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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1012 - A Sliver of a Chance? (subscription sought)

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The idea bursting out of the Teppin chick's mind was peculiar, it felt that if it acted properly, it might actually be able to escape.

And then be done with it.

Leave this hellhole forever.

And be spared a painful devouring, how great would that be.

"After all, this person came in and destroyed the seal, so according to human logic, I should be able to escape."

Empyrean Daisy muttered to herself, "The only thing I need to pay attention to is whether or not I can escape under this person's nose, just in case I can't..."

That would be the food in someone's belly.

No way.

That's too unsafe.

I definitely can't take this risk myself, wouldn't it be bad if something happened.

No, this was clearly just a chance to win a future.

"If I succeed, my Empyrean Chrysanthemum's future is boundless, and the most important thing is that I can go out and be unrestrained and fearless."

Empyrean Daisy Dan secretly thought, "Thinking like this, it all depends on how I act."

But it was difficult.

"This person is too strong, and I wonder if he's also stronger than the Dushek Ancient Emperor who had already achieved the rank of Dou Emperor back then."

Anyway, it seemed to him that the strength of Jiang Xiao was definitely greater than that of the Dou Emperor, and he wouldn't be able to feel that powerful air wrong.

The other party would only need one move to restrain him.

And he might not have any power to resist.

That would be tragic.

Thinking of this Emperor Dibbling Dan's heart was torn again, "This will make it difficult for me to choose, so should I flee or not?"

It's hard to run away.

It also seemed difficult not to escape.

Continuing to stay, with Jiang Xiao's strength beyond Dou Di, he would be able to find him, guaranteed.

What to do now.

He had no bottom at all, and was still a little depressed.

And right now.

Jiang Chi, who had collected those foreign fires in the Dou She Ancient Emperor's cave, instead looked happy as he muttered to himself, "Foreign fires should have been born out of the heavens and the earth due to chance, but even if you were born with spiritual intelligence, it is not high, and that is why you ended up like this."

It was a pity though.

But this pity was just a faint regret.

After a long sigh, Jiang Kou once again took stock of this Dashe Ancient Emperor Cave.

He hadn't even taken a good look at it before.

Now was a good opportunity instead.

As for the Empyrean Daughter Pill, Jiang Ciao naturally knew that he was in the cave, but he didn't deliberately make it clear.

The Empyrean Brood Pill was different from the Different Fire.

Perhaps because it was made by the Doshe Ancient Emperor himself, that Emperor's Brood Pill's spiritual intelligence was far higher than that of an ordinary foreign fire.

He also knew how to calculate.

He also knew some of the Dashe Ancient Emperor's cultivation methods, as well as fighting techniques.

But he was at least a life, so Jiang Xiao didn't intend to devour him immediately, that would be too miserable and inhumane.

But if that Emperor's Young Pill provoked a great deal of anger, then there was no telling how much he would be devoured, "Perhaps I, Jiang someone, can still become a generation of powerful people and immediately become an immortal."

There was no telling.

The heart was quite satisfied.

Just where was that Emperor's Brood Pill.

He hadn't seen it yet.

But with his understanding of the plot, the Emperor's Daughter Pill should be within this Dashe Ancient Emperor's cave.

But the other party was good at concealment, so he didn't find it.

At least not for the time being.

The dark place.

Empyrean Daisy Dan's face turned cold as he said, "This person really is interested in me, it seems like it's imperative for me to escape, otherwise I might have to fall into his hands this time."

His life was valuable after all.

"So I still have to flee, as far away as possible, leaving this hellhole is better than anything."

Otherwise, there was nothing he could do.

Faced with an existence as powerful as Jiang Chi, even if his Empyrean Daisy Pill was a pill made by a Dou Emperor himself, a pill that surpassed the level of the Ninth Grade Xuan Dan, it would be difficult to resist Jiang Chi at the moment.

The Empyrean Sibling Pill still had some judgment about this.

