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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1034: Going Bad (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"Bang bang!"

A rush of footsteps sounded out of nowhere, and both Jiang Xiao and that Li girl knew that it must be Li Er coming.

As expected.

The next moment, they heard Wang De shout, "The Emperor has arrived!"

The maids in Li Li's palace all fell to their knees and greeted His Majesty Li Er's arrival respectfully.

At this moment.

Li Lili also looked tense and stopped that shyness.

"Father, Mother."

She stoically said, "I am feeling slightly unwell, I hope that Father and Mother will not blame me."

"Li Lizhi, what's wrong with you?" Empress Changsun asked, "Quickly speak to Mother."

Li Er, on the other hand, was more direct, he even said, "Wang De, you quickly go and summon the imperial physician to show Princess Changle what illness she has."


Wang De responded and left.

Li Li didn't stop her, she knew she couldn't stop anything.

Since she was already pretending to be sick, she could only pretend one way to the dark.

At that moment, Empress Changsun continued to ask, "Li Li, what have you been doing at the Imperial Hospital recently to get some precious herbs?"

She was more curious about this.

There was no better way to know a daughter than to know her mother.

She didn't know if Li Li was sick or not, but her own daughter went to the Imperial Hospital on her own to get some ginseng and lingzhi, so there must be something wrong.

Even if it needed to be toned, it should go through her knowledge.

"Mother, I... I'm fine, I just want to take some supplemental herbs lately."

She was also thinking about how to deal with the current difficult situation, Jiang lacked after all was still covered in the blanket, once Li Er and Empress Changsun looked closely, they would surely find something unusual.

At that time....

Probably can't explain it well enough.

Trying to hide it.

But couldn't help but be frightened, after all, the person in front of her was the ten thousand people above His Majesty Li Er.

And her mother, Empress Changsun, was even more intelligent, definitely not so easy to fool.

"Let's hope that Father and Mother don't see the problem, or else it will be miserable."

Li Lili thought to herself, "In order to cover up the truth, Father and Mother would have to say that they would have to kill him."

Li Lili was still curious about this person Jiang Liao.

What exactly was an Outsider Friar.

She didn't understand it.

It was also a bit curious.

Perhaps it could be further understood.

Jiang Chi's face sank under the blanket, "I'm purely a tiger on the ground being bullied by mortals ah, if I recover a little cultivation, perhaps..."


He had no Immortal Yuan Mana in his body right now, and no clue what to do.

At least he had to get through this hurdle right now and say, "That Li Er is an ancient emperor, Emperor Mingjun, but if he knew I was in his daughter's blanket, Mingjun would ambush a million bodies, too."


Or not.

Don't move yourself, and don't get into any trouble.

Maybe it will be better.

After Empress Changsun finished speaking, Li Er also continued, "O Lizhi, Father is toiling all day long, needing to approve countless memos, but he didn't take good care of you, but do you have something to hide from Father?"

As a father, he instinctively felt that there was something this daughter was hiding from him, something he probably didn't know.

He instinctively felt this way.

Li Er's words made Li Li Rishu panic a bit, and she even denied, "No, Father must have thought of something else, this is absolutely nothing."

How could she hide it.

It was just that when she said this, she still had dodgy eyes and was a little scared.

Today was considered to be telling a lifetime of lies.

Li Er: "........"

He felt that something was wrong with his daughter's words, that there was always something untrue about her.

"Is it an illusion?"

Li Er quietly pondered, "Li Qi wasn't like this before, did the marriage to Chong Er make her like this?"

In ancient times.

At the age of twelve or thirteen, a woman would be able to reach adulthood, and a man would have to get married.

In the past, a lot of people have been worried that the pearl of the family's palm would not be able to accept it, so they said: "Li Zhi ah, father knows that you do not want father and mother to arrange a marriage for you.

The first time I was in a position to do so was when I was in the midst of a fight with the police.


It was only for various reasons that he arranged Li Lizhen's marriage to Changsun Chong.

As a parent, he felt that Changsun Chong was very good, at least he had grown up with him.

As for his daughter, Li Lizhen, he had no choice but to marry her.

And marrying Changsun Chong was considered to be fat.

Li Lili shook her head, "You and Mother don't have to be like this, I just feel like I need to mend..."

Li Er frowned and said in a stark manner, "Let the imperial physician give you some treatment later, or else I won't be relieved, father."

The most parental heart.

He was afraid that his daughter would fall ill, especially with heart disease.

Do we really need to check?

Li Lizhi burst into tears and said, "Father, I'm really fine, it's fine to let Mother stay with me."


Upon hearing the words this unstoppable monarch was stunned, "Lizhi, you can't do that."

Even Empress Changsun hurriedly said, "Yes, how can you talk to your father like that, Li Er, apologize to your father."

In this life, Li Er had never encountered cold eyes like this before.

Did he really put his daughter in this situation?

He was worried.

If he fell ill, he would be to blame.

Under the quilt.

Jiang Jiang was secretly anxious as he listened to Li Er and Empress Changsun, thinking, "If you guys don't leave, I'm not going to be smothered to death, right?"

At any rate, he, Jiang Someone, was a generation of Human Immortals, a supreme existence that had survived the thunderstorm.

If he was played to death by a few mortals, he would be truly depressed.

Li Liji's heart was in turmoil at the thought of Jiang Ji still being covered under the blanket, like ants on that hot pan.

Li Er didn't care about that.

