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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1005 - Jiang Gou Debuts (Seeking Subscription)

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Central States.

The City of Dan Tower.

The people of Zhongzhou who were watching the show suddenly felt a terrifying pressure descend, followed by auspicious clouds, countless golden lights, and heavenly fragrance coming from the sky.

It was like a heavenly maiden scattering flowers for a time.

Terror came.

This sudden scene also made those of the spirit tribe regain their senses.

This was an Immortal Dao means, it must be their lord Jiang Xiao who had come.

Xiao Yan in the crowd, on the other hand, stared at the crowd and could not help but mutter to himself, "It looks like Master's cultivation has gone one step further, and I wonder if he has become an immortal."

He did hope that Jiang Chi would become an immortal.

That way he would be able to hug his thighs.

It was commonly known as a lying win.

"Who's here, it's really terrifying to be so powerful and imposing."

"What a strange way to make an appearance, this person is a bit powerful, it seems like he should be a strong person."

"Look, a silhouette has appeared."


As a scream sounded, a silhouette also quietly appeared in mid-air.

There were three people behind him.

This was the same Jiang Chi and his group of four people who had arrived in Central China.

To go to that March appointment with the Spirit Clan.

Now that the time had come, seeing that there were so many people in this city, he naturally wanted to show his hand and spread the Immortal Dao as well.

Jiang Chi's peculiar way of appearing was even more exciting and thrilling to those onlookers, if he could win this senior's attention, could he also become a generation of strong men.

It's highly possible.

Get excited just thinking about it.

At this moment.

Jiang Qian looked cold, his pride rising up like clouds, rolling up nonstop.

As if descending a ladder, he arrived step by step at the Pill Tower arena, and the Spiritual Clan crowd, who had already prepared for the welcome ceremony, immediately scattered and stood on either side, bowing and bending, waiting for Jiang Ji's arrival.

That Spirit Clan ancestor also personally came out to greet him, saying cheerfully, "Lord, welcome to the Pill Tower."

Those who were unclear might have thought that he was the master of this Pill Tower.

The master?

After hearing the words of that Spirit Clan ancestor, Xuan Kongzi almost stumbled and fell to the ground.

It only felt as if he had fallen into a large pit.

This senior seemed to be stronger than he had imagined, but the word lord was not a pleasant thing to hear.

Danta shouldn't have gotten involved in some unknown conspiracy plotting.

He turned pale at the thought of such a situation, a little weepy, and looked strangely tight.

Truly depressing.

It sounded mysterious, but it was actually quite normal.

His mind drifted far and wide, and he also couldn't calm down for a long time, as if he had an inexplicable color.


At this time, Jiang lacked a slight nod, "Well, you guys are early, this seat shouldn't be late, right?"

"Lord where are you talking, you are most punctual."

That Spirit Race ancestor flattered, "I knew you would be on time, so I came over some time earlier to prepare."


Jiang Ji was stunned at the news, "So you're ready to go, but you need this seat to do it?"

The Spiritual Clan Ancestor said complimentingly, "Lord, we came to discuss with Xuan Kong Zi of the Dan Tower earlier, and they have agreed to give us the three thousand irresistible fires, you just need to go and collect the foreign fires."


Upon hearing these words, Jiang Qian was happy.

He smiled, "You guys aren't coercing, are you? The Pill Tower is at least a place where the Alchemist Guild gathers, so you can't use those dirty tricks ah."

Although he, Jiang Someone, had performed them before.

But he was him.

The Spirit Clan was a Spirit Clan, not the same.

"Don't worry, my Lord, absolutely not."

That Spiritual Race ancestor hurriedly explained, "All of this was voluntarily done by Xuan Kongzi and the others, they felt that the three thousand irresistible fires placed in the Dan Tower were also a potential danger, so we discussed and worked together to get the ownership of the foreign fires."

This time, you, Jiang Sheng, will be able to collect the foreign fire in an open and aboveboard manner.

There's no need to fear anything else either.

After the Spiritual Clan ancestor finished speaking, Xuan Kong Zi also hurriedly came forward to pay his respects, "Xuan Kong Zi, with all the people of the Dan Tower, wishes to pay homage to Senior, and hopes that Senior's longevity will be in line with the sky."

"Don't be polite."

Jiang Chi indifferently said, "I heard that the three thousand irresistible flames are incomparably tyrannical, and your Pill Tower had previously kept it sealed and was made to suffer, but is this true?"

Upon hearing Jiang Chi's question like that, Xuan Kong Zi quickly nodded, "Back to Senior's words, there is indeed such a thing, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to deliberate properly when we were just now."

The process wasn't important.

So how exactly the Spirit Clan and Xuan Kong Zi and their Dan Tower had negotiated the outcome, he wasn't sure.

It was just that the result was quite satisfying.

He was happy.

And so, Jiang Jiang said, "Since the three thousand irresistible fires are in the Dan Tower, then later this seat will go to the Dan Tower to collect the foreign fires, and I'm sure it will also solve the Dan Tower's troubling problems for so many years."

Xuan Kongzi and the others: "......."

Although they were extremely unwelcoming to Jiang Xiao, they still acted as if they were very happy on the surface.

And said, "Thank you senior for your righteousness, otherwise we in the Dan Tower wouldn't know what to do."

A strong good word, it seemed like that was all that could be said now, Xuan Kong Zi's heart was bitter, and most of these words had nothing to do with him.

It wasn't even what he wanted to say.

Rather embarrassed.

Jiang Jiang nodded his head and thought to himself, "Since this Dan Tower's Xuan Kongzi is so cooperative, then this seat might as well let the Spirit Clan take care of them, the Spirit Clan is at least one of the eight ancient clans, isn't a skinny camel bigger than a horse."

