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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1006 - Three Thousand Irresistible Flames (Seeking Subscription)

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The Three Thousand Irresistible Fire has a long history, also known as Three Thousand Starry Irresistible Fire, ranked ninth on the list of foreign fires, its fire is purple-black, formed in the starry sky, and can absorb the light of formation for its own use.

It is different from the other irresistible fires in that it is formed in the starry sky, not on the earth or within the earth.

After three thousand irresistible fires are formed, silver fires will fall from the sky, and the land will be like a desert, with no distinction between day and night, no stars, and no shining sun.

That's why the fire is more ferocious.

However, after consulting some information, Jiang Ji discovered that this Three Thousand Alice Fire was actually different and had a dragon form.

"It seems that this has something to do with the three thousand irresistible fires being held in captivity by the Taixu Dragon Clan in the early days, only to fall into the hands of the Dan Tower later."

In the Dan Tower instead, it was sealed infinitely and no one was able to take it in.

Because it was a different fire, it also made people feel precious and rare, so the people at the Dan Tower had been unwilling to release the irresistible fire.

It had been delayed until now, but instead it was going to be cheap for him, Jiang Sheng.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Ji felt the energy sweeping over like a tide, and couldn't help but mutter to himself, "Three thousand irresistible flames, you're unlucky in comparison, you've been imprisoned.

If you were to give up most of your source, this seat might even be able to teach you the cultivation methods of the Dao of Immortality when it pleases this seat.

But if you are stubborn, the consequences will only be the same as the Void Swallowing Yan, and you will end up with a completely wiped out spiritual intelligence."

He knew that the three thousand irresistible flames in this pagoda could also be heard, otherwise there wouldn't have been hot energy sweeping over him when he came in, the other party must be hiding in the shadows.

Just what the idea was he wasn't sure.

He just wanted to persuade him to solve the problem in a civil way, if he solved it in a martial way, the consequences might not be the same.

He faintly looked at the space around the Dan Tower and continued to speak, "This seat advises you to show yourself quickly, otherwise you won't have any room for regret later."

Not everyone could have regrets.

His cold gaze was like the light that flickered up in the darkness, constantly emitting a bright color.


A dragon shaped flame appeared out of nowhere in front of Jiang Di, and it was as if the sky around him had changed, turning into a misty, and boundless, starry sky in the blink of an eye.

"A good hand in the art of beard evolution."

This Dao Jiang Qiao could see it, but he didn't stop anything, instead he was very plain.

The mood was light.

There was also no fear of the three thousand irresistible flames hurting him.

An alien fire was just a part of his plan.

"I don't know what it wants to do by pulling me in here."

Jiang Ji didn't do anything, but wanted to strike back, and also wanted to see what the irresistible Three Thousand Yan Yan Flames wanted to do.

He had a flat face.

Suddenly he also said, "Irresistible Fire, speak your thoughts directly, this seat is also a busy man, so I don't have any spare time to chat with you."

Three Thousand Irresistible Flames: "......."

This was the first time he had encountered someone so unconventional.

His heart was shocked and his face changed somewhat, "Who is this person, who is actually not afraid of me at all?"

Whoever had come in in the past wasn't cautious, guarding him like a thief, afraid that he might do something out of the ordinary.

This guy was fine, not caring at all.

It was as if it was none of his business.

It was a bit surprised to see the three thousand irresistible flames and secretly said, "What kind of existence is this person."

It hadn't seen many people.

When it was held in captivity by the Too Void Ancient Dragon Clan, one, it was too weak, and two, that Too Void Ancient Dragon Clan was also too strong.

It was also violent.

Because of that it didn't know much about it.

For many of them were just guesses and didn't actually get along, so he was worried.

As for when they were at the Dan Tower, Xuan Kong Zi and the others were already scrupulous about this irresistible fire, and every time they came in it would be nothing but a seal.

It was helpless.

The mind was also complicated.

It was hard to encounter a Jiang Chi, but was surprised to find that Jiang Chi was even more bizarre than he had imagined, this extraordinary person was not afraid of him at all, and was actually not defensive at all.

"Is he a desperately strong man?"

At the thought of this situation, the irresistible fire was bitter in his heart, "This calm and composed existence must be a particularly powerful and powerful person of some power, but I just don't know what he came in here wanting to do.

Is it also to seal me?"

The irresistible fire's heart wasn't quite right.

It was no lie that it was a different fire, but was it wrong to yearn for freedom and the future?

He felt there was nothing wrong with him at all, he was righteous, he just wanted to live free.

So it spoke, "You want to seal me too?"


But Jiang Ji shook his head and said, "There is no point in sealing you, this seat needs your origin to be of great use.

If you are unwilling this seat will take it, if you are willing this seat can instead guide you into the Immortal Dao, and later become a disciple of the Dao Sect to cultivate and ask for eternal life.

And this seat also has the method of transforming here, if you choose the latter this seat will naturally teach you all of them, how about it?"


"There's no point in lying to you, with this seat's cultivation even the second ranked Void Swallowing Inferno on that Exotic Fire Ranking can easily collect it, let alone be said to be you."


"What happens if I dedicate most of my origin after that?"

"Temporarily weak for a period of time, the realm has fallen, but it's just the right time to take the opportunity to turn to the methods of the Immortal Dao, so you'll be able to adapt to it in the fastest time possible."

After speaking with Jiang Chi, the irresistible fire went silent.

