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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1015 - Dou Di? (subscription sought)

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The Soul Heavenly Emperor of the Soul Clan was definitely a super strong person, both in terms of strength and qualifications.

He was the first person of the Soul Clan, and even more so if there was no Jiang Lack, the first person of the Dou Qi Continent.

A supremely strong person.

It was just that he probably didn't expect that Jiang Lack had already killed his way to the Soul Realm.

He also probably didn't know that the Soul Realm was already so unstoppable that it was easily broken by him, and there was no longer any power to stop it.


In a moment, a terrifying light quietly surged out, and a perverse sweep swept up.

It was very turbulent.

Inside the secret room, the Soul Heavenly Emperor had completely refined the Empyrean brood, and he muttered, "I've been cultivating for countless years, honing my Dou Qi for many years, and now I'm finally going to cultivate to become a Dou Emperor."

He was looking forward to it in a million ways.

Dou Di.

That was the most powerful existence in the Dou Qi Continent, the ultimate goal of Dou Qi cultivators.

He was finally going to reach that goal.

The medicinal power of the Empyrean Brood Pill was truly extraordinary, at least the Soul Heavenly Emperor seemed more than enough to allow him to break through to the Dou Emperor.

This kind of power was truly extraordinary, and could definitely strengthen their soul clan, changing the sky and the earth overnight.

It could completely change everything.

This day.

In the quiet time, his power soared, sweeping out towards the surroundings with a terrifying momentum.

For a time, violent power erupted from him, like a powerful existence filled with power.

Truly formidable.

"Is this the power that belongs to a Dou Emperor?" But the Soul Heavenly Emperor suddenly frowned and muttered, "No, this shouldn't be a true Dou Emperor, or else my bloodline should all be expanded once I become a Dou Emperor."

But now it was different.

He didn't feel how the bloodline was, but only sensed the birth of powerful power within his body.

Other than that there was nothing else.

This situation caused the Soul Heaven Emperor to frown inwardly, it was clear that he hadn't fully broken through to the Dou Di realm this time.

But it wasn't like there was no breakthrough.

"Is it located between the peak of the Dou Sheng and the Dou Emperor?"

The Soul Celestial Emperor looked a bit depressed, "This state should belong to a half emperor."

It wasn't exactly a Dou Emperor.

He was a bit confused and thought to himself, "Half-Emperor isn't exactly a Dou Emperor, but it already has some of the strength of a Dou Emperor, and my current cultivation is countless times stronger than the previous Dou Emperor."

Although the bloodline hadn't mutated yet, and although this time he, Soul Heavenly Emperor, was only a mere half-emperor, it was still enough to see.

"Even if we encounter that mysterious strong man again, my Soul Heavenly Emperor will have enough strength to deal with it."

With a breakthrough in cultivation, he, Soul Heavenly Emperor, was naturally confident.

Even if one's strength was sky-high, even if one's means were outrageously strong, it was still stronger than none.

Moreover, in the Soul Heavenly Emperor's opinion, it was only a matter of time before he would become a Dou Di with time and his own careful cultivation.

It was just such a matter of time that sooner or later, he would break through to become a true Dou Di emperor.

I believe that at that time his Soul Heavenly Emperor's entire bloodline would also be able to evolve, and the Soul Clan would be able to rise to the heavens as a result.

Thinking about it made me feel excited, maybe he would become the first person after the Nadashe Ancient Emperor.

The last Dou Emperor.

"At that time, the Dou Qi Continent will be ruled by me."

The Soul Celestial Emperor thought in his heart, "A realm that is unattainable even for the next person, I will be able to cover the sky with one hand."

He aspired to it.

"And from now on, in the entire Dou Qi Continent, the rest of the Ancient Eight Clans are far from being a match for my Soul Clan.

Our Soul Clan will dominate the entire Dou Qi Continent and become the most dazzling great clan.

Even that Xiao Clan and the Ancient Clan are no match for it."

The Soul Celestial Emperor's heart fluttered with rage, as if he had seen a well-traveled path to becoming a Dou Emperor that was unique to his Soul Celestial Emperor and was not available to the rest of the Ancient Eight Clans.

