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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1031 - Princess (Seeking Subscriptions)

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There is no time or space, no light or darkness, no alternating planes, no age or space.

Receiving divine light from the depths of that void, flying through countless layers of time and space, opening the passage of time and space, wanting to pick up Jiang Chi for a line to the upper realm for cultivation.


Jiang Ji reopened the Vajra Bracelets in the space-time channel, wanting to open a new channel.

But time and space were intertwined, and the two forces collided in the channel, creating a terrifying impact.

Thus, a new passage was created.

An unknown passageway to an unknown place.

In a moment of dullness Jiang Xiao's mind was dizzy, and there was a terrifying force tearing at his body as if it wanted to tear him to pieces.

Even though he was a Human Immortal, and even though his life level had increased, at the moment, facing that spatial tearing force, Jiang Qian, a Human Immortal, was powerless to fight against it.


The Immortal Yuan Mana in my body was useless, "Am I encountering a temporal storm?"

Luck was indeed still too bad luck.

As the endless darkness gathered from all around, Jiang Chi knew he was doomed.

It might not be possible to resist this.

Human Immortals were immortals.

But compared to such a superior power as the Space-Time Rift Tearing, his strength was still not enough.

So he was sucked away by a black hole and quietly disappeared into it without a trace.

By the time Jiang Chi woke up again, things had changed.


A splendid palace, grand and tall, quite majestic.

A twelve year old girl was bouncing around, greeting the maids, "Quick, carry him to the bed."

"Princess, no man can be kept in the palace, besides, this man's origin is unknown, if His Majesty and the Empress knew about it, she would definitely be furious."

A pretty maid timidly reminded, "Princess, it's better to send this man out and just let him destroy himself."

The princess was about twelve or thirteen years old, born with an incomparably handsome face, a delicate face just beneath a pretty face.

She was a princess.

A princess who resided in the land of the harem.

"Don't worry, Father and Mother won't find out."

That princess said, "Saving a life is better than creating a seven-tiered floating slaughter, this person is at any rate a citizen of my Great Tang, I as a princess of Great Tang will save it."


"No need to say more."

This princess hastened to say again, "Quickly go to the Imperial Doctor to fetch some medicine to treat the injuries, this man is seriously injured and has fallen from the sky, he must not be a mortal."

She was convinced.

How could an ordinary person be born so handsome.

"Princess, you are already betrothed to Prince Situ Changsun, and after the New Year, His Majesty will bestow the marriage, now that you are leaving a man outside your bedchamber, will it not be a bad rumor."

The maid beside her cautiously reminded, staying a man in the princess's bedroom palace, this matter could be big or small, and word would get out that something would happen.

"Don't worry."

That princess added, "Father and Mother will not come here, as long as you don't say anything and I don't say anything, no one will know."


The maid was helpless at the words, but she had to follow her princess.

In case word got out, she would have to be unlucky too.

A fragrant wooden show bed, a man was lying on it, the man was the same Jiang Chi who was caught in the space-time channel.

A few days ago, he fell into this side of the world.

He was rescued by the Tang Princess and placed in her bedchamber to recuperate, and his severely injured body has been half-cleaned.

But it was still a drop in the bucket.

He didn't wake up, and the power of the previous space-time tearing was too terrifying, causing the power in his body to be mixed up.

"Princess, it's been several days and this man still hasn't woken up, could it be that he can't wake up already?"

A maid speculated.

In case he really didn't wake up, he would have to find a way to send someone out of the palace.

Keeping it would be a disaster sooner or later.

"Let's wait and see."

The princess said hesitantly, "This person is heavily injured, he definitely won't wake up easily, but I just don't know what he's been through."

So much so that he remained unconscious.

"Princess, why don't we call the imperial doctor to take a look?" The maid asked.

"No." The princess shook her head lightly, "Calling the imperial physician would definitely alarm father and mother, if they knew that I was hiding a man in my bedchamber, you and I would be punished not to mention, this person would not be able to keep it."

In these times, reputation is a very important thing.

When the emperor is angry, he will ambush a million bodies.

This matter must not be made known to one's father and mother, or the consequences would be unpredictable.


The maid nodded her head, indicating that she understood.

That princess spoke quietly, "I don't know if he will wake up or not, we have done our best."

To wake up or not, each would be at peace.

She had only done her best.

"Princess, this man has survived such severe injuries, so I'm sure he is blessed and will be fine."

The maid consoled.

On the contrary, she felt that her own princess should pay attention, "Princess, you are already engaged to that first grandson, after the next spring, his majesty is afraid that he will have to grant you a marriage for you to marry down."


The princess nodded in acknowledgement, crisply, "It can't be helped, I'm in the royal family naturally can't escape, and the eldest grandson's cousin is considered to be well-mannered and not insulting."

But if she could choose for herself, why wouldn't she want to choose for herself.

It was because there was no choice, so she couldn't choose, so she just had to let nature take its course.

"Princess, what exactly do you think of His Majesty, who regards you as the jewel in his palm, but..."

Before the maid had finished speaking, she was covered by that princess, "Don't say such words, father he also has a difficult situation, besides, be careful of the walls."

Although this place was her bedchamber, it was also an imperial palace.

Within the palace, there were bound to be all kinds of eyes and ears of her father, some words must not be said nonsense.

"The slave servant knows."

The maid nodded her head in fear, looking scared.

If the emperor found out there was only one way to die.

"As a royal female, it's normal for her fate to be half-ruined, but..."

