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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1022 - This Is the End (Seeking Subscriptions, More)

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Gu Yuan might never have dreamed that he would be facing an incomparably terrifying existence.

At the same time, it was also an existence that he could not provoke.

Jiang Qiao's strength was transcendent, so how could it be something that they, the Ancient Clan, could deal with.

He was too strong.

So strong that they couldn't rise to the slightest mood.

It was because of this that Gu Yuan had allowed Jiang Xiao and Xiao Yan to leave the Ancient Realm.

He knew that they could only have some peace if these two plague-like people left.

Otherwise, they would not be able to rest in peace.

If not, would Gu Yuan be so easy to talk to?

It was afraid that he would have to fight at the drop of a hat.

Plus, in order to maintain his majesty and to ensure the Ancient Clan's face, he had to come out and say something tough.

But now that Jiang Chi was acting like he wasn't afraid of him, it made him feel like he was riding a tiger.

It was as if he was stuck there and didn't dare to just do it.

He was still a little afraid that if this man were to wipe out the entire Ancient Clan in a fit of rage, he, Gu Yuan, would be the sinner of the Ancient Clan.

An ancient sinner.

That was not a good match.

Gu Yuan also had no bottom in his heart, and he was also a little too scared to tighten up, "I hope everything is normal, otherwise it will be difficult for my Ancient Clan to get through this."

He wasn't aware of Jiang Chi's temper, nor did he understand what Jiang Chi's ultimate goal was this time.

Therefore, Gu Yuan continued, "Xiao Yan, I don't care what you and your master have come to do this time, but there is one thing you should remember, this is the Ancient Clan.

Our Ancient Clan does not welcome you, and Kaoru will not welcome you either, so if you know what to do, take that master of yours and leave, otherwise..."

"Or else what?"

Before Xiao Yan could answer, Jiang Qian was the first to speak with a cold gaze, "Gu Yuan, this seat is not afraid to tell you straightforwardly, this is not just to see your daughter, Gu Kaoru, this seat also has something to discuss with you."


The corner of Gu Yuan's mouth twitched and he looked unhappy, "What is it?"

"Previously, this throne had heard that there was a foreign fire in your Gu Yuan's hand, named Golden Emperor Burning Inferno."

Jiang Ji said with a smirk, "This seat is very thoughtful about foreign fires, it is said to be the inherited foreign fire of your ancient clan, ranked fourth on the list of foreign fires, claiming that it is a foreign fire that can burn even dou qi.

I don't know if what this seat said is false."

Naturally, there was no fake.

Gu Yuan: "........"

His heart twitched, and he secretly said, "You're incredibly clear, I'm afraid you did your homework before coming here."

Otherwise, how could you know so clearly.

Even the people of their ancient clan might not have such a clear understanding, even he, Gu Yuan, only understood some of it.

However, this guy in front of him, surnamed Jiang, actually knew it all better than him.

This time, once he said about the matter of the foreign fire, he would definitely not let up, "I'm just afraid that this is the true purpose of his coming."

He wanted the Different Fire.

Gu Yuan instantly knew what Jiang Qian was thinking, "This person must be interested in the inherited foreign fire of my ancient clan, otherwise he definitely wouldn't have come with such fanfare."

But the Exotic Fire was special, and it was an inheritance of his ancient clan, so how could he give it.

Immediately, he said, "My Ancient Clan does have a foreign fire, called the Golden Emperor Burning Inferno, and it is also true that it is ranked fourth on the list of foreign fires.

However, this foreign fire is the inherited foreign fire of my ancient clan and has been taken by Kaoru, so..."

"It doesn't matter."

Jiang Ji waved his hand, "I'm naturally bound to get the foreign fire, it's useless if you, Guru Yuan, don't agree, as for Guru Kaoru's side I'll compensate her.

Now I would like to ask if your Gu Yuan agrees to give the foreign fire to this seat?"


Where would Gu Yuan be willing to do that again, he gazed coldly, "You are strong, but not strong enough for me, Gu Yuan, to need to do that."


Jiang Chi slightly said, "So it seems that you have made your principle, but you will regret it, I promise."

Without waiting for Gu Yuan to speak, Jiang Chi continued, "I know that you must have many things you want to say in your heart, and I know that you must have countless thoughts.

However, this seat may as well tell you that the Golden Emperor Burning Inferno this seat must obtain, and although this matter is being discussed with you, you do not actually have any room for discussion."

After speaking.

His mighty aura crumbled down without any fear, with a domineering aura like that of the Eight Wastes.

Immediately, it crumbled down towards those people of the Ancient Clan like a storm.


Under the terrifying pressure, who would be able to carry it.

Even though they were great, they couldn't withstand Jiang Qian's supreme power crushing at the moment.

The might was infinite and truly awesome.

It was definitely not something ordinary people could compare to.

They probably didn't expect that Jiang Chi's mighty strength was as terrifying as this, with a means like this raging river.

How was the opponent.

It was only then that Gu Yuan suddenly realized that Jiang Chi really had this kind of brutal and tyrannical strength that could really crush their ancient clan.

And they didn't have any power to resist or fight back yet.


It's not asymmetrical at all.

What to do.

Jiang Xiao wanted the Ancient Clan's Golden Emperor Burning Inferno, and they had no chance to resist it.

"Gu Yuan, this seat gives you one more chance to organize your language, and the different fires will be taken whether you give it to this seat or not."

Jiang Ji continued, "In addition, this seat also wants most of your Ancient Clan's resource collection, which is also non-negotiable."

Ancient Clan: "........"

This time it's not just Gu Yuan who's furious, the entire ancient clan is furious, why should you be able to lionize them.

