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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1009 - Kaoru's Departure (Seeking Subscriptions)

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This day.

Dao Sect.

Xiao Yan was managing the affairs of the Dao Sect, and it was when that excitement had yet to slow down, when he was first in charge he was ten thousand times happier.

It was precisely when he was excited.

It was also ten thousand times more exciting.

He had thought that the days would go on like this day by day, and when the time was right to bring those clansmen of the Xiao family from Utan City to Central China, perhaps it would be like this.

Plain or not.

But on this day early in the morning, after Jiang Xiao left, Xiao Kaoru's lotus feet lightly stepped in front of Xiao Yan.

She quietly said, "Brother Xiao Yan, congratulations on your success in cultivation now, and also becoming a Dao Sect Sage, in charge of the Dao Sect's big and small affairs, with power over the world, in time the Dao Sect will set the rules and order of the world, you will be even more glamorous."

She was truly happy for Xiao Yan.

In just a few short years of work, Xiao Yan had gone from being an extinct powerhouse back then to a current Dao Sect Sage.

This speed of change truly appalled her.

The Dao Sect Sage was a name that the crowd had deliberated on for those in power in the Dao Sect, and they found it catchy, hence the term Dao Sect Sage.

Jiang Qian, on the other hand, was called the Dao Sect Ancestor.

A supreme being.

A Daoist immortal searching for the Eternal Heaven.

Xiao Yan also continued along with Xiao Kaoru's words, "Yes, to think that I was still suffering from anger in the Xiao family in Uttan City, now I think that all that was actually worth it, the future is so big, it should have been set back a bit, otherwise how can there be any smooth sailing in life."

He felt that the best thing in his life was that he had met Jiang Chi, if it wasn't for this immortal master, he Xiao Yan wouldn't have been as prosperous as he was today.

There might be no way to talk about the Dao Sect Sage.

"By the way, Kaoru, what is it that you came to see me about?"

Xiao Yan suddenly asked, "These days I am busy with the affairs of the Dao Sect, but I have neglected you, I hope you don't mind."

He was also aware that he had snubbed Xiao Kaoru these days due to being busy with affairs.

But the Dao Sect was of great importance, and he had to do it, according to his own master, Jiang Chi, to make the Dao Sect a powerful and transcendent force.

Set the rules and order, palm the immortal seal, record life and death!

So there were still many things for him to do.

Xiao Kaoru shook her head and gently said, "Brother Xiao Yan doesn't need to explain too much, I understand everything, but I came to find you instead to tell you one thing."

"Oh?" Xiao Yan was stunned at the news, "What is it? It's actually worth Kaoru's time to make such a big deal out of you talking to me."

This was a first as far as he could remember.


When Xiao Yan saw Xiao Kaoru's serious appearance, his entire body became a bit startled, "Is Kaoru planning to speak with me about something more serious?"

Rather intriguing.


Just as Xiao Yan's thoughts drifted away, Xiao Kaoru looked at him and said seriously, word by word, "Brother Xiao Yan, there is something I haven't told you because I'm afraid that you will ignore me once you know."

"Now you are planning to tell me?"

Xiao Yan was not stupid, and had hiddenly guessed something.

But not sure.


Xiao Kaor continued, "Brother Xiao Yan, I am not originally from the Xiao family, I come from Central China, from one of that Ancient Eight Clans of the Ancient Eight.

From what my father said, in the past, your Xiao family was also one of the Eight Ancient Clans, your ancestors were all outstandingly talented, and the Ancient and Xiao Clans were good friends for generations.

However, due to some irresistible circumstances, the Xiao Clan was almost exterminated, and with the help of our Ancient Clan, the remaining members of the clan established the Xiao Clan in Uutan City.

It was said that the tragedy of the Xiao Clan had something to do with the Doshe Ancient Jade that the Xiao Clan possessed.

So my father let me spend a peaceful childhood in the Xiao Clan while secretly searching for the Doshe Ancient Emperor Jade.