With a big wave of his hand, he continued: "O Wang De, the imperial doctor is coming over?

Make sure to let the imperial doctor take a good look at me, and if Princess Changle suffers from any shortcomings, I will not spare her!"


Wang De trembled and went down, also mourning for the soon-to-be imperial physician.

Princess Changle, was the jewel in the palm of this Second Li Majesty.

Something was going to happen this time.

Li Li probably never expected that her own father and mother would still be relying on her.

How can this be.

When that time goes by, it's guaranteed that something will be seen, what should he do then.


She was so helpless.

"It's over, it's going to be bad!"

Old Devil Jiang lacked probably never thought he would be like this one day, but he was a true Immortal.

Now that he had fallen into this world, he had lost all his Immortal Yuan mana and was just like an ordinary person.

If he couldn't gather mana, he couldn't move the Vajra Bracelets and Qiankun Bags in his body, so he had no ability at all.

Now this Immortal physique, at most, was just a generation of mortal fierce general.

Li Lili accompanied Li Er and Empress Changsun as they spoke.

Soon the imperial doctor came.

He took the pulse and some numbering up.

The imperial physician was a dying old man who frowned and carefully took the pulse, but he felt nothing.

"Strange, the princess has a normal pulse, she's not sick at all."

The imperial doctor thought in his heart, "But, looking at His Majesty and the Queen and the others, they seem to have decided that Princess Changle is sick, what can we do about this?"

If he were to say that she wasn't sick, wouldn't he say that the princess was pretending to be sick, and then she might be punished.

If he said she was ill, he couldn't say anything about it.

For a moment he was anxious.

Thinking carefully about how to handle these things, perhaps....

Before he could think about anything else, he heard the Second Li Majesty already ask, "Imperial Doctor, can you tell what ails Princess Changle?"

He naturally looked forward to it.

Also eager to know if his own daughter was alright.

The imperial physician chanted for a moment and said, "Reporting back to His Majesty, the princess has been deficient since she was young, this is just a phenomenon caused by her weak body, just wait until I prescribe some tonic medicine."

In a word, there was no major hindrance.

Li Er nodded sagely, "In that case, you will prescribe some tonic medicine, all applications and dispatching in the palace will be invoked by the Empress, Wang De will go through the procedure."

Empress Changsun was right beside her, she instructed the maidservant beside her and Wang De to go through the procedure.

The two did not leave.

This was a painful situation for Jiang Di and Li Li, who were eagerly awaiting the departure of Li Er and Empress Changsun.

But these two froze and did not leave.

Seeing Li Lizhu anxiously, stunned, and slightly cryptic, "Father and Mother wouldn't want to have lunch here, in that case..."

"Li Rui Zhi ah, Father Emperor has to go to approve the recital now, let your mother accompany you."

His Majesty Li Er said with a heavy gaze, "Also let your mother and daughter have a good talk."

Li Lizhi: "........"

She had intended to send away her own father and mother.

But looking at Self-Father's meaning, it seemed like there was one more to keep, so what would she do.


It's the one under the blanket, what about the one surnamed Jiang.

Shouldn't it be covered to death.

In case she was found out....


It's not just a matter of losing your reputation, it's a big charge to kill your head.

What to do.


Li Lizhen even said, "Mother, there are still many important matters in the harem, why don't you go see Cheng Qian and the others, I'll just drink the medicine given by the imperial doctor here."

Absolutely no problem.

Guaranteed no surprises.

But the more she said this, the more Empress Changsun felt that there was something wrong, her own daughter was not like this before.

She asked curiously, "Lizhi, you... but there are other things you're hiding from the Mother Empress?"

She was worried.

Her own daughter shouldn't be worried sick.

Li Lizhu was at a loss for how to explain, but there was no way she could keep from revealing herself if this continued.

It will be bad.

Jiang Ji smiled bitterly, "When this is over, I must use those medicinal herbs to recover my cultivation, even a little bit of Xian Yuan Mana, I can get around in this world, right?"

Where was the need to be so embarrassed right now.

He was so depressed.

At this time, Li Li explained, "No, I didn't hide anything from my mother, I just hoped that she wouldn't worry so much."

She wanted Empress Changsun to leave.

For her part, Empress Changsun continued, "That's fine, it's just as well that I'm going to see Cheng Qian and Qing Que and their studies."

She sort of saw that her own daughter should be hiding something from her, but for some reason she didn't want to say it.

She was a woman of ice and snow, since she could immediately see that Li Li was strange.

Solitary left.


After Li Liji saw Empress Changsun leave, she was only slightly relieved, "Mother finally left, she was almost exposed."

In order to avoid Li Er and Empress Changsun going away and returning, Li Lizhi stayed seriously for a while.

Only after exchanging glances with the palace maids did she get up, "Mr. Jiang, you... you should come out quickly."

The words were also a flush on her pretty face, the thought of just being in a rush and she and Jiang lacked actually staying in the same room....

She just blushed and got depressed for a while.

The girl's mind is really a bit complicated ah.

Jiang Qiao: "........"

He lifted the quilt and muttered, "It's fortunate that it wasn't discovered by His Majesty Li Er, or else I would have been finished in my lifetime of wisdom."

At any rate, he was a one-person Immortal.


Gotta thank someone Miss Li, the hallowed princess even tried to protect herself....


She's such a nice person.

Li Li probably didn't know she was getting the good guy card.


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