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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1018 - Making decisions on behalf of a disciple (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Is that ancient tribe really this insensitive?

Jiang Xiao had thought that the ancient clans might agree to the matter between Xiao Yan and Ancient Kaoru on the grounds that Xiao Yan was a Dao Sect Saint.

After all, since the establishment of the Dao Sect, Xiao Yan's status had risen by leaps and bounds.

It was only reasonable that Xiao Yan was now enough to be taken seriously by the Ancient Clan, after all, with its countless years of heritage, the Ancient Clan should be able to find out about Xiao Yan's relationship with him, Jiang Lack.

But there was none.

It was as if the Ancient Clan's side had decided that Xiao Yan was not worthy of Gu Kaoru, and this time, they forcefully did not allow Xiao Yan to enter the Ancient Clan.

That was why there was the grey Xiao Yan.

When Xiao Yan found Jiang Xiao, he was surprised, after all, with the intelligence of those people of the Ancient Clan, they should not have done something stupid.

But it was the other way around that people did it.


It made Jiang Xiao a little confused.

He asked curiously, "So, you've already been there once?"

"Yes." Xiao Yan nodded his head and said, "Master, you must help me this time."

He had no choice.

He could only turn to his own master, hoping that this powerful, and unstoppable master would be able to help him with something.

Jiang Jiang looked cold and said indifferently, "If that's the case, then prepare yourself, and wait for this seat to run with you."

He wanted to see what that Ancient Clan was capable of, daring to stop Xiao Yan, could it be that a Daoist Sage's name could not be suppressed?


Xiao Yan was overjoyed with himself and said in his heart, "Still, Master treats me well, as long as he is on the move, there is nothing that cannot be done."

On the side.

The Soul Celestial Emperor was fine with it, just wanting to see the fun.

For him, the Soul Clan was gone anyway, and it would naturally be best if the remaining Ancient Clan could be annihilated as well.

To have no one all together.

To be the master for the disciple.

Three days later.

"Let's go."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Let's go to the Ancient Clan and see why your future father-in-law is so ruthless and heartless that he actually wants to turn you away."

What a deathless person.

He gazed with a cold and stern divine light, "This trip, if they, the Ancient Clan, are sensible, if they are not, then don't blame this seat for being unfeeling."

The three of them went on their way.

The Soul Celestial Emperor was purely a spectator, and he seemed to want to see how powerful Jiang Chi was and whether he could really finish off those people of the Ancient Clan.

Ancient Clan.

Located within the Ancient Realm.

Also one of the Eight Ancient Clans, it was also a powerful race with hundreds of thousands of clansmen.

It was much more powerful than any ordinary clan, and this was definitely considered a terrifying ethnic group.

It was very powerful.

However, Jiang Chi was taking it to heart at all, he said indifferently, "No harm, it's just an ancient tribe, just go with this seat and take a look."

Even if it was powerful, there would be a limit, it was absolutely impossible to be invincible.

And what kind of invincibility could the Ancient Clan have?

The Soul Celestial Emperor secretly felt sorry for Gu Yuan, if there was no Xiao Yan in this stall, they might have been able to preserve their ancient clan.

But now it was not necessarily so.

It might be unlucky and might explode right now, so the influence was still terrifying.

He didn't say it, but he, the Soul Heaven Emperor, wasn't stupid, if he was a bit arrogant when he was still the Soul Clan leader, then now it was a broken jar, and he could see it really and clearly.

At the same time, he was also more aware of Jiang Lack's strength, "This is someone who absolutely cannot be treated with normal human posture, he's really strong."

And it was so strong that there was no spectrum.

It was also unimaginable, if he hadn't witnessed the demise of the Soul Clan with his own eyes, if he didn't already know that Jiang Lack had annihilated the Soul Clan with his own strength, he probably wouldn't really believe it.

But the truth was very realistic and cruel in front of him.

In the future, he, Soul Heaven Emperor, was afraid that he would never have the chance to take revenge again.

However, what could he do.

He was helpless as well.

"However, I do look forward to it a bit, if the Ancient Clan can be annihilated, then it will be infinitely beneficial to me."

Thus he Soul Heaven Emperor was looking forward to it, "With this one's strength, he can definitely annihilate the Ancient Clan in the shortest amount of time, right?"

The entire Ancient Clan might be destroyed.

"Gu Yuan has been shrewd and calculating for most of his life, and I wonder what kind of expression he would have if he also witnessed the annihilation of the Ancient Clan."

For a moment the Soul Heavenly Emperor actually looked forward to it a bit, maybe he really had something.

At this time.

Jiang Mo and Xiao Yan had already prepared, and the Soul Heavenly Emperor was brought along by Jiang Mo with his true essence mana, which naturally then flew off together to transfer.


The terrifying power came soaring up and rolled a few points, and the three of them quietly soared away with clouds on their feet.

Just like those true Immortal God existences, the means they possessed were extremely strong and outrageous.

"Master, do you think the Ancient Clan will let us in this time?"

Xiao Yan suddenly asked with some curiosity, "What if they won't let you in?"

Jiang Qiao asked while faintly saying, "Does it matter if they let them in or not, this seat isn't someone who looks at their face to act."


He, Jiang Gou, was but Jiang Old Devil, known as the supreme existence of the devil.

Who could stop him?

Even if it was the Ancient Clan, he would have to weigh their weight, but he wanted to see if the Ancient Clan was capable of it or not.

The Ancient Clan, perhaps it was nothing more than that.

Half a day later.

