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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1,000 - To Be Worshiped (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Void Swallowing Inferno was still dead after all.

Since being sucked into the inner space by the Vajra Bracelets, his spiritual intelligence had been wiped out, and now only a pure foreign fire remained.

He was also originally a body of foreign fire, and only by coincidence could he have the chance to transform into a human.

He managed to escape the control of the Dashe Ancient Emperor, but he got mixed up with the Soul Heavenly Emperor.

Jiang Jiang, who was about to kill the Soul Clan, naturally wouldn't let go of such a good opportunity, plus the Void Swallowing Inferno was originally a foreign fire, which was just what Jiang needed.

The tunnel then took him.

Everything was coincidental, "But if you have no killing intent towards me, if you can voluntarily give up most of your origin and are willing to follow me to learn the Dao of Immortality, you might be able to become an immortal in another five hundred years.

But right now you not only can't preserve your soul, you can't even preserve your original foreign fire."

He knew too well the Vajra Bangle's ability to absolutely fuse away the Void Swallowing Inferno itself and also take the opportunity to draw the world origin power of the Dou Qi Continent through the Void Swallowing Inferno.

That was the main purpose of the Vajra Bracelets.

The Void Swallowing Inflammation was just unlucky, becoming the medium to draw the world origin.

Once upon a time, the Void Swallowing Inferno had also experienced countless years of hardships to become what he was today, and it had taken him countless more years to raise his cultivation to the Nine Star Dou Sheng.

But now he had nothing left.

The original body was being fused, and as for his soul, it had already been completely erased when the Vajra Bracelets descended powerfully.

I guess Void Swallowing Yan probably never dreamed that he would be lost like this.

Compared to the rest of the Soul Clan, he was considered the most miserable of all.

Tens of thousands of years of cultivation had been reduced to nothingness in a single day.

Now there was nothing left.

"It's a pity, at least you were someone with great fortune, at least you Void Swallowing Yan was a person, but you died like this."

Jiang Qiao felt that Void Swallowing Yan was too stupid, and if he had honestly served up most of his origin, this might not have happened.

But it was too late to say anything now.

The Void Swallowing Inferno was gone.

"I don't know how the Soul Heaven Emperor would feel if he knew that." Jiang Xiao suddenly came up with this idea.

I'm sure the Soul Heaven Emperor would still be calm when he found out.

This was Jiang Kou's guess.

"After all, Void Swallowing Inferno and him, the Soul Heaven Emperor, are only in an ordinary partnership, but to say that this partnership is as close and intimate as it is, is purely false.

Therefore, the Soul Heavenly Emperor has both the idea of using him, but at the same time, he also has the intention of defending him, and Void Swallowing Yan's death might be a good thing for him as well."

He might also have removed a heartbreaker for the Soul Heaven Emperor.

I wonder if the Soul Heavenly Emperor would thank him, Jiang Jiang, a bit if he knew about this.

These circumstances were unknown to Jiang Jiang for the time being, he looked calm and quiet, and then suddenly said, "Right, there are still some people from the Soul Clan who haven't been killed, and since we've already killed a bunch of them before, let's just kill them all.

There's no fear of being dealt with by that Soul Heavenly Emperor, as the debt is too much."

Because Jiang Chi was very confident, "Even if he, the Soul Heavenly Emperor, does come, this seat is not afraid of anything."

He was very clear in his heart, now that he had reached the terrifying Great Perfection of Merging Dao Realm, plus he had just acquired quite a few World Originals due to the Void Swallowing Inferno.

If I collect a few more exotic fires, I might be able to break through to become an Immortal.

Even if it's the lowest level Immortal, it's still an Immortal, and it's definitely not something ordinary people can deal with.

Jiang Mo's true essence mana in his body drummed, and in a flash there were terrifying rays of light tumbling out, the abundant power sweeping out like a storm.

Immediately, the remaining Soul Race people were submerged in the energy frenzy and were blown over and fell to the ground, also ending up in a miserable state.

So miserable.

Right now.

Those of the Spirit Race instead felt gleeful, and one by one, they all began to clap their hands.

"You Soul Clan, one by one, previously called for the annihilation of my Spirit Clan, you deserve this."

"Soul Clan, you probably can't imagine it, but our Spirit Clan has seniors here, who can kill us?"

"It's just a self-inflicted humiliation, it's not enough for the Soul Clan to die, no one would feel sorry for you even if you were all dead and clean."

The Soul Clan.

Once they were also high up in the world, once they also criss-crossed Central State and were magnificent and unstoppable.

But not anymore, at least they didn't even have the strength to resist in front of Jiang Di.

They were blown to pieces in a matter of moments, with nothing left.

They had probably never dreamed that Jiang Liao would be so strong, that he would be so terrifying.

The group of people from the Spirit Clan actually didn't expect the same, and when they saw those people from the Soul Clan dying in pieces, they couldn't help but laugh.

Just a moment ago, didn't your Soul Clan frantically scream that they were going to annihilate the Spirit Clan?

And their Spirit Clan was still fine, which that Spirit Clan's five-star Dou Sheng powerhouse was well aware of.

From the initial fearful state, to the later infinite worry, and then to the present moment's calmness.

It was as if he had become numb.

He suddenly said to the few Spirit Clan executives around him, "Senior personally helped to resolve the conflict for our Spirit Clan, and even went so far as to suppress the Soul Clan, the heavens and earth can show this kindness, and the sun and moon can shine.

Senior is willing to help our Spirit Clan, this is his benevolence, but our Spirit Clan can not allow him to take action.

I'm sure you've also seen that the black-robed man is a nine-star Dou Sheng, and if I'm not mistaken, he's also a strong member of the Spirit Race.