His mind was clear.

But what should we do next?

"Just slip away with a recluse? Or by other means?"

The empyrean brood found these difficult, and he was afraid that he couldn't be as fast as Jiang lacked in his recluse technique.

That would be a waste of effort.

And possibly expose himself as a result.

A bitter smile.

Empyrean Daisy pondered again, "But, I have to fight anyway."

This was his only chance.

It was also his final chance of survival.

Fighting and exposing himself might be the only way to have that final chance of survival, but if he didn't fight and expose himself, he probably wouldn't even have the last bit of survival.

"If you don't escape Iron will be discovered, so Iron will die."

Empyrean Daisy Dan pondered, "If I flee, perhaps I still have a chance of survival, at least I can be fast enough to reach an extreme speed after pushing my original essence blood, even a strong man at the peak of the Nine Star Dou Sheng may not be able to leave me behind.

Not to mention being surprised.

In this way, I could escape in this short time, the outside world was definitely beautiful and I hadn't been able to enjoy it.

Freedom, it's a beautiful thing, and I don't know if I'll ever have it in my life."

He was looking forward to it anyway.

Maybe he could get away with it, and in time he'd have a chance to become a Dou Di after all.

It was quite possible, too.

Empyrean Daisy Dan was satisfied with his natural qualifications, and he felt that he was born to wander out there.

"Go out, you must go out."

Empyrean Daisy continued to mutter to himself, "I've been in this hellhole for countless years now, I'm tired of it."

He wanted to leave.

This place was a place that the Dashe Ancient Emperor liked to stay in, but not one that he liked.

"It's decided."

A sudden flash of perseverance flashed in the eyes of the emperor's brood, "If I don't leave, maybe I really won't be able to."

That silver lining he had to grab.


Empyrean Daisy was afraid that he never dreamed that if he voluntarily surrendered to Jiang Xiao, he might be able to get a real chance of survival in return.

After leaving the Dashe Ancient Emperor's cave, he was afraid that it would become a dead chance in the blink of an eye.

Of course, this was all for later.

Right now.

Jiang Mo's cold demeanor and gaze was chilly, "Since you won't come out, this seat will have to let you come out on your own."

His heart was like cold ice.

"I didn't expect you to follow in the end, interesting."

Jiang Ji muttered to himself, "Almost even I, Jiang Someone, was fooled by you, you are really a bit capable.

I didn't expect you to be so strong, but you're so good at concealment methods.

But in front of me, Jiang Hou, you don't want to take away half of anything, nor do you want to gain any benefit."


Empyrean brood was unsure.

That didn't seem like he was saying that.

It really wasn't in fact.

Jiang Qiao didn't care about an Empyrean Dainty Pill.

He had only just discovered that there was a well-concealed and unfamiliar scent that was definitely not the ones he had seen.

After a comparison and a guess, he had a sudden decision in his mind, perhaps the Soul Clan one had followed him by mistake.

It was just that he, Jiang Xiao, was no vegetarian.

"It's good that you didn't come, but it might be different if you come this time."

It couldn't be said that he, Jiang Hou, would have to make an early move, that he would have to display all kinds of tricks to do so.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Chi smiled, "It's not that this seat is going to do anything to you, it's really that you've come crashing into the gun."

The Soul Clan Soul Heavenly Emperor.

He, Jiang Jiang, would like to meet him personally for a while and take a look, perhaps he could get something different.

Sooner or later, he would have to go to the Soul Clan anyway, and now it was just a matter of bringing the meeting forward just to meet one side first.

Jiang Chi looked cold, cold light appearing, "Looking for death!"

As soon as he finished speaking, a terrifying light suddenly raced out of Dashe Ancient Emperor's cave.


Jiang Jiang was about to intercept it, but suddenly thought of something, "Imperial brood, I didn't expect that you would end up in his Soul Heaven Emperor's embrace.

