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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1004 - You Cannot Offend (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Exotic Fire.

It was something born from the nature of the heavens and the earth, and the three thousand irresistible flames were extremely special.

And by virtue of the fact that the Spirit Clan was one of the eight ancient clans, it was easy to know that the pagoda was sealed with a different fire.

Xuan Kong Zi wasn't surprised at all, but what he was surprised about was what the Spirit Clan wanted the fire for.

Moreover, their Pill Tower ancestor was also a peak six-star Dou Sheng, so it might not be a good idea to offend them like this.

Just as he thought, the Spiritual Clan ancestor nodded his head indifferently, "That's right, this time our Spiritual Clan almost came out of the nest for this matter.

Xuan Kong Zi, that ninth ranked foreign fire of your Pill Tower, the Three Thousand Irresistible Flames, our Spirit Clan wants it.

Do you guys have a problem with it?"

Opinions naturally existed.

But Xuan Kong Zi was too embarrassed to say it directly, or else it would be bypassing the spirit tribe and spoiling someone's face.

At that time, even if there was no matter of the different fires, people might just set up a name and exterminate them.

Xuan Kong Zi's heart was ten thousand times bitter at the moment.

He intoned, "Senior, isn't this move a bit too much, after all, the three thousand irresistible flames are considered our Pill Tower's possessions no matter what, isn't it not too good to be taken by you just like this?"

He was also cautious as he said this, fearing that if he angered this Spiritual Clan ancestor, then Danta wouldn't be able to eat his way out of it.

It was difficult to choose.

It's so hard to choose when you're weak.

He didn't even dare to have a bad tone or attitude, in case he displeased these seniors, the entire Pill Tower would be in danger.

The Pill Tower did have an ancestor at the peak of the Six Star Dou Sheng, but that ancestor was as if he was a divine dragon without seeing his head or tail.

God knows where he was at large.

"What's so bad about it?"

The Spiritual Ancestor didn't mind either, but instead asked with a smile, "If you want to hold the Pill Master Assembly, don't you also want the future number one to seal or subdue the irresistible fire?

And as you just said, the foreign fire is very powerful, and you can only seal it for now.

Since it's so dangerous to leave this different fire in your Dan Tower and end up sealing it for a lifetime, you might as well give it to our Spirit Clan.

In this way it would also be considered that our Spirit Clan owes you Dan Tower a big favor, how about it?"

He felt that the offer was already good.

After all, as one of the Ancient Eight Clans, their favors were not something that anyone could have.

If the Dan Tower could get their support, high speed development was inevitable, and it would then be beneficial to the Dan Tower as well.

Xuan Kongzi actually hesitated for a moment.

He didn't know whether he should agree or refuse, the three thousand irresistible flames were indeed a hazard in the Pill Tower, sooner or later they would become a hidden danger, which was why he was in a hurry to hold an alchemist meeting.

It was to elect someone with an unparalleled talent.

Because every alchemist was actually good at controlling fire, and the geniuses among them must have an even better talent for controlling fire.

It would naturally be best if it could be obtained by one of their own.

But what if there wasn't a favored candidate.

In addition, the spirit tribe has almost come out of the nest, its purpose is for the irresistible fire, its purpose is self-evident.

There is definitely a secret to it.

It was strange to think about it.

"It doesn't seem like I can refuse ah, these spirit clans are talking nicely at the moment, but once I really explicitly refuse, I'm afraid that I'll have to encounter their thunderbolts in no time ah."

It was frightening to think about.

He frowned and suddenly asked, "Senior, with all due respect, your Spirit Clan doesn't have any genius-level alchemists, and you don't like to fight, so what's the point of having this foreign fire?"

Xuan Kongzi didn't think about all this, could it be that he couldn't play with foreign fire.

So many strong people came out just for the foreign fire, it sounded quite mysterious, if he didn't experience it himself he would never believe it.

The ancestor of the Spirit Clan, after hearing this, said indifferently: "Although the foreign fire is good and strong, but our Spirit Clan actually does not want it, those who want it can naturally control it, and I can tell you that his strength is very strong.

The second ranked Void Swallowing Inferno on the Different Fire list previously wanted to go to our Spirit Clan to be arrogant and was also instantly killed with a single move."

At the thought of Jiang Di's magnificent figure, that Spirit Clan ancestor felt appalled and admired incomparably.

He instructed, "That senior you can't afford to offend, so this seat advises you to be sensible, or else the consequences are unpredictable.

If we need to pour out our nest to destroy the Pill Tower, then it's only a matter of time before he makes a move, so Xuan Kongzi you'd better think about it."

The foreign fire is your Dan Tower's, but you don't have the strength to own it, it's as simple as that.

This kind of reasoning he didn't believe Xuan Kong Zi could understand.

The words are to this point, once Jiang Chi arrived only won't say so many persuasive words, the pressure once released directly crushed down, and then who becomes the unlucky egg himself will know.

Xuan Kongzi: "........"

The words of the Spiritual Clan Ancestor were naturally clear to him, and he didn't feel that the other party was speaking in panic because there was no need.

But there was one thing that he found depressing, and that was who exactly was he that this Spiritual Clan Ancestor was talking about.

Seemingly seeing Xuan Kong Zi's puzzlement, this ancestor explained, "If you shouldn't ask, don't ask too many questions, I think it won't take long for him to arrive.

If you only make your choice at that time, then the Dan Tower's opinion won't matter, don't you think.

It's unlikely that our Spirit Clan will owe you Danta any more favors, and when that time comes..."