Brother Xiao Yan, for so many years I haven't told you, and I don't want you to be embarrassed in the middle of it.

Now I am very happy to see that you have accomplished something, worshipped a strong person as your teacher, became a Daoist saint, and even befriended the spirit tribe.

Not long ago, my father sent word that he wanted me to return to the family, so I may have to part with you, brother Xiao Yan."

The words in her heart were unspoken.

She said all the words she had suppressed in the depths of her heart for many years together and listened to Xiao Yan's silence.

Some of them he had guessed.

But some he had not guessed.

After a long while.

Only then did Xiao Yan say, "I am not clear about the matter of the Dashe Ancient Emperor Jade, thank you for telling me about the Xiao Clan, Kaoru'er you want to return to the Ancient Clan I have no objection, after all you have been out for so many years it is time to go back.


Once I've arranged the affairs of the Dao Sect, I'll go to the Ancient Clan to propose marriage, and this time no one will be able to break us up.

If anyone in your ancient clan makes things difficult for me, if anyone stops me, I'll take my master his old man with me to the ancient clan, I think he'll be happy to go.

Kaoru, wait for me at the Ancient Clan, and take care of yourself."

From the moment Xiao Kaoru spoke, Xiao Yan knew that she was leaving.

But he had no way to stay.

It was normal for Xiao Kaor to come home to see her, and he did not want to leave any regrets on the matter.

The proposal of marriage also belonged to his statement.

Even if the Ancient Clan was one of the so-called Eight Ancient Clans, even if the Ancient Clan was countlessly strong, he was no worse than the Ancient Clan now that he was in charge of the Dao Sect.

What's more, he still had an invincible master, Jiang Qian.

If he asked for help, he thought that his master would also help, "As long as his old man makes a move, the Ancient Clan is not enough to be feared."

In Jiang Chi's eyes, the Ancient Clan was also like that Soul Clan, just a stronger family, but that was all.

Xiao Yan's heart was quite happy, he continued, "You don't need to worry about me, Kaoru'er, go back and cultivate well, when you turn to cultivate the Immortal Dao in the future you will also be stronger.

You wait for me at the Ancient Clan, I will soon come to find you, and you must not ignore me then."


Xiao Kaoru's heart nodded happily, "Brother Xiao Yan, I will wait for you at the Ancient Clan to propose marriage, if you don't come I will keep waiting for you."

She believed that Xiao Yan would keep his vow.

He would also keep his promise.

His brother Xiao Yan was the number one person in the world, the supreme being, and would definitely be able to overcome all the difficulties to go to the Ancient Clan to propose marriage.


Xiao Yan nodded and continued, "When are you leaving?"

"Planning to leave today, my father's side is already urging." Xiao Kaoru said, "Brother Xiao Yan, I haven't been back for many years, I must go back to see what's going on, I hope you understand."

"Don't worry, I understand very well." Xiao Yan said, "After dealing with these affairs of the Dao Sect, I will go to the Ancient Clan as quickly as possible, so you must be well, understand?"

Although he knew that Xiao Kaoru's return to the Ancient Clan would be fine, he was instinctively a little worried.

The Ancient Clan was a family after all.

Back then, the Xiao Clan of Uttan City was so treacherous, so it must have been even more so for the talent-rich Ancient Clan.

Xiao Yan secretly thought in his heart, "If I know that Kaoru has suffered the slightest wrongdoing in the Ancient Clan, when I go to the Ancient Clan to propose marriage in the future, I will definitely ask for my money back with interest.

However, I still need Master's help in this matter. He is an immortal who is one step away from becoming an immortal.

If he steps in, I'm sure those opponents of the Ancient Clan won't dare to speak out, so I'm sure it will be wonderful then."

Who let him, Xiao Yan Xiao, have a powerful master.

So he had the strength to think like this.

He also had the strength to think like this.

