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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1014 - Soul Heavenly Emperor (Seeking Subscription)

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In the Dou Qi Continent, it was not an easy task to become a Dou Emperor, especially in this era.

Although the cultivation of dou qi had already proliferated to a peak, and although the cultivation of dou qi had reached some sort of incredible level for dou qi, a dou emperor was generally the pinnacle.

It would be unlikely to reach that legendary incredible Dou Emperor.

Especially in this era.

The source Qi to become a Dou Emperor was gone, and even that last Dou Emperor, Dushe Gu Emperor, was only achieved through a special method - gathering countless exotic fires to become a Dou Emperor.

And in the original, even that unstoppable Yan Emperor Xiao Yan had relied on foreign fire to become a Dou Emperor.

The Dou Emperor's dignity.

It was difficult to achieve, which was why the Soul Heavenly Emperor wanted to rely on the Emperor's Young Pill that was so hard to obtain from the Dashe Ancient Emperor's Cave, which might help him break through to Dou Emperor.

Becoming a new generation of strong Dou Emperor.

He was bound to get it.

Maybe he, Soul Heavenly Emperor, could truly dignify the heavens and become an incredible existence in this Dou Qi Continent.

Dou Emperor!

That was the ultimate goal of countless Dou Qi cultivators.

Everyone was working towards this goal, in anticipation of one day breaking through to become a Dou Di.

Then one person would become a Dou Di, and all of them would rise to the heavens.

With the continuation of the Dou Emperor bloodline, an ordinary family could become super strong and supreme.

Naturally, that Soul Heavenly Emperor was no exception, and in the Soul Realm's closed room, he cupped his hands to continue refining the medicinal power of the Emperor's Young Pill.

Endless power was suddenly emitted from his body, and for a moment, it was as if the Soul Heavenly Emperor had touched the threshold of that Dou Emperor.

He only felt refreshed, as if a huge window had been opened to him.

The Dou Emperor's esteem.

That incomparably powerful existence, his face was pale, "The things left behind by the Dou She Ancient Emperor are actually being obtained by me, Jiang Someone, it's really good.

As long as I completely refine the medicinal power of the Empyrean Brood Pill, I might actually have a chance to become a Dou Emperor.

I was a bit skeptical before, but now it seems that the Imperial Brood Pill is truly extraordinary."

Becoming a Dou Emperor was within a stone's throw.

With his face standing proudly upright, he suddenly muttered to himself, "Not bad, now I can already feel the Dou Emperor's esteem beckoning me."

Not bad at all!

Their Soul Clan was going to be developed from now on.


The Soul Heavenly Emperor laughed loudly, "From now on, my Soul Clan will truly become the most powerful existence in the Dou Qi Continent."

How expectant this was.

And how lamentable, he, the Soul Heavenly Emperor, had planned for countless years and actually had the chance to become a Dou Emperor by such coincidence.

It truly called him hush hush as well.

If he hadn't followed in the past, perhaps he wouldn't have been able to get such benefits now, and I'm afraid that he wouldn't be able to salvage the emperor's brood normally seeing him.

Where was it as good as now.

The Empyrean Brood Pill came crashing straight up, for his Soul Heavenly Emperor to have, with his current state of cultivation and his natural qualifications, it wasn't impossible for him to become a Dou Emperor.

The chances were high.

He gazed coldly, chilling his divine mane, "I will definitely break through to become a Dou Emperor, that mysterious man is very powerful, but as long as I break through to become a Dou Emperor, he will definitely not have a good end."

The Soul Celestial Emperor had deep confidence in this, his talent was extraordinary.

Inside the secret room.

Soul Heavenly Emperor was continuing his cultivation, he was peremptorily unaware that Jiang Xiao, a mysterious and inscrutable existence, had come to his door.

The Soul Realm had appeared.

Those boundaries on the outskirts of the Soul Realm were unable to stop him, and with a slight wave of his hand, the true essence mana in his body condensed on his hand.


The terrifying energy rolled up violently, and in a moment it was like a storm that swept away and rolled extraordinary.

The blocking borders on the periphery of the Soul Realm shattered, calling out to the people to be terrified, so afraid.

Those in the Soul Realm, they didn't know that someone had invaded, and when the boundary shattered, they thought it was just an ordinary shattering.

Now it looked different.

Jiang Qian's powerful mighty pressure swept down like a storm in no time, calling those people of the Soul Race unbearable.

"Not good, there's a strong enemy coming!"

"Heavens, since when did our Soul Clan become like this, when did we offend such a strong man?"

"I'm afraid this is going to be bad, the patriarch came back half a month ago and directly announced that he was going to close the door and break through the Dou Di, and will never come out until he breaks through, so maybe we've been robbed this time, where do we go from here?"


For a time, these people of the Soul Race were all a bit confused and bewildered, their faces a million times uglier, and their minds so complicated that it was hard to calm down.

They didn't know exactly what was going on, they just knew that the Soul Clan might be in big trouble.

Jiang Xiao's terrifying pressure crushed down viciously, really calling this Soul Clan's faces unbearable.

If their clan leader hadn't closed in for a breakthrough, they might have been able to resist for a moment or two.

But now, they were a bit afraid.


There were still people in the Soul Clan who could see clearly.

"Hurry up and organize the manpower to organize the strong enemy, we definitely can't let that person kill us, the good ones won't come, he will definitely have other ideas."

"That's right, this person has destroyed all the boundaries of our Soul Realm, he is definitely not strong enough for ordinary people to bear."

"As long as we delay this person, we can wait until the clan leader leaves the gate, he will definitely kill this strong enemy then."

"Yes, yes, Lord Clan Leader is incredibly powerful, we must wait until Lord Clan Leader is out of the gate."


