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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1016 - One Stroke Defeat (Seeking Subscriptions)

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He, the Soul Heaven Emperor, holds himself to be highly powerful, even if you Jiang Chi is a strong enemy, he will give it a try.

What's more, he's still a half emperor now.

Even more so, he had the strength to do so.

He roared, "I don't care who you are, you have killed hundreds of thousands of my Soul Clan members, destroyed countless palaces in my Soul Realm, and plundered countless resources of my Soul Clan, shouldn't this account be settled properly?"

Jiang lacked: "........"

He spread out his hands and calmly said, "You dare to settle the accounts of this seat, but you're not a coward, how many alchemists in the Dou Qi Continent has your Soul Clan scourged in order to provide for your Soul Heavenly Emperor to become a Dou Emperor?

You also did everything you could to obtain the Nadashego Imperial Jade.

You similarly used supreme means to escape in order to obtain the Emperor's Brood Pill.

Soul Heaven Emperor, tell me, how should you settle these scores?"


Jiang Chi's words suddenly left the Soul Heavenly Emperor speechless, a gloomy face now growing more and more silent.

As a super strong man, and as the head of the Soul Clan, he naturally knew the meaning of Jiang Chi's words.

The truth or falsity of it was even clearer to him, in the beginning, the Soul Clan had offended many people in order to provide for him, or to carry out the orders of his Soul Heavenly Emperor, and among them was Jiang Chi.

As for what happened later in the Doshe Ancient Emperor's cave, he acknowledged it even more, and knew that obstructing someone's success was like killing a parent.

If he hadn't picked up a bargain in the end, the Imperial Brood Pill should have belonged to Jiang Chi.

He, Soul Heaven Emperor, had only picked up a cheap advantage.

"Let's see the truth under our hands."

The Soul Celestial Emperor said coldly, "Whether you are stronger or I am weaker, whether you live or my Soul Clan dies, it will depend on this battle between you and me."

He was confident in his own strength, at any rate, he was a half emperor and was about to reach the existence of a Dou Emperor.

So he wanted to test Jiang Xiao's weight, just to also see how much ability he had as a Soul Heavenly Emperor.

Cold eyes flickered and cold light appeared.

Jiang Kou, on the other hand, was ten thousand percent calm and said, "You are not my opponent, not before and not now.

The strength of a Half-Emperor is indeed not bad, being able to raise your own strength to this level in such a short period of time with the power of the Empyrean Brood Pill.

However, just with your Half-Emperor strength to fight with this throne, you're still a bit short."

If it was a Dou Di then there might still be a few points of strength to deal with it, now well, the Half Emperor was no match at all.

"Big words can be said by anyone and everyone, but it's hard to say if it's not what you say."

The Soul Heavenly Emperor could see clearly and clearly, "The so-called big words are just some exaggerations, you are indeed powerful, but that was only before.

Nowadays, I, Soul Heaven Emperor, am not weak, so what skills do you have to fight me?"

The dou qi in his body revolved and terrifying power curled, forming a palm that ruthlessly robbed towards Jiang Xiao.

And it was fast to an extreme.


The endless power rolled like heavenly thunder, rapidly killing towards Jiang Ji, as if it was a storm.

Jiang Kou, on the other hand, remained silent and calm, "It's just a small dao, if your realm was a little stronger, the power of this strike from the Soul Clan would be a little more extraordinary.

But right now, where is your strength at this point a match for me."

He shook his head and sighed, "It would be easy for this seat to kill you, but this seat feels that it would be too wasteful to kill you, and if you are willing to go to my Dao Sect to be a sweeping boy, this seat can spare your life."

"Be a floor sweeping boy?"

The Soul Heavenly Emperor's lungs almost exploded when he heard this, "You kill my Soul Clan members and want me to be a sweeping boy?

You're afraid you're still awake, so you'd better deal with this strike of mine."

This palm strike was just a test.

