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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1017 - Returning to the Dao Sect (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Central State Dao Sect.

Xiao Yan was running the Dao Sect as the Dao Sect Sage.

During this recent period of time, the affairs of the Dao Sect had been arranged in a clear manner, and Xiao Yan's abilities were really good.

It looked quite extraordinary.

Jiang Mo looked at all of this indifferently and looked somewhat satisfied, "This kid is really good, the Dao Sect has been managed by him in an orderly manner, good."

He felt that it was wonderful.

It was right that the Jiang Dao Sect was handed over to Xiao Yan to manage, and this kid could really manage it well.

I wonder how Xiao Yan would feel if he knew what Jiang Lack was thinking at the moment.

He would probably feel helpless anyway.

After all, after managing the affairs of the Dao Sect, Xiao Yan had already infinitely compressed his cultivation time and was quite a bit behind compared to Pillow Dust and the others.

This was the price.

This time.

After he saw the appearance of Jiang Lack's white-robed figure, Xiao Yan greeted him, "Master, you're back, come inside."


Jiang Lack nodded up casually.

Xiao Yan, however, saw the Soul Heavenly Emperor who was like a slave beside Jiang Lack, dressed in black and looking spiritless.

"Is this also a big man?"

Xiao Yan secretly thought in his heart, "Previously, Master searched for abnormally strong people like Dan Tower Ancestor and Alice Jiang, perhaps this black-clothed person in front of him is also some big person?"

Although it looked like this black-clothed person was just an ordinary to extremely ordinary existence, God knows what kind of methods they all had.

Maybe there were some special skills.

He probably didn't expect that this man in black was the legendary Soul Clan leader, Soul Heavenly Emperor.

A once unstoppable, once mighty superpower, a powerful generation of existence that no one could provoke.

This was definitely not a simple generation.

He was absolutely outrageously strong.

However, this was something Xiao Yan did not know, and he did not think about it that much as he only asked, "Master, he is...?"

Jiang but casually said, "You don't need to worry about it, go and do your work, this person will be with me."


Xiao Yan went down in response and did not ask any more questions.

The Soul Heaven Emperor had never dreamed that the Dao Sect would be in such a divine place and had seen quite a few people with divine means along the way in.

Whether it was the various flying techniques or the various ways of divine escape, it was a huge shock to the Soul Heavenly Emperor.

How could he have imagined that there were still such terrifying existences in the world, could such supernatural powers be performed by people?

A practitioner of fighting wouldn't have such divine means anyway.

What quietly disappeared and suddenly appeared again.

All sorts of techniques of escape, magical powers, changes and so on, all seemed magical to the Soul Heavenly Emperor.

A bit extraordinary.


What did it have to do with himself?

The Soul Celestial Emperor suddenly laughed bitterly inwardly, "Even if the Dao of Immortality in this population is divine, even if this Dao is far more profound than the Dou Qi cultivation path, it's still far away for me."

It also had nothing to do with himself.

His Soul Heaven Emperor had now become someone else's prisoner, his cultivation was crippled, and with the deep hatred that there was still the Soul Clan involved, it was even more so that he hated the will to be.

Even though he was extremely envious, it was also true that his heart was burning with rage.

Why should you, Jiang Chi, be able to do whatever you want and just kill them Soul Clan cleanly.

"Allowing you to show me endless benefits, I, the Soul Heavenly Emperor, will never forgive you, and that deep hatred will never be dispelled."

The hatred was too deep to be dissipated just like that.

Those members of his clan couldn't die in vain.

"As long as I don't die, I will avenge them one day." Even right now, the Soul Celestial Emperor's heart was thinking like this, sooner or later, he would have to avenge the hatred of those many children and grandchildren of the Soul Clan.

--even if his cultivation was now crippled and he was still a prisoner.

"But as long as I don't die, there's still hope and opportunity."

The Soul Heaven Emperor knew very well that he had a chance to recover if he didn't die, and that he would succeed one day.

The premise was to never die.

If one day he died, perhaps it would be the end of the world.

After returning to the Daoist Sect, Jiang lacked stayed for several days of work, and during these days the Soul Heaven Emperor had seen the wonders of the Daoist Sect.

All sorts of mysterious and unfathomable magical spells, all sorts of strange people with successful cultivation.

Because his Soul Heavenly Emperor cultivation was crippled, and now he was just like an ordinary person, no one could know of their existence.

It was as if he was just an ordinary person.

Many people on the Dao Sect treated him indifferently, perhaps knowing that this person was brought back by Jiang Chi, so no one said anything more.

Jiang Lack's face was calm as he had been preaching to Xiao Yan for the past few days in order to improve his strength.

In fact, after knowing that he was running out of time, he had set about arranging and setting up this matter.

It was just that there had been no opportunity.

"The seeds of the Immortal Dao have completely begun to take root in the Dou Qi Continent." Looking at the people on the Dao Sect who were constantly rehearsing their spells and magical powers, Jiang Qian couldn't help but smile deeply on his face.

He was ten thousand times happier.

In the future, when others mentioned the Dao of Immortality, his Jiang Chi's name would definitely be on it.

It could be considered a gain.

After so many years of cultivation, he, Jiang Someone, had to leave something behind, and had to let go of something.

"Dao Sect, this is really a good place to cultivate outside of the world, if I didn't have a body of pressure, if I, Soul Heavenly Emperor, was cuminous to begin with, perhaps I really would have come here to cultivate."

The Soul Celestial Emperor said in his heart, "After these past few days, the people here are really people of great ability, I am not as good as them."

It was just that even if he thought like this any longer, he didn't dare to say anything more.

He had his heart set on the Soul Clan and his heart set on the Dou Di Emperor's esteem.

