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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1021 - Gu Yuan (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Ancient Yuan.

One of the eight ancient clans, the head of the Ancient Clan, and also the father of Gu Kaoru, in addition to being a peak nine-star Dou Sheng.

He was the helmsman of the Ancient Clan.

He naturally knew everything that happened in the Ancient Clan, and he was a little confused as to when such a strong person had been born in the world.

"Is it something to do with the previous Central State Rebellion?"

Gu Yuan secretly pondered in his heart, "Perhaps it is inextricably linked to all the things that happened on the Middle Kingdom earlier."

But this matter had nothing to do with Gu Kaoru, and he had no intention of involving Gu Kaoru.

That was why he had been berated earlier, and perhaps from the perspective of a father, his decision was the right one.

But from the point of view of a family, what Gu Yuan did was again bad, or at least many people in the ancient clan were not sure what was going on.

By the time they faced it head on, they realized it was too late, and even if their ancient clan was powerful, it wasn't enough.

After having someone call Gu Kaoru away, Gu Yuan said indifferently, "Everyone in the law enforcement team come with me, I'd like to see what the origin of that group of uninvited guests is."


The surrounding light surged and tossed and changed unabated.

Daring to come to their Ancient Clan to cause trouble, they really don't know how to live, "To think that I, Gu Yuan, am a peak nine-star Dou Sheng level existence, I would like to see what kind of power they have."

The Ancient Clan wasn't those families on the Central State Lands.

Jiang Jiang gazed coldly, his killing intent soaring, "These Ancient Clans are really insolent, it seems that this seat should teach them a lesson."

When he, Jiang Ren, didn't make a move, these people of the Ancient Clan grew crazier and crazier.

So much so that this Ancient Clan Gu Yuan all glared coldly at him, hating to look like they were going to kill him.

But Jiang Chi wasn't afraid.

He gave Gu Yuan a ghostly glance and said, "What, you're not welcome in your ancient clan without an invitation?"

Guru: "........"

To be honest, he really wasn't very welcoming.

After all, an uninvited guest was an evil guest, and he didn't want an evil guest at his door.

Gu Yuan who was carrying the Golden Emperor Burning Heavenly Inferno was also not afraid, his cultivation was even at the peak of the Nine Star Dou Sheng.

Who was his opponent.

Gu Yuan wasn't afraid of anything at all, he found this quite good.

It was very soothing.

Bringing those large and small double-flowered red sticks of the Ancient Clan, he appeared before Jiang Xiao in an extremely domineering manner.

And said, "Who are you, who dares to trespass into my Ancient Clan?"

Could it be a death wish.

They, the Ancient Clan, are not easy to provoke.

Jiang Jiang faintly said, "Ancient Clan, it's really impressive, the Nine Star Dou Sheng peak does have the arrogance to be arrogant, but it's limited to this.

This seat has the ability to warp and weft the heavens and earth without saying anything more, and your ancient clan still dares to be arrogant?"

He didn't know where Gu Yuan got his courage from.

Daring to speak to him like this, did this Gu Yuan not move the dao of it.

Ancient Yuan naturally understood.

However, the fact that he had a peak Nine Star Dou Sheng cultivation made him more and more unscrupulous.

That was why he had that exuberant appearance just now.

It was as if he was incredible.

Gu Yuan was sure that Jiang Jian was indeed something he had never seen before, definitely not any of the Ancient Eight Clans.

So he must be a very special existence, "It's just that I haven't seen it before."

This made Ancient Yuan feel helpless.

He couldn't even see the depths of the Jiang lack, it was as if this person was an unfathomable existence.

"Who the hell is he?"

Gu Yuan's heart was a bit shocked, "It's fine even if he hasn't seen it before, but he actually dares to address my ancient tribe like this, so arrogant and barbaric, what does he want to do?"

To be honest, Guru actually kind of didn't understand it.


