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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 999 - Ten Thousand Years of Hard Work and One Day of Rest (Seeking Subscription)

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To obstruct someone's praise is like killing a parent.

It is a great hatred, comparable to life and death.

It was a grudge that was hard to erase.

Jiang Chi was naturally very clear, and he was even more clear about what this Void Swallowing Yan was thinking about, so he had no intention of stopping it at all.

The deep killing intent in Void Swallowing Yan's eyes moved him a bit, "Since you have developed killing intent towards me, wouldn't it be too incompetent of me, Jiang Shi, if I don't do anything."

He would like to see what techniques this existence ranked second on the Different Fire Ranking had.

"Thinking that with the existence of this terrifying grand master of the Vajra Bracelets, it should be easy for me to collect the Void Swallowing Inferno."

Jiang Jiang said in his heart, "With the ability of the Vajra Bracelets, even if he is at the Nine Star Dou Sheng level, even if he is the second ranked Void Swallowing Inferno, he probably won't be able to resist the Vajra Bracelets' ability."

After all, being able to travel through countless worlds with him, this Vajra Bracelet was definitely not simple.

He would just as well look at the mighty power of the Vajra Bracelets, perhaps it would open his eyes.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Ji suddenly said to Void Swallowing Yan, "You should think carefully, once you really confront this throne, you will not be benefited in any way.

Also, I'm sure you're aware that this seat's methods are so powerful that it's not easy for you to transform into human form and cultivate, so if you do, this strength of yours will go down the drain."

Void Swallowing Yan: "........"

At the words, his face flickered with coldness, "Cut the crap, since you already know that my origin is the Void Swallowing Inferno, you should know more about the fact that without the Dashe Ancient Emperor, I'm the world's best exotic fire.

You want my origin, there's no door!"

To ask for his origin would be the same as destroying his cultivation and asking him to become a different fire from the heart.

But that situation was of no benefit to him, "On the contrary, for me, if I destroy you, I will be able to obtain a means as powerful as yours, and then..."

He wouldn't have to work with the Soul Celestial Emperor, and he wouldn't have to look at the face of the Soul Race to act.

How good this was.

Once he contributed most of his origin, he wouldn't be him anymore.

The name of Void Swallowing Inferno would never exist again, "I might be miserable at that time, I don't want to become like that, I'm a proud man even in the Hall of Void Swallowing Inferno."

He had a pride that belonged to him.

It was because of this that he wanted to take action against Jiang Lack, "With my early Nine Star Dou Sheng cultivation, if I were to sweep out in a split second, there might be a very terrifying power created.

Using this to devour this person seems to be doable.

No matter how strong he is, he won't be a Dou Emperor, at most, he's just a peak Nine Star Dou Sheng existence."

After analyzing him for such a while, he seemed to have another thought in his heart, "Perhaps this is also a chance for me to gain a bit of chance as well."

This was a heavenly creation.

It was truly delightful and secretly delightful.

This time was not his Void Swallowing Inferno calamity, it was actually a chance, "Maybe after this time, I can be completely equal to the Soul Heaven Emperor, even if he, the Soul Heaven Emperor, is as powerful and magnificent as he is, he won't be able to be more powerful than me."

From Jiang Qian's body he saw infinite medium possibilities.

The various divine means were even more exciting and thrilling to him, and it might not be a bad thing if he could acquire such skills.

"I'm already just a Spiritual Sentient Transformation out of a different fire, if I can learn all of this person's methods, then I'll be able to become even more bizarre and unpredictable."

At the thought of this scenario, Void Swallowing Inferno's heart was all sorts of joy, and even felt so agreeable when looking at Jiang Liao, only feeling that this person was very satisfying.

However, what Void Swallowing Yan might not have noticed was that Jiang Ji's eyes were quietly even deeper.

His cold and stern gaze darkened as he said, "This seat has a thorough means, if this is all to tell you Void Swallowing Yan to turn over a new leaf, wouldn't that be a great joke?"

But how was that possible.

Not to mention his Jiang Chi's own strength, even that vajra bracelet was an existence with great abilities, and once it was in his mind, it was enough to collect the Void Swallowing Inferno, a foreign fire.

And collecting it would mean killing the Void Swallowing Inferno.

Honestly speaking, from the beginning, Jiang Kou didn't want to kill Void Swallowing Inferno, after all, people were foreign fires, transformed into human form, possessed this kind of spiritual intelligence, plus the cultivation of a Nine Star Dou Sheng, it was not easy.

If they were really gone, it might be called a pity.

After all, everything had a silver lining, so ever since arriving in Central China, Jiang Xiao would seldom go past the point of driving it to extinction.

It wasn't that he was afraid of leaving behind a root of misfortune, because such things that might leave behind a root of misfortune had been foresightedly analyzed in advance.

But anything that was the slightest bit dangerous was nipped in the bud by him, and the silver lining was reserved for those who were not threatening and could not be threatening.

So he was at ease.

"Void Swallowing Inferno, it's a pity that you've made such a decision." Jiang Ji shook his head and sighed, "Ten thousand years of hard cultivation, I'm afraid it's going to turn into nothingness in one day."