It naturally knew that Jiang Chi's words wouldn't be false, and was also very clear about what Jiang Chi meant by this.

It was just that it needed to weigh the gains and losses of this on its own.

Become immortal and live forever!

It sounded like a good thing, like a whole new system of cultivation, "I was born spiritually sentient by a fluke of a different fire, it would be nice if I could take human form and also cultivate like a human."

Before it was a human, how much it wanted to be a human.

If one day it could become a human, to be completely human, to cultivate the Dao, to comprehend the changes of the Dao.

It was also exactly the life it aspired to live.

In the past, the human world's Dou Qi cultivation method wasn't really suitable for it to cultivate, it was just relying on its instincts to improve its strength.

However, this method was no different from drinking blood from the fleece of a feather, it was very slow.

Although longevity and whatnot was already there for them alien fires, this irresistible fire wanted to visit the wider world.


It asked again, "Can I fly up to the upper world?"

"It's natural to be able to do so when you've reached your cultivation."

Jiang Chi faintly explained, "But the upper realm of this side of the world isn't safe as far as I know, so you should be prepared."


The powerful aura that was gradually emitting from Jiang Xiao's body made it feel terrifying, as if something tremendously terrifying was about to happen.

Thus it was afraid as well.

It was an instinct of the weak.

It quietly swallowed its saliva and said, "If that's the case, then you should start, I don't know the method of dedicating my origin."

The days were boring.

"Don't worry."

The Three Thousand Irresistible Flames only felt a terrifying attraction arise out of thin air, and then it inexplicably lost most of its origin.

This time, no light appeared at all.

So throughout all this, he hadn't been able to figure out how he had lost most of his original source.

It seemed a bit mysterious.

Had this person's methods really been penetrating the heavens?

No, this was clearly a return to the basics.

Three Thousand irresistible flames looked at Jiang Gou with a bit of anticipation, secretly saying, "I hope this senior can keep his promise, otherwise I'll be in trouble..."

Now it's just a grasshopper in someone else's hands.

It couldn't bounce even if it wanted to.

After receiving most of the origin of the three thousand irresistible fires, Jiang Jiang then obtained a considerable amount of world origin as well.

After returning to consolation, he said, "Don't worry, from now on, you will be this seat's registered disciple, stay in the Dao Sect and cultivate from now on."

"Yes, Master."

The Three Thousand Irresistible Flames was a bit cryptic, "I'm going to pay homage to my master? Wasn't it a little too hasty one day?"

It always felt that it was too unbelievable.

After all, it also knew that other people needed to pay formal three bows and nine kowtows to worship their master, and even serve tea.

Only after this series of processes were completed would the worship be considered over.

How come it's so simple for you.

Seemingly seeing the frustration in the heart of the irresistible fire, Jiang Xiao reassured, "Only true disciples need the complicated rituals of worship, but registered disciples don't. From now on, you will be called Alice Jiang.

From now on, you will be called Alice Jiang, follow me to the Dao Sect to cultivate, and also strive to comprehend the Dao and transform out as soon as possible."


The irresistible fire nodded and whirled into a fist-sized flame that floated in front of Jiang Ji, "Master, I will open this boundary, let's go out."

"No need for you to bother, I have my own way."

With a wave of his hand, the surrounding landscape changed and underwent a fundamental transformation, lightly exiting that starry world and returning to the pagoda.

This kind of tactic made the irresistible fire admire, learning the human's appearance, patting up his flattery, "Master is Master, really powerful."

"Alright, hurry up and leave." Jiang Chi said in a bad mood, "Master's time is so tight, this time it's all squeezed out to come to Central State."

But it was.

He had wanted to go somewhere else, but now he finally had the chance.

The irresistible fire continued to ask, "Master, what is the Dao Sect, are we going there now?"

"Dao Sect, well, it hasn't been created yet, but it should be soon, when you go out, you can follow your senior brother first."

Jiang Zhi said with a raised eyebrow, "I still have a few more big things to do, but I don't have the time to take care of you, as for the techniques I'll pass them on to you later."

With his Jiang someone's strength, it was easy and easy to pass on the Dharma, so there was no problem.

Three Thousand Irresistible Flames: "......."

After hearing Jiang Gou's words, the irresistible fire always felt like it had the feeling that it was being deceived, this master seemed to be really deceiving people ah.

Letting himself go to the Dao Sect to cultivate, but the Dao Sect hadn't even been created yet.

If he hadn't seen Jiang Jiankou's powerful strength, he would have felt that Jiang Jiankou was telling jokes to deceive him.

After a moment of depression, Jiang Ji suddenly said, "Jiang Yan, in the future, you should cultivate well."

After selecting the address of the Dao Sect for Xiao Yan and setting up some means, he would have to go on a major mission alone.

Perhaps there would be a surprise happening this time.

These irresistible fires did not know that after exiting the Pill Tower, the people of the Spirit Clan and the Pill Tower would be shocked upon seeing the irresistible fires.

It was unthinkable that Jiang Ji could really subdue the three thousand irresistible fires, and it took less than an incense stick of time, was this still a human?

PS: First of all, I'd like to thank the Real Wind Forest Volcano King Big Brother for his reward. Then to talk about the situation to be increased, this time 10 times, plus the previous cumulative 5 times, a total of 15 times need to be increased, 10 chapters at a time, each chapter 3000 words or more.


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