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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1027 - Forbidden by Heaven and Earth (Seeking Subscription, More)

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What about the thunderstorm he had in mind?

You know, Jiang Hou had prepared a treasure armor that could insulate and conduct electricity for this purpose, now where did the thunderstorm go.

I couldn't see it even if I looked left or right.

Could it be that he had guessed wrong?

Or is it true that breaking through the Human Immortal doesn't require going through a thunderstorm?

Is the curl of fairy tones over?

With such thoughts in mind, Jiang lacked a bit of a muddle really, and he secretly said, "What's going on, did I overthink it before."

All the previous thoughts were wrong?

Wouldn't the precious armor he had prepared with great care for this be useless.

It was a depressing moment.

"It's fine if there's no thunderstorm, there might not really be a thunderstorm."

Jiang Mo secretly frowned, and his eyes that had been stretched and opened instantly felt bad, as if something bad was about to happen.

He suddenly looked startled, "No, why do I feel a bad feeling, as if something important and terrible is about to happen."

What was the problem.

He was confused.

And perplexed.

Eyes lifted slightly, suddenly feeling a terrifying power that seemed to be brewing in the sea of clouds above the Dao Sect.


"Is there a greater calamity to come?"

Jiang Gou's face darkened, "This should be it, there are still great horrors to happen in the future."

There were still calamities to come.

Moreover, the world was becoming more and more repulsive to him.

It made him feel a bit bitter.

A bit depressed in a bad mood, "I don't know what the next calamity will be, but it looks like I have to prepare well."

He got cold in his heart.

His mind was also extraordinarily complicated, chanting, "It seems that my previous guess should be right, there is also a calamity after becoming a human immortal."

It was just that this calamity was likely to be delayed.

His eyebrows locked up, and with a whirl of his mind, his true essence mana drummed in his body, and with a wave of his hand, golden light flashed away.


A shimmering sound passed, the golden light didn't go, and a set of white shining treasure armor suddenly appeared behind him.

As he spread his hands and feet, the treasure armor turned into a piece of debris that automatically merged into Jiang Liao's body.

Forming a new treasure armor divine garment, it was extremely radiant, with golden and white light intertwining with each other.

And Jiang Chi was one of those extraordinary divine beings, so majestic that it was actually a bit different.

It was as if a celestial being had descended to earth.

Many people from the Dao Sect were amazed as they watched, calling out that this was a true immortal.

Where did they know that Jiang Di's eyebrows had locked up, "The vision disappeared and black thunderclouds appeared, this is the rhythm of the appearance of the thunderstorm."

In a moment, he could see it.

The thunder tribulation appeared.

The next thing he did was to turn his gaze, so he flew straight up into the air.

He didn't want the thunder that was as black as charcoal to blow down, nor did he want the endless power to sweep down.

The black clouds rolled up as clouds and mist rolled out, and for a moment countless people were worried and hurried, what should they do.

They were a bit helpless.

"I don't know if the Ancestor will be able to survive this calamity."

"Is there even one calamity for becoming immortal, and what should we do in the future?"

"Let's hope everything's okay."


They had to do this, and their minds were not complicated.

The Immortal Dao was also tough.

But the rewards were also great, and the way the light shone called many people envious.

Very much looking forward to it.

If people like themselves could also become immortal one day, that would be enough.

Right now.

Jiang Kou had felt a terrifying force gathering in the thunderclouds, while there was also infinite power slowly surging in.

In addition to this, Jiang Kou also clearly felt that this heaven and earth was constantly rejecting him, even suppressing his cultivation.

It was enough to see that his time was getting shorter and shorter, there wasn't much left, and it was very likely that he, Jiang Gu, wouldn't have much power to call upon afterwards.


He needed to hurry up, he needed to get through the lightning tribulation as soon as possible.


Isn't that for today?

"This side of the world has gradually stopped sending me away, and I can feel the terrifying atmosphere continuing to sweep in."

Jiang Ji frowned, "The thunderstorm is still brewing, I don't know how strong the power is, can this precious armor of mine really carry it?"

He wasn't so sure.

Maybe the precious armor he had prepared wasn't even good enough, and Jiang was a little worried about that.

Still quite scared.

The Immortalization Tribulation was beginning, and only after this Human Immortalization Tribulation was completely accomplished would one truly gain something.

As Jiang Ke was continuing to wait, those in the Dao Sect were also waiting.

"Will Ancestral Master be able to survive this lightning tribulation?"

"I don't know, I've heard that there is a thunderstorm that occurs when one becomes an immortal, this is the most difficult level."

"After becoming an immortal, you'll be able to escape the current level of life and get out of the current situation, maybe even ascend to the upper realm."


The hearts were not strange.

This might be the true helplessness.

Heaven and earth are forbidden.

Jiang Ji sighed grudgingly, "To think that I, Jiang Someone, am at least a strong person, it is also beneficial to this heaven and earth, but now it is trying to drive me away."

Bitter smile.

He was ten thousand times helpless.

Although he, Jiang Someone, kept collecting foreign fires and drawing on the world's origin power, he thought that he had been doing a good thing.

Promoting the development of the Immortal Dao was even better than promoting the continued reproduction of Dou Qi, which had already reproduced to a pinnacle in the Dou Qi Continent.

