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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1013 - Going to the Soul Clan (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Jiang lacked: "........"

What's going on?

The Soul Heavenly Emperor has escaped?

And it was running right under the nose of Jiang Lack, without any trace.

After collecting the Imperial Brood Pill, the Soul Heavenly Emperor ran away without a trace.

It caused Jiang Chi to be a bit dazed and shocked, "Where did the man go, he's the head of the Soul Clan, Soul Heavenly Emperor, but he ran away without even saying hello?"

That seemed a little unorthodox.

It looked a bit stunned.

His mind was also a bit complicated, he had never thought that the Soul Heaven Emperor would just leave without saying goodbye.

Was he, Jiang Jian, so terrifying?

If you don't have a fight, you should at least say hello.

Now this is nothing.

What's not a matter, Jiang Xiao doesn't look surprised, "Is he not hearing my Jiang someone's reputation and thinking that I'm a devil?"

Although he did have a name of Jiang Old Devil, the Soul Heavenly Emperor should not know about it from Jiang's point of view.


Then why did the Soul Heaven Emperor leave?

He couldn't figure it out.

For a moment, he quietly touched his nose, "Forget it, just go, there's no escaping your Soul Heaven Emperor's lair in the Soul Realm anyway.

Since you've already left, I'm sure you've returned to the Soul Realm, so the seat will just go to your Soul Realm when the time comes."

The monk could run away from the temple.

Sooner or later, he would be in his pocket, and when the time came, not only his Soul Clan, but even the Soul Heavenly Emperor would also be unlucky.

Jiang Jiang gazed coldly, chilling his divine eyes as he continued to murmur, "Even if you, Soul Heavenly Emperor, were to win the Empyrean Brood Pill, even if you were lucky enough to achieve Dou Di with the help of that Empyrean Brood Pill's medicinal power, this seat is still confident that you will be suppressed."

This bottom line he Jiang Sheng still had.


Soul Celestial Emperor.

Rather a generation with ungodly luck, simply stalking him, but they were all able to hit the Divine Dainty Pill.

This luck was simply not ordinary.

Even Jiang Chi was a little envious for a moment, "If he were a little slower, I might have been able to interrupt him, even he wouldn't have gotten the Empyrean Dainty Pill, pity..."

People are lucky.

He can't even stop this.

What can he do about it?

"However, although that Imperial Brood Pill is precious and this seat is envious of his Soul Celestial Emperor's luck, the fact that this seat has already obtained those many exotic fires is enough to explain everything."

Jiang Ji muttered, "If I have those foreign fires, I can obtain countless origin power, and I can become an immortal, and a mere imperial nestling pellet will not matter."


Jiang Xiao made a major decision, he was going to the Soul Clan.

Go see that unstoppable existence and meet that Soul Heavenly Emperor, the first person of the Dou Qi Continent.

Then ask him why he ran away when he saw him, was he really that terrifying Jiang Chi?


He was a good man, Jiang Liao.

Anyway, that's how Jiang Que felt about himself, he gave the different fires a chance and left a line in the sand as a human being.

These could all be reflected.

Right now.

The Soul Celestial Emperor who came out of the Dashe Ancient Emperor's cave was sweating coldly, cold light appearing as if there was a great danger and terror arising.

It was truly somewhat frightening.

"Who the hell is that person, he's actually this terrifying, that breath simply made me feel like my life was in great danger, as if I was about to be cut down at any moment."

The Soul Celestial Emperor was secretly relieved, his face pale, "I don't know how strong his cultivation is, I'm afraid... I'm afraid that he's already become a Dou Emperor.

But how could there be a Dou Emperor in this world.

If there were, how could he have never seen it before, and how could he not feel anything at all."

But then again, Jiang lacked the strength to explain all of this.

His face was ugly for a while.

It was hard to get back in the mood.

"But it's good that I got some benefits, that Imperial Brood Pill is an existence that surpasses the Ninth Grade Xuan Dan, and it was made by the Dashe Ancient Emperor himself back then."