How could he not understand such reasoning.

It's just that this heart still feels a little unhappy ah.

The mood was frustrated and depressed, "But just letting it go like this, I'm also unhappy ah."

That's true.

But it was something that could not be helped.

Without waiting for Xuan Kong Zi to answer, that Spiritual Clan ancestor said lightly, "Actually, there's no need for you to panic, you still have a small bit of time to think about it, but time is definitely running out, understand?"

The Xuan Kongzi who heard this was relieved.

There's just room for discussion.

It's good that there's still time.

So he quickly said, "Senior, I wonder if I can discuss this with Xuan Yi and the others?"


The Spirit Race Ancestor casually said, "But you still don't have much time left, so make your decision as soon as possible."

If he didn't resolve the issue of the three thousand irresistible fires' ownership, then he wouldn't have any presence at all in the next process of facing Jiang Liao.

"If I can resolve the issue of the ownership of the foreign fire in advance, then I can collect it as soon as the Lord arrives, then I will be useful in his eyes."

One is not afraid of being told to do something, just in case one day people don't even think of telling you to do something.

That time will come when the mountain will be at the end of its rope.

Only then there is nothing.

Thinking about it makes me feel miserable and really depressed.

Right now.

The one who was most anxious was not this Spirit Clan ancestor, but Xuan Kong Zi and the others, pulling a few of the top brass to a corner, he quickly asked, "What do you guys think?"

Xuan Yi and the others shook their heads.

There were no words.

It seemed that there was nothing more to say about the current situation, he looked calm and calm, and did not say much else.

It was just a bit depressing, Danta had always not fought with people against various forces, and also would not get involved in other thoughts.

But this time seemed a bit different.

Maybe their Dan Tower was about to be exterminated by this group of Spirit Clan people, and they might not even be able to wait for someone else to come.

After a moment of silence.

Xuan Yi suddenly said, "Why don't we just do what he wants, the foreign fire is still in the Dan Tower anyway, and it's up to them to take it away.

Not to mention they can also owe the Dan Tower a favor, which is also a huge benefit to us."

So it's still a good deal.

It just still called for a bit of discomfort in the heart.

What about the promise of not being coercive.

Where is this not counting as coercion, it's clearly just bullying them each.


After Xuan Kong Zi and the others heard Xuan Yi's words, they fell silent, perhaps also thinking that Xuan Yi was right.

This time was already critical.

Even if they were powerful, they weren't as powerful as the other Spirit Clan, not to mention there was an even more terrifying person behind them.

It seemed okay to get a favor from the Spirit Clan and give the other party the right to own the three thousand irresistible flames.

He was fine with it.

It was just a bit inexplicable in his heart, and with a few bitter laughs, Xuan Kong Zi also nodded his head in recognition of Xuan Yi's words, "Alright, let's do as you say, I'll go reply to them."

The Spirit Clan was one of the Eight Ancient Clans, and they Danta couldn't afford to mess with them.

It was better to think about it.

Since they couldn't confront it, they would only obey.

That was all.

Looking at Xuan Kong Zi and the others who had already deliberated for a while, the Spirit Clan's ancestor fell suddenly anxious and uneasy, "I don't know when the Lord will come, what will I do if he comes next."

Not good neat.

It's really kind of bad to be neat.

Xuan Kong Zi hadn't promised him anything about the foreign fire, nor had he explained anything clearly.

This made him so depressed, a hanging stone never landed, and a moment's heart was not put down after all.

Xuan Kong Zi slowly walked over.

He said in a deep voice, "Senior, let's go by your words, I promise you this on behalf of the Dan Tower.

However, the three thousand irresistible flames had previously been sealed in the Pill Tower, so if you want to collect them you need to collect them yourselves, and there's nothing we can do to help."

"There's no harm, we'll solve this problem."

The ancestor of the Spirit Clan was overjoyed in his heart and said, "In that case let's make a deal, the right of ownership of this foreign fire will be ours, at the same time our Spirit Clan owes you a big favor, the Dan Tower can be brought up at any time, as long as we can do it we will definitely keep our promise."


Xuan Kongzi nodded silently, his mind a bit complicated, never imagining that the foreign fire that had been hidden for so many years would finally be discovered.

And it was going to fall into someone else's pocket.

He was so unhappy.

With a somewhat heavy heart for a while, he said, "I hope the Spirit Clan will treat the alchemists of the Dan Tower well."

"Don't worry."

The ancestor of the Spiritual Clan comforted, "Although our Spiritual Clan is one of the Ancient Eight Clans, we won't bully the Dan Tower, and there's a senior coming over this time, so if you Dan Tower can get that senior's guidance, it's not impossible for you to leap into the same existence as the Ancient Eight Clans in the future."



Xuan Kong Zi became curious once again and couldn't help but ask, "Senior you, what are you talking about?"

Is there an existence in this world more powerful than your Ancient Eight Clans?

Is there any existence more powerful than your ancient eight clans that would make even the noble spirit clans submit to him?

It sounded a bit mysterious and surprising to him, and he asked curiously, "Is he... is he strong?"

He explained, "He's strong, there's probably no one in the entire Dou Qi Continent who's a match for him, his power is constant throughout the ages, an existence I've never seen before."

That was already high praise.

Hearing Xuan Kong Zi stunned, he couldn't help but murmur, "Is there really a strong person of this level of existence in the world, I'm afraid it's not a Dou Di."

"You'll be able to see it later."

The last sentence, however, was said to the Spirit Clan crowd.


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