Ah, the Dou Emperor.

Even his Soul Celestial Emperor had thought about it for countless years, even plotted for countless years.

"Although I'm only a Half-Emperor cultivator now, I'm ready to leave the gate."

From the Soul Heavenly Emperor's perspective, even with his current Half-Emperor cultivation, he was still invincible in this Dou Qi Continent.

"Even if I encounter the mysterious person I met earlier in the Magma World, I should still have the strength to fight, and I should be able to suppress and seal the other party if I try my best."

The Soul Celestial Emperor was very satisfied in his heart and murmured to himself, "I've been in seclusion for some time now, and it's time for me to get out of it."

He was looking forward to the rise of the Soul Clan once again.

The Half-Emperor's cultivation was no joke, much less the fact that he was usually at the peak of the Dou Sheng before.

"In the Dou Sheng realm, even a tiny realm is not the same, let alone the Half-Emperor level."

Soul Celestial Emperor pondered, "With my current cultivation, I'm afraid that Gu Yuan of the Ancient Clan shouldn't be a match for me either."

He was filled with laughter.

The heart was very satisfied and very happy.

The wind and clouds of the Nine Heavens changed.

The Soul Heaven Emperor was not an accomplished true Dou Emperor, but his all-cultivation strength was again extremely extraordinary.

Tunnel, the Soul Heavenly Emperor was ready to leave the gate.

Only what he had never dreamed of was that Jiang Chi, whom he had previously encountered in the magma world of the Nadashe Ancient Emperor's cave, had now come to the Soul Realm to make a killing and had suppressed all those Soul People without resistance.

The scene he Soul Heavenly Emperor had been waiting for was feared to be unseen.

Instead of rising up, the Soul Clan was still killed most of the people, and the elites were all lost, and were killed for the people by Jiang Chi.


The Soul Celestial Emperor slapped the door of the secret room to smithereens, and the strength of the half emperor's cultivation was on full display.

Now that his strength had grown quite terrifyingly, endless power lingered within his body again, as if he possessed the ability to destroy the heavens and the earth.

"This is a truly strong man, the path I plotted in the past seems to be correct."

The Soul Celestial Emperor mused in his heart, "I wonder how the clan would feel if they knew of my strength?"

He was suddenly looking forward to something.


After the Soul Celestial Emperor slapped the door of that secret room away, he didn't see half of the Soul Clan either, as if those clansmen had all inexplicably disappeared.

"Hey, where are the people?"

It was so strange that he hadn't even found half a human figure, it was as if his clan didn't exist at all.

This was somewhat surprising, he locked his eyebrows, "It seems that things are a bit out of my expectation, something shouldn't have happened to the Soul Clan."

It was highly unlikely, but it wasn't nothing.

Maybe the Soul Clan just messed with an existence that shouldn't be messed with, "Wait, that's impossible, where in the world is there an existence more powerful than my Soul Clan.

Even those of the Ancient Eight Clans aren't enough to see."

Even though Na Gu Yuan had united the rest of the Ancient Eight Clans, he felt that he was not afraid of the Soul Clan's strength.

Not to mention the fact that there were still a few clans left in the Ancient Eight Clans today, he, the Soul Heavenly Emperor, was clear about it.

"It's not right, before all of them someone was able to exterminate the rest of those weak clans, maybe it's inextricably linked to the person I met in the Dashe Ancient Emperor's cave, with the other party's strength they could definitely exterminate the rest of the clans.

If the other party suddenly finds its way to my Soul Clan, then the result..."

The Soul Celestial Emperor suddenly thought of this situation, and was left with no end in sight.

As if there were endless possibilities, he was a bit unsure.

"Is it really that person who has come to my Soul Clan?"

The Soul Heavenly Emperor's face was pale, "If the other party really arrived while my Soul Heavenly Emperor was closing in for a breakthrough, with the strength of those who stayed behind in the Soul Clan, how could he be a match for him."

That person was too strong.