But he couldn't block a single move in front of Senior, and somehow disappeared without a trace.


As he said this, he paused his God and gradually swept his gaze over those top executives of the Spirit Race.

It seemed to be seeking something.

Those people all had some plausible understanding of what was going on.

"Old Ancestor, then you are saying that our Spiritual Clan needs to give something to our senior?"

"If so, we probably won't get anything good, and besides is this too cheesy."

"True, so it's better to give something that is both affordable and special to our spirit tribe."

"Let's not let Senior stay, then we can provide for him as if he were an ancestor."

"No, I do think that we can serve Senior as our Lord, I'm sure you all know that there are basically no high-ranking people like Senior in the Dou Qi Continent, and our Spirit Clan is already in decline, if we can get Senior's protection, then isn't it not far from the day when the Spirit Clan will rise, and it won't happen again like what happened today when the Soul Clan came and oppressed our Spirit Clan."

"What do you all think?"


After hearing the different words of each of these people, the senior members of the Spiritual Race were all a bit confused.

They really didn't expect everyone to have different ideas, and they were all a bit ridiculous.

It was a good idea to befriend Jiang Xiao, but for one of the Ancient Eight Clans, the Spirit Clan, it was to leave aside all the previous honors.

It was difficult.

Also, they didn't know if Jiang Liao was willing to agree to it, and in the end, whether or not this plan could be implemented was actually mainly up to Jiang Liao's idea.

Not someone else's.

That five-star Dou Sheng's ancestor intoned at the news, "What do the rest of you think of this proposal?"

From these words, the other Spirit Clan powerhouses had actually heard that this ancestor of theirs had been moved.

It was just possible to take into account the fact that the Spirit Race was one of the Eight Ancient Clans, and the fact that the Spirit Race had once had the honor of producing strong Dou Di Emperors in their ancestors as well.

Such a high and mighty family, or race that should have been passed down for countless years, was destined to be huge in strength.

But now it was a bit of a choice to make.

In the Spirit Clan, someone said.

"Old Ancestor, just now if it wasn't for Senior, our Spirit Clan would actually no longer exist, because of Senior's help, that's why our Spirit Clan still exists, but it has been reborn from a new life."

"Yes, yes, the current Spirit Clan is no longer the same, so there's nothing wrong with us serving our seniors."

"That seems like a good proposal, and I acknowledge and agree."

For a time, the entire Spirit Clan's top brass began to voice their opinions, perhaps for them the dignity, status, and glory of the Spirit Clan, these had all become a thing of the past.

Now that it was hard to gain a new life from, they didn't want to be destroyed by the Spirit Clan again, after all, that Soul Heavenly Emperor of the Spirit Clan hadn't even come.

That meant that anything was possible.

In case that Soul Heavenly Emperor of the Soul Clan came to their door after Senior Jiang Xiao left, with that person's strength, they would never be able to stop the Spirit Clan.

Not to mention the Soul Heavenly Emperor, even if a few seven or eight star Dou Saints came, their Spirit Clan wouldn't be able to handle it.

That five-star Dou Sheng smiled and said, "Since everyone has already stated their position, I'll go speak to senior later and see if he's willing to agree."

Even if he was going to serve someone as his master, he still had to have their consent.

And he knew very well that a strong person like Jiang Chi was definitely not someone they could worship as their master just because they wanted to.

After all, there was no benefit to accepting their spirit tribe, and they might have to spend effort and cost to shelter them.

It would be hard to say what the payoff was.

So even if they guided those high-ups of the Spirit Clan to agree to it, this five-star Dou Sheng level Spirit Clan ancestor felt unsure of what to do.

Wouldn't it be the end in case something happened.

So he looked depressed and even laughed bitterly for a while, secretly saying, "Senior, you must promise ah, we don't have any strong people left in the Spirit Clan."

He decided that even if he was going to give up this old face, even if Jiang Chi made even the most unreasonable request, he would still fight to complete it.

"Only if we serve him as our master, will our Spirit Clan have a chance to continue to exist ah."

Regarding this point, that five-star Dou Sheng of the Spirit Clan actually understood better than anyone else that Jiang Gou was the truly strong one.

And only the strong could have a future, while the weak had no future, like him.

The five-star Dou Sheng seemed good, but he was actually scared to face the Spirit Race, and there were even more Dou Shengs in the Spirit Race than he had imagined.

If it wasn't for Jiang Xiao's help, where would his skills be enough at this point.


The Spirit Race ancestor carefully leaned up and said, "Senior, but is there something that you're feeling uncomfortable about?

The entire top and bottom of my spirit tribe are grateful for your help Senior, so we've discussed it together and made a decision."


Jiang Qiao was stunned at the words and asked, "What decision, could it be that you want this seat to remain in your Spirit Clan?"

Swirling, then, before the spirit ancestor could speak, he said, "But you're afraid you'll be disappointed, this seat can't stay in the spirit tribe for long, I have other matters to attend to."

There were still quite a few foreign fires in this world waiting for him to collect.

He couldn't waste his time on the District Spirit Clan, but after beating up a few other great clans, he would leave for the center of Central China.

There was his goal there.

And the help he just gave was just a passing thing for him, Jiang.

The ancestor of the Spirit Clan, on the other hand, intoned, "Senior, all of us in the Spirit Clan have unanimously decided that we want to serve you as our master and become your subordinate power, and in the future, whenever there is anything half-hearted about you, as long as we can use our Spirit Clan in any place, the Spirit Clan will go to Ta Ta Tao!"


"Serve me as Lord?"

Jiang Ji was stunned at the news, "That's refreshing, allow me to consider it."


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