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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1011 - Emperor's Brood Pill (Seeking Subscription)

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Inside the Dashe Ancient Emperor's cave.

Jiang Mo was still muttering to himself, but what he didn't know was that in a corner of the cave residence, an old man's figure appeared here.

His human figure was hidden.

Jiang Mo's mumbled words were naturally heard, but only to feel that terrifying momentum and be horrified in his heart.

The reason why he was hidden, the reason why he didn't appear right away, was simply because he was terrified.

The mind was complicated.

If Jiang Chi hadn't displayed a powerful cultivation to begin with, if....

But there was no if.

He was also so helpless and depressed tightly up that he would have left if he had known.

Now that he was staying here, he was shivering and his face was pale.

"This person is so powerful, should I go out or not?"

Say hello?

Or do something, he muttered to himself, "If he had known, he would have looked for an opportunity and run out on his own."

It wasn't as if he would have encountered this.

Jiang Lack's strength was really too strong, and even when he felt that powerful air, he had become bitter.

The mood was helpless.

As a pill, he was just an Emperor Grade Young Pill.

Because of the high grade, it was hard to become as cultivated as he was now, and it was hard to get out from under the clutches of the Dashe Ancient Emperor.

He was trying to be free for a while.

However, he encountered Jiang Xiao and this unconventional existence.

"What should we do?"

Jiang Guiao's words had just made it clear that this existence was seeing him and knew of him.

The Emperor's Young Pill.

Who could not be moved.

One had to know that a Ninth Grade Xuan Dan could transform into a human form and cultivate, and one could become a sentient creature.

And even more powerful than the ninth-grade Xuan Dan, this was a tenth-grade Emperor Piece Brood Pill.

At the same time, it was also the source energy from becoming a Dou Emperor, which was used to refine the Empyrean Brood Pill after Doshe Ancient Emperor became a Dou Emperor.

Who could possess such a powerful pill?

If... if someone swallowed this Emperor's Brood Pill.

Perhaps with the medicinal properties of the Imperial Brood Pill, the fierce medicinal power of this pill, and the source energy in the pill.

It could break through to Dou Emperor in a favorable manner and become that exalted Dou Emperor.

It was not yet known.

Jiang Jiang was equally looking forward to it, although it was rare for that Emperor's Young Pill to give birth to spiritual intelligence and a bit of cultivation, it might be a good thing if it could allow him to break through to the Immortal realm after swallowing it.

At the very least, he, Jiang Someone, felt that the Emperor's Piece Brood Pill was good.

In the original work, the Soul Heavenly Emperor of the Soul Clan broke through to the Dou Emperor with the help of this Emperor Pill.

It was enough to show the power of this Empyrean Brood Pill.

The Emperor's Brood Pill.

That was good stuff.

He was looking forward to it.


"I just don't know, this time because of me, Jiang Someone, caused that Soul Heavenly Emperor of the Soul Race to not come."

Jiang Ji continued to mumble to himself, "Then, will this Emperor's Brood Pill still be swallowed by the Soul Celestial Emperor?

What kind of encounter will he have with that existence that is unstoppable and once became the number one person in the Dou Qi Continent?"

He didn't know.

For a moment, he was a bit curious, "After Emperor Dushe Gu left, although his cave was sealed, the foreign fires here were still able to leave, in which the Pure Lotus Demon Fire and the Void Swallowing Inferno escaped with the help of the Empyrean Daisy Pill.

According to normal logic, since this Imperial Brood Pill was greatly influenced by the Dashe Ancient Emperor, he must have been affected and thus unable to leave."

Jiang Mo spoke indifferently, his eyes looking around from time to time as if he was looking for traces of the Empyrean Daisy Pill.

It seemed as if this would really be able to find the Empyrean Daisy Pill.

In the dark.

Empyrean Daisy Pill: "...."

He was shivering at the moment, and he knew that Jiang Lack was powerful, so he didn't dare to show his face.

He was afraid.

In case Jiang Hou had some other thoughts in mind, and in case this magnificent and powerful man also wanted to swallow already, then....

Wouldn't it be too frightening to be yourself.


"It would be good if I wasn't a Pill."

Empyrean Young Pill's face was ugly, and his gaze was heavy, "Today, I'm afraid that this little life of mine will be hard to keep."

Although he was just a Pill, he was still a living being, a cultivator.

It was true that he also had the ability to be proud.


Jiang Chi, however, said indifferently, "Emperor's Young Pill, this seat knows that you are in it, if you are willing to go with this seat, this seat will keep you alive and give you a chance to reform and even cultivate Immortality."

Are you willing?


The emperor's youngest child was a bit confused, he was a bit shocked when he heard Jiang Qian's words, "What is immortality cultivation, he had never heard of it, even when he followed the Doshe Ancient Emperor for some time back then."

However, in order to preserve his strength, he didn't dare to say it.

Even more so, he didn't dare to come out.

Jiang Mo was silent and said indifferently, "Now, it's time for you to thank the different fires for making a principle."

His eyes were trapped at those alien fire pillars, and he said in his heart, "The opportunity has been given to you, but if you don't abide by it at all, this seat will not be polite."

He wasn't going to continue giving these foreign fires a chance, "Tsk, tsk, these guys are really powerful."