The Soul Celestial Emperor secretly mused, "Now that I have an Imperial Brood Pill, I only need to return to the Soul Realm and with time, I can become a Dou Emperor."

This attraction was enough to drive people crazy.

Even he, the Soul Heavenly Emperor, went crazy, secretly saying, "An Emperor brood pill, a pill that can make one become a Dou Emperor, who wouldn't be impressed."

Dou Emperor.

He, the Soul Heavenly Emperor, wanted it too.

"No, I'm too close to that Magma World now, it wouldn't be good if that vicious person comes after me."

Soul Celestial Emperor thought well, he was new to the Imperial Brood Pill, and because this pill surpassed the scope of the Ninth Grade Xuan Dan, it was enough to make one a Dou Emperor.

Such a pill couldn't say that the other party would have to be impressed.

"Even if the other party might have become a Dou Emperor Supreme, it's still very likely that he'll go crazy over it."

He, Soul Heavenly Emperor, was still very clear on this point, there were many things in this world where people died for money and birds died for food.

It was very likely that it would cause some bad things.

"No, I have to go back to the Soul Realm first, I can't let him find me, only if I become a Dou Di Emperor, I might have a chance to fight him."

The Soul Heavenly Emperor's heart was extremely complicated, "I thought that I was the number one person in the world in the Dou Qi Continent, I thought that I would be able to traverse the entire Dou Qi Continent, but now I have no bottom."

It wasn't at all an order of magnitude.

It was only at this time that he knew what it meant to have a mountain outside of a person.

Jiang Lack's strength showed him the precarious side of life, that if he wasn't careful, he would die.

And that would be terrifying.

After all, his Soul Celestial Emperor's life was worth a fortune, "I have to return to the Soul Realm, so I can devour the Empyrean Young Pill in the shortest possible time, and then refine the medicinal power to become a Dou Emperor."

Otherwise, it's just a Gryphon.

And a Gryphon had no say, and could only be reduced to an existence that was bullied.

Inside the Dou She Ancient Emperor's cave.

Jiang Mo didn't think about anything deliberately, he knew that it was useless to chase after him this time.

However, he still had to go to that Soul Clan, "After all, that Soul Clan, like the Ancient Clan, is one of the most powerful of the Ancient Eight Clans.

So they must have quite a few collections over the years, they must have countless resources."

Although the Soul Clan no longer had a different fire, they could have those many resources.

"It would be nice to have access to their Soul Clan's resources."

Jiang Ji muttered to himself, "Soul Celestial Emperor, even if you obtain the Emperor's Young Pill, even if you have a chance to break through to Dou Di, I, Jiang Someone, am not afraid of you."

If he was afraid of the Soul Celestial Emperor, he wouldn't have been allowed to snatch the Empyrean Daisy Pill, and he wouldn't have been given the chance to become a Dou Emperor.

Jiang Mo looked as cold as frost as he leapt, so he swiftly moved his body's mana and turned into a stream of light.

Where is the Soul Realm located!

The Soul Clan lived in the Soul Realm.

That place was not a place that ordinary people could go to.

"I had previously asked about the exact location of the Soul Realm, I can go there even without pill dust."

Jiang Ji muttered to himself, "Soul Heavenly Emperor, Soul Heavenly Emperor, when you see this seat again, I wonder how you will feel?"


The Soul Clan will be nothing more than that then.

Whether it was because of Pill Dust's previous hatred with the Soul Clan, or now that he, Jiang Jiang, wanted to meet with the Soul Heavenly Emperor, that Soul Clan he wanted to see.

Perhaps there were unexpected things happening.

I believe that those collections of the Soul Clan, that Soul Heavenly Emperor's luck, would all be his Jiang's gain.

As he flew, Jiang Chi secretly thought, "Right, there's also that Ancient Clan that he needs to go see, it might be of great benefit."

Jiang Chi was still rather wanting for this.

Right now.

The Soul Celestial Emperor would never have imagined that Jiang Xiao, a super-powerful person, was already planning to go to their Soul Realm, or that the location of the Soul Realm had already been exposed.