So strong that he didn't even want to face it, so strong that he was gloomy, "Damn it, I hope that what I guessed won't be true, otherwise he would be too terrifying for the Soul Clan."

Regardless, the Soul Heaven Emperor was going to see for himself.

The Soul Realm had been beaten to shreds, even the palaces that the Soul Clan had built were destroyed at the moment.

A complete mess.

There was silence everywhere it passed, and there were many broken limbs.

The Soul Celestial Emperor knew that those people were from his Soul Clan, "My guess was right, the Soul Clan really did meet a strong enemy and suffered a calamity.

And for the Soul Clan, the only one who can be called a strong enemy is the one encountered in the cave of the Nashe Ancient Emperor.

Only his strength could have done such a situation, and it was easy for him to find the location of my Soul Clan.

Only now that he's gone?

And do I still have a chance for revenge?"

This was something that the Soul Heavenly Emperor actually didn't dare to be sure of, and he continued to look with his gloomy, dripping gaze.

There were originally hundreds of thousands of Soul Clan people, but now there were only a few hundred left.

Such a tragic end made him furious, "Why, why did he go on a killing spree just because I stole his Imperial Brood Pill?"

To be angry at the entire Soul Clan because of a single pill, this was too unimaginable.

Even though this was an emperor brood pill, a pill that was enough to make one a Dou Emperor, it wasn't enough to scourge the entire Soul Clan.

"Damn, you all deserve to die!"

The Soul Heavenly Emperor's half-empire cultivation emanated, and terrifying momentum was instantly powerful in all directions.

And at this moment, Jiang Jiang did not leave.

He naturally knew the Soul Heavenly Emperor was out of the gate the first time, but he was a little disappointed after sensing the breath on the Soul Heavenly Emperor's body.

"Is it just a half emperor, but he didn't even really cultivate the Dou Emperor, wasting an emperor brood pill for nothing."

He had thought that the Soul Celestial Emperor could break through with the help of this pill, and should at least be a Dou Emperor level existence.

Who knew that he hadn't broken through.

Now it was still just an existence that had failed to achieve Dou Emperor, and half an Emperor was not a Dou Emperor.

The Soul Clan was now only a few hundred people left that he had killed, and the resources of the Soul Clan had been obtained by Jiang lacked.

What the Soul Heavenly Emperor saw after he left the gate was just a broken Soul Clan, not many people, no resource collection at all, and even the palace that originally belonged to the Soul Clan was now almost completely destroyed.

When the Soul Celestial Emperor, a half emperor, witnessed this scene with his own eyes, he suddenly looked ugly.

With gloomy eyes, Jiang Jiang faintly said, "Soul Heavenly Emperor, you finally came out and robbed this seat of the emperor's brood, and you have cultivated to such a level now, it's not bad to be a half emperor.

However, you've met this throne, you're destined for bad luck."

Jiang Ji muttered, "The Soul Clan is gone, so you, the clan leader, will go with your clan."

He murmured, these words made the Soul Heavenly Emperor's face turn pale, he had never thought that Jiang Kou would come here.

He had even exterminated the Soul Clan.


"Who the hell are you?"

The Soul Celestial Emperor asked with a gloomy face, "What do you intend to do when you come to my Soul Clan to stir up the Soul Realm?"

Do you really want to annihilate my Soul Society?

He was puzzled.

I thought I could lead the Soul Clan this time, but now it seems that development and growth won't even work.

It was really helpless.

Jiang Chi, on the other hand, smiled lightly at the words and said, "Nothing else, it's just to get rid of harm for the people, the Ancient Eight Clans Tea Poison Central State has been in existence for a long time, and as a supreme being, I am to get rid of harm for the ten thousand people of the world."

That's all.

In reality, he, Jiang Sheng, only wanted the resources of the Soul Clan's various collections, and also intended to help Pill Dust take revenge.

As for the matter of the Empyrean Young Pill, he, Jiang Jiang, really didn't care about it, it didn't matter if it was just a single pill.

But at this moment, the Soul Heavenly Emperor's face was gloomy as he heard Jiang Chi's words, "Even though you're a strong man, I'm going to try your catty!"


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