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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1033 - Li Er (Seeking Subscriptions)

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His Majesty Li Er is not two.

It was the sixth year of Jingguan, and not far from that seventh year of Jingguan.

It had been six long years since he, Li Er, had founded the reign of Jing Guan, and the people had been able to live in peace since the end of the year.

It is not only a matter of time, but also a matter of time.

The other person is to pick a lantern at night to study, ten years of cold window only for a dynasty to seek a merit in the body, read a thousand scrolls also just to be successful as an official.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking at.

"I feel the fate of heaven in the body, the eight wilderness and the six, also to people's mirror to encourage fine governance, but the grasslands are not resolved, the people are not rich, the world has not been peaceful ah."

Li Er's heart was bitter.

On the fourth of the sixth month of the ninth year of Wude, Li Er, as king of Qin, staged the Xuanwu Gate Incident, and on the ninth of the eighth month was registered as Emperor Taizong.

Jie Li Khan, then a Turkic Khan, led more than 100,000 men to attack Jingzhou in the south, but then advanced all the way into Wugong, and the Great Tang Chang'an was threatened, so martial law was imposed.

On August 24, when the Turkic forces attacked Gauling, Li Er sent his brave general Yuchi Jingde, as the head of the Jingzhou Road march, to arrive at Jingyang to defend against the Turkic forces.


On August 30, Li Er signed a peace agreement with Jie Li Khan on the Weishui Bridge in the western suburbs of Chang'an City, and both sides immediately executed the White Horse to make an alliance.

The two sides immediately made an alliance by killing White Horse, which was called the Weishui Alliance.

After the war, Li's army returned and the war was finally over.

Li Er's family had been suffering a lot from the war, and he thought he would be able to live a better life after the disaster.

However, Li Er felt as if the heavens were playing a joke on him.

In the second year of Jingguan.

The locusts in the capital swarmed the Tang Dynasty like dark clouds.

Then the plague struck again.

His Majesty, Li Er, was bitter in his heart.

But there were no regrets.

"Your Majesty, it's late at night, why don't you go to rest first?"

The chamberlain eunuch Wang De reminded him, "Going to review these recitals again tomorrow?"

"What time is it?" Li Er frowned at the question.

Since ancient times the Ming ruler has been more diligent.

Li Er was deeply touched by this, this Ming ruler was not easy to do either.

But he had no choice.

If he didn't want to be infamous, he could only be a wise ruler and pass down to the ages, otherwise he would not be able to avoid the reputation of killing his father and brother and usurping the throne.

If he became a wise ruler, he would be able to cover up these flaws.

"Back to your majesty, it's already garrison time." Wang De hurriedly said that it was already very late at this point.

The garrison hour was from seven to nine o'clock in the evening.

It was already very late in ancient times.

Li Er chanted for a moment, then said, "Let's go, let's go to the Guanyin maidservant's place."

In this large palace, perhaps only the Empress could speak to him and say something thoughtful.


Wang De hurriedly raised the lantern to lead the way, although the palace should have been brightly lit, but in reality, Li Er and Empress Changsun were both very frugal.

Some unnecessary places were not lit with lanterns.


It was already at that Empress Changsun's place.

"Your Majesty, how did you pass?"

Changsun Wufei asked, "It's so late, don't you want to go see your other sister?"

"Some other day." Li Er wearily said, "Guanyin maidservant, when do you think this world will stop worrying me."

Empress Changsun: "........"

She gave Li Er a glance in a bad way and said, "Second brother, you are the emperor, so naturally you should shoulder the heavy responsibilities of the world, so it's only right to be fortunate.

But you should also go and see your sisters in the harem, so that they don't miss you."

"I understand." His Majesty Li Er nodded as if he didn't want to talk about this topic, so he asked, "By the way, those kids haven't caused any trouble recently, right?"

"Can't you hope for anything better?"

Empress Changsun said slowly, "Cheng Qian has been studying seriously, and the rest of the children are still young enough to cause any trouble, but I haven't seen that girl Li Qi for many days."


Li Er was stunned and said, "Did something happen to Li Zhi? It'll be seven years since this New Year's Eve, and after previously being engaged in marriage with the Wuji family's Chong'er, it'll be time to get married."

"Yes, my daughter has grown up." Empress Changsun sighed, "Lili has always been good and sensible, I hope she doesn't blame us for that."


Li Er nodded and suddenly called out, "Wang De, do you know what Princess Changle has been doing lately?"

He was so exhausted by the imperial court and state affairs that he rarely had time to take care of his children.

It was only now that he had some time.

Wang De bowed slightly and replied respectfully, "Back to His Majesty, Princess Changle has been doing nothing much lately, just going in and out of the Imperial Hospital from time to time, and it is said that she always takes some ginseng and lingzhi streams."

As the head chamberlain at His Majesty Li Er's side, Wang De was naturally well-informed about the affairs of the palace.

Princess Changle's practices, however, he didn't quite understand.

Did that princess want a tonic?


Li Er was slightly stunned after hearing this, "What, although the palace meals are quite frugal, can you still starve Lizzy?"

If that was the case, he would have to reconsider whether it was time to change those people in the palace.

"Your majesty calm your anger." Wang De said evenly, "Although the use of everything in the palace has been reduced, but... but it's not so much that the princess can't have enough to eat."

He couldn't afford such a big charge.

And ten thousand times more terrified.


Empress Changsun picked up the conversation and explained, "Second Brother, don't blame Wang De, I've always been the one managing the palace's use, so it's impossible for Li Er's side to be short of food and drink."

She looked at Li Er and then continued, "Wang De, has something happened recently in Princess Changle's bedroom?"

