiang Someone, regained his cultivation and mana, it would still be within his grasp with the realm of a human immortal.

Everything was within his grasp.

And so.

He hardened his numb scalp and said, "How does the princess want me to repay you?"

Kicking a ball around, he Jiang lacked the ability to do it too.

Li Li Qiu: "........"

She was so stunned that she couldn't help but say, "I haven't thought about it yet, I'll tell you when I'm ready, but you can't say no then."


Jiang Ji said, "A gentleman's word is a promise, not to mention that I'm not an ordinary gentleman."

Immortal cultivators were more committed.

At least that's how Immortal Jiang flaunted himself.

Do so in the future.

It's also good to become a good immortal for the world of this side of the world to celebrate.

You can't waste your time.

Gotta spend all your time on useful things.

"Good, then go to the side hall and heal your wounds, just tell me directly if you need anything."

After thinking about it, Princess Changle let Jiang Chi go.

And the Great Immortal Jiang was not polite either.

He said, "Then trouble the princess to ask someone to make a soup of ginseng, lingzhi and other herbs and place it in the bath water."


Li Lizhi looked at Jiang Ji with a blush on her pretty face, "Your way of healing wounds is quite special, you're not thinking crooked thoughts, are you."

Jiang Chi could not laugh or cry, and said, "How can I, Princess, you've misunderstood me, this method is really to heal injuries, you will understand naturally when the time comes, Princess."

Let him explain it a thousand times, but Li Lizhi still didn't quite believe the look.


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