"Master treats me well, he will definitely help me with this, and I, Xiao Yan, as a Dao Sect Sage and a future supreme powerhouse, will definitely rule the world myself and be mighty in all directions."

The mere name of the Ancient Clan was still unable to suppress him, Xiao Yan.

Dao Sect Sage.

He was the supreme existence.

"I know, thank you brother Xiao Yan, you are the only one who has been the best to me in the Xiao family for so many years."

Xiao Kaoru threw herself into Xiao Yan's arms and gently pushed him away after speaking some body language with him, "Brother Xiao Yan, I'm leaving, I'm going back to the Ancient Clan, I'll wait there for you to come.

You... will you come?"

"Will do." Xiao Yan gritted his teeth and said, "I will definitely, I will personally go to propose marriage and pick you up personally."

He swore.

The Great Dao was invisible, and the underworld recorded his secret vow.

Or maybe it was also his obsession.

Looking at Xiao Kaoru's slowly departing back, he murmured, "That little girl who followed me back then has now grown up and has become a member of that ancient clan.

Although I haven't met her cruel father yet, and although he hasn't gone to the Ancient Clan yet, he's already clear in his mind.

It was fine if I hadn't made a pact with Kaoru, but now that I have made a pact with Kaoru, I am going to make my way to your ancient tribe.

I have never seen the Dashe Ancient Emperor's Jade, and I am sure you will regret it, but it is a pity that it is bitter to Kaoru."

This way back.

There was no telling when he would be able to get out of the Ancient Clan.

Xiao Yan was worried in his heart and also sighed listlessly, "But fortunately, I am still young and the Dao Sect is not weak, we are not without strong Dou Shengs, together with the Immortal Dao means Dou Shengs within the realm of the realm when they will be able to dominate."

No one else could.

After thinking about this, he was self-satisfied with a thousand joys.

The future dao is expected, but there must be Kaoru'er by his side, "If I didn't have her company all these years, I might not be able to hold on to this, Master has given me a good platform, I can't ruin it."

Kaoru walked away.

Only since stepping out of the range of that clan did Ling Ying jump out of the void, "My lady ah, you've been worrying me to death these days, what do you think I'll have to tell the clan leader if something happens to you."

He had watched Xiao Kaoru grow up and regarded her as his own, he couldn't enter the Dao Sect's territory, so naturally he could only hover outside.

And seeing that the guards of the Ancient Clan were coming, he was worried that it would not be easy to explain this matter to Clan Leader Gu Yuan.

That would be disastrous.

The heart could not help but feel a little bitter.

Xiao Kaoru was busy thanking him for his words, "Uncle Ling Ying, let's go back to the Ancient Clan."

After coming out for so many years, it was time to go back.

When she activated her bloodline, she must not be weak on the day she came out of the gate, and she would be able to have a bit of a say then.


Ling Ying was stunned and asked, "Miss, don't we have to wait for the clan's guards?"

"No need, it's not like you can't find your way, Uncle Ling Ying, let's go back on our own, don't keep my father waiting."

After saying that, Xiao Kaoru took the lead and swept off into the void.

Ling Ying returned to his senses and hurriedly chased after him as well, secretly saying, "Let's go back first, the clan leader should have been waiting for a long time, it's fine if we don't go with the guards."

This walk was a long, long time.

Xiao Yan probably did not expect that his trip to the Ancient Clan would be delayed for a full year afterwards due to some matters that were delayed.

"I hope everything goes well."

Xiao Yan slowly withdrew his gaze, he was a young boy back then and now he had grown up.

"The differences are only temporary, Kaoru, go back to the Ancient Clan and cultivate for a while, I will soon come to find you, you must not turn me away then."

On that huge looking immortal stone of the Dao Sect, he looked at it for a long time, and stayed alone for a long time as well.

And at this time.

In the sky above the Canaan Academy, Jiang Xiao's figure quietly appeared, and he stealthily fell into the Heavenly Burning Refining Tower and plunged headlong into the world of magma.

He disappeared in the blink of an eye.


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