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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1028 - Ten Thousand Ancient Lightning Tribulation (Seeking Subscription)

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The power of thunder swarmed over in the blink of an eye.

It was as if the endless thunder was going to blast Jiang Di to pieces.


With such a violent power, it called him dark and gloomy.

This power....


With a raised eyebrow, Jiang couldn't help but ask, "What a terrifying power, it's terrifying."

This power was too unimaginable and trembling.

Jiang Ji suddenly couldn't help but say, "What should I do, I'm afraid that this terrifying power can't even be carried by this precious armor."

Even if it was no matter how insulated and non-conductive it was, it probably couldn't carry the endless heavenly thunder.

The rolling force was like a tidal wave, and it might come crashing down in the next moment.

It's just that this thunderstorm was so fierce that it made Jiang lack's face twitch unnaturally, so uncomplicated.

A bit cryptic, he muttered, "Heavens, this is playing with me Jiang someone, the Ten Thousand Ancient Lightning Tribulation, legend has it that it is a once-in-a-million years tribulation, and there are 981 of them.

The power of the first one is ninety-nine percent of one's own strength, and each subsequent one is enhanced.

Its lightning is seven-colored and variegated, with rippling clouds, if these ninety-eight hundred and eleven fall one by one, who will be able to bear it?"

Jiang Jian couldn't help but smile bitterly at the thought.

It would be hard for him to suppress the strength of Jiang Someone, even if he had now broken through to the Human Immortal realm.

It was really quite helpless as well.

The rumored thunderstorm, something that was not encountered for ten thousand years and could only be seen for countless years, was actually encountered by him, Jiang Hou.

"With my luck, I wonder if I'll encounter a magic treasure when I go out?"

The corner of Jiang Xiao's mouth twitched and his mind became extremely complicated, "Right now the thunder is about to descend, even if I flee, there's nowhere to go.

It's just that I don't know if Master Vajra Bracelets will be able to escape."

He didn't dare gamble.

He was also afraid that something would happen.

He had to know that he relied on this Vajra Bracelet to travel the world, and if he lost it one day, he would be reduced to nothing but a useless person.

No possibility of rising again.

So he couldn't gamble, it would be too tragic if he lost the bet.

So he thought it was quite good, although Xiao Yan was the protagonist, he, Jiang Liao, was also the protagonist ah.


Everyone was the protagonist in their own lives.

--even if it's not the most perfect.


As Jiang lacked thoughts, the true essence mana in his body fiercely surged out, and terrifying power swept out in no time.

Immediately after.

With a flash of light around him, he saw that terrifying power like a tidal wave, inspiring his precious armor to shimmer with golden light.


Judging from the dazzling degree of this precious armor alone, it was indeed not bad.

However, Jiang Jiang was still a meter or two outside of his body.

A dazzling golden aura emerged from the tip of his finger, "With these boundaries, I should be able to block it."

He wouldn't be able to do the formation, who called him Jiang Sheng's comprehension too weak to see it.

Once the boundaries were out, the thunderclouds above the nine skies seemed to have condensed and then fell down.


The terrifying power smashed down in a moment, and the colorful electric snake suddenly sprang out of the void, travelling out like a snake in a black cloud.

It was about as thick as an adult's thumb, and looked a little unusual, coming out of the black cloud directly on top of him.

Jiang Mo gaze gloomily, "You must hold on, the boundary I had to set up with great difficulty, I can't lose it like this."



In the next moment, there was light falling and pouring down on Jiang Lack.

No, the first to fall was the boundary, the boundary he had put up with all his might hadn't been blown apart.

But it was already crumbling, so it shouldn't be able to carry the next attack.

Jiang Hou wanted to repair the boundary, but the terrifying thunderstorm had fallen once again, leaving him no chance at all.

This was going to be a problem.

It made Jiang Guoxiang bitter, and he couldn't help but mutter, "Got it, this boundary won't be able to carry it, the next step is up to the treasure armor.

Fortunately, the treasure armor can protect in all directions, its insulation should be better."

With such insulation, it was believed that it would also be able to resist most of the thunderstorm power, and the bottom line was still somewhat intact.

It was just that the power of the 981 thunderstorms was a bit too terrifying.

It was also truly astonishing.

So depressed, so bitter, so gloomy.

The thunder tribulation appeared and came crashing down once more, its terrifying power carrying a destructive momentum as if it wanted to blast the people below into slag.


The people below the Dao Sect were amazed, secretly saying, "I'm afraid this strength of the Thunder Tribulation is too terrifying, can the Ancestor stop it?"

It was really hard to block ah.

Cold sweat began to break out on Jiang Chi's forehead and prayed, "The heavens bless and the Buddha God bless, you must get through this safely ah."

Since it was a calamity, it could not be avoided.

And since it couldn't be avoided, it could only be faced.

He was helpless as well.


When the terrifying power poured down, when the endless overbearing power came down, Jiang Xiao could feel the power that came down as well.


"Chi Chi!"

The insulating properties of the precious armor were indeed good, at least it had just blocked most of the thunderstorm power with a single strike.

It caused the lightning to eventually disappear on the precious armor.

"As expected, insulating treasure armor still has some benefits, and it's somewhat useful for measuring thunderstorms under the property of non-conductivity."