Jiang Jiang naturally understood that he just didn't say much else, and his cold, stern gaze fell on the Soul Heavenly Emperor, "You seem to be confident?"

"One should live with a bit of confidence, otherwise what's the difference between a person and a common salty fish?"

The Soul Heaven Emperor said in a cold voice, "If you can't even deal with this palm of mine, what use is a strong man like you."

Jiang Ji: "...."

He remained silent and looked strange, "You'll see in a moment, this seat doesn't need any fancy things to win you.

And keep your little life, so you can see what happens when you offend this throne.

The Dao Sect is not something you can offend, and the people of the world are not something you can bully, it's not that you won't repay, but it's just that the time hasn't come yet."

Where did the Soul Heaven Emperor understand this truth.

All he knew was that his clan had been killed, only that the Soul Realm was shattered, and that the entire Soul Clan was now nothing complete.

There was no benefit anymore.

But Jiang Jiang responded with coldness and killing intent, "You are no longer useful, how can you understand the methods of this throne?"

A body means was applied, and the scarlet sword in his hand struck out in an instant, the wind blowing wildly, the sword's Qi crisscrossing countless miles.



In an instant, the sword light swept out, directly churning that terrifying light of the Soul Heaven Emperor into shreds.

Immediately afterwards, he, Jiang Hou, waved his palm, and his body's true essence mana rolled out, instantly tumbling out.

The power was overbearing.

This sudden scene, the Soul Heavenly Emperor didn't even have the time to scream before he was suppressed and sealed by Jiang Hou with one hand.

"The strength of a half emperor is nothing more than that!"

Jiang Chi smiled lightly, "I suppressed you with one move, what else are you powerful at now?

This seat doesn't want to kill you either, after all, you Soul Heaven Emperor are considered a person, and it's not bad that you've survived to this point.

It's just as well that this throne intends to show you how the Dao Sect has become powerful, and the Way of Immortalism will replace the method of Dou Qi cultivation.

The End of Dou Qi Era is upon us, while the Immortal Dao Era has already begun!"


He felt truly terrifying.

Soul Celestial Emperor: "........"

It was only now, after a half-Emperor's Dou Qi cultivation had really been sealed, that he suddenly realized that Jiang Xiao was really powerful.

This really was a super strong person, and from what Jiang Xiao said, it seemed that it wasn't even a Dou Qi cultivator, but rather that so-called Immortal Dao.

But what was the Immortal Dao?

Before he could say anything else, he heard Jiang Ziao say, "But it's not good to keep sealing you up, so this seat has decided to scrap your cultivation so that you can follow this seat and see how powerful this seat is."


The Soul Celestial Emperor never dreamed that he wouldn't be able to catch a single move from Jiang Lack and then be suppressed.

There was no more then.

His half-Emperor strength didn't seem to be enough, deluding him that he had previously thought of immediately suppressing Jiang Lack and killing this Soul Clan enemy.

Or even stripping the soul and cramping it.

Who would have thought that without even noticing it, the other party would have already suppressed him.

The dou qi in his body was sealed.

And in the next moment, before he could even make a plea for mercy, his cultivation had been crippled.

That's right.

Hallowed as one of the Ancient Eight Clans' Soul Clan Chief, he, Soul Heavenly Emperor, had been suppressed.

He had even been crippled.

Even if he had only broken through to become a half emperor and hadn't yet done anything to wake up from the joy of becoming a half emperor, even if he hadn't yet woken up from the sorrow of the Soul Clan's annihilation, he was still looking ugly right now.

It was finished.

The Soul Clan was completely finished.

He, the Soul Heavenly Emperor, was also completely finished.

There was no way out.

From now on, it was feared that there would no longer be a Soul Clan clan in the Ancient Eight Clans, and the Dou Di that his Soul Heavenly Emperor had in his heart was now gone as well.

He no longer had hope.

"Damn it, what an abomination."

The Soul Celestial Emperor's face turned ugly and gloomy, "He actually slaughtered my Soul Clan, he actually crippled my cultivation, damn it!"