When he saw the Soul Heavenly Emperor next to Jiang Xiao, his entire body was stunned, "Isn't this... isn't this person the unstoppable Soul Heavenly Emperor of the Soul Clan?"

He was aware of it, and it wasn't unreasonable for that Soul Heavenly Emperor to claim to be the number one person in the Dou Qi Continent.

"If the other party is really the Soul Heaven Emperor, what kind of existence will I be facing?"

At the thought of this, Gu Yuan's heart was a bit weepy.

It was ten thousand times depressing and sad.


Was this unimaginable person in front of him still an amazing existence?

Did you get it wrong before?

He was a bit confused.

The look was not dark, "Damn it, things have gotten this far, I'm afraid it can't be easily put right."

Not even that unstoppable, even magnificent general existence of the Soul Clan was a match for this person.

Then how could he, Gu Yuan, be a match for Jiang Qian.

It was just that even if he lost, he couldn't lose the battle.

Gu Yuan felt that he absolutely could not lose the battlefield, so he said sternly, "You have trespassed into my ancient clan, this account should be settled."

Jiang Ji: "........"

He shrugged his shoulders, but he looked like he was fine with it.

Whether to settle the score or not, it had little to do with him, Jiang someone anyway.

On the side.

Xiao Yan smiled slightly, "I, Dao Sect Sage Xiao Yan, have met uncle, previously I came over as a humble person and could not even enter the ancient clan, tunneling this time to call on my master, I hope uncle will not be offended."

But Gu Yuan frowned and said, "Wait, you said your name is Xiao Yan?"


Xiao Yan nodded, "I am indeed called Xiao Yan, I wonder if uncle has any instructions?"


Gu Yuan faintly shook his head and said, "I had heard of your name before, you are that third young master Xiao Yan from my Uttan City Xiao family?"

"It's great that uncle can remember my name."

Xiao Yan continued to nod his head, "That's right, I am that Xiao Yan of the Xiao Family of Uttan City, who was once famous for being a trash, but I never thought that even a strong man like uncle would know about it, it's really not slow to spread."


For some reason, once he heard Xiao Yan say that the Uttan City Xiao Family was trash, Gu Yuan's heart twitched for no apparent reason.

His scalp was a bit unpleasant and he was depressed, "I don't know how this brat has cultivated a supreme divine ability."

As an existence at the peak level of a Nine Star Dou Sheng, Gu Yuan was very clearly able to sense Xiao Yan's cultivation.

It was a realm he was unfamiliar with, a terrifying aura, "I'm only afraid that this one is not good."

Especially, when one thought about the fact that his own cabbage was ruthlessly sent to the Xiao family in Uttan City by him, Guru Yuan, to be raised for more than a decade back then.

It was biased that they had been plucked away during that time, only to feel that all the good cabbages had been arched by pigs.

The more he looked at Xiao Yan, the more he felt that Xiao Yan was a pig.

"Hmph, this brat, I didn't go to trouble him, but instead, he came over to trouble me."

How outrageous!

Do you really think he's a loser, Guru?

He was so angry that he suddenly looked furious, "Xiao Yan, what are you doing here?"

He didn't remember what else he owed the Xiao Clan.

"Uncle, I only came over here to see Kaoru, I have no other intentions."

Xiao Yan said helplessly, "But I'm sure uncle you have seen that these people of your ancient clan are too proud and arrogant, one by one they think they are great and won't let me in, that's why I thought of other ways."


Xiao Yan's words were sincere, but they sounded ten thousand times more harsh to Gu Yuan's ears.

He said, "Go away, since your Xiao family was once one of the eight ancient clans, and your Xiao clan was once friendly with my ancient clan, I will not blame you.

But if you don't leave, this seat can't help but give some explanation to the clan, after all, trespassing into the ancient clan is a provocation to our ancient clan."

Xiao Yan was stunned at the words.

What an Ancient Clan Chief, what an ancient Yuan.

This kind of ability to speak was indeed well learned.

