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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1020 - Ancient Realm Ancient Clan (Seeking Subscriptions)

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He Soul Clan probably didn't stand a chance.

As for the Ancient Clan, it probably wouldn't be a match for this person either.


From now on, the entire Dou Qi Continent would be dominated by him, and this was the true number one person in the world.

The Soul Clan was probably hopeless.

As for this Ancient Clan, according to the Soul Heavenly Emperor's guess, there was probably no hope either.

This person in front of him was really too powerful.

The Soul Clan wasn't a rival, and naturally, the Ancient Clan wasn't a rival either, so it was reasonable for the Ancient Clan to be annihilated.

Even the Soul Celestial Emperor had prepared himself mentally.

--Although he had nothing to do with the Ancient Clan's accident, though that Gu Yuan still held a considerable grudge against him.

But in comparison, the man in front of him was even more abominable, "He killed hundreds of thousands of people of my Soul Clan, directly destroying my hopes of becoming a Dou Emperor."

This hatred was too deep.

So deep that it reached an uncontrollable point, causing him to be terrified of everything.

If there was a regret pill in this world, then he, Soul Celestial Emperor, would definitely want to eat one.

Unfortunately, there wasn't.

The Ancient Clan's law enforcement team could not stop Jiang Lack, and naturally, they could not stop Xiao Yan, and after rampaging all the way, no one was able to counteract them.

Facing the powerful Jiang Lack, where were they able to resist.

In just a few strokes, they were called out of sight.

The killing continued.

The people of the Ancient Clan naturally killed them all at once, and also naturally felt that Jiang Lack and the others were intruders and should not come to the Ancient Clan.

So it was best to kill them cleanly.

"Someone, these people trespassed into our ancient tribe, they really don't know how to behave, kill them immediately!"

"Oh, another bunch of ungrateful guys, really think they're lawless just because they're inscrutable in their cultivation?"

"Don't be afraid everyone, the law enforcement team will soon support us, our ancient clan is an invincible existence."



Under a terrifying voice, as if they wanted to kill all of Jiang Xiao and the others, crazy methods were constantly applied.

Jiang Chi's eyebrows raised and said indifferently, "Xiao Yan, make your move, these people are not your opponents."

Since the opponents were too weak, Jiang Yao didn't even plan to make a move, it would be too wasteful of mood.

"Yes, Master."

Xiao Yan nodded to himself, with his current means he was naturally able to crush these people of the Ancient Clan.

Even the Ancient Clan's law enforcement team was not a match for him, Xiao Yan.

His strength was in no way comparable to that of ordinary people, and even Dou Sheng powerhouses might not be able to gain much benefit from his Xiao Yan's hands.

This was his bottom spirit.

Because of this, Xiao Yan had no fear. The reason why he had called Jiang Chi was because he wanted to have someone to back him up.

As the saying goes, "It is good to enjoy the shade under a big tree.

He felt that Jiang Chi was such a big tree that he would be able to enjoy the shade when he came.

When Xiao Yan made his move, it was the Soul Heaven Emperor who looked dumb, and the strange and unpredictable means of that hand was truly extraordinary.


It was only when a sound rang through that the Soul Heavenly Emperor suddenly came back to his senses and looked towards the place of the ancient disciples once again, where there was no one left.

Only a few shadows were left to be seen.

Those Ancient Clan disciples seemed to be all gone, dead as they were.

It was truly a bit surprising.

Jiang Chi, on the other hand, looked calm as if nothing had happened, "Let's move on, the Ancient Realm is big, it's just as well that we all enjoy it."

The Ancient Clan was just like the rest of the Ancient Eight Clans that had been around for a long time.

Their own heritage was thick, and after so many years of endless accumulation, they had also long accumulated many good things.

However, these good things were already on Jiang Mo's radar, so how would he let them go?

Fighting the autumn wind was his original intention.

That was what was significant, and that was what he wanted to do.