Jiang Qiao said, "The Ancient Clan has arrived, and let's see what they will decide."

What if the Ancient Clan let them in.

After all, it was hard to say about such things.

Jiang Chi's gaze was heavy as he kicked open the gate of the Ancient Clan, "Whoever is in charge here is restricted to come out immediately and have a look, otherwise this seat doesn't mind breaking the boundary of your Ancient Clan first."

Ancient Clan Li: "........"

Those who were guarding the Ancient Realm looked sideways and were also startled, "Our Ancient Clan is at least one of the Eight Ancient Clans, at any rate it is considered a powerful racial generation, who can fight against it?"

They were puzzled.

However, those of the Ancient Clan had to step forward when Jiang Lack once again unleashed his powerful aura.

But this time, before he could say anything more, he saw Jiang Xiao flick his hand and ruthlessly blasted the boundary at the entrance of the Ancient Realm to smithereens.

The destruction was only in his mind.

When the augmentation mana in his body was drummed up, the terrifying power that erupted in an instant was really a little hard to understand.

Especially the Soul Celestial Emperor and those of the Ancient Clan at the side.

They all seemed to be people who had never seen the world before, and they all looked at Jiang Kou as if they were monsters, and with just a flick of their hands, they blasted the boundary at the entrance of the Ancient Realm into pieces.

This kind of strength was definitely beyond their imagination and insight.

It was truly formidable.

It was unbelievable.

Ancient Clan: "........"

Those Ancient Clan people had been scared silly, they never thought that this harmless looking young man would still have such skills.

And even their Ancient Clan dared to touch it.

Breaking the boundary was the same as blowing through the last shred of their ancient clan's bottom line.

It was tantamount to not being polite at all.

In the eyes of those of the Ancient Clan, Jiang Chi's actions were a direct hit to their faces, a brushing of the Ancient Clan's skin.

It was truly infuriating.

At any rate, their Ancient Clan was one of the Eight Ancient Clans, and at any rate, they were also high and mighty, so naturally, they had their pride, where could they tolerate such bullying from Jiang Jiang?

Immediately, someone shouted angrily.

"Kid, how dare you come to our Ancient Clan to cause trouble, aren't you afraid of being beaten to dust?"

"Somewhat interesting, breaking the entrance boundary of our ancient clan with one word, what are your intentions?"

"Doesn't this person have other bad thoughts about our ancient clan?"

"Kid, no matter what, in all these years, you're still the first person who dared to blast our Ancient Clan's boundary, but you've got some guts."

"But you probably didn't think of what you've done, how can an existence of this level of our Ancient Clan be something you can fight against, you'll just have to wait for death."


Could it be that he has some idea about the Ancient Clan?

But no matter which one it was, their Ancient Clan wasn't afraid.

For so many years, they hadn't seen what kind of storms the Ancient Clan had seen, so it naturally didn't matter after experiencing so much.

It was just that these Ancient Clan people could never have imagined that Jiang Lack's calm and indifferent face was still indifferent.

He was still acting as if he had nothing to do with all of this.

This scene caused those Ancient Clansmen to frown inwardly.

In their hearts, they couldn't help but think, "Could this person have other thoughts and skills?"

Especially when they saw Jiang Lack's old godly appearance, they felt that this person probably had a heart of gold.

Otherwise, he definitely wouldn't have behaved like this.

In fact.

Jiang Chi looked so calm that a mere ancient tribe wasn't enough for him to look at, it was just a bunch of self-important and arrogant existences.

"But they probably didn't expect that the existence of the Ancient Eight Clans was already a thing of the past, and the pride that belonged to their ancient clans was also a thing of the past."

Now the glory was gone.

The Ancient Clan was just the Ancient Clan, a family that was just a little larger than an ordinary family.

It was nothing more than more people.

Other than that where else do they have any other advantage, "When the Dao Sect rises up, when the world sets off an Immortal cultivation method, what is the Ancient Clan?"

If they couldn't change, they could only go further and further down the path of extinction.

Even a once glorious and unstoppable family like the Ancient Clan was the same.

In the face of these people's anger and abuse, Jiang Chi felt indifferent, as he had come to find fault with them this time anyway.

Xiao Yan, who had suffered a lot when he came before, did not have the intention of stopping him by looking at his appearance.

Jiang Mo would have seen it coming.

The look was calm as hell.

After a while, no one cared even if the boundary was blown to pieces, so he indifferently watched as those of the ancient clan spoke one word to another.

Not much else was said.

"Under such circumstances, the Ancient Clans won't even be able to survive if they don't die out."

Jiang Gu muttered to himself, "And these are just minor characters, there should be even more powerful ones inside the Ancient Realm."

One couldn't waste time on these people.

In his opinion, these in front of him were merely the lowest ranking disciples of the Ancient Clan, otherwise why wouldn't they have done anything to him.

It was nothing more than fear.

Knowing that he, Jiang Someone, could single-handedly blow apart the boundary that entered the Ancient Realm, he knew that this person was powerful.

So no one dared to do anything.

But they felt they couldn't degrade the Ancient Clan's prestige, so they had another idea.

Pass the word.

Let the strong men of the Ancient Clan take care of it.

It was just that it would take some time for those strong men of the ancient clan to come over, so they were not having a good time.

Jiang Chi looked at them with a smile on his face, a seemingly smiling face, "Get out of the way, this seat's strength is definitely not something you can stop, if you don't listen to the advice, then blame this seat for being unforgiving."

Ancient Clan disciples: "......."

While hesitating, Xiao Yan opened his mouth.


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