Therefore, his Soul Heavenly Emperor's heart was filled with great hatred, monstrous enmity, that ten thousand blood feuds, definitely not something that could be resolved by looking at the District Dao Sect.

So he was a bit confused as to what was the use of telling him to look at all this when he didn't understand Jiang Ji's thoughts.

The cold demeanor remained indifferent.

These past few days.

Jiang Chi, who had returned to the Dao Sect, was not only instructing Xiao Yan to cultivate, but also continuing to cultivate the Dao.

The Soul Clan had been resolved, and the Ancient Clan was next, "It's just that the Ancient Clan might not be too easy to resolve, after all, there are some emotional ties between Xiao Yan and that Ancient Kaoru.

No matter what, I'm still that brat Xiao Yan's master, so I can't disregard his feelings."

He still understood this reasoning and understood it ten thousand times.

The Golden Emperor Burning Inferno was indeed good and he did want to obtain it, so it was necessary to use Xiao Yan's hand to go to the Ancient Clan.

However, how to operate the method, he had been seriously thinking about it for the past few days and seemed to have no clue yet.

The Soul Heavenly Emperor's face was still cold, he did not give Jiang Chi a good look, perhaps in his opinion, Jiang Chi would always be his Soul Heavenly Emperor's life and death enemy.

"I will never compromise, absolutely not." The Soul Heavenly Emperor muttered to himself, "I am the head of the Soul Clan, I am even more of a half emperor, you have killed hundreds of thousands of my Soul Clan members, killing them to the point of bloodshed, I will definitely not let go of this debt!"

He wasn't a fool.

Besides, he, the Soul Heaven Emperor, was not that easy to fool.

This day.

Jiang Ji's gaze burned as he looked towards the Soul Heavenly Emperor and said, "Have you felt anything different these past few days?"

"So what?"

The Soul Celestial Emperor said indifferently, "I am now only a crippled body, bearing a deep hatred and a monstrous blood feud, what is the use of looking at the prosperity of your immortal path?"

He had been as gloomy and lonely as a dead man.

The face was so cold.

He didn't know how to continue, revenge was indeed there, but he didn't know how to take it.

Jiang Liao's strength was beyond the reach of the Soul Heaven Emperor, and it seemed as if there was no way to talk about restoring his cultivation.

No, there should be no chance at all.

Jiang Chi's terrifying strength made him feel helpless, he was gloomy and ugly and continued, "In the future, the Immortal Dao will definitely flourish and become a cultivation method that replaces fighting energy, but what do you think this has to do with me?"

He's too old to get it.

He didn't even have a chance for revenge.

"Good." Jiang Ji nodded and said, "You really don't have a chance, the reason why this throne abolished your cultivation, the reason why it didn't kill you, and the reason why it still kept a useful body, is to let you take a good look at the fact that if you had taken the initiative to come forward and submit to this throne before, there wouldn't have been any of these things behind you."

All the grudges are your Soul Heaven Emperor's own fault.

This enmity is hard to dispel.

The Soul Celestial Emperor's talent is endless, and he naturally feels that he should show this unstoppable person that the Dou Di he is pursuing is only an ordinary realm in cultivation.

The majestic development of the Immortal Dao would be to break the shackles of the previous Dou Emperor.

This was because the Immortal Dao was not the same as the Dou Qi Dao.

It was a special method of cultivation, and if one could completely degrade the Soul Celestial Emperor, it might be of supreme benefit to the Dao Sect.

What is cultivation.

By drawing the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth for one's own use, one could become an immortal god.


This Soul Celestial Emperor had no chance for the rest of his life.

Everything is rested.

Jiang Chi spoke indifferently, "Old Soul, it's not that this seat doesn't give you a chance, it's just that your Soul Clan has gone too far over the years."

Soul Celestial Emperor: "........"

He looked so white and cold and scared by Jiang Gu's words.

So this person had such an idea, he really hadn't expected it.

With a cold gaze, Jiang Chi continued, "This seat has been cultivating for many years, and since creating the Dao Sect, you have been able to see the power of the Immortal Dao's cultivation methods."


The Soul Heaven Emperor's depressed face was unsightly, and he knew he was finished.

This life was over.

There was no escaping Jiang Liao's grasp, and he was depressed, "What should I do next?"

Before he had time to think about anything else, he listened to Jiang Chi continue, "This seat will go to the Ancient Clan next, why don't you go with me, Old Soul?"

Soul Celestial Emperor: "..."

What else could he say.

His fate was now out of his hands, "To go or not to go, am I in charge?"

"Naturally not." Jiang Qian smiled, "This seat is just telling you in passing, so that you can be prepared."

The Soul Celestial Emperor was not feeling well, he was once at least the head of the Hallowed Soul Clan, once the number one person in the Dou Qi Continent.

Now he had ended up in such a miserable state.

It truly called him unhappy.

It was just right.

At this time, Xiao Yan walked over with a tangled face, "Master, there is something I would like to tell you.

I... I would like to ask you for a favor, hoping that you must help me out."

Jiang Ji was stunned and said, "What is it?"

What's the matter with this Xiao Yan kid?

Was there anything he couldn't solve about the Dao Sect.

Or was it something that concerned the Ancient Clan?

Xiao Yan hesitated and frowned, "Master, this matter is somewhat depressing, since I took charge of the Dao Sect, I have seen the strength of the Dao Sect.

So I took the opportunity to go to the Ancient Clan a few days ago, but who knows..."

"How's it going?"

Jiang Qiao curiously asked, "Could it be that the Ancient Clan is still giving you a hard time?"

Xiao Yan said, "Exactly, the Ancient Clan over there didn't even let me in, but with my current cultivation it is not enough, so I want to ask my master to help me."

Jiang Qian: "........"

What an ancient tribe, and they don't even care about the Daoist Saints?

Do you want to die?


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