Jiang Ji secretly said, "I just don't know how many times this kind of treasure armor can withstand such high intensity attacks from the lightning tribulation, it really screams that one is at a loss."

Fortunately, Jiang Chi had a certain amount of confidence in his set of bodyguard armor, but this was something that he had spent a full year refining, pouring out most of his material resources.

Therefore, the defense of this set of armor was quite strong.

"It should be fine to block a few thunderstorms, but it might be difficult to block that 9,981 thunderstorms."

After all, that thunder tribulation had always been stronger than one, so ghosts knew what it would be like after 9981.

He, Jiang Chi, was unclear, and the others were equally unclear.

One had to know that it was a thunderstorm, definitely not something that an ordinary person could deal with.

Jiang lacked both self-confidence and no self-confidence, he was expecting it, but he didn't have the biggest bottom line.

Ninety-nine eighty-one thunderbolts was really a bit much, definitely not something that an ordinary person could counteract.

If he wasn't wearing his precious armor, he felt that he didn't even have much strength to fight it.


One after another, the lightning tribulation smashed down again and again, attacking his huge defensive treasure armor.

For a time, even though that precious armor had a strong insulating property, Jiang Kou could feel the burst of electric current coming from it.

It was truly frightening.

It also made him feel scared in his heart, and he couldn't help but chant, "It seems like it should be leaking electricity, but that's just going to be a problem."

Things were getting a bit rough.

"It's only a few thunderbolts that have fallen, if a few more fall, wouldn't I, Jiang Sheng, not be enough?"

Jiang Mo's face sank as he said in a heartbeat, "Now it looks like it's hard to say if I can last until the last thunderstorm lands."

This was a bit awkward.

It was also depressing that it was unexpected that he, Jiang Someone, would one day worry about the Thunder Realm.

This was definitely something that was unexpected before.

Jiang Qian's appearance moved as his mind turned, "Boundary, now!"

He couldn't completely rely on the defense of the precious armor, after all, there were still so many thunder tribulations that hadn't fallen behind.

Therefore, he would have to put up another boundary the moment the thunder tribulation fell.

Perhaps this way, only then would he have a chance to survive such a thunderstorm of 9,981 thunderstorms.

In the face of this Ancient Thunder Tribulation, he could only do everything he could think of, digging his heart out and even racking his brains.

Otherwise, there was no way at all.

The heart was bitter.

However, only by surviving the thunder tribulation could one be considered a true human immortal, and this was a landmark.

Jiang Jiang gloomed his eyes and quickly mobilized the true mana in his body, all kinds of incredible power rapidly gathering.


The golden light flashed and the dao swept away as if a ripple spread out in all directions, and the golden light flashed towards the sky, and the boundary was set in place before the next thunderstorm landed.

The strong force had been established.

Jiang Qiao was delighted, "This way, although the true essence mana in my body will be consumed, on some level, it will reduce the damage of the precious armor."

Once the treasure armor reduced the damage, it would be a huge benefit to him.

So it was still worth it.

It was not easy to get through the nine ninety-nine and eighty-one thunderstorms, so his thoughts were different and unusual.


On the Nine Heavens Void, amidst the tumbling clouds, he was once again frightened.

It was horrifying.

With a gloomy face that was hard to rest, even Jiang Mo felt that the thunder was going to descend with terrifying power and blast his surname Jiang into mincemeat.

That was a real feeling.

"So powerful, this level of thunder tribulation has probably surpassed the scope of ordinary thunder tribulation."

Jiang muttered to himself, "No, it's clearly already beyond the Dou Di level."

This kind of power was also even more terrifying, without an entity, he couldn't even attack and could only passively take blows.

But this made him even more depressed, "When one day I, Jiang Someone, inquire about the Great Dao, I will definitely go and ask to find out why I am being targeted."

Once in a million years, a rare thunderstorm could be encountered by his surname Jiang, what else couldn't he touch.

He was also depressed because of this, so bitter, "It's better to slowly get through this 9,981 thunderstorms, I hope it's useful, I hope everything is fine."

He probably didn't expect that these first few thunder tribulations were actually just appetizers, and the more powerful ones were still to come.

The Ten Thousand Ancient Lightning Tribulation, which was seven-colored, was claimed to be an incomparably powerful existence that was rare for ten thousand years.

It should be used to consider the geniuses in the Qingxuan Continent's immortal holy land, but now it had been encountered by him, Jiang Hou, by mistake.

I don't know whether to say that he was lucky or unlucky.

Jiang Xiao's mind was complicated anyway.


Another one fell down, smashing Jiang missing his eyelids, secretly saying how powerful it was, and then going silent.

He didn't dare to provoke the eye too much, wouldn't it be bad if something happened.

"Steady on, we can win."

Jiang Chi muttered, "It's only a mere eighty-one thunderstorms, it's still early, I still have more powerful powers that Jiang Chi hasn't shown, hmm!"

Wanting to blow his will away, he, Jiang Chi, did not agree.

Immediately, he continued, "Come on, let this seat see the power of your ancient thunderstorm, I am a human immortal, a true immortal, I am not afraid of you."

What is an Immortal.

It was that exalted existence, the supreme being.

An immortal is also an existence that cannot be desecrated by any person or affair, and he is high above the world.

Naturally, he should also be magnificent!


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