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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1003 - Zhongzhou Dan Tower (Seeking Subscriptions)

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What is it?

Naturally, they came for the three thousand irresistible fires of your pagoda.

But the words of the spiritual tribe who did not explain, they came here for the different fire is not false, but also not to the Lord Jiang lack to cause trouble.

The ancestor of the Spiritual Clan looked at Xuan Kong Zi and said indifferently, "We have come but we are nagging the Alchemist's Guild, I hope you will not be blamed."


As soon as Xuan Kong Zi saw that people were so polite, he also said, "It is also a great good thing for our Alchemist's Guild that the Spiritual Clan ancestor was able to make an appearance, and we definitely welcome this matter."

"That's good." The Spirit Clan ancestor then smiled, "The Alchemist Guild belongs to the Pill Tower, and since you are all so welcoming, this seat will keep it short and straightforward and state the purpose."

"I'll wash my ears." Xuan Kong Zi raised his hand slightly as if to invite, and smiled intensely.

He would like to see what this group of Spirit Clan people in front of him wanted.

He was scrupulous and worried at the same time.

As the old saying goes, the good ones don't come.

It was thought that these Spiritual Race's definitely weren't overfed and could never be idle to cause trouble.

"It's obvious that they have some purpose."

Xuan Kong Zi muttered in his heart, "I just don't know what their purpose is, this time involving the Pill Tower is only..."

It was as if Xuan Kong Zi had thought of something.

He just didn't dare to confirm it one hundred percent.

He was a little scared and his mind became complicated, secretly saying, "I hope it's not what I think it is, or else the Dan Tower will be in danger."

He knew best what had been going on in the Dan Tower recently.

If the Spirit Clan was coming for this, then it would be really bad, "The Spirit Clan is not strong, but at least it is one of the Eight Ancient Clans, if they really made that kind of request, I'm afraid it would be hard for them to just turn it down."

This time Xuan Kong Zi was in a bit of a dilemma.

The Dan Tower was important, and he would never allow anyone to mess with it.

But this permission and disallowance was only limited to ordinary Dou Qi cultivators, and definitely did not include those Ancient Eight Clans.

That was why Xuan Kong Zi felt a headache.

At this moment.

Xiao Yan looked at the Spiritual Clan crowd with a surprised face and secretly said, "This... how is this possible, they are operating True Qi Mana and just flew over here is also a soaring clouds and fog technique.

That means their Immortal Dao technique was taught by Master, so they must have an inseparable connection with him, but it's just not clear exactly what it is."

He was shocked.

This matter made him so horrified in his heart in a million ways.

Master his old man had actually scattered Immortal Dao seeds everywhere again.

How was he supposed to manage the Dao Sect in the future.

After secretly skimming his lips for a while, he decided to watch on, maybe he could see his own master make an appearance.

The arena in front of the Pill Tower.

The Spirit Clan ancestor was about to state the purpose of coming to the Pill Tower, but he suddenly stopped, "Xuan Kong Zi, is this the way your Pill Tower treats its guests?"

It's not good to have people out there.

Xuan Kongzi: "......."

His heart thudded, he still understood the truth that it was easy to invite the gods.

It seemed that these people were by no means good people.

But he couldn't drive them out, so he squeezed out an ugly smile, "I'm sorry for the poor reception.

So he squeezed out an ugly smile, "It's my fault for not being able to entertain them, Spiritual Clan seniors, please come in, it's just that our Pill Tower Temple is small, I'm afraid we can't entertain so many of you ah."

The ancestor of the Spiritual Clan waved his hand at the words, "There's no harm, those above Dou Zun can just go in, as for the others who have business, just stay outside."

Just kidding.

He had to leave some people behind to guide the way for the Lord Jiang Di, ah.

Besides, this Spiritual Clan ancestor actually had another idea in mind, and that was to settle this matter in advance.

"If I can help the Lord settle the matter of the three thousand irresistible flames ahead of time, then the Lord will definitely be satisfied, and if he instructs me on how to cultivate some more, I might have a cultivation equivalent to a nine-star Dou Sheng."