But now he couldn't even speak, his ability to speak had been sealed by Jiang Xiao.

Soul Celestial Emperor.

The Soul Clan had once been considered a figure, perhaps once truly unstoppable and magnificent.

However, he simply wasn't enough to look at.

At the very least, he wasn't enough to look at in front of Jiang Di, and what was the point of flipping a hand to suppress it, what was the use of a Hallowed Soul Heavenly Emperor.

In vain, that Ancient Clan's Gu Yuan had always regarded the Soul Heavenly Emperor as a great enemy, but where was it now.

This was clearly an invincible existence only.

Where was he enough to look at.

With a gloomy face, if eyes could kill, the Soul Heavenly Emperor would probably have been killed cleanly.

After all, Jiang lacked strength that wasn't weak, he was terrifyingly strong and his killing intent curled like a tide.

If he didn't want to show the Soul Heaven Emperor the future of the Dao Sect, if he didn't want the Immortal Dao to grow even crazier, he would have wanted to exterminate the Soul Heaven Emperor right now.

After all, this man was an old yin dog, it was guaranteed that he was thinking about how to calculate people in his heart, and it was possible that Jiang Chi was in his calculations at the moment.

Jiang Ji continued, "Soul Heaven Emperor, this seat is not going to talk nonsense with you, although you may have a chance of survival for the rest of your clan, they will all be crippled by this seat, and there is no need for this Soul Realm to exist."

In reality, the Soul Celestial Emperor didn't understand any of this, he couldn't even refuse.

He frowned a bit, an old face chilling, "A good extinct strong man, is this your style of acting?"

Its appearance was as indifferent as ice, and his heart said, "If this throne has the chance, it will definitely kill you cleanly, stripping the skin and crushing the soul is the easiest thing."

However, the words in his heart he would never dare to say directly, he was in fear.

Jiang Qian was not only powerful, but also profoundly cultivated, and his all-powerful power was terrifying in a million ways.

Killing without blinking an eye, he was also ruthless, definitely not something ordinary people could deal with.

It was only now that the Soul Celestial Emperor reluctantly admitted that even though he was a strong half-Emperor cultivator, he still couldn't compare to Jiang Qian.

This man was really strong.

"How in the world does he cultivate, he's obviously not a Dou Emperor, yet he has strength beyond Dou Emperor, is he a god?"

The Soul Celestial Emperor could not help but say, "But where in this world are there any gods that aren't all made by men?"

He was laughing and crying.

With a depressed face, he was quite stifled, "To think that I, the Soul Heaven Emperor, was at any rate an existence that claimed to be the number one person in the Dou Qi Continent, and now I have to end up like this?

But, I'm so unhappy!"

He was depressed.

In his heart, a thousand bitterness rose up, the feud of life and death, the great racial feud, this was an immense hatred grudge.

Who could forget.

Even he, the Soul Heavenly Emperor, could not forget, he could only break himself and swallow.

He was helpless.

Jiang Chi didn't care that much about the Soul Heavenly Emperor, he just waved his hand and crippled the rest of the Soul Clan and then also erased their memories.

The Soul Heavenly Emperor saw all of this in his eyes while his heart was silently weeping, the Soul Clan he had managed for countless years was reduced to ashes in a single day.

All his efforts had gone down the drain.

There was nothing left anymore.

As for the future, the Soul Celestial Emperor didn't know what was in store, but there would definitely be nothing good.


Jiang Chi's means were displayed, so he quickly left, but swept the Soul Heavenly Emperor up with him and flew off into the distance.

This time Jiang Chi was going back to the Dao Sect, and he was going to take the Soul Heavenly Emperor with him to check out the Dao Sect and the Immortal Dao method.

The Dou Di realm that he had in mind, however, was nothing, and in the realm of the Immortal Dao, becoming an immortal was the king's way.

And everything else was just floating clouds.

A few days later, the two of them arrived at the entrance of the Dao Sect.


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