But the Immortal Dao had only just begun.

And because of this, it was also beneficial to the development of the world, and the world should be thankful for itself.

But now it seemed that this world was too rejecting to itself, and a cultivator of the Human Immortal Realm, he might be finished in the next moment.

"Heaven and earth are forbidding, it's really ruthless, it's a good thing this side of the world doesn't have a Heavenly Dao, otherwise I, Jiang Someone, might be even worse."

Jiang Ji smiled bitterly, "Cultivation is difficult, becoming a Dao is even more difficult, the thunderstorm is coming, this should be the test of that Underworld Dao, I don't know how it came across the countless world barriers."

This was rather timid, causing Jiang Ji to secretly speculate.

As expected.

The underworld had its own destiny.

He, Jiang Someone, was really quite helpless and depressed.

He was wearing his precious armor and waiting quietly.

Perhaps the longer the lightning tribulation brewed, the more powerful it would be.

Jiang Jiang chanted, "I don't know how long we have to wait, but if possible, perhaps..."

He can take the initiative?

But, I'm inexperienced, what if the initiative doesn't work.

What to do.

He couldn't help but feel bitter, "Alas, not having a master to guide me is just poor ah, otherwise I could have relied on the experience of my predecessors to do things.

But now, I don't have half the experience to face this supreme thunderstorm, and I don't have half the power to counteract it, so what can I do?"

He felt helpless.

It was so depressing that his mind was a bit helpless.

It was just that the thunderclouds in the sky were still continuing to brew, and there was no telling when they would be finished.

What if....?

At this time, Xiao Yan, who was below, flew up, his figure shifting, his body mana gushing out.

The same light was flowing around his body, "Master, do you want me to help resist this thunderstorm as well?"

Maybe it can divide the pressure and relieve a little pressure.

Jiang Ji's eyebrows raised and said calmly, "There is no harm, your master I should be able to resist, this pressure is great, but this is my thunder calamity, after all, it is a calamity I should be able to handle, if you resist it for me then I will not be an immortal.

You might even be able to double the power of Sister Lei, and then you will be the one who has truly screwed your master me."

It's hard to say about such things as thunderstorms.

Therefore, he felt a bit unjustified, so he continued, "Alright, go down first, just wait for my master to break through, there is no need to be so nervous."

Xiao Yan: "........"


He was slightly stunned, "Fine, whatever Master says is fine, but if you need anything, Master, I won't be excused."

"Don't worry."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "I have many means to save my life, a trivial matter is not enough to worry about."

The lightning tribulation was just that.

It was all fluff.

So it didn't matter, with his precious armor, he could definitely insulate most of the lightning.

Together with the defensive power of the treasure armor itself, it could definitely defend against most of the thunderstorm power.

Jiang Mo was very satisfied, "By the end of the day, the power of the thunderstorm will be almost depleted, so I will be able to resist it.

But now there is also a problem in front of me, if I survive the thunder tribulation, do I have to ascend immediately.

Or do I have to leave immediately, or else I'll really have to ascend to another world.

But I can't go, I still want to go back to the Green Xuan Continent and take a look.

To see the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, to see that Eastern Land..."

So he had to leave.

Can't stay too much, or he doesn't have the chance to stay.

Because this world was very repulsive to him, and after he became an immortal, he might be completely repulsive, right?

"Forget it, don't think about that."

Jiang Mo faintly said, "Let's just get through this tribulation first."

If the thunder tribulation couldn't be passed, anything he said would be a lie, he could at most use the Vajra Bracelets to fly away and break open that endless space-time and go away.

However, he didn't know if this method was useful.

It was also hard to say whether or not the Vajra Bracelets would be able to evade the tracking of the lightning tribulation, after all, this kind of thing was mysterious.

Jiang Mo could only smile bitterly.

Heaven and earth forbid him, it was as if he was all alone.

At this time, the black thunderclouds had begun to coalesce and finish, terrifying as if they had some sort of magic power.

It was so thick.


The great power was still rolling, and for a moment there was terrifying power tumbling out and rolling on.

"It's coming."

Jiang Ji muttered to himself, "The long-brewing thunder tribulation is finally coming, I just don't know which type of thunder tribulation it is."

According to legends, there were several types of thunder tribulation, but that was just a legend.

He didn't know exactly how, but he only felt a sudden feeling of black clouds bearing down on the city.


"White electric snakes stalked and power rolled up."

Jiang Mo locked his eyebrows, "Success or failure is at stake, according to my understanding, this thunderstorm is legendary..."

Before Jiang Lack's mumbled words were finished, he had already felt the terrifying power hitting.


With a flash of golden light on his body, he suddenly drew back up in height and directly met that thunderstorm.

"Come on, let me, Jiang Someone, see how powerful you really are."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "The power of human immortal tribulation and thunder is really terrifying as hell, but I am not afraid."

He still had endless means and countless cards, and his strength was extraordinary.

So he wasn't afraid at all.

A body of strength was terrifying, and the mana was as powerful as a gale, and those people from the Dao Sect below saw it and looked away.

So the Heavenly Might was so terrifying ah.


They were surprised.

If they waited until they cultivated to become immortal....


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