This was something he had never expected.

Going to the Soul Clan, Jiang Chi did not intend to inform those people from the Dao Sect, he intended to go alone, and those people in the Soul Realm could not outsmart him anyway.

And it was impossible for that Soul Heavenly Emperor to break through his cultivation, let alone become supreme in such a short period of time.

Jiang Qian's gaze was cold, and his cold mane curled.

The Soul Celestial Emperor was so excited that he galloped away, flying high and far away, and in his opinion, the Soul Realm must be the safest.

Once he returned to the Soul Realm, he would be able to announce his breakthrough to Dou Emperor.

After all, this world was still Dou Emperor-dominated.

The Soul Realm, like that Thunder Realm and the Spirit Realm, was a small world opened up by the Ancient Eight Clans, and the Soul Clans all lived in it and would not come out easily.

And because of this, the general public would not know where they were.

But it just so happened.

Pill Dust who had a hatred with the Soul Clan was aware of it.

Because for the Pill Dust with Pill Dust, finding the distance to the Soul Realm and finding the existence of the Soul Clan was very much a necessity.

The existence of the Soul Clan might not last long.

Half a month later.

It had been half a month since that Soul Heavenly Emperor had returned to the Soul Realm, and during this half month, the Soul Heavenly Emperor had been refining the medicinal power of the Empyrean Brood Pill.

He firmly believed that as long as he could refine the Imperial Brood Pill, he would be able to break through to the Dou Emperor.

After all, the Empyrean Brood Pill was a super pill made by the Dashe Ancient Emperor who had become a Dou Emperor back then.

That Empyrean Brood Pill had probably never dreamed that he, an existence that surpassed the Ninth Grade Xuan Dan, would be devoured in such a short period of time.

After being refined, his life naturally could not be preserved.

In the end, there was only one way to die.

When the Soul Heavenly Emperor announced his closure, those of the Soul Clan were naturally excited and thrilled, it seemed to them that their own ancestor was finally going to break through to become a Dou Emperor.

And in the Dou Qi Continent, once one became a Dou Emperor, it meant that one person would rise to the heavens.

Regardless of whether it was a direct or side line, their bloodline would be enhanced or even mutated to become a Dou Di bloodline person.

At that time, both their cultivation talent and their bloodline abilities would have a strong boost.

A Dou Zun could become a Dou Sheng, and a Dou Zun could become a Dou Zun.

And it was all a breeze.


For the matter of the Soul Celestial Emperor to break through to become a Dou Emperor, those Soul Clans in the Soul Realm all raised their hands in approval.

And after this fifteen days.

Jiang Chi's gaze was like lightning as he looked at the boundaries at the edge of the Soul Realm, he muttered, "The Soul Clan, what a big deal, just the boundaries of this Soul Realm are not something ordinary people can have.

But to stop this seat from entering with just these boundaries alone is just a bit short.

This time, I, Jiang Someone, am going to directly kill my way into the Soul Realm."

The Soul Clan wasn't a good person anyway, so killing them was just killing them, and it was no guilt at all for Jiang Chi.

Over the years, had the Soul Clan killed fewer people?

In fact, there were not many people who died at the hands of the Soul Clan at all, and one could even say that there were as many as a dime a dozen.

The Soul Clan was simply like an executioner.

In order for the Soul Heavenly Emperor to become a Dou Emperor, they could be said to have used everything, their methods were quite brutal.

Among them, Pill Dust was the best example, almost dying in the Yellow Springs, if not for his luck, he might not even have the chance to retain a trace of his remaining soul.

And like Pill Dust, there were quite a few alchemists in the Dou Qi Continent who had suffered persecution because of the Soul Hall and the Soul Clan, "This time, I, Jiang Someone, have avenged them."

When he, Old Devil Jiang, came, the Soul Clan was afraid that it would be unlucky.

There was no doubt about that!

It was just that the Soul Heavenly Emperor was using this short period of time to break through the Dou Emperor, could he succeed?


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