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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1024 - Daoist Immortal Ancestor (Seeking Subscription)

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Dao Sect.

It had been a year since Jiang Xiao had returned from the Ancient Clan, and many great events had happened in that year.

There was the resurgence of the Xiao Clan, the great marriage between Xiao Yan and Gu Kaoru, and even the attachment of the Ancient Clan.

Even nowadays, most of the ancient clan had changed to cultivating Immortal Dao techniques and had become part of the forces that the Dao Sect was in charge of.


The Dao Sect began to make rules and began to plan for the future.

Jiang Jian, on the other hand, sat in the Dao Sect and preached from time to time, and after a meeting and discussion between Xiao Yan and the rest of the Dao Sect's top officials, it was unanimously decided that Jiang Jian would be given a title.

It could also be regarded as recognition of him, Jiang Jian.

After all, there was no merit as well as hardship, and apart from him, Xiao Yan, the Dao Sect Sage, it was time to need another honorific title.

Previously, Jiang Chi had always felt that it didn't matter, as he, Jiang Someone, was number one in the world anyway, so he could take the title or not.

But Xiao Yan and the others did not think that way, the Dao Sect was the Dao Sect, and it was definitely different from other sects, families, and forces.

The honorific title that should be given must be there.

Otherwise, there would be no style, and this was something Xiao Yan had been quietly pushing for.

Jiang Xiao did not know.

In Xiao Yan's view, his own master was the founder of the Immortal Dao, or at least the founder of the Immortal Dao in the Dou Qi Continent.

Therefore, she should have a very domineering honorific name.

"Gentlemen, I am sure you all know how much my master, his old man, has contributed."

Xiao Yan said indifferently, "In the entire Dao Sect, even I do not dare to say that I have contributed first, but my master must be..."

Jiang Jiang was not only his Xiao Yan's master, but also the ancestral master of these many Dao Sect disciples.

Therefore, everyone was still very attentive to such things as having to give the ancestor master an honorific name.

After all, if there was one, there would be two.

Jiang Chi was in the front, he was the Ancestral Master, and in the future they would be in the back.

So there was a correspondence between the ancestor master and himself before and after.

This time it was no ancestor master's good, the other day it was for his own good.

Who doesn't want to have an honorific name.

Although Xiao Yan's title of saint was very neutral, it didn't look like that to the other senior members of the Dao Sect.

Everyone was truly envious.

"We all know that Ancestral Master's merits are infinite and should be ranked at the head of the Dao Sect."

"This discussion here is for us people to come up with a charter on how to give Ancestor Master a matching, yet catchy honorific title."

"That's right, now that the Dao Sect is on the right track, it's time to give Ancestral Master an honorific name."

"We're all fine with that, but I just don't know what your opinions are on what kind of honorific name should be given to the Ancestor?"

"Although the Ancestral Master is not interested in this matter, we who are the juniors naturally have to think well of the Ancestral Master, and this matter cannot be left undone."

"Nowadays, the Dao Sect is so powerful that it has made a series of rules out to make this world a better place, and the Ancestor is the greatest of all, so I would like to propose that we give the Ancestor the honorific title of Dao Sect Ancestor, what do you all think?"


After a discussion among the crowd, he heard Xiao Yan frown slightly as he said, "Is this honorific not too catchy."

Dao Ancestor.

Jiang Xiao was already a Dao Ancestor, so there was no need to emphasize it at all.

"Other honorifics, what if what we come up with is different from what Ancestor Ancestor thought, or even if he doesn't like it?"

"Yeah, that seems to be a bit of a problem as well, what to do about it."

"How about this one, it's not very catchy, but it's okay."

"Agreed, I think it's okay too."

"Indeed it can be used, this honorific name is not as catchy as the others, but it's a moderate one, so it won't be too much of a mistake."

These people said left and right, and it was only when it came to the actual implementation that it dawned on them that it was so difficult.

Xiao Yan was somewhat hesitant at the words, he carefully thought about it once, but he could not come up with a good honorific name to use.

After deliberating for half a day, he then had no choice but to say, "Alright, let's use this Zun-name for Master first, and then change it if he is not satisfied."

"That's the only way."

The others exchanged opinions, at least for now none of them had a perfect method to solve the problem.

Therefore, it might only be feasible to use this method.

Xiao Yan's face sank as he suddenly said, "Although Master his old man is not closed now, but if you all have any cultivation questions to ask, you might want to hurry up a bit, I can sense that Master might be closing his doors for cultivation soon, and he might have to become an immortal once he is out of the gate."

Jiang Ji was so powerful he didn't doubt it, the reason why he hadn't closed the door for a breakthrough in the past year was probably to give the Dao Sect a seat in case of an attack by a curfew.

Such thoughts were indeed good.

But as the Dao Sect grew stronger, he sensed that the day was drawing nearer for Jiang Chi to make a closed-door breakthrough.

It seemed to be coming in the not too distant future.

"Don't worry, we're ready for it, this is Ancestral Master's chance and the creation he deserves."

"Many years Nu is finally going to become immortal, we should all congratulate him, and Ancestral Master's becoming immortal is also a good start for the Dao Sect."

"Countless years of painstaking cultivation has finally borne fruit, I hope everything goes well."

Jiang Chi was their Ancestor Master, and at the same time, the guiding light on their path of immortal cultivation.

They didn't know how the future path would be, so they would have to look to Jiang Yao to know how to proceed.

This unstoppable existence would definitely reap great rewards when the time came, and it would definitely be a great reward for them all.

For a time.