This was something that the Soul Heaven Emperor had already understood, and Xiao Yan was equally clear, and it was because he knew that his master, Jiang Xiao, might be coming to the Ancient Clan that he had asked him to come along.

By the way, it would teach the Ancient Clan a deep and unforgettable lesson.

It might be able to make those old stubborn people of the Ancient Clan think otherwise, or maybe it would make those people of the Ancient Clan change their opinion of him, Xiao Yan.

"Master, a large number of people from the Ancient Clan are surging ahead, suspected to be disciples of the Ancient Clan's law enforcement team."

Xiao Yan suddenly frowned and said, "There are about dozens of people, with a menacing attitude, it seems that they are not good visitors."

"There is no harm."

Jiang Ji waved his hand, "Don't care if it is just soldiers, besides, for you and me, how strong can they be."

A mere group of Gryphons was not uncontrollable.

Jiang Mo's thoughts were simple, it was naturally easy enough to kill these people, he could even kill them at will.

Thus, the advancement continued.

When the terrifying means swept past, when his Jiang Liao's terrifying aura crushed the past, the group of ancient law enforcement disciples had to retreat before they even arrived to follow.

They were not stupid.

Jiang Lack's strength was beyond their imagination, and perhaps they had never seen an existence as powerful as Jiang Lack in their lives.

Even those Dou Sheng powerhouses in the Ancient Clan were not as powerful as Jiang Liao in all their cultivation and momentum.

Jiang Liao, however, could be said to have truly opened their eyes.

It turned out that people could still be so strong.

And could be so invincible and terrifying that just that one's extreme strength was enough to crush them out.


Many of the ancient disciples hadn't even been able to get close enough, and as a result, they had already been suppressed by Jiang Di's momentum.

In the end, they were so crushed that they couldn't even speak, so miserable that they probably never dreamed that Jiang Kang was so strong.

This kind of terrifying tactic was really a bit too powerful.


How's that?

They seemed to be out of options, even if they had their own pride as an Ancient Clan Enforcement Team.

However, in front of an existence as powerful as Jiang Liao, that bit of their strength became insufficient.

It was simply useless.

Jiang Qiao and the others looked cold and continued to move forward.

The group of Ancient Enforcement Teams, however, had to report this matter to the police, and they were afraid that it would have a great impact in case something happened.

It might not be good then.

"Hurry up, report to the Lord Clan Leader, these people are the good ones who are not coming."

"So menacing, they don't give a damn about our ancient clan."

"Hurry up and leave, this person is a bit too powerful, we definitely can't take it lightly."

"Maybe something big is about to happen to our Ancient Clan."


This time, something might really happen, and it might really cause their ancient clan to lose the peace they used to have.

The kind of peace they used to have was probably going to be gone.

For a while.

Because of Jiang Liao's arrival, many people in the Ancient Clan had started a storm.

Some of the Ancient Clan's old antiques didn't even understand, they were a bit confused.


"You say someone is trespassing on our ancient clan and has already come to the Ancient Realm?"

"What do you law enforcement officers have to do, what do you do for a living, and don't you know how to stop it?"

"Those who dare to offend my ancient clan will be killed without pardon!"

"No one can come to our Ancient Clan and cause trouble, even if the other party is a warrior."

"Hmph, what nerve, even our Ancient Clan dares, the other party is afraid that he's having a bad case of brain cramps."


In the Ancient Clan.

Already a terrifying storm had rolled in, like a violent storm making a big commotion, and many people knew that those old immortals of the Ancient Clan had been awakened.

Those old immortals of the Ancient Clan were naturally some of the strongest people that the Ancient Clan had accumulated over the years.

But they were all old men who were about to die and were all at the Dou Sheng level.

It was precisely because of this that so many people in the Ancient Clan weren't afraid of Jiang Xiao and the others.

Even if Jiang Liao and the others were trespassing, they were confident that the Ancient Clan had enough power to deal with it all.