And they.

Got nothing.

Which line is this.

The cold gaze was like flint, and the endless killing intent was even more domineering.

It was gloomy.

As a result, the Ancient Clan crowd was furious.

"Kid, how dare you make such a demand on our Ancient Clan, do you want to die?"

"Seeing that you are young and have an imposing cultivation, I thought that you were just Xiao Yan's master, but you are half ignorant."

"Hehe, really think that our Ancient Clan is unjust, wanting a different fire and also wanting our Ancient Clan's collection, why don't you say that you actually want to kill us as well."

"What audacity, what ignorance, my Ancient Clan is not strong, but it's not an existence to be slaughtered either."


They were very reasonable, or at least both Jiang Chi himself and Gu Yuan felt that they were making a lot of sense.

It was true that he, Jiang Jiang, was oppressing the Ancient Clan, and it was also true that he didn't take them into consideration, and he didn't think that the Ancient Clan was considered a strong enemy.

In the face of the questions and rebukes, and even the angry curses from those Ancient Clans, Jiang Kang was calm as can be.

He said grudgingly, "In my many years of cultivation, I have never seen an Ancient Clan like you before."

After all, people had nurtured their pride for so many years, and had long held themselves high and proud.

So it was indeed the most normal phenomenon to not put Jiang Gu in their eyes.

However, he still didn't give up and still said to himself, "You ancient clans are self-possessed and arrogant, and since you all feel that this seat is not worthy of making conditions, then later this seat will see if you will still insist."

After speaking.

Jiang Mo's finger clicked, and Ben ruthlessly nudged towards a dying Dou Sheng in the ancient tribe.


In a moment there was a flash of golden light, and then a terrifying force was seen sweeping past.

The next moment.

A blood hole appeared in that old man's eyebrow, and he died beyond death.

A strong Dou Sheng, he died so completely without even the slightest resistance.


A Dou Sheng powerhouse died.

They probably never dreamed that this would be the outcome.

The shadow of death loomed over them for a moment, this was definitely something that had never happened before.


"A Dou Sheng, and it's gone like this?"

"Such terrifying power, how did he... how the hell did he cultivate it?"

"Also, isn't he afraid of killing in front of our ancient clan."

"What kind of an existence is he, let's kill."


Many people spoke one by one, and for some reason, they were actually a little scared.

If something happened, what would their ancient clan do.


If a Dou Sheng strong man died like this, was that like saying that if Jiang dealt with them, I'm afraid that the mere movement of someone's finger would be enough to behead them.

In that case, wouldn't all of them, the Ancient Clan disciples, be in danger.

Even Gu Yuan was horrified and horrified at the moment.

It was hard to stop.

But with the power of the sweeping force, who would be able to fight against it.

No one, it seemed.

Even Gu Yuan, who held his own extraordinary strength, looked ugly at the moment, "What do you mean?"

If he hadn't seen how powerful Jiang Lack was, he would have wanted to just disgrace him right now.

Unfortunately, he didn't dare.

Jiang Lack's terrifying power made him feel helpless, as if a huge mountain was crumbling down on him.

How was he an opponent.

"I'm just afraid that the entire Ancient Clan's hundreds of thousands of clansmen can hardly shake him a bit if they all fight together."

Gu Yuan was bitter in his heart, an old face ugly to the extreme, "He actually has such a terrifying power, how can our ancient clan be a match?"

The Ancient Clan is afraid that this time it's going to be difficult.

How will this hurdle be overcome?

He was a bit confused, and his face was getting darker and darker, and as the leader of the Ancient Clan, and as the decision maker of a large clan, he was starting to get cold sweat on his forehead right now.

It was also a bit scary.

In case Jiang Chi did something to him and ordered that many more, how many more of their ancient clan would be able to withstand it.

And would he, Gu Yuan, be able to withstand it?

These questions flashed through Gu Yuan's mind as he said, "Senior... Senior, you are highly powerful, it's not that bad, right?"

As reluctant as he was, he had to admit at this moment that Jiang Chi's strength was truly terrifying.

He also had to admit that the person in front of him was stronger than him, stronger than him, a peak 9-star Dou Sheng level.

Whether it was a Dou Di or not he didn't know, but Gu Yuan knew that Jiang Xiao must have the power to kill everyone in their ancient clan.

This power had to be acknowledged.

It was terrifying.

"What should we do?"

Gu Yuan was anxious in his heart, "Absolutely can't let him kill again, otherwise what right would our ancient clan have to live."

He was afraid.

Someone as strong as Jiang Chi had always had a strange temper.

He might just get annoyed with him, and if he did, these hundreds of thousands of people of the Ancient Clan might all die.

Perhaps, they could place their hopes on Xiao Yan.

However, he was just depressed when he thought of all the good cabbages in his family being arched away.

"Do we really have to rely on that brat to do it?"

Gu Yuan's heart was still a bit resistant, even if he was to give Jiang lack of foreign fire and most of the ancient clan's collection, even if he was to give him endless benefits, he didn't want to let anything happen to that cabbage of his own.

So Gu Yuan had no choice but to put his gaze back on Jiang Chi again, "Senior, I wonder what you need to do to spare my Ancient Clan?"

"Not one of those two conditions just now can be missing, so..."

Jiang Ji said grudgingly, "By the way, this disciple of mine, Xiao Yan, is now in control of the Dao Sect and is a Dao Sect Saint, a future great powerhouse, definitely worthy of your Gu Yuan's Thousand Gold, so this seat also plans to propose marriage to your Gu Clan on his behalf."

Ancient Yuan: "........"

I heard the words, but he almost lost his breath.


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