"This servant doesn't know." Wang De shook his head, and he hadn't deliberately spied on a certain prince or grandson.

Nor did he dare to say these words in front of Empress Changsun.

Empress Changsun, on the other hand, frowned and said, "It's true that Lili hasn't come to pay her respects in the past few days, and I don't know what she's been busy with.

Second brother, why don't we go and take a look?"

"This late?"

Li Er looked startled, isn't it a little too late.

At this point self that lady daughter is afraid that she is all asleep.

"Then let's take time tomorrow."

Empress Changsun also seemed to think that it was too late today, so maybe Princess Changle was all asleep.

But in any case, Princess Changle Li Lili's act of going to the Imperial Hospital to get some medicinal herbs was bizarre in any way.


But no one has heard of it, and no royal physician comes to the house.

Need to replenish your body?

But there was no mention of Li Li's physical condition ah.

Empress Changsun and His Majesty Li Erjun looked at each other for a moment, but they were a bit dumbfounded.

Was it because of the lack of care and discipline.

So much so that they didn't know anything about their own precious daughter, and for a moment, Li Second Majesty was extremely frustrated, "Had I known this was the case, I would have taken more time to accompany you guys."

He hated to split in two.

But the Great Tang also needed him.

Li Er was a character who aspired to be a wise ruler, and it was normal to be bitter and tired.

Empress Changsun, on the other hand, spoke out to comfort him, "Don't blame yourself too much, second brother, maybe Li Er is just playing around, we'll know when we go out to see tomorrow."

Upon hearing that Li Er could only nod, "That's all there is to it, I hope Li Er won't blame her."

He Li Er was the one who killed his father and brother to get the throne.

So he paid a lot of attention to his children's upbringing, though his attention wasn't used in a good way.

Li Er probably didn't expect that his one child was actually indisputable.

Even the eldest daughter, Li Lili, was weak and sickly.

Although she had the name of being naturally beautiful, she was considered to have died early, and was considered to be somewhat sad.

If not for the emergence of the great immortal Jiang Wu, in the seventh year of the Jingguan period, Princess Li Li Li would have married to Changsun Chong.

That Changsun Chong was the eldest son of Changsun Wuji.

So this was nothing more than a political marriage.

Destined that the fate of the two would not be good, today's Second Emperor Li probably did not think of this layer.

To him, perhaps the country is the most important thing.

On that day.

The sunlight lazily poured down, becoming a landscape before the approaching winter and adding a lot of warmth.

It makes people feel relaxed, and tiredness is gone.

Great Tang's Imperial Palace.

Because of the good management of His Majesty Li Er and Empress Changsun, it is a bit more humane than other dynasties' harems.

After getting up and washing up under the waiting of the maids, Li Er said, "Guanyin maidservant, there is no morning court today, so you should go with me to see Li Zhi."

He had been worried all night.

The Great Tang was not the system of morning court every day, so Li Er was able to break away from the tedious business of playing books.

Stealing half a day of leisure.


Empress Changsun said, "It's been some time since I cared for Li Er, and go see what she's actually doing."

She was worried too.

She and Her Majesty Li Er thought that Changsun Chong was the best choice for a son-in-law, but her own daughter might not think that way.

Although Li Lili had always been very good and sensible.

That's why she was also ten thousand times more worried, her mind complicated, praying that her own daughter would be alright.


"Wang De, lead the way."

Li Er said with interest, "I'd like to see what Lizhi is actually doing."

I might be able to find some surprises.


A palace maid who had already discovered that His Majesty Li Er and the Empress were coming over ran to Li Lili, "Princess, something big is wrong, His Majesty and the Empress are coming over."


Li Lizhi was shocked at the news and panicked, "What can we do, Father and Mother will definitely find out about Jiang Liao's existence and will be furious then."

Where would he be able to keep him alive at that time?

Jiang Chi was on the side.

He also furrowed his brows, "Now that I haven't recovered a shred of strength, I can't even perform a stealth technique ah."

This was a disaster.

How to escape this disaster.

"You quickly hide."

Li Liji was busy telling Jiang Di, "You mustn't be discovered, or not only will you die, but also I will be implicated."

She was well aware of Li Er's temper.

This was a benevolent father, an incomparably saintly monarch, but also a man who couldn't tolerate sand in his eyes.

"I...where do I hide?"

Jiang Qian's old face darkened and cryptically said, "Your bedchamber is already small and incomparably empty, so it's easy to be found anywhere you hide."

"Go lie down!"

Li Li's silver teeth gritted and said, "Never show your voice, or my father will definitely kill your head."

Jiang Jiang: "........"

He was a little embarrassed.

If it wasn't for the fact that a bit of Xian Yuan mana hadn't recovered, why would he have ended up in such a miserable state.

This was so helpless.

It's obvious that a tiger fell on a tiger and was bullied by a dog.

Well, Li Er was the dog, whether he admitted it or not, Jiang Jiankou admitted it anyway.

As soon as he lay down, he felt a fragrant breeze coming, and Li Liji also half lay up, looking weak.

Pretending to be sick.

Jiang Kou could see that Princess Li Lili was planning to give him cover, in protecting him.

Got it, let's not move then.

He muttered to himself, "I hope everything goes well ah, it would be good if I can avoid this disaster, what is Li Er doing over here at this time, I haven't even been able to use the herbs that Princess Changle took."

So his Xian Yuan mana hadn't recovered.

How else could this be so troublesome.

He was covered with a blanket, but fortunately he was an Immortal, so it was okay to hold it for half an hour.

Otherwise he, Jiang Hou, would probably be the first Immortal to be suffocated to death.

The next moment, Li Er came in.


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