Previously, after three months of transformational cultivation, his strength had grown quite a bit, directly reaching the equivalent of a seven-star Dou Sheng.

It was because of this that he wanted to complete the previous handover for Jiang Chi first.

"The three thousand irresistible flames are in the Pill Tower, as long as the Pill Tower's people agree to take them out, then the rest of the process will be much easier."

The Spirit Clan Ancestor secretly said, "Now that our Spirit Clan's strength has risen considerably, we can put pressure on the Dan Tower instead."

Otherwise, we would have to do it the hard way.

Although the Pill Tower was a famous alchemist guild in the Dou Qi Continent, it was too loose, unlike other forces.

It was poorly cohesive.

Even this Xuan Kong Zi was only a Junior Half-Saint.

In other words, he wasn't even a true Doujin, "Even that true ancestor of the Pill Tower is only the result of a nine-grade Xuan Dan, and is only a six-star Doujin."

So based on all of these circumstances, that Spirit Clan ancestor felt that there was a good chance that his plan would come to fruition, and that he might actually be able to gain ownership of the three thousand irresistible flames before Jiang Xiao arrived.

At the very least, the three thousand irresistible flames should be nominally theirs.

Xuan Kong Zi looked depressed as he introduced the Spirit Clan crowd into the living room, even with Xuan Yi and the others there, he had to admit that the Spirit Clan was powerful.

The terrifying pressure was so deadly that even his Primary Half-Saint cultivation wasn't enough, and he was crushed without any resistance.

The ending was so tragic.

After he ordered the tea to be served, he eagerly asked, "I wonder what the Spirit Clan's seniors have come to our Dan Tower for this time?"

Currently he, Xuan Kongzi, was the head of the Dan Tower.

Naturally, he had to shoulder a certain amount of responsibility.

The Spirit Clan Ancestor smiled faintly and said, "There's no harm, Xuan Kongzi you don't have to be so nervous, we only came to discuss something with you, we won't do anything to you."


It would be good for Xuan Kong Zi to hear this, he was already a Junior Half-Saint, but he wouldn't think that the words of the Spirit Clan's ancestor were really like that.

If it really came to a critical moment only to instantly turn the other cheek, I'm afraid.


If one is not as strong as another, so be it.

Weakness is the original sin.

Xuan Kong Zi knew this very well, but he couldn't do anything about it.

In this world, the strongest was always the most important.

What could he do?

Xuan Kong Zi's heart was ten thousand times more bitter.

He was only a Junior Half Saint, not even a true Dou Sheng, let alone anything else.

The Spiritual Clan ancestor before him was a seven-star Dou Sheng cultivation, and the only way for him to face such a powerful existence was to die.

He simply couldn't resist.

Even if Xuan Kong Zi had Xuan Yi and the others by his side, it seemed that it wasn't enough, "The Ancient Eight Clans are worthy of being the Ancient Eight Clans, this kind of powerful strength is truly stronger than most people in Central State."

It really confirmed the saying, a skinny camel is bigger than a horse.

It was clear that the Spirit Clan was that skinny camel, and Xuan Kong Zi had thought at first that he could pretend to be old in front of these people.

So he called himself Old Man.

What he probably didn't expect was that the Spiritual Clan ancestor in front of him had lived longer and was older than him.

As soon as he heard the Spirit Clan ancestor say that he had something to discuss, Xuan Kong Zi hurriedly said, "Senior, I don't know what the Spirit Clan has to discuss this time over, if there is anything our Pill Tower can help with, we will definitely not decline."

"Is that so?"

Upon hearing that, that Spiritual Clan ancestor was delighted, "If the Dan Tower can help then naturally that would be best, I just don't know if it's convenient."

With words like that, Genkai really wanted to slap himself a few times.

Why bring up this topic.

It was good now, if he denied it wouldn't it be a slap to his own face.

At this point.

No matter how bitter or difficult it was, he could only go down according to the words of this Spiritual Clan ancestor, Xuan Kong Zi said, "Naturally, it's true, Senior and rest assured, our Dan Tower has always kept its word, and there is never any falsehood."

