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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1007 - Danta Old Ancestor (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Outside the Dan Tower.

After Jiang lacked handed over to Xiao Yan, he told him to quickly choose a site up, the creation of the Dao Sect is imperative.

Xiao Yan went on his own to look for it.

As soon as he heard about the Dao Sect, the ancestor of the Spirit Clan also hurriedly greeted the people of the Spirit Clan to help find a suitable address.

In the end, even Pill Dust and Wind Leisure went to help, beautifully named: One more person is one more point of strength.

Two more people is three more points.

Definitely not an algorithm where one plus one equals two.

There was one Qing Scales left beside Jiang missing, and he sent her to help as well, since two more people would be three more points of strength, was one more person two more points of strength.

He didn't bother with anything.

On the contrary, the irresistible fire Jiang Yan had been feeling cheated.

It said that it was at ease to cultivate in the Dao Sect, but as a result, the Dao Sect hadn't even been created yet, which gave it a feeling of regret.

It was so depressed for a while.

The mood was very complicated.

"After the Dao Sect's matter is over, I should go look for trouble from the Soul Clan, that Soul Clan has been rampaging across the Dou Qi Continent for countless years, so it must have countless benefits."

There weren't just feats in the Soul Clan, there were countless voluntary collections as well.

And these were the things that one wanted.

So the Soul Clan will definitely have a great harvest, "But before that I need to wait until the Dao Sect is created, so that I can have a place to settle down."

Although he, Jiang Yan, didn't need it, the people around him did.

For example, the irresistible Fire Jiang Yan.

The main reason why Jiang Jian didn't follow to choose a location was that he felt a powerful aura flicker in the Dan Tower.

The other party seemed to be a bit jealous of him.

Originally, Jiang Xiao was not going to care, but now that he had nothing else to do, he thought he'd better go and have a look, maybe he could meet something interesting.

For example, meeting that extinct ancestor of the Pill Tower.

In fact, he had already guessed it later, so he gave Xuan Kong Zi and the others a word that he was going to the Pill Tower to cultivate for a few days.

Although Xuan Kongzi was puzzled, he wouldn't refuse such a powerful person like Jiang Chi, after all, even the spirit tribe had to call him their lord, they Dan Tower definitely couldn't afford to provoke ah.

According to Xuan Kong Zi's guess, Jiang Chi's cultivation was definitely at the level of a nine-star Dou Sheng, otherwise it would never have been possible to subdue one of the eight ancient Spiritual Clans in the hall.

This kind of skill was not something an ordinary person could possess.

Therefore, it was impossible for Xuan Kong Zi to refuse, and Jiang Qian's great strength still made him quite scrupulous.

If this big brother was displeased, their Dan Tower might all have to follow suit.

For the sake of the Dan Tower, endure it.

So Jiang lacked easily to enter the Dan Tower.

This time, he wasn't looking for a different fire, but to find that legendary Pill Tower ancestor, a magnificent and magnificent existence.

At the same time, his existence was also a miracle.

"Come out, I already know that you've been hiding in there to cultivate, don't let this seat invite you." Jiang Yao said grudgingly.

In the dark.

Danta Ancestor: "......."

He looked so depressed that he quietly touched his nose and said to himself, "This person is so profoundly cultivated, he actually knows of my existence, did he find out about it when he came in to collect the foreign fire before?"

It seemed like that was the only way to explain it.

It was true that at that time, he had seen the foreign fire fluctuate too much and intended to come out to stop and seal it, but who knew that he had seen the scene of Jiang Xiao accepting the foreign fire.

But at that time, Jiang didn't say much else, and he didn't feel anything else.

Who would have thought that the surprise was still to come.

Jiang Liao came again.

This time it was specifically to find him, to which this Dan Tower ancestor was a bit cryptic, "Senior is a high cultivator who has attained the Way, so why would he make a special trip for me?"

He was puzzled.

Judging from his knowledge of human nature, this person definitely had no good intentions and was definitely coming for himself.

"Maybe I'm going to plant today!"

The Dan Tower Ancestor frowned, and for a moment his face became heavy, "This person is unexpectedly powerful, even my peak six-star Dou Sheng strength is not enough, and I don't know why he has such power."

He felt helpless.

The self was most aware of his own situation, he was originally a pill, and was already different.

That's right.

This legendary Pill Tower Ancestor was a pill that came out of a form, got lucky, gave birth to spiritual wisdom, and has been cultivating ever since.

It was only because of this that he had the strength of a six-star Dou Sheng.

It was also because he knew that he was a pill, a nine-grade pill, that a thunderstorm would fall upon him in a city, and he would transform into a human after surviving it.

But none of this could change the fact that he was a Pill from start to finish.

The pills were so powerful that he was helpless, and if someone swallowed this ninth-grade pill of his, they might have a chance to become a Dou Di ordinary existence as well.

This could show how powerful he was.


So was success and so was defeat.

He knew that he had so many advantages, and naturally, he also knew that there were countless strong people who were thinking of hitting him.

Perhaps thinking of devouring him and then becoming a Daoist.

This kind of reasoning wasn't non-existent, but was a great possibility, so he felt very appalled and surprised.

What if this strong man in front of him was such a person who wanted to devour him.

He was just a pill after all.

Even if he had transformed into a human form, even if he had the cultivation of a six-star Dou Sheng, he couldn't be strong enough to do anything.

There was only one way to die against Jiang Chi.

This was clear to the Pill Tower ancestor, "Unfortunately, even though I've been hiding in the Pill Tower for so many years and deliberately not seeing anyone, I've actually attracted so much trouble.

This person in front of me has already discovered me, and he has even guessed that I am the Dan Tower Old Ancestor, and with his cultivation and experience, he will certainly be able to discover my true identity."

How can this be.