The princess murmured to herself, in a voice like a mosquito's, that only she could hear.

There was nothing she could do about it.

"Princess, I'm afraid it's not appropriate for this person to sleep in your boudoir bed." The maid asked timidly.

Being able to sleep in a princess's boudoir bed was a blessing that had been cultivated in several lifetimes.

If outsiders knew, they would be beaten to death a thousand times.

This was a princess who had His Majesty's thousands of favorites in one, someone that countless noble disciples throughout the Tang wanted to marry.

"It's just a bed."

The princess blushed beautifully, "Besides, he's a patient, we can't ask him to sleep in the woodshed."

So this man was so good-looking.

I just don't know what kind of origin he had, if he had made an unearthly merit for the Great Tang, perhaps....

"But that's not very realistic." The princess's eyes showed a hint of disappointment, "Now that the world is at peace, he is not destined for such unearthly feats, and I will surely follow my father's will and marry my cousin."

She had no choice.

It was then also felt that Jiang Xiao had no saving power either.

Expectation was just expectation.

That hint of sadness still existed in her heart.

If she wasn't the daughter of an emperor, perhaps she wouldn't have suffered this calamity, perhaps she could....

But that was just imagination.

Jiang Yao ghostly woke up, his eyebrows and fingers moving a few times first, and the maid saw him and said, "Princess, he... he's awake."


That princess was stunned and said, "Quickly go and bring some hot water, he must be thirsty."

The maid went down in response.

She slowly helped Jiang Gou up and asked softly, "You're awake, but do you feel any discomfort?"

Jiang Ke opened his eyes wearily, only to feel the pain of his body falling apart.

This time had been a big game.

Almost didn't wake up at all.

Even if he was an immortal.

It seemed that it wasn't enough to see how he was an opponent in the face of that monstrous mighty crush.

"From the looks of it, I should have never gone back to the Green Xuan Continent."

Jiang Mo mumbled, "I don't know where I've gone, but this ancient place should be a place similar to ancient times."

But where?

He hadn't thought it through and opened his eyes only to see a demure woman of twelve or thirteen sitting on the bed strings.

Tenderly, she asked him.

"Who is she?"

Did he save himself?

Jiang mumbled to himself, "What kind of world have I fallen into?"

The Immortal Yuan mana in my body couldn't function, as if it was gone.

It's a big loss.

I'm afraid I'm going to be miserable for a while this time.

"Who are you, and where am I?" Jiang Xiao asked weakly, "Did you save me?"

With a happy face, the princess returned, "This is the Great Tang, and I am the princess of the Great Tang, and this is my chambers."

"The Great Tang? Princess?"

Jiang Qiao was surprised and amazed, "Did I cross over to the era when Li Er was on the throne?"

Is it the Xianxia Tang?

Or that legendary historical Tang?

He was stunned there for a while.

Whirling around, he asked, "Is the current Emperor Li Shi Min Li Er?"

"You... how can you call my father by his name, you mustn't say that, if someone hears you, he will kill your head."

The princess persuaded.

Also a little unhappy, this person is too ignorant of manners.

"It really is Li Er."

Jiang Ji secretly said, "I just don't know if there are any transcendent existences in this world, but with my current serious injuries, I'd better keep a low profile and live on."

Surviving can live forever.

Only then can there be a future.

Looking at the person in front of him, he said curiously, "I guess you are Li Er's daughter, seeing that you are not very old, you should be Li Li."

What a beauty.

It really is hard to give up on a natural beauty.

Worthy of being a great princess.

But now this girl is only twelve or thirteen years old, she doesn't look like an adult.

"Were you the one who saved me?"

Jiang Qiao asked, "Where did you save me and how did you save me, can you tell me?"

Li Li Qiu: "..."

Although she was very unhappy about Jiang missing calling Li Shimin directly as Li Er, she still replied, "I saved you when you fell from the sky into the small pond in my bedroom palace, when you were already dying, and seeing that you didn't look like a bad guy, I saved you."

Upon hearing this Jiang Sheng person secretly helped his forehead.

I said to myself, "I'm a good person or a bad person, that's all you can tell, you're also amazing."

Princess, you have to grow a pair of eyes in the future.

Luckily, he, Jiang Someone, really wasn't a bad guy, or else he would have saved a bad guy.

"Thank you."

Jiang Zhi slightly arched up, then his eyes turned and said, "Now, although I have woken up, my body is heavily wounded, why don't I borrow the princess's land again to continue recuperating for a while?

Princess, don't worry, I'll be grateful to you, Buddha has said that saving a life is better than creating a seven-stage pagoda, so Princess, you can take it all in stride."


Li Lili originally wanted Jiang Liao to leave, but before she could say anything, Jiang Liao was the first to say the words to stay.

Let her only do so.

Nodding helplessly, she said, "Fine, you can stay and recuperate for a while longer, but if your injuries improve, you must leave as soon as possible, this is the palace after all, it is forbidden for strange men like you to come in."

Not to mention staying overnight.

Getting caught would kill you in minutes.

"I understand."

Jiang Xiao smiled and said, "Men are not allowed to exist in the palace, I still know this rule, I'll leave as soon as my injuries are healed, and I won't cause you any trouble, Princess."

Since I've come here, I'll settle down.

Since this place was a great Tang, it would also allow him to gradually recover his cultivation.

But right now it was still safer to be in the palace.

He wasn't afraid of being discovered by Li Er either.


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