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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1026 - Human Immortal Realm (Seeking Subscription)

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The Human Immortal was a cultivation realm above the Hopeful Realm, but also a huge watershed.

Once one became a Human Immortal, it meant transforming into an Immortal, no longer an ordinary person.

Now, Jiang Ji was about to break through this realm.

It was just that it wasn't easy to break through this realm, so he had to make full preparations.

A year passed.

This day.

After Jiang Chi refined those origin power negatives in his body, his entire aura also began to climb to a terrifying peak.

This was by no means an ordinary realm.


As his terrifying aura struck the peak, Jiang Guiao secretly said, "It's also time to break through, give me a breakthrough!"

After he let out a low cry, the Ninth Daoist Skill began to operate to its maximum, running wildly.

In the blink of an eye, the momentum was great.

And in this instant, the entire Dao Sect felt Jiang Jian's terrifying breath.

It was truly terrifying.

Calling people horrified for a few minutes, it was as if this Qi was about to turn into substance, as if it was about to condense into a rope at any moment.

"Chi Chi!"

Suddenly, a mutation occurred.

A seven-colored interlocking pillar of light was actually created out of nowhere in the sky, and divine light spilled out and flowed on it.

The splendid divine might crumbled down, mighty as a sword, crushing many people up and down the Dao Sect in amazement.

So they were actually this weak.

It was only now that they suddenly came back to their senses and realized that the place where the vision had been created was over the secret room where Jiang Di was closed.

The colorful pillars of light didn't weaken in the slightest, as if there was a terrifying force sweeping through the underworld.

It also seemed as if something was gathering in the depths of the sea of clouds, as if something terrifying was brewing.

Inside the Dao Sect's secret room.

Jiang Jiang closed his eyes slightly and looked indifferent, "It's already begun, I need to hurry up with my breakthrough."

He had already refined those origin forces, but it would take some effort to fully transform them into the cultivation realm.

But it was soon.

The long wait of several years had finally given those on the Dao Sect hope that they would be invincible in the future.

The cultivation still continued.

The waiting also continued for those on the Dao Sect, they looked nervous and not calm, "Can we break through?"

Or can you become immortal?

And how about the Immortal's success?

They needed an experience to learn from, so they all looked forward to the fact that perhaps this ancestor of theirs could create a miracle.

Whether a miracle was possible or not Jiang Xiao didn't know, he just knew that that Human Immortal Realm should be coming true.

The sense of the underworld shouldn't be wrong.

Becoming Immortal!

The idea of several lifetimes is finally becoming a reality.

How hard is it for a mortal to become immortal?

Anyway, without the Vajra Bracelets, without the World Origin pushing, it should be hopeless for him to become an immortal in this life.

It was that hard.

Now he was going to become an immortal and become that supreme general existence.

Naturally, he was excited and very happy, "I can't imagine that I, Jiang Hou, will become an immortal in the Dou Qi Continent, and when I return to the Qing Xuan Continent, I'll definitely make that Hao Ran Immortal Clan guy all confused."

On the surface, he cultivated for just a few years, the least amount of time.

However, he was able to become an immortal.

Even the mysterious and inscrutable Hao Ran Immortal Sect's sect master was only at most at the merging realm.

By no means could he be a true human immortal.

Otherwise, that Hao Ran Immortal Sect would have been famous in the Eastern Lands long ago.

It wouldn't have come to such a result now.

To Jiang Ji, an immortal was an immortal, a supreme ordinary existence.

To cultivate Immortal among Immortals was to become a human being.

"After countless years of cultivation, tossing and turning countless worlds, plundering that endless resources, I finally have the chance to break through to Immortality today."

Jiang Ji muttered, "Having looked forward to it countless times, having yearned for it countless times, my Yan Casting Immortal Foundation, this time finally begins to undergo a transformation."

He could clearly sense that the true essence mana in his body was undergoing a fundamental transformation within his body and was continuously sweeping his body to begin metamorphosis.

This metamorphosis was a metamorphosis of the body.

But it was also a metamorphosis of the soul, a metamorphosis of the level of life, and naturally the strength was different for different levels.

However, this kind of metamorphosis was difficult.

Like a normal world metamorphosis, sometimes it was a metamorphosis to change the DNA.

So it would appear extraordinarily unusual.

Jiang Mo locked his eyebrows, "This kind of metamorphosis has already started, but the speed is not fast enough, if we wait for its complete metamorphosis to complete, we don't know how long we will have to wait."

This was probably the only thing he felt bad about.

But he had no other way to speed it up, after all, metamorphosis into immortality was a field he didn't understand.

There was no way to even know what would happen.

Jiang Gou's gaze was strange, all he could do now was to quietly wait until the transformation of his life level was complete and he would go along with becoming an immortal.

The exact length of time it would take was unclear to him, and even less so to him.

Even Jiang Chi himself only knew only a few words about it from some ancient books.

The rest of the situation was not known.

It was just more powerful than the combined Dao Realm anyway.

In the Dao Sect.

Countless immortal cultivators were quietly waiting, and the vision in the Nine Heavens Void had yet to disappear.

There was no telling when it would subside.

The sea of clouds was changing.

This wait was an endless period of time, half a year long.

It was because of this half a year that it led to a terrifying phenomenon, they were like ants on that hot pan, scorching for a full half a year.

The party in question, Jiang Chi himself, was still in the chamber, and it was even more as if nothing had happened.

