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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1025 - Preparing for a Breakthrough (Seeking Subscriptions)

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This day.

On the Dao Sect, Jiang Ji suddenly announced again, "I have had an epiphany, and now with a feeling, the tunnel has decided to close the door and break through to immortality, henceforth the Dao Sect will be completely handed over to Xiao Yan to preside over, I hope everyone will work hard to cultivate!"

After saying this, Jiang Chi's mind moved, his True Yuan mana stirred, and his body also flashed with golden light around him, wrapping him up and disappearing into the Dao Sect's secret room.

Leaving the entire Dao Sect in disgrace, what was due had indeed come.

Jiang Ji closed the door and wanted to become immortal.

The Dao Sect was naturally idle, and countless people booed up.

The once powerful man had closed the door, what should their Dao Sect do from now on.

Jiang Chi began to not enter the secret room to continue cultivating, only to become an immortal and become an ancestor to be king.

"The Ancestor is closed."

"Let's try to cultivate as well, maybe we can also produce something fast and become an immortal."

"Let's cultivate, maybe there's a chance to get help from the Ancestor."


Numerous Daoists set off a cultivation frenzy, and strange lights flickered up and flowed.

It flickered up and down for a moment, each going to their respective chambers to cultivate the Dao of Immortality.

Whether it was divine magic or comprehending the Dao, but all of them were constantly trying to cultivate it.

To them, Jiang Xiao was like a fuse that instantly ignited the cultivation trend.

Cultivation became mainstream.

In the Dao Sect.

Ordinary these people were constantly cultivating, constantly refining the spiritual energy of the world.

It was as if they were about to cultivate a supreme divine power in a moment.

It was so unpleasant to call people.

Looking strange, Jiang Chi's face wasn't calm, he was cold as color, "Cultivation, it has reached the most crucial moment."

He knew that even in the Green Xuan Continent, it was incomparably difficult to achieve the dignity of a Human Immortal.

Thus most of the cultivators were only hovering at the peak state of the Merging Realm, Human Immortals were, after all, Immortals, and even the lowest level of Immortals were by no means comparable to ordinary cultivators.

This time was completely different from the previous kind of cultivation.

At the same time, it was also a metamorphosis of a living being at the very beginning.

Immortal cultivators would be different from now on, whether they became immortals or gods, they were merely the beginning of a metamorphosis.

Or rather, on the path of metamorphosis.

Jiang Jiang was silent, secretly saying, "With my current Dao Merging Realm Great Perfection cultivation, it might be a bit difficult for me to break through to Immortality and undergo a metamorphosis by comprehending the Great Dao and other means.

Fortunately, in order to collect foreign fires earlier, I obtained quite a bit of World Origin Power as a result.

And relying on this origin power, I would be able to pile my cultivation up to the Human Immortal realm in the dumbest way possible."

This was probably for the best.

He wouldn't be able to comprehend anything anyway, and he relied on piling up all his cultivation.

Only by constantly piling it up, a body of strength would have all these benefits now.

"However, although I can use this earthly method to raise my cultivation, it still takes some time to do so."

Jiang Chi locked his eyebrows, "And it also requires a certain amount of preparation, the highest bearable limit in this Dou Qi Continent is probably just a Human Immortal."

What if he, Jiang Chi, caused the world to collapse after breaking through to a Human Immortal, after all, he had extracted quite a few world origins before.

It was possible that the world was going to collapse.

This had to be guarded against.

Inside the secret room of the Dao Sect, Jiang Xiao did not start the breakthrough at the first time after announcing his closed-door breakthrough, but prepared for what might happen after the breakthrough.

He had quite a few treasures.

Among them, the Evil Sword and the Immortal Binding Rope were both rare magic treasures, and they were not normally used under normal circumstances.

"But before breaking through, I should incorporate some of the resources I obtained in the Dou Qi Continent into the Evil Sword and the Binding Rope to enhance the grade of these two great treasures."

Having previously scavenged many great sects in Central State, as well as the Ancient Eight Clans that had existed in the Dou Qi Continent for many years.

Jiang lacked access to endless resources.

Naturally, some of them were good, so he planned to incorporate them into two magic treasures.

"In addition, I also need to create a set of treasure armor that might attract a thunderstorm after I break through to the Human Immortal realm."

Even in the Dou Qi Continent, he was extremely worried.

When a mortal became an immortal, he would definitely be robbed.

One must not become an immortal without a robbery.

"Being prepared is better than anything."

Jiang Jiang thought silently, "Anyway, I have obtained quite a few resources in the Dou Qi Continent, so let's first raise the grade of the Evil Sword and Binding Immortal Rope."

Maybe these two magic treasures would be useful at a critical moment.

The treasure armor was only meant to resist the lightning tribulation that might occur after breaking through to the Human Immortal realm, in case it descended, it could also resist a bit.

It was only a disposable consumable, and it only needed to be strong enough for Jiang Kou.

A great defense was the most important thing, that was the only way to gain endless benefits.

Jiang Mo looked calm, his level of refinement wasn't good, but it was still just barely enough.

Incorporating some integral materials into the Evil Sword, it took him a full year to completely raise the Evil Sword by one grade.

Followed by.

He used another year to raise the Binding Immortal Rope by one grade before he was secretly relieved.

The materials consumed were also an astronomical amount, and several Qiankun bags and Nascent Rings were empty.

Rather, it was worth it to relieve a lot of burden for Jiang Liao and at the same time, after all, after the materials were consumed, the power of both of his magic treasures would be raised by one level.

"It's time to start creating a set of treasure armor."

This day.

After Jiang Ji put away the Evil Sword and the Immortal Binding Rope, he secretly said, "The treasure armor doesn't need to be durable, it just needs to be able to hold most of the power for me when the thunder tribulation blasts on it.

