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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1030 - Ascending to the Great Thousand Realms (Seeking Subscription, More)

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Over the Dao Sect.


In an instant, it was there.

This kind of power was a bit too terrifying.

Originally dying, the next moment it was alive and well.

And he, Jiang Chi himself, also woke up from that muddled state, "So that's it, after carrying the last thunderstorm, as long as the consciousness hasn't dissipated, the heavens will rain down the reward for surviving the thunderstorm.

So I'm considered a blessing for the misfortune?"

He cried and laughed.

It turned out that he had gained such a benefit.


It was also good ha.

Now that the True Yuan Mana in his body had been transformed into Immortal Yuan Mana, raising his hands and feet was immensely powerful.

Very good.

In the future, he, Jiang Someone, would definitely be extraordinary, definitely an unparalleled existence.

"Having survived the Thunder Tribulation, I have become an Immortal!"

Jiang Ji was delighted, "Now this is a true immortal, there is a surprisingly different distinction from the previous kind."

A quarter of an hour later.

Jiang Chi's injuries were all healed.

Of course after opening his eyes once again, he found the Dao Sect crowd surrounding him.

He faintly said, "I'm fine, and now that I've survived the Immortal Calamity, the next step is to be at ease.

However, this seat feels that this world's repulsion towards me has reached its peak, and after arranging some means for the Dao Sect later and leaving a few things behind, this seat will break the sky and leave."

"Master, are you trying to ascend to the Great Thousand Realms?"

Xiao Yan asked curiously, "What kind of light and strange scene would there be in the legendary Great Thousand Worlds."

Jiang Chi first nodded and then shook his head.

He said, "Whether or not to ascend to the Great Thousand Realms I don't know, this side of the world is just a lower plane that connects many Great Thousand Worlds, so no one knows what kind of world to ascend to."

Perhaps only by truly experiencing it would one know.

Xiao Yan was silent.

It turned out that the Dou Qi Continent was so weak.

He still thought that....

Forget it.

It's all in the past, he, Xiao Yan, is going to ascend anyway.

He could not stay here forever.

There were countless worlds and even more lower planes.

Ascending might not be good either.

It was because one had to go to an unknown world.

There might be some incredible and terrifying dangers there that might not be able to resist.

It was even more ferocious than a thunderstorm.

After a quick glance, Jiang Ji slowly said, "You should also try your best to cultivate in the future. The lightning tribulation is the first major tribulation to become an immortal, and once you survive it, your future is boundless.

In addition, my days are numbered.

I can already feel the call of the upper world, and the repulsion of this heaven and earth to me is growing.

Soon, I will have to ascend to the upper realm, so I hope that you will behave yourself."

What needed to be said he had already said, and what needed to be done was about to be done.

As for whether these people in the Dou Qi Continent were dead or alive, it would have little to do with him in the future.

He was a supremely strong person anyway.

In a world of a thousand worlds, there was nothing strange.

Instead, there were many people who wanted to take a look and perhaps see the peerless scenery of that great world.

Only, not everyone was like that.

From being seriously injured to now being intact, from the beginning to now being calm and serene.

Jiang Mo's face was calm, and the relentlessness on his face flickered away.

There was no room for attachment anymore.

The Dou Qi Continent had nothing to do with him anymore.

The Ancient Eight Clans no longer existed, and there was only the Dao Sect left with an infinitely better future.

It was just that he had another thought in mind.

"It may not be beneficial to ascend to the Great Thousand Realms, that legendary world of great domination, I can only survive even if I go there."

Jiang Qiao stated that he wasn't familiar with that world, so he wasn't going to go there, "When you leave, just use the Vajra Bracelet to travel through the heavens and space, and go back to the Qing Xuan Continent."

It was just as well that he wanted to see if those people on the Hao Ran Immortal Sect in the Qing Xuan Continent still wanted to avenge the Zhao family.

So he wouldn't fly up to the Great Thousand Realms.

All of that speech just now was only to Xiao Yan and the others, that was to have the intention of appeasing him and the others.

He was about to leave because of the Dao Sect, so he needed to use the Ascension as an excuse to leave.

It was also an expectation to the Dao Sect crowd.

See, the Ancestor had ascended to become an immortal and gone to the Great Thousand Upper Realms, which was enough to show that the path of Immortality was a viable one.

Jiang Chi's white robe rolled on a robe with golden immortal light shining around his body, and a Dao pattern appeared on it at once.

Immortal style and dao bones.

It was really so interesting, as if immortals had arrived in the mortal world, and the immortal Dao practitioners up and down the Dao Sect were all excited.

So there really were immortals.

Ancestral Master had survived the thunderstorm and achieved true immortal supremacy, raising his hands and feet with strange abilities and unpredictable hearts.

Soaring like clouds and tides and seas changing, the might of mountains.

"This is a true strong cultivator, where do ordinary people get this."

"Ancestral Master has become immortal, so will he be able to take us with him when he ascends?"

"One man for all?"


Then who is the chicken dog.

Especially when I saw Jiang Ji's radiant eyes, my heart was thumping, and my heart seemed to sink to the deepest part of my heart.

The Immortal Dao had been established.

The future Dao was infinitely promising, becoming that Taiyi Immortal, the Great Luo Dao Fruit as powerful as an existence.

Of course, saying this now was still far away for the entire Dao Sect, still as if it was a fantasy.

Jiang Mo's eyes blinked, and Dao Immortal Light emerged, wielding his hand with great power to tumble, as that mountain changed.