The entire Dao Sect's council hall fell quiet, and the crowd was delighted.

Perhaps they could all gain great benefits, since the Dao Sect had been created, it had adhered to the affairs of the Dou Qi Continent.

It was like a cultivation dynasty that ruled over this continent, but it was not quite like an ordinary dynasty.

They only set some of the most basic rules and did not participate in the specific management.

Whether it was a monk or an ordinary person, they all had to abide by them, or else a Daoist deacon would step in and bring them to justice.

Or report up and send out some stronger ones.

In this way, the Dao Sect would have mastered the rules of the entire Dou Qi Continent and become the top man.

Today, this plan was still going on in an orderly manner and was still being carried out.

Xiao Yan saw it very clearly, but he did not say anything, and after the meeting decided he went to Jiang Lack to report the results.

Dao Sect Back Mountain.

Xiao Yan frowned and said, "Master, we have already discussed and given you a distinguished name."

"What honorific name?"

Jiang Ji sat on his knees, surprised, and did not raise his head or open his eyes, as if he had nothing to do with it.

He cleared the breeze and everything was quiet and peaceful and natural, as if the sky had fallen in waves.

It was as if the world around him had merged into one, as if it had coalesced into one.

Power swept and rolled like a cloud.

For a time like a gale, every move he made seemed to come with supreme power.

One was appalled.

At this time, Jiang Jiang continued, "Tell me, at any rate, it's a piece of your heart."

"Daoist Immortal Ancestor!"

Xiao Yan said rather embarrassedly, "In the end, everyone unanimously decided to call the Daoist Immortal Ancestor, although it really wasn't too pleasant."

Jiang Xiao: "........"

Middle Two.

A different look twitched, and he whirled around, "Suit yourselves, anyway, it won't be long before this seat closes up and continues to break through, and there's not much time left to stay in this world, you need to prepare yourself."

"Master, are you about to break through already?" Xiao Yan asked curiously.

But Jiang Xiao shook his head and said, "It is not that it is about to break through, but it is already suppressing the speed of the breakthrough, otherwise do you think that this seat is sitting here watching the scenery?"


Xiao Yan was a bit embarrassed at the news, but he could only say, "Master, nowadays my cultivation is not enough to support the entire Dao Sect, should I not slow down my breakthrough?"

He felt that he wasn't invincible enough to overwhelm the entire Dou Qi Continent, so he also wanted Jiang to sit for a while longer.

But he was afraid.

Afraid that Jiang Liao wouldn't agree.

As expected.

Jiang Chi shook his head and sighed, "It's not that this seat doesn't want to agree, it's just that there's not much time left, even if I deliberately try to suppress it, I won't be able to suppress it for much longer, you still need to work on your own cultivation, so get ready early."

Now Xiao Yan was at a loss.

He looked bitter, "Master, isn't there any other way?"

"Are you boys trying to keep me from flying for the rest of my life?"

Jiang Gou didn't have a good temper: "What else can I cultivate if I don't become an immortal, and what else can I cultivate if I don't become a Dao?"

Wouldn't everything that he did have no meaning.

So he wanted to continue to cultivate immortality, to continue to cultivate, to become an immortal is his wish, is also his JiangShi person's ideal.

So becoming immortal was one of his current goals, and no matter how much he suppressed it, he would only be able to manage for a few years at most.

Time is running out.

The reasoning Xiao Yan naturally understood, and could even be said to understand very well, but he was unable to say it directly.

Let his own master not become immortal and sit in the Dao Sect forever and ever?

Let alone whether or not it was feasible, and even if it was, there was no other possibility in this matter.

Jiang Xiao said indifferently, his mind becoming calm enough, while Xiao Yan felt that he probably did not have much time left.

Perhaps, he should also work on his cultivation, otherwise where else would he have a chance to break through.

Once Jiang Lack really left, he, Xiao Yan, would not be that important in the Dou Qi Continent, and there might still be chaos because he could not suppress those people from the Dao Sect.

But he was definitely not an ordinary person, he, Xiao Yan, was also a person with aspirations and confidence, he must make a difference and achieve something.

Therefore, Xiao Yan had a plan in his heart, "I also have to work hard to cultivate in order to achieve an early breakthrough than anything else."

He understood this very well in his heart.


Xiao Yan continued, "Master, don't worry, I will definitely try my best to cultivate."


Jiang Guiao nodded, "Good life cultivation breakthrough, I can still sit in the Dao Sect these days, if it takes a while after that, it is hard to say that I will have to go to the closed door to breakthrough.

This world is really becoming more and more repulsive to me, so I'll have to make a breakthrough."

As his cultivation became more and more profound, the true essence mana in his body became thicker and thicker as time gradually passed away.

At the same time, this world was becoming more and more repulsive to him.

Because of this, he was very unhappy, and he, Jiang Someone, also wanted to rest a bit more, and also wanted to become an immortal and a Buddha.

But there were some things that couldn't be done just by thinking about it, and he had no way to counteract the repulsive power of the heavens and earth, so he could only find a way to leave.

Fortunately, he was already mentally prepared.

"Master, then I will go down first."

Xiao Yan let out a long sigh, "This journey of the Dou Qi Continent is considered finished by Master, but what about me?

I, Xiao Yan, am also a traveler ah, but I am far from my master."

He was looking forward to the day of becoming a Daoist, as well as becoming a Xiantian and going back to the great world.

"Perhaps, that is what I should do." Xiao Yan muttered to himself.

Three days later.

A major event had occurred in the Dao Sect.


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