For a moment, there was a great deal of clapping up of assurance.

It seemed like this was the only good thing to do.

The Spiritual Clan Ancestor was slightly pleased and said, "Since Xuan Kong Zi has said so, it would be too unkind if I don't believe it, as long as the Pill Tower is willing to help as well.

The seat here assures you that we Spirit Clan people are absolutely good and will never act in that kind of oppressive manner, so Xuankongzi, just relax a million hearts.

We won't do anything to Danta."

Xuan Kong Zi: "......."

He honestly couldn't let go of a heart.

Deeply afraid.

Wouldn't it be bad if something went wrong, and seeing as this spirit tribe was quite a nesting frame of mind, he was secretly depressed.

Xuan Kong Zi said in his heart, "You guys really think I'm a three-year-old, but I know everything and understand everything, huh?"

But he also knew that such words could not be said directly, or else in a moment Danta would be out of luck.

It was absolutely impossible to let the other party find any excuse.

Otherwise they would be truly miserable.

So Xuan Kong Zi still said reluctantly, "Ahem, senior ah, you still haven't told me what you're here for, so that I can be prepared ah."


That's right.

The Spirit Clan Ancestor nodded and smiled, "Since you want to know so much, Xuan Kongzi, then I won't sell you any more details."

Now he doesn't call himself this seat either.

It's rather like being closer to you Xuan Kongzi.

He booed and said, "To think that we even met in the beginning when we were young things, and we count ourselves as a bit of friends, you and I are also old acquaintances, so I'll just tell you directly.

This time, our Spirit Clan has come here with great fanfare, but it's only for one thing!"

"What is it?"

Xuan Kongzi pricked up his ears, quite literally listening in unison, "Could it be that this matter of yours still has something to do with my Dan Tower?"

It was just that the Dan Tower had always run the Alchemist Guild, and had never been involved in the disputes between the major sects, powers, and families.

All they managed was just the alchemists in the guild, and as for the rest, they didn't care about anything else.

Whether it was strife or turf grabbing, where was the alchemy?

So their goal had always been to refine pills as well, thinking that one day they would be able to refine a ninth-grade pill, and then they would be able to make a name for themselves.

To be included in the history books.

"Xuan Kong Zi ah, I heard that your Pill Tower has a different kind of fire, called the Three Thousand Irresistible Flame, which is ranked ninth on the list of different fires, is this true?"

The Spiritual Clan Ancestor paused his mind and inquired cautiously, not that he was afraid of Xuan Kong Zi, but he was afraid of this matter spreading out.

Xuan Kong Zi was startled at the words, and said under his breath, "It really is for this matter, but you are afraid that you are going to rejoice in vain, there are quite a few people who want that three thousand irresistible flames."

After pondering for a moment, Xuan Kong Zi organized his language and said, "It is true, there has been the Three Thousand Yan Yan Fire sealed in our Pill Tower, but because the Three Thousand Yan Yan Fire is too powerful, no one has actually taken it in.

These past few days, several old undead in our Pill Tower have been discussing to see if they could try to subdue the three thousand irresistible flames by holding an alchemist meeting to determine a first place winner."


After hearing Xuan Kong Zi's words, that spirit ancestor couldn't help but feel happy, "So you are helpless against this three thousand irresistible flames and have to always guard against it coming out to harm people, is that right?"

Xuan Kongzi hesitated, but felt that there was nothing wrong with this Spiritual Ancestor's words.

So he nodded his head and responded.

The Three Thousand Irresistible Flames were so powerful that even an existence as strong as Xuan Kongzi, a junior half-saint, was only able to temporarily seal the foreign fires by combining the efforts of others.

The Three Thousand Irresistible Flames were extremely powerful even though they beat the ninth name.

Few people knew about the different fires, and they were all just preparing to compete for the first place in the name of an alchemist conference.

With this first place, they would be able to gradually organize their manpower to seal, or subdue the three thousand irresistible flames.

Although it sounded difficult, they still had to do it.

Xuan Kong Zi who thought of this suddenly woke up, "Senior, you... you guys aren't also here for the foreign fire, are you?"


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