Based on the uniqueness of the lightning tribulation, so the armor I'm going to build should have a certain amount of insulation and non-conductivity.

The lightning tribulation itself is thunder, it's thunder that has electricity, so if I can completely insulate the current outside the armor, and I hide inside the armor wouldn't I not be hit."

This was a good idea, and the idea was also clear, that was to use the principle of conductive and non-conductive electricity.

If the treasure armor was set in a metallic state, it must be conductive, and even if it had some defensive properties, it would itself be extremely dangerous.

After all, if the current is too high, the human body will always be injured.

Wouldn't it be different if it was designed to be insulating, non-conductive kind.

"I'm a genius."

Jiang Xiao secretly thought in his heart, "No one has probably refined weapons like this before, and I don't know what the end result will be."

Either way, Jiang Kou decided to give it a good try.

Perhaps there would be unexpected rewards when the time came, a treasure armor would be too simple to become an immortal if it could block most of the power of the thunderstorm for him.

Jiang Kou continued to prepare.

It didn't take too long to break through, but the preparation must take a long time, and he needed to patiently mull it over.

That way there was a chance of minimizing the danger.


An insulating treasure armor required too much energy, so he spent a full three years designing and refining it.

It was eventually completed successfully.


This time had already passed five years.

"I don't have much time left."

After creating the treasure armor, Jiang Chi frowned, "Five years of using up most of the resources to finally make a treasure armor with excellent insulation, this time I can break through without any worries."

A real breakthrough wouldn't take long, that was for sure.

The legendary realm wasn't hard to touch the threshold either, "According to my design, the treasure armor should be able to withstand most of the thunderstorms, and then I'll be able to break through to the Human Immortal."

Although he wasn't sure if a thunder tribulation would actually occur or not, nor was he entirely sure if it would come, it was always good to be prepared.

For the past five years, those people from the Dao Sect would never have thought that Jiang Xiao was all about preparation.

Whether it was the precious armor, the evil sword or the Immortal Binding Rope, it might be able to save his life at the last minute.

It was good to become an immortal, but the risk of becoming an immortal was too great, and something might go wrong.

Inside the secret room of the Dao Sect.

With a wave of his hand, Jiang Jiang pocketed the shimmering golden armor inside the Vajra Bracelet, his body's true essence mana tumbling and sweeping.

He quietly said to himself, "Everything is ready, the next step is to see if the fate of the heavens is made, whether or not we will be able to break through to the realm of Human Immortality."

Whether it was becoming an immortal, whether it should be a breakthrough failure, it all depended on this one chance.

Honestly speaking, Jiang Qian was still a bit nervous, in case he failed, his reputation of Jiang someone would be ruined.

The most important thing was that if those people in the Dao Sect couldn't see hope, it would be miserable then.

After all, the Immortal Dao was a brand new path that needed to be practiced.

And without a doubt, he, Jiang Lacking Jiang Someone, was a practitioner and only he would have a chance to break through.

Xiao Yan was waiting.

The people up and down the Dao Sect were similarly waiting, and if they could wait for a good opportunity, they might be able to see Jiang Lack ascend in daylight.

"I don't know when Master will be able to successfully break through, I'm really a bit worried."

Xiao Yan muttered to himself, "After all, how can becoming an immortal be that simple, and it is definitely not just a few words to say.

I'm sure that Master's old man is also under tremendous pressure, and becoming an immortal is not just a matter of words.

In comparison, becoming an immortal is even more difficult than becoming land.

So he must be a bit helpless and depressed in his heart as well, I hope Master can cheer up."

That was all he could think.

In the Dao Sect.

Many old people were equally worried in their hearts, and it had already been five years.

Waiting was most difficult.

Waiting was actually torment.

"Ancestral Master must be fine, he's an old man of profound fortune, how could anything be wrong."

"Yes, yes, he's peerless, he must be very domineering, it's not like he can be compared to ordinary people."


Numerous people spoke up one by one, all hoping that Jiang Lack would get better quickly.

Now they were only looking forward to the day when Jiang Liao would become an immortal as soon as possible, that would also be much less stressful.


They probably didn't expect that in the past five years, Jiang Lack had merely been preparing.

Five years had passed.

He was only just getting ready, and the rest of the time he still needed to adjust his own state, as well as his mindset.

The origin force used for the breakthrough he had prepared long ago instead, and had always existed within the vajra bracelet.

"Ninth Grade Dao Power, circulate it."

Previously, Jiang Chi had already raised the grade of the Nine Pieces Dao Gong to the Human Immortal realm, and now was the time to circulate the Dao Gong.

The Nine-Pin Dao Gong was rapidly running, and Jiang Ji nodded his head in satisfaction, "The Dao Gong grade has reached the realm of Human Immortal, now all that's missing is a cultivation."

It was a bit hard to say when he would be able to raise his cultivation up.

Whether or not even the Origin Force could actually push him to the Human Immortal realm, Jiang Kou himself couldn't say.

After all, a Human Immortal was also an Immortal and a supreme existence ah.

Could the World Origin Force really be pushed like that?

He was also a bit unsure.

There wasn't much thought in his mind, and he also frowned secretly, "If I can't push it up I'll be miserable for Jiang someone."

How could this be.

After pondering over it for a while, Jiang Jian finally decided to practice and try to break through first.

"In case my Jiang someone's talent makes it so, and luck is against the sky, it might be possible that I really break through."

Jiang Xiao secretly said, "After all, such things as breakthroughs also need to depend on luck, and it might not be possible to block it when luck comes."


Anyway, he, Jiang Hou, felt that he had always been very lucky.


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