For a moment, Old Ancestor Danta was a bit confused.

But he eventually came out of the dim corner of the Dan Tower, as there was no way for him to hide from Jiang Xiao.

"Meet Senior."

The Dan Tower Ancestor appeared in front of Jiang Lack, who himself was a human form transformed by a Ninth Grade Xuan Dan, and although he was strong, he was not as strong as Jiang Lack.

He was still very self-aware of this.

"Get up." Jiang Chi said indifferently, "There is no need to be polite, this seat is just passing through this place, having found your tracks when taking in the foreign fire earlier, I came here to be with you for a while."

Seeing that the other party was silent, Jiang Chi continued, "There is no need for you to worry, this seat's strength is not something you can compare to, and naturally, there is no need to swallow you to enhance your power."

He already knew that this Dan Tower Old Man was a pill.

Strength was strong.

A six-star Dou Sheng level existence was considered to be a supreme powerhouse in Central China, but when facing an existence of his level, it was his Dan Tower Old Ancestor's bad luck.

That's why it was so tragic.

Jiang Jiang didn't say anything more, just smiled slightly and said, "I'm sure you saw before that the three thousand irresistible flames Benjamin also left him alive, there is still a chance to ask for the peak of the Immortal Dao in the future, so Benjamin won't do anything to you."

However, Jiang Jiang's words were not quite believed by this Dan Tower ancestor.

He secretly said, "You did leave someone alive, but you took away most of their origin, if you can do such a thing, what else can't you do."

It was because of this that he was afraid that the other party would ask him to give most of his origin.

The vigilance on his face did not relax.

He smiled bitterly and said, "Senior, I wonder what you've come to find me for? If junior can do it, he will definitely help do it."


Jiang Chi indifferently said, "Just wanted to come and see you, and by the way ask if you would like to go to my Dao Sect to cultivate, although you are a ninth grade Xuan Dan, I know that the Pill Tower isn't suitable for you.

Or rather the Dou Qi cultivation method isn't suitable for you, I have the method to cultivate to become an immortal, I'll give it to you if you go to the Dao Sect to cultivate."

"Cultivate Immortality?"

The old ancestor of Dan Tower was stunned, and then smiled bitterly, "Senior, I am an old ancestor of Dan Tower, so if this goes with you to the Dao Sect..."

He hadn't finished speaking but was interrupted by Jiang Jiang.

Only Jiang Jiang said, "No harm, even if you go to the Dao Sect to cultivate, you will still be the Dan Tower Old Ancestor in the future, but you will just move to a different place to live in seclusion, casually help me look after the Dao Sect, with your talent you will easily become an immortal."

He could tell that this Dan Tower Old Ancestor was very talented, otherwise he wouldn't have become a powerful existence at the level of a six-star Dou Sheng with the heel of a mere nine-grade Xuan Dan.

Talented qualifications definitely occupied a very important component.


After hearing Jiang Jian's words, the Danta ancestor was actually somewhat moved to be honest, and after hearing Jiang Jian describe the various benefits of immortal cultivation, he knew that the Dou Qi method of cultivation might not really be suitable for non-normal humans like them to practice.

"He might be right." Danta's ancestor smiled, only such an existence was truly strong ah.

There might be unexpected benefits to following the missing person.

At this time.

But then Jiang Jiang said, "I can teach you the Immortal Dao Dharma first, you can see for yourself if you want to go to the Dao Sect or not."

He also took pity on this Dan Tower ancestor, plus he had a good heart, so he wanted to help him out, and the Dao Sect might have another powerful existence in the future.

He would be much more at ease that way.

Naturally, the Dan Tower Old Ancestor also understood Jiang Chi's thoughts, that's why he didn't refuse and was thoroughly convinced that Jiang Chi wasn't really trying to devour him.

And as soon as he saw Old Ancestor Danta, Jiang Chi suddenly remembered something else, there seemed to be a pill in the magma world in the Canaan College Burning Sky Tower, but that pill was not good at heart.

As soon as he thought of it, Jiang Kou instantly changed his mind.

"Perhaps after the Dao Sect is created, I will need to return to that Magma World to take a look, and now it's time."

The time was ripe.

He was also ten thousand percent eager to harvest the foreign fires of that magma world, although there were some foreign fires still roaming around out there, such as that Pure Lotus Demon Fire.

For example, the Red Lotus Karma Fire.

For a while, Jiang Kou thought of many.

And then the Dan Tower ancestor also figured it out, he said to Jiang Ji, "Senior, I accept your invitation, in the future, go to the Dao Sect and build a thatched hut to cultivate, the methods of the Immortal Dao are indeed suitable."

He sort of saw that Jiang Kou had no ill will towards him.

So he also continued, "I never thought there would be such a powerful cultivation method in this world, the Immortal Dao system is even more powerful than the Dou Qi cultivation system, but did you create it, Senior?"

Jiang Ji was silent for a moment and said, "Sort of, but the future achievements of the Immortal Dao are great, and it's obviously much better than the already broken path of the Dou Qi Dou Emperor."

Becoming a Dou Emperor required source qi, a kind of origin qi.

But there was no fragmented source qi in this world long ago, so if the Dou Di doesn't make it, the path is considered to be completely broken.

It was precisely because of this that the Dan Tower ancestor had decisively chosen to trust Jiang Lack and cultivate the Immortal Dao.

He knew that in time this Immortal Dao would definitely reproduce to its peak, and by then the entire Dou Qi Continent might be filled with immortal cultivators everywhere.

"Ruizi can be taught." Jiang Ji smiled with full intent and added, "In a few days it will be the day the Dao Sect will be created, you should go as well."


Xiao Yan did not know that Jiang Xiao had already set all the time and he was still working as a hard laborer.

This lasted for half a month.


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