It couldn't be said that it was unrealistic.

But the truth was like that, and reality was cruel.

"Once when you make a choice, things change and you, Void Swallowing Yan, will have to pay the price for your own choice, no matter what that choice is."

Jiang Chi secretly mused, "Everything is no longer possible, since you have already moved to kill, how will I, Jiang Someone, let you off again.


Master Vajra Bangle, you will begin to make your move!"

He just happened to also see if the Vajra Bracelets could really spike the Void Swallowing Inferno, this one was, after all, an existence that claimed to be invincible under the Soul Heavenly Emperor.

Apart from the Soul Heavenly Emperor, he was the number one person in the world.

He wanted to see if he was really that strong, perhaps it would take some effort for him to suppress the Void Swallowing Inferno on his own.

But the Vajra Bracelet.

That's hard to say for sure.

Things weren't certain, and it was possible that Wanzai Suffering Cultivator really was wiped out by an irresistible force within that brief moment.

To be able to break open space, to be able to lead him through time and space, such a powerful treasure was definitely capable ah.

He had already met them all.

But that Void Swallowing Inferno suddenly exploded with terrifying light around his body and spoke fiercely to him, "Kid, it would have been fine if you didn't come to the Spirit Clan, or if you didn't stand up for the Spirit Clan, but now you're dead!"

Jiang lacked: "........"

Is he really dead?

But it's hard to say who's going to die.

After all, he was not easy to provoke, ridiculing, "Void Swallowing Yan, I didn't expect you to sneak attack as well, but this seat was already prepared for your hand, and your current point of tactics is not enough."

He was no fool's generation, since he had already predicted that Void Swallowing Yan might sneak attack, after all, he was very strong.

It really seemed so now.

Void Swallowing Inferno was going to strike.

But just with his Nine Star Dou Sheng and Different Fire abilities, it wasn't enough to kill Jiang Xiao in one move.

Jiang Kou easily avoided it.

At the same time, the adamantine bracelets in his body began to burst forth with a terrifying golden light that enveloped the Void Swallowing Inferno who was about to sneak attack.

"Chi Chi!"

It was as if something of great joy had appeared for a time.

But for Void Swallowing Yan, this was a terrible disaster coming.

He had never dreamed that Jiang Kou would have this hand.

How could he resist the power of the Vajra Bracelets, facing the power that was as brilliant as the might of the heavens, feeling the power around him that would imprison him and grab him at any moment, Void Swallowing Yan had no chance to escape.


"What is your tactic, and why is it so terrifying?"

He stared gloomily at Jiang Lack, perhaps because the power of the Vajra Bracelets hadn't been used to its fullest, so he was able to continue to finish his sentence.

But the next moment.

Before Jiang Lack could reply, his figure had disappeared, and even the foreign fire was nowhere to be seen.

It was as if it didn't exist.

Where was there still a trace ah, and when he waited for Jiang Ji to look into the inner space of the vajra bracelet inside his body, he actually suddenly found an additional foreign fire within the vajra bracelet.

A black flame.

Void Swallowing Inferno, ranked second on the list of foreign fires created by that old man of the sky, this fire was born in nothingness, faceless and grasping, a rather strange existence.

At the same time, the Void Swallowing Inflame was also claimed to be able to swallow the heavens and earth, possessing the instinct to devour all things.

In the world, only a handful of living beings were able to resist that devouring energy.

Even Jiang Ji felt the terrifying devouring power at the first time when the Void Swallowing Inferno wanted to sneak attack him, if it wasn't for the fact that the Vajra Bracelets' grand master was fast and ruthless enough, he might have already suffered.

Of course, no matter how powerful the Void Swallowing Inferno was now, he could only lie in the inner space of the Vajra Bracelet.

He probably never dreamed that one day he, Void Swallowing Yan, would end up in such a horrible situation.

It was really a bad retribution.

He had thought that he would be able to sneak up on Jiang Chi, but what he never expected was that his sneak attack would be meaningless to Jiang Chi.

The Vajra Bracelets were so terrifyingly powerful for him Void Swallowing Yan, and there was no way for him to break it.

Even more so, there was no way to escape.

There was no way to even escape.

Couldn't do it.

It wasn't until his eyes went black that he suddenly understood the meaning of Jiang Xiao's earlier words of persuasion, "So he was really doing me a favor and was really trying to persuade me to live, but unfortunately I didn't listen to him."

That couldn't be helped.

"I've already advised you, you're the one who didn't listen to the advice, and you ended up in a situation where your body and soul are now dead, so I can't be blamed for this ah."

Looking at the black flame inside his body, Jiang Ji muttered to himself, "I had already said that I would let you voluntarily and voluntarily serve up most of your origin, but you didn't believe me, so it's no wonder I'm to blame now."

What could he do, there was no choice.

Harvesting the foreign fire was of immense benefit to him, and the most intuitive response to being able to obtain the World Origin Power was to be able to break through the current shackles.

This was a great benefit.


There was the Void Swallowing Inferno's tens of thousands of years of painstaking cultivation, and now it had turned into nothingness in a single day.

Ultimately, it was nothing after all!

In the end, you get nothing!


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