He couldn't see what was going on outside anyway, and it didn't have much to do with him, Jiang.

It was because of all these circumstances, so he was downright calm and unruffled.

The sky and earth collapsing had nothing to do with him either.

At this juncture of becoming an immortal, what he was concerned about was whether and when he could become an immortal.

What was an immortal?

Jiang Xiao began to think wildly about whether he should do something after becoming an immortal.

If he were the only immortal in the world, he would definitely have to do something.

But the reality might not be as good as he thought, and there were infinite possibilities in the future.

During these half a year, Jiang Jiang gradually felt the change of transformation in himself, it was a different kind of merging state from the previous one.


After seeing this, he couldn't help but secretly say, "It's really good to cultivate immortality, it looks like my metamorphosis is coming to an end, I can feel my strength now."

It was a terrifying power.

As if it was about to crush over at any moment, it looked quite unusual.

The momentum of one's body was also soaring, as if it could reach the peak in an instant, truly calling out to the people to be stunned.

"Human Immortal Realm, success!"

There is no imagined earth gushing golden lotus, nor even the legendary three flowers gathering on top, nor yet the state of the curl of immortal sound.

Everything appeared to be extremely calm.

It was as if nothing was wrong.

The cultivation had begun, and Xiao Yan and the others realized that Jiang Xiao was about to become an immortal.

Or rather, he was already at the critical moment of becoming immortal.

However, becoming an immortal was only the beginning of the immortal path, a new starting point, a brand new path.

The future path of immortality was unlimited, and he might have just stepped into the threshold.

Xiao Yan and the others were waiting.

Would that final moment appear, perhaps there would be unexpected results as well.


The vision was so extraordinary that the heavens and the earth changed, and in a moment the light was so brilliant that it was as if a golden coat had descended from the sky.

The light shone everywhere, calling people to be happy.

Jiang Ji was very happy and secretly said, "The realm of human immortality, I'm finally going to become one, hahaha."

Countless years of anticipation, countless years of waiting, he, Jiang Gu, was finally going to become an immortal.

Even if it was a Human Immortal.

This was really rare.


The body was suddenly as if it had exploded, and terrifying power surged up, while Jiang Lack's body also began to radiate a terrifying light .

His metamorphosis had reached a new level, he was already a human immortal.

Now it was not quite the same as before.

Previously, he, Jiang Chi, was an immortal, but now he was an immortal, an existence different from that of an immortal.

Karma had become immortal.

The future Dao of Immortality had been established, which was a joy to celebrate.

Even Jiang Chi himself didn't expect that the speed at which he became an immortal would be much faster than expected.

The realm of Human Immortality.

Such a powerful realm gave him tremendous power, if he could kill a single Merging Realm Immortal with a single punch in the past, he could now easily take care of hundreds of Merging Realm Immortals with ease.

It was definitely different.

Becoming Immortal.

A time of nine celestial immortal sounds curling up, celestial maidens scattering flowers, and endless exotic fragrances accompanying the endless visions that came.

It was as if it was also endless, calling people a bit surprised, "I've become immortal, I've finally become immortal, hahaha!"

The sound of Jiang Jian's laughter rang out on the Dao Sect, and no one went to accuse or complain, instead they were all envious.

After becoming an immortal, one basically possessed an infinite lifespan, which was definitely something to be envied by a million people.

After all, the longer one lived, the more infinite possibilities one had.

Everyone wanted to live, especially those in cultivation, who held themselves to be different from ordinary people.

This was because ordinary people didn't have the chance to change their fate, at least not in the item of lifespan.

But cultivators are different, and immortals are even more different. Every time they break through a realm, they are able to gain a lot of longevity.

After becoming immortal it was even more infinite, this point did not need to be said, it could be sensed by itself.

Immortalization was truly extraordinary.

It was only when one was alive that one had a future, that one had endless possibilities.

If a cultivator couldn't even be alive, then it was a waste of cultivation.

And if one directly became a Human Immortal like Jiang Chi, they could have an endless lifespan.

At most, there would be no room for him in the Dou Qi Continent, but it would be possible to do so after winning the Dao and ascending.

With a happy face, a terrifying light suddenly emerged from Jiang Chi's hand and gently flicked towards the door of the chamber.

Immediately after.

The light dissipated and the door of the chamber was broken open.

Jiang Chi broke out, surrounded by a divine light, and suddenly rose up into the sky as well.


When the moment Jiang Lack appeared began, he emitted a terrifying aura as well.

At the same time.

A golden light shone as if it was plated with a layer of gold.

"Is this an Immortal?"

Numerous people were curiously different and were astonished in their hearts.

Surely the power of the Immortals was different.

The void was filled with visions, as if there was some kind of special power, causing countless people from the Dao Sect to kneel down.


This was truly powerful.

With such tactics, those in the Dao Sect also saw hope.

A hope of cultivating the Dao of Immortality.

For a long time to come, Jiang Gao would be their role model and the goal they were trying to achieve.

Jiang was also satisfied with this, and it was not easy to become someone's idol.

"Ancestral Master has become immortal, he's too powerful, just a little light shining on me, I can feel Ancestral Master's power."

"I don't know if Ancestral Master will ascend."


For a while, the entire Dao Sect was boiling with people and was still talking to each other.

At this time.

But Jiang Gou's eyebrows furrowed, "Wait, did I forget something, what about the lightning tribulation of becoming an immortal?"

Where did it go?

Or not at all.


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