With a cold gaze, Jiang Ji continued to ask, "It's been so long, so this seat is going to see what kind of thoughts you have, I hope you won't disappoint me ah."

Actually, Jiang Chi was hoping that none of these foreign fires would believe him, then he, Jiang Someone, could have the vajra bracelet in his body directly take away all of them.

There might be unexpected gains.

On the Different Fire Pillar.

Those different fires looked ugly, if they had faces, they might be able to.

But it was obvious that being a Different Fire, they hadn't transformed out yet, so naturally they didn't have a body, and they didn't have a face.

At this moment.

One by one, they looked at Jiang Xiao in surprise, thinking, "Although this person is very strong, it's hard to say if what he said would be a bluff."

What if it wasn't?

Is he the one who just pretends to be strong?

Aren't they going to be bad?

The thought of this situation makes them laugh and cry.

Choosing was really too hard.

Especially for a different fire like them, the choice was a particularly difficult one.

Go fix Immortality.

What if they lost their own repair.

They were, after all, foreign fires, born of the heavens and the earth, and were existences that could be missed.

What if this person was also an existence that was missed, wouldn't it be bad luck?

It's embarrassing to think about.

No one even replied for a while.

It made Jiang Qian a bit embarrassed, but he was fierce in his heart and said, "Since you are unkind, then don't blame me for being unrighteous, huh?"

A bunch of people who deserved to die!

His gaze was cold and stern, chilling his heart, "Master Vajra Bangle, devour all the foreign fires within this Dashe Ancient Emperor's cave, lest I be given a choice."

As soon as the words fell, a terrifying power swept up in an instant, so powerful.

It was truly a bit frightening.

It was truly unbearable.

Only then did those foreign fires suddenly come back to their senses and said to Jiang Qian, "Please forgive us, my lord, please forgive us."

"There were also foreign fires that shouted, "Please forgive us, my lord..."

And then there was no more then.

Foreign fires were foreign fires, even though they had been born with spiritual intelligence.

With a single scroll, the violent energy quickly impacted, and in the blink of an eye, it was collected clean by the vajra bracelet.

And then it was over.

The foreign fires on the pillar were instantly collected clean by Jiang Kou with the Vajra Bracelets.

The origin was collected, and now there was nothing left.


Truly terrifying.

Many of the different fires hadn't even had the time to speak, not even a scream, and as a result, they were taken in by Jiang Lack.

They ended up in a miserable state.

I guess they never dreamed that they would end up in such a miserable state if they didn't agree to Jiang Xiao's conditions.

All the foreign fires, one by one, were collected.


Jiang Jian said indifferently, "The throne has given you the opportunity, but none of you have seized it, so you can't blame the throne."

He had originally wanted to make these foreign fires a different existence like the Alice Jiang.

To practice the Immortal Dao.

It was also not impossible.

But now it was different, they hadn't made a choice, so Jiang Xiao made the choice for them.

Perhaps this was for the best.

Anyway, he, Jiang Gu, was reaping huge benefits.

As for the others, it was unknown, but anyway, in that dark corner, the Emperor's brood was trembling at the moment.

Ten thousand times scared to death.

"Is this so terrifying?"

Empyrean Daisy Heart said, "Originally, I wanted to scare him, but now it seems there's nothing I can do about it.

Maybe I'll even be devoured by him if he finds out about it."

He felt terrifying at the thought of this.

What should he do on his own?

Whether or not he still had a chance of continuing to live.

Honestly speaking Emperor Pinchy's heart was bottomless, he didn't know how it would end, and he didn't know if he still had a chance to continue living.

"Those foreign fires are terrifying existences, they've been the strongest in the heavens and earth since they were born, even if they were later imprisoned by the Dashe Ancient Emperor, they're still extremely strong."

The emperor's brood was astonished, "Now that the Dushe Ancient Emperor is gone, but it's not something that can be solved with a single move, but it's just that those foreign fires solved even each other with a single move."

What to do?

The foreign fires were not simple people, and now they were gone like this.

How can you tell the Empyrean Chrysanthemum not to worry, if this person in front of it treated itself this way as well, wouldn't that be bad.

It suddenly felt as if it couldn't escape this damn destiny and couldn't escape from Jiang Xiao's grasp.


He sucked in a breath of cold air, his face unsightly.

It was also secretly flustered, "Fortunately, I didn't go out and pretend to be the Dashe Ancient Emperor to scare people, or else I would have ended up in the same situation as those foreign fires, right?"

It hadn't lived enough, it still wanted to stay alive, so it was eager to escape at this moment.

"It might be nice if I might take the opportunity to leave..."

Teppin Chidan thought to herself, looking cold, "Just can I really leave?"

Or is it okay to leave?

"Now that the seal left behind by the Nadashe Ancient Emperor has been destroyed by this person with brute force, wouldn't I be able to leave while I have the chance?"

A huge idea suddenly came to the heart of the Empyrean brood.

Perhaps, he could take this opportunity to leave and go far away and be free from now on.

"Freedom, what a beautiful word that is, I love it."

Empyrean Daisy Dan secretly pondered, feeling excited, and couldn't help but feel a little yearning.


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