However, he, Xiao Yan, was not frightened, nor was he something that Gu Yuan could dissuade with just a few words.

Today, if he could not see Gu Kaoru, he would not leave.


Jiang Chi's eyebrows raised and said coldly, "You are the head of this ancient clan, Gu Yuan, this seat is Xiao Yan's master, I heard that your ancient clan does not allow him to come in, this seat has come to see what exactly you want to do."

Ancient Yuan: "........"

The corners of his mouth twitched and he was also furious as he suddenly raged, "My ancient tribe lets in whoever they want, do I still need to get your approval?"

"Naturally not."

Jiang Chi shook his head and said, "So this seat has come to seek justice for my disciple.

In the Dou Qi Continent, after all, the strongest are the most important, and although your ancient clan is strong, it's just a remnant of the old ancestors from back then.

Today, if the Ancient Clan continues to obstruct it, what happened to your law enforcement team before will be what happens to you this time."

These words actually caused Gu Yuan's face to turn blue and purple.

That's right.

The reason why he was a bit unable to hold back the long-suppressed anger in his heart this time after hearing Jiang Jian's words.

The reason why he didn't do anything before was because he knew that Jiang Jiankou was very powerful, and now wasn't the time to do it.

At least Gu Yuan felt a little afraid to do so without eighty to ninety percent certainty.

If he provoked a major enemy to the ancient clan, it would be his fault for not being a good clan leader.

As the head of a clan, he was responsible for hundreds of thousands of clansmen, and he was responsible for the entire Ancient Realm.

However, no matter what, he despised Xiao Yan and felt that this brat had arched his family's good cabbage.

Without directly looking at him in anger, it was already a matter of great excitement to give face to the Xiao Clan.

But Jiang Chi's words made him angry, "You are indeed strong, but our ancient clan's hundreds of thousands of people are not for show, so if you..."

These words were not alarmist.

But to Gu Yuan, they sounded like alarmist words, words that were just scaring him.

It did not sound appealing.

Was their Ancient Clan bad?

Not necessarily.

If it weren't for the Xiao Clan's former face, I, Gu Yuan, would be able to kill you and the others right now.

Now, our Ancient Clan does not welcome you and so on, so you should leave quickly."

He did not want to continue seeing Xiao Yan and Jiang Xiao and the others.

Therefore, the words were cold and quite rude, and there was a great sense of sending guests away in it.

It seemed that in Gu Yuan's view, as long as he sent Jiang Lack and the others away for the time being, it would be tantamount to being relieved.

Honestly speaking, if he hadn't seen the Soul Heaven Emperor in the beginning, he probably wouldn't have been afraid and wouldn't have had any scruples about Jiang Chi.

But after seeing the unstoppable Soul Heavenly Emperor all unlucky, especially when he found out that the Soul Heavenly Emperor was now just an ordinary person, Guru Yuan's heart was a thousand times more scrupulous.

This man in front of him, this guy who claimed to be Xiao Yan's master, might really be strong.

It was also really different.

Otherwise, how could he, Gu Yuan, not pursue the matter of Jiang Chi, Xiao Yan and the others beating and killing the Ancient Clan disciples.

After all, that was the real thing.

They were also scared and equally depressed, "He is able to easily break the boundaries of our ancient clan and even break the ancient boundary, so he must have some terrifying skills."

It was just that they didn't know exactly how profoundly capable Gu Yuan was, perhaps they needed to assist the others.

Because of this, even if Gu Yuan had the peak cultivation of a Nine Star Dou Sheng, it was not enough.

He also had no bottom in his heart.

After all, even someone like the Soul Heavenly Emperor was planted, and although he, Gu Yuan, did not hold himself much worse than the Soul Heavenly Emperor, it would be impossible to say that he was too much stronger than the Soul Heavenly Emperor in every aspect.

Therefore, he was also afraid.

"This Xiao Yan's master in front of him, is he a Dou Emperor?"

I don't know when Gu Yuan's heart began to make such speculations.


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