But this is good, it's just as well that this seat can see how powerful the Soul Heavenly Emperor who has broken through to the Dou Emperor realm is."

This kind of choice was made by his Empyrean Brood Pillar himself, but he couldn't be blamed for it.

Jiang Jiang didn't stop anything in the end.

He just turned to look at the exit not too far away, and he knew that Soul Heavenly Emperor of the Soul Clan should be there.

And wouldn't the Empyrean Daisy Pill flying out this time just happen to crash right into that Soul Heavenly Emperor.

So it was possible that the Soul Heavenly Emperor had picked up an advantage, "The Empyrean Daughter Pillow Pillow probably didn't expect it, but the Soul Heavenly Emperor was actually waiting at the entrance of the cave.

That old thing wants to wait for a rabbit, but how could this seat give him a chance.

Instead, the Emperor's Young Pill gave the Soul Heavenly Emperor the chance, and it seems that it was destined by the heavens that he, the Soul Heavenly Emperor, was destined to have all these benefits."

It was just that Jiang Qian didn't understand when the Soul Heavenly Emperor had followed him here.

"Did he seek it out on his own?" Jiang Mo couldn't help but think, "If that's the case, then the Soul Heavenly Emperor is a bit powerful."

To be able to determine where the Dashe Ancient Emperor's cave was with just a few pieces of Dashe Ancient Emperor jade, this kind of skill was truly remarkable.

It's just that it's not enough with just these.

Jiang Ji was indifferent and muttered, "Soul Heavenly Emperor, this seat is here, do you dare to come over and fight this seat?"

He didn't know if the Soul Celestial Emperor had heard him or not, but Jiang Xiao knew that the Imperial Brood Pill might be unlucky.

Because in the next moment, he saw a divine light transformed by the Imperial Brood Pill and directly put it into the Soul Heavenly Emperor's hand.

And that Soul Heavenly Emperor had heard Jiang Chi's words before, so he naturally knew what was going on with the pellet.

The Empyrean Brood Pill!

Even the Ninth Grade Xuan Dan was capable of transforming into a normal human existence, let alone an Empyrean Brood Pill.


Instead, he let himself fall into a dangerous situation and become the Soul Heavenly Emperor's bag, and in time, the Soul Heavenly Emperor would be able to cultivate into a Dou Emperor with the help of the Emperor's Young Pill.

Instead, it would be a bargain for someone else.


"This time, I'm afraid that he Empyrean Daisy Pill is going to regret dying."

Jiang Ji muttered to himself, "The Emperor's Young Pill will eventually become the Soul Heavenly Emperor's sack."

As expected.

The next moment saw the Soul Celestial Emperor's palm flip, and Daoist Terrifying Dou Qi condensed in his hand.

It quickly suppressed the Emperor's Brood Pill.

Then it was seen that the Emperor's Daughter Pill's radiance was restrained within, and it was clear that during that strike just now, the Emperor's Daughter Pill's entire cultivation had been sealed.

It eventually turned into a pill.

There was no more then.

"Tsk, tsk, it's really pitiful, I'm afraid this Imperial Brood Pill didn't even think that it would end up like this."

Jiang Ji muttered to himself, secretly feeling pity for that Imperial Brood Pill, which would end up being a bargain for that Soul Heavenly Emperor.

Perhaps, this was the legendary fate.

Jiang Chi was looking at the Soul Heavenly Emperor to see what this unstoppable Soul Clan leader could do, he wanted to see what they could do.

"Soul Celestial Emperor, will you do it?"

For a moment, Jiang Qiao was looking forward to it, thinking, "But if you do it right now, yet you're not even a match for me, Jiang Sheng."

He did hope that the Soul Heavenly Emperor would come over, so that he could kill the Soul Heavenly Emperor as quickly as possible, and it would be much easier for him to go to the Soul Clan again.


Under Jiang Chi's surprised gaze, the Soul Heavenly Emperor turned around and ran away.

There was no intention at all to fight him Jiang Gao.


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