Of course, it was hard to say whether they would succeed or not.

He frowned, "It's a bit interesting, the Ancient Clan actually has so many people coming around, so it seems like they're planning to have all three of us right here."

"They can't." Xiao Yan shook his head and said, "With these people's skills, they are not enough to fight against us for a second."

"That's right."

Jiang Chi also said in extreme agreement, "The other party's preparations are really not enough either, so what do we have to be afraid of.

Isn't that right, Soul Celestial Emperor?"

Soul Celestial Emperor: "..."

The Soul Heaven Emperor who was suddenly named was shocked and said under his breath, "What's it to do with me, if you guys didn't want to come, would I, Soul Someone, have to come to someone's Ancient Realm?"

He didn't want to come.

This time, he was also forced to come here, and because his cultivation was crippled, and it wasn't you, surnamed Jiang, who forcibly brought him here.

How else could he Soul Heaven Emperor come to the Ancient Clan and come to the Ancient Realm.

If he was treated like an enemy by the Ancient Clan, it would also be the sin of this fellow surnamed Jiang, and it would all be your fault.

Right now.

In the Soul Heavenly Emperor's heart, he had begun to secretly mull it over, as long as he could stir up relations between Jiang and the Ancient Clan, it wouldn't matter.

Just that, could this plan to stir up trouble really come true?

At the thought of this possibility, the Soul Heavenly Emperor's heart sank, "There doesn't seem to be much of a chance ah, this fellow surnamed Jiang is really somewhat strong, who can be his opponent?"

It wasn't as if anyone was its match.

It would be extraordinarily awkward, and he'd have to snuff out all those unrealistic thoughts in his mind.

Because none of them would work.

In the end, the one who was going to be unlucky might be the Ancient Clan, or it might be his Soul Heaven Emperor, but it definitely couldn't be his surname Jiang.

"So, even if there is some kind of divisive scheme, it's useless for him ah."

The Soul Celestial Emperor could not help but think depressingly, "What am I supposed to do now? There seems to be no solution."

He was so bitter.

It was depressing and hard to stop, "Will I, Soul Heavenly Emperor, have to die like an ordinary person from now on?"

He was puzzled.

Why hadn't that Ancient Clan's Gu Yuan come out to stop him, why was he still watching.

"What exactly does he mean, doesn't he know that this person is also very harmful to the Ancient Clan?"

The Soul Celestial Emperor thought to himself, but he just didn't dare say what was in his heart directly.

At this moment.

Jiang Qian still had a face, "Ancient Clan, Ancient Clan, but this seat has already given you the opportunity and face, but unfortunately you all failed to seize it....

Then don't blame me for being rude, and don't blame the seat for being heartless."

He, Jiang Sheng, was not a virtuous person, nor was he a rotten good person, he also had the wrath of a peasant.

There was no way to say that after today, there wouldn't even be an Ancient Clan left in this world.

While Jiang Chi and the others were entering the Ancient Realm, the Ancient Kaoru within the Ancient Realm had an ominous premonition up.

She seemed to foresee that some unknown horrors were about to happen in the Ancient Realm, and secretly tugged at her heart for the Ancient Clan.

Although she, Gu Kaoru, grew up in my Uttan City Xiao family, she was also a member of the Ancient Clan of the Ancient Realm.

"Father, is something big happening to the Ancient Clan?" Ancient Kaoru asked curiously, looking quite anxious.

But Guru Yuan locked his eyebrows, and said indifferently, "It's fine, Kaoru Kaoru you go on with your cultivation, even if something happens, you have your father to back you up, and there will definitely be no one to disturb your cultivation."

Ancient Kaoru: "........"

Where she didn't know that this was a real accident ah.

But as she wanted to continue to say something, she was interrupted by Gu Yuan, "Alright, go down and cultivate, try to awaken the power of your bloodline as soon as possible, you don't need to be concerned with the rest."


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