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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1008 - Creating a Daoist Sect (Seeking Subscriptions)

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In the Dou Qi Continent, Central China was good, but not everywhere was good.

By wanting Xiao Yan to find a good place, Jiang Chi wanted the Dao Sect to take root in the Dou Qi Continent.

At the very least, the aura of the Dao Sect's residence should be abundant.

That was the surefire way to do it.

Half a month later.

Xiao Yan only arrived in front of Jiang Qian with a weary face, "Master, I have found a precious land, it is a mountain range where the spiritual veins have gathered, we can take all that mountain range for ourselves and create the Dao Sect."

The future of the Dao of Immortality, they would become ancestors who would be remembered for a thousand years.

Thinking about it made me ten thousand times more excited.


Jiang Ji was stunned, "In that case, let's go with what you said, and let the future of the Immortal Dao be in our hands.

The creation of the Dao Sect is imperative, and in the future, the Dou Qi Continent will be a place where the Immortal Dao will flourish, so the Dao Sect will be necessary."

"Yes, I know."

Xiao Yan smiled, "Master, now that the address has been chosen and there are friends from the Spiritual Clan helping to look after and build it, it must take a few days for the buildings to be constructed, and the first day of creation will require you to go, Master.

In addition, the Dao Sect also needs to arrange some means, and I think you are the most suitable."

Jiang Xiao had anticipated this matter and had thought it through long ago.

He said, "Alright, let's wait for half a month. With the speed of the Spiritual Clan's people, I'm sure half a month is enough time to build all the buildings, and then the Dao Sect will be created.

From now on, you kid will preside over the Dao Sect."


Xiao Yan smiled bitterly at the words, "Master, you are inevitably looking down on me too much, although I now have the cultivation of the YuanYing realm, this strength is still not enough to look at in the Dou Qi Continent.

Moreover, isn't there still you?"

"Next, I'll probably spend more time in seclusion, so I won't have time to manage the Dao Sect, so you're the most suitable to manage it, although your cultivation isn't high, it's barely enough."

Under the YuanYing realm, and with the original various means, it was naturally easy to handle.

Jiang Jiang looked calm as could be.

On the contrary, that Xiao Yan's face was bitter as he said, "Master, then I won't have much time to cultivate ah."

"That's your business." Jiang Ji shrugged his shoulders and said, "After I become an immortal, I will ascend and leave, so you will only be in charge of the Dao Sect in the future."

Xiao Yan: "........"

He suddenly felt that he must have been trapped by Jiang Xiao.

How else could this have happened.

Becoming immortal and ascending.

He had no way to refute this reason.

All he could do was nod his head and say, "Alright, Master, you're right, then I'll do as you say, but you'll have to give me a hundred years to sit in the town.

No, you have to sit there for a thousand years to do it!"


Jiang Ji narrowed his eyes, and couldn't help but say, "You're dreaming, it's never going to happen, this seat will give you a few years at most before you become an immortal, after all, I've already touched the threshold of human immortality."

"Alright." Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and nodded his head, he also admitted to this situation.

Who let Jiang Chi be his master.

As he was only a disciple, he was destined to only follow his master's orders.

Managing the Dao Sect would be managing the Dao Sect.

Anyway, he would be the number one in the world and above ten thousand people by the time his master, Jiang Chi, ascended, so it could be considered good.

Perversely, it was a good deal.

However, before Jiang Chi's ascension, he, Xiao Yan, would be miserable, needing to constantly contribute to the development and expansion of the Dao Sect.

After all, the Dao Sect was grass-roots and needed more resources to develop, otherwise the Dao Sect might not have a reputation to speak of in the Dou Qi Continent.

Seeing Xiao Yan's promise, Jiang Xiao did not persuade much.

He said, "The Dao Sect is the last line of the Immortal Dao in the future. Although it is not an imperial dynasty, it still has the responsibility of maintaining the safety of the world.

The rest of the pagodas, Canaan College and so on, if you have the chance, you can bring them into the Dao Sect.

But the Dao Sect can only have one voice, and you decide the rules.

After the founding of the Dao Sect, I will go to Canaan College, and when I return, I will also go to the Soul Society.

Therefore, there is no time for Bon you to manage the Dao Sect."

Xiao Yan: "........"

He opened his mouth and wanted to say something but was interrupted by Jiang Xiao, "I know what you are going to say, but you have to believe in yourself, the future of the Dao Sect is limitless and your ascension to the upper realm is just around the corner."

With Xiao Yan's qualifications, although it also required many years of cultivation, it was not as arduous as in the original, he said, "Thank you for your master's teachings, I have written down everything you said."

Become an immortal and become a Taoist, the future is promising.

He rather missed it.

Jiang Ji nodded casually and continued, "In addition, there are countless upper realms, the upper realm that this seat has ascended to may not be the same upper realm that you have ascended to, if one day you ascend and find that there is no Immortal Dao in that upper realm, you can also continue to deduce it.

I'm sure you know the power of the Tao of Immortality, eternal immortality is not just a legend, the myth was once a reality, but after the passage of time has become indestructible.

It's just that it became different after the passage of time, and that's why it became a legend and a myth."


Xiao Yan respectfully wrote it down, he felt as if Jiang Xiao was about to give an account of the aftermath, and was quite reluctant to get up at the moment.

If one had to be sad and happy after becoming powerful, then what was the point of cultivating.

He did not dare to say these words directly, afraid that Jiang Xiao would say something to him, and his mind could not help but be complicated for a while.

Xiao Yan suddenly asked again, "Master, will I be able to see you again after I become an immortal?"

"Maybe, maybe not." Jiang said indifferently, he wasn't sure.