In the Soul Realm, those of the Soul Clan hurriedly spoke up.

They were taking a tough stance against Jiang Xiao's invasion, as long as they could delay the Soul Heavenly Emperor's exit.

To those in the Soul Clan, their clan leader, the Soul Heavenly Emperor, was incredibly powerful and held endless prestige in the Soul Realm.

He was the strongest of them all.

At the moment.

Jiang Chi looked at the Soul Realm in front of him indifferently, "Soul Clan, how many wrongdoings have been done and how much killing has been caused for one's own selfish gain?"

He didn't know.

The mind was complicated.

With a cold gaze, he muttered to himself, "Since you Soul Clan are going to resist, then I can't say that I will have to perform that ruthless deed."

This would also be considered as removing harm from the people and the world.

Not to let the Soul Clan continue to scourge people.

With a thought, a supreme thunderbolt appeared, "Kill, first sword, exterminate!"

His supreme means were displayed as if he had heavenly power.

Without saying a word to the people of the Soul Clan, they killed viciously, killing sweeping in their hands.

There began to be chaos in the entire Soul Clan, almost chilled to the bone by Jiang Di's killings, blood flowing across the floor and heads rolling to the ground.

An unknown number of cultivators all ended up in a miserable state, from ordinary fighters, to Dou Zong, to Dou Zun and Dou Sheng.

Without exception, they were all no match for Jiang Lack.

His mighty power was like a monstrous torrent that swirled and rolled without stopping.

As he crushed past, countless people died under Jiang Chi's evil sword.

In the end, they turned into ashes and went away.


Exploding in an instant, supreme power rolled up, and those people of the Soul Clan died an unknown number of times.

Although there were many people in the Soul Clan, they couldn't withstand the killing that he, Jiang Gou, had done, and hundreds of them died in a single wave of his hand.


"This man is inevitably too powerful, who the hell is he, is there even such a strong person in the world?"

"Is our Soul Clan going to be finished?"

"It'll only be hard to resist even when the patriarch is out of the gate, so let's just inform him to get out and let's escape."


In the Soul Realm, many people who hadn't died yet paused to talk to each other.

The mood was so unsettling.

In their eyes, Jiang Liao had transformed into a devil and was now killing people's heads and chilling them to the bone.

In the end, they were still afraid.

What if Jiang Liao had come with the intention of annihilating them.

It seemed that they were no match at all.

Just a single encounter had left them dead and wounded, and if they continued with this lopsided trend, where would they still be opponents.

No matter what, they couldn't afford to kill.

Maybe they would all be unlucky, but most importantly, they were afraid that they wouldn't be able to hold out until the Jiang Soul Heavenly Emperor came out of the gate.

They were afraid that the Soul Clan would be lost.

Begging for mercy wouldn't seem to work.

He did look forward to it a bit, his heart indifferent, "These people of the Soul Clan are all deserving of death, even if they were all killed, it would not be enough to fear."

He Jiang was not afraid anyway.

So he felt indifferent.

Naturally, those people of the Soul Clan wouldn't bargain with him, and judging from Jiang lacking that bad attitude, they definitely wouldn't allow anyone to do that to the Soul Clan.

--After all, the Soul Clan had been high and mighty for many years, and they felt that they were the top clan in Central State, and even the entire Dou Qi Continent.

Anyone who dared to disrespect the Soul Clan, or had the slightest discontent, had been killed off previously.

They didn't have any intention of begging for mercy when they faced Jiang Jiang, but they just felt ugly, and it was a bit unexpected that the unbeatable Soul Race had ended up like this.

They had never thought that one day they would end up like this, it really made them want to cry without tears.

For a time, their faces were cold and their gazes were like lightning as they all said.

"I don't know who this person is or what kind of existence he has, but he has rampantly slaughtered my Soul Clan disciples and killed people of my Soul Clan without any fear, this account must be settled."

"Yes, how has our Soul Clan ever suffered such humiliation, that is, today, who dared to disrespect our Soul Clan before!"

"If it wasn't for the Clan Leader's old man closing his door for a breakthrough, why would he call these people to scourge our Soul Clan."


For a while, they all hooted and hollered, their faces gloomy as hell.

Especially as they watched Jiang Liao kill with sword after sword, their Soul Clan was being killed, and these people were no match at all.

Jiang Chi, was definitely the most powerful existence their Soul Clan had ever seen.

It was even a match for that clan leader of theirs, Lord Soul Heavenly Emperor, and this was the only way to be an opponent?

No one knew about it at all.

But Jiang Chi's face sank as he continued, "You Soul Clan people, if you don't call your Soul Clan's clan leader, Soul Heavenly Emperor, to come over, this seat will have to kill all of your Soul Clan's sons and grandsons.

This throne has heard that your Soul Heavenly Emperor Clan Leader has closed the door and is preparing to break through to the Dou Di realm, I don't know if that's true or not?

Just, does he really have a chance to break through?"

The Soul Clan crowd: "...and..."

Faced with Jiang Di's question, one person all turned black and almost fainted.

Those of the Soul Clan all said darkly, "This person is really arrogant, and I wonder where he comes from."

But right now.

No matter what Jiang Xiao's origin was, they couldn't do anything.

They had to make sure that the clan leader, Soul Heavenly Emperor, made a smooth breakthrough, otherwise even if Soul Heavenly Emperor came out of the gate, their soul clan would be exterminated.

Can't retreat.

Another step back would be a cliff, and besides, those dead and injured members of the Soul Clan can't die in vain ah.

"When the clan leader breaks through, he must not be allowed to kill this man!"

Someone hated the words, but also looked angry at the same time.


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