The Dao Sect began to change drastically, with all kinds of light and strange changes.

All sorts of boundaries and restrictions were created with the slightest movement of Jiang Kou's eyes, and light swept out, the divine mane presenting itself infinitely.

Streams of light rolled out, but it was those on the Dao Sect who were delighted to finally see their own ancestors shine mightily.

So this was the terrifying power.

The power of an immortal, which I only saw today, but I was also extremely happy.

Becoming an immortal has now become a dream for many people, and if one day they can also achieve immortal supremacy, perhaps they can be as mighty as their own ancestor.

Jiang Jian was indeed magnificent.

It was also indeed majestic.

It was incomparably domineering.

After some pointing, he sort of set up the Dao Sect properly.

There would be no danger to the Dao Sect in the future.

The immortal light turned, and the golden mane tendrils were like a divine being descending into the world.

Followed by.

He then slightly pointed his finger towards the Dao Sect's hiding place, and a golden light emerged from the tip of his finger.

Only after this was done did Jiang Chi spoke, "This seat has left behind the method of becoming an immortal, as well as the experience of becoming an immortal, if you have the opportunity to cultivate to the great completion of the Dao Realm, you can enter the Hidden Scripture Pavilion for a look, I hope it will be useful to you."

Xiao Yan and the others were overjoyed, "Thank you master for the wonderful method, from now on, when immortal blessings are shared, life will be with the heavens."

All things are inferior, only the cultivation of immortality is high.

Becoming immortal is infinite self-transformation, a path of self-redemption, coming out of the endless cycle of life and death.

The Tao can be the way.

Jiang Ji is now dressed in immortal clothes, walking in mid-air there are ripples born, as if they are ready to break the sky and leave at any time.

Xiao Yan and the others were envious.

For many days and nights, they wondered if they could become immortal one day, would they also have to overcome the 9,981 thunderstorms.

Jiang Mo didn't answer these questions, just let Xiao Yan experience it himself, and he would understand it when it was time.

Nowadays, he, Jiang Yan, was considered to have truly become a human immortal, a realm that only existed in legends, a realm that was supremely powerful.

"Master, you... when do you plan to leave?"

Xiao Yan suddenly asked.

It was a heavy topic and a sad one, but it was not the scene he wanted to see.

Ascension meant separation and departure.

From then on, he would be without Jiang Lack's protection and without the person who had shielded him from the rain.

Although he, Xiao Yan, was now able to stand alone, and although his current cultivation was also enough to suppress the Dao Sect, with some of the bottom-line means given by Jiang Lack, he was also able to be invincible.


He was reluctant to leave when he thought of Jiang Hou's departure.

If he could, he hoped that his own master would stay and be able to do his filial duty as well.

Perhaps that would be good too.

Jiang Chi fell silent at the words and said quietly, "Xiao Yan, there is no need for you to worry, Ascension is a common thing for immortal cultivators, and besides, it is just Ascension, not death.

After you have ascended to immortality one day, you might be able to see this seat as well, you understand.

The Dou Qi Continent is not my destination, nor is it your destination, nor is it the end of the world.

The future is infinitely good, only nearing dusk.

I have just begun my path to the Immortal Way. Now that I have achieved the dignity of a human Immortal, I have an Immortal's body, an immaculate body, and Immortal arts and dao techniques.

I'm not sure how much time I have now, so I'll keep this short.

I'm very relieved that you will be in charge of the Dao Sect in the future, make sure to spread the Immortal Dao in the Dou Qi Continent, this may be related to the issue of qi luck for you and me in the future."

But exactly what kind of Jiang Xiao had no idea in his heart, nor did he think to understand the Dao.


Xiao Yan nodded and said, "I have the Dao Sect's affairs, so don't worry about it, Master.

However, Master, do you have any other thoughts about ascending to the Great Thousand Realms?"

Jiang Jiang said, "The path to immortal cultivation is difficult, so you should cultivate well, the seat will be leaving soon, so I won't say anything more to you.

Maybe we can meet again in the future, and I hope we will meet again one day.

You also command that in three days' time, this seat will be at the Dao Sect's arena and will ascend in daylight!"


Xiao Yan eventually nodded gravely, Jiang Liao's departure had become inevitable, and the Dou Qi Continent was still too small after all.

The style was not enough.

Three days later.

The Dao Sect's arena.

Many people had come, the Dao Sect's up and down immortal cultivators had basically come, just to witness the ascension of the Immortal Ancestor, Jiang Xiao.

It would go down in the history books.

They were all looking forward to it with great anticipation, and it would be nice to see Jiang lack's daytime ascension with their own eyes.

It was a lot of fun.

The immortal light was subtle and turned, the divine splendor was like water, the light was ten thousand feet like wind and clouds, and there was a divine light flying at the tip of a finger.

A white-robed, brocaded figure then fell into the Dao Sect arena, it was Jiang Qian, the Immortal Dao Ancestor.

"Gentlemen, this seat has now attained the Dao, and is now about to ascend to the upper realm, and has invited you all to come and watch, in the hope that it will help you."

Jiang Chi's plaintive voice suddenly rang out over the arena, reaching everyone's ears, "The Dao has been achieved, Immortality has been, my Dao has been achieved, and now I am here to prove my Dao in order to ascend, and I hope the world will witness it."

After saying this, Jiang Jiang allowed the power of the Great Thousand Realms to descend, and at the same time prepared to urge the Vajra Bracelets to travel through many times and spaces.

It was only at the moment of his promotion that a mutation occurred in the time passage.


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