It was the same as not saying it.

Hearing Xiao Yan laugh and cry for a while, he secretly said, "It seems that only if you stand at the top of the peak, you might have a chance to meet your master again."

Half a month later.

Jiang Jian said, "Let's go, let's go and take a look at the Dao Sect's architecture, perhaps those people from the Spiritual Clan have already finished building it, only for the Dao Sect to be created."

Alice Jiang and the Danta Ancestor both followed, yearning for more.

The Immortal Dao finally had a foundation, and the creation of the Dao Sect was the same as saying that the future of the Immortal Dao was infinitely promising, with endless benefits.

He was very happy.

Xiao Yan was also happy and immediately said, "Master, the creation of our Dao Sect might not be too lively."

"It is expected, so it is good." Jiang Jiang said, "Cultivating immortality is already a matter of clearing one's mind, it is already an obsession, it is already of great importance to oneself, what does it have to do with others.

The fewer people who come, the better.

In the future, when our Dao Sect majestically overwhelms the world and sets the rules and order of the world, it will surprise all those people."

Thinking that those people would be uncomfortable when they suddenly found out that a Dao Sect had popped up, the Dao Sect would then be able to majestically overwhelm the world, and would definitely be able to tell those people to extinguish those unrealistic thoughts in their hearts.


Xiao Yan nodded and also said, "It is certain that the Dao Sect establishes the order in the Dou Qi Continent, but will it cause resentment when the time comes?"

"The first group of people are sure to have resentment, but the second, and even the third group of more people will inevitably adapt when they show up."

Jiang Qiao instructed, "One generation has its own ideas, just because the previous generation doesn't accept it, doesn't mean the next generation doesn't accept it, and the rules and order is to protect the majority, you need to be flexible to change the increase or decrease, understand?"

Xiao Yan, who was also a traveler, naturally understood that it was good to move with the times.

Once the Dao Sect became the one who set the rules and order, it would be different, leaping to become the strongest.

In a place like the Dou Qi Continent, where the Immortal Dao was nascent, it also needed a powerful force, like an empire.

But it was different.

Based on these unbelievable circumstances, Xiao Yan's heart suddenly had a bit of strength and a bit of anger.

To carry forward this Dao Sect.

This day.

On a mountain range that had already been named Dao Mountain, several buildings had already been situated at the highest point.

The buildings of the Dao Sect had already been completed.

With the construction of those Dou Zongs and Dou Zuns of the Spiritual Clan, the speed was quite fast, and with the use of local materials, the construction of this Dao Sect's buildings was naturally fast.

Jiang Jiang was delighted, "Although these are just ordinary buildings, as long as you carve formations and arrange some means, after years and years of pouring spiritual energy, they can become extraordinary.

You will have to be more attentive to this matter in the future, I will be able to arrange the means, but I can only say that I understand a little bit about the array formation."

Some simple spirit gathering formations he still knew.

But some of the more difficult and complex formations, then he would be unable to touch the door.


At the words Xiao Yan but was a little embarrassed, he even said, "Master, although there are quite a few in the technique you gave me about the one of formation, you also know that I am just like you, I am not cold to the one of formation ah."

Jiang Ji: "........"

He suddenly felt that he had probably taken the wrong disciple.

So he asked, "Is it too late for me to go back and take on a new apprentice with a talent for formation?"

Xiao Yan was in tears.

Although he knew that Jiang Lack was joking, he was also ten thousand times more depressed and a bit bit bitter at the moment.

He couldn't be blamed for not being flustered with Formation.

It was just like there were many people who were not cold for math, not cold for English, and not cold for statistics.

It's not even possible to practice if you want to.

"Let's let Pill Dust do it then, he should know something about Formation One." Jiang Gou intoned, "In the future, you still need to put in hard work for your own weak piece."

Xiao Yan was eager to ask, "Then Master, you are also weak on the Formation One, but you have put in hard work?

Pill Dust said that it was a good time, so this was the time to start holding the Dao Sect Founding Ceremony, and not many people attended the ceremony.

There was Pill Dust, Wind Leisure, Xiao Yan, Xiao Kaoru, and the crowd from the Spirit Clan.

Then there was Jiang Qian and Alice Jiang, Dan Tower Ancestor and the others.

There would be no more in the future.

Such scenes and specifications had to be extraordinarily shabby, but no one felt shabby, after all, the creation of the Dao Sect marked the fact that the Immortal Dao had completely gained a foothold in the Dou Qi Road.

For the sake of the eight clans can't make trouble, the rest of those forces in Central China, although there are a few strong ones, but now there is currently a great generation of strong people such as Jiang Xiao, who can combat the Dao Sect.

And the future.

Whether it was Xiao Yan or Pill Dust and the others, they were the mainstay.

Shabby was a bit shabby.

But the following speech by Jiang Ji, followed by laying out the means and preaching, rather made the crowd delighted.

Filled with infinite expectations.

"All of you, the Dao Sect is yours, but ultimately it is the world's, in the future, please work together to cultivate, be sure to cultivate to become immortal and live forever!"

Jiang Xiao slowly spoke up, "The Immortal Dao has all kinds of means, the seeds have been sown by this seat, the next step is up to you."

"We understand."

Everyone responded in unison, this signified the Dao Sect's position in the future.

It was also as if the heavens had sensed this day, the people who practiced the Immortal Dao broke through their shackles and all became a new and powerful person.

A few days later.

Jiang Xiao departed for the magma world beneath the Canaan Academy Sky Burning Refining Tower, and Xiao Yan managed the Dao Sect by himself.

But then an accident happened!


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