At any rate, they were stronger than others.

Jiang Jiang looked calm as he quickly said, "In the future, the Spirit Clan will have to take care of the Dantata family, the Ancient Eight Clans may all fall in the future, your Spirit Clan is the only one that can still prepare properly, seize the opportunity ah."


That spirit ancestor was first stunned, but when he returned to his senses he nodded his head in succession and said, "Yes, we will abide by our Lord's words, and we will definitely follow in his footsteps in the future..."

Xuan Kong Zi suddenly realized that this Spiritual Clan ancestor could even talk more than himself, "It is true that no one is forced to a certain point, there are some things that cannot be done and some things that cannot be said."

This was only possible after reaching a certain level.

But alas.

It reduced a lot of energy.

He was still happy.

Pillow Dust and Wind Idle had already gone to find Xuan Yi and the others to talk, and only Qing Scales was following by Jiang Chi's side.

Rather, it seemed very relaxed and at ease.

This was the truth.

After all, it was just a foreign fire, it wasn't anything powerful.

Just at this moment, a Spiritual Clan disciple came to report.

"Enlightened Lord, there is a person claiming to be your disciple requesting an audience."


With a raised eyebrow, Jiang asked, "Did he say what his name was?"

"He said his name was Xiao Yan." That Spirit Clan disciple replied.

It was actually this kid.

Jiang Qiao was delighted, but it was a bit interesting that he had come as well.

"But he came at the right time." He then instructed, "In that case you can call him over, he is indeed a disciple of this seat."

After coming to the Dou Qi Continent, Xiao Yan was considered to be the first disciple he acknowledged, the others were not quite so much.

Outside the Dan Tower.

In the crowd, Xiao Yan pulled Xiao Kaoru and said, "Kaoru, you have seen how powerful my master is, he is already unbeatable in this world."


Xiao Kaoru was also truly shocked by Jiang Qian's tactics, never would she have expected that the man who looked a bit strange in the Xiao family back then would have grown to this level after only a few years of not seeing him.

"It's just that he can even mobilize the Spirit Clan, and those people in the Spirit Clan look quite respectful to him, is he an ancestor of the Spirit Clan?"

For a time, Xiao Kaoru began to ponder in her heart.

Perhaps Jiang Lack had something to do with the previous unrest in Zhongzhou, "Father has been urging me to return to the clan recently, and he sounds like he's in a hurry.

It seems that we need to find a time to part with brother Xiao Yan for a while and see what great things are happening in the world by the way."

While pondering, she and Xiao Yan had walked to the living room of the Dan Tower.

"Disciple Xiao Yan pays his respects to Master!"

Xiao Yan kneeled down with one head and respectfully kowtowed a few times to Jiang Ji, for him this ritual was very important.

Jiang Mo smiled thickly and said, "Get up, you have not been lazy these days, and now you are considered to be a strong YuanYing realm player, from now on, your spells and magical abilities are at your disposal."

"Everything depends on Master's cultivation."

Xiao Yan said, "I don't dare to take the credit for it, without Master, there would be no Xiao Yan today."

This was also true.


Jiang Chi did not deny it as he continued, "You are right, but your own efforts are also important, and now that you have come to Central State, the matters I mentioned to you previously can also be put on the agenda."


Xiao Yan knew what Jiang Xiao was talking about, and he was naturally prepared for this matter.

Therefore, it did not feel sudden.

While glancing at Xiao Kaoru beside him, Jiang Chi frowned inwardly, "Since we have come to Central State, it must be time for this ancient clan's daughter to go back, I just don't know how that brat Xiao Yan will feel then."


Since ancient times, the way of love has been the hardest to break and the most difficult to live.

The Dao of Love was difficult.

After the matter of the Pill Tower was over, Jiang Xiao had things to deal with and naturally did not intend to give Xiao Yan too much to say.

After a slight introduction with those from the Spiritual Clan and Xuan Kong Zi, Jiang Chi continued, "Alright, you all stay here, and this seat will go to collect the three thousand irresistible flames personally."

Xuan Kong Zi, on the other hand, was a little worried, "Senior, that three thousand irresistible flames is after all the ninth most powerful foreign fire on the list of foreign fires, so it would be better to make adequate preparations before collecting it."

He was worried that the three thousand irresistible flames would go crazy, and then it would be miserable if there wasn't even room to maneuver.

It was bitter to think about.

But Jiang Ji said, "Oh, there's no harm in it, it's just a single fire, it's not like this seat hasn't collected it before, so don't worry."

With the vajra bracelet in his body, he didn't even have to worry about how dangerous and terrifying the foreign fire was.

In the end, it wasn't just a matter of his Jiang someone's words, it ended up falling into the vajra bracelet and became a medium for him to draw on the origin of the world.

Xuan Kong Zi: "........"

All right.

He was the one who was worried.

After hearing Jiang lacked those words, he finally opened his mouth and wanted to say something but ultimately said nothing.

His mind was extremely complicated.

You are a big brother, and what you say is right, so let's listen to you.

No one but Jiang lacked went to the Pill Tower.

Pillow Dust was catching up with Xiao Yan and the others, talking about some of the things that had happened over the past few days, but they were listening with great interest.



Talking like it was a smorgasbord.

Eventually, even the people of the Spiritual Clan joined in, and it was only Xuan Kongzi and the others who could not understand what the Immortal Dao was in these words.

It was a blur.

It seemed to be a brand new cultivation system.

However, this world's dou qi hadn't all reproduced to its peak.

This mature cultivation system is not cultivated.

What do you want to cultivate?

Inside the Dan Tower.

Jiang Jian, however, looked calmly at what was happening, feeling the hot energy coming from it.

The mood was calm.

Because the three thousand irresistible fires were already in his bag!


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