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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 998 ? Void Swallowing Inferno (Seeking Subscription)

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The Soul Hall Master who had once rampaged across Central China, Soul Destruction, actually died just like that.

After his death, the Void Swallowing Flame that he controlled became a masterless object and was put away by Jiang Jiang with a wave of his hand.

But that mysterious man in black robes of the Soul Clan couldn't sit still, "Hand over the Void Swallowing Sub-Fire and this seat will spare your life!"

It was said in a very domineering manner.

It was so loud that Jiang Jian almost believed it.

If he wasn't convinced that he only had an early Nine Star Dou Sheng cultivation, he would have almost felt that this person was a powerful person.

But this person was indeed a person, and someone who could at least cultivate to the early stages of a Nine Star Dou Sheng was not a fool.

"However, with your Nine Star Dou Sheng cultivation you want to order this seat like this, I'm afraid it's just not enough."

Jiang Ji secretly said, "Thinking that I have been cultivating for many years and am already half a foot into the Immortal Realm to this day, how can he be my opponent with a mere Nine Star Dou Sheng?"

Not to mention orders.

Those commanding things were like a piece of nonsense to him.

Simply useless.

Perhaps he might have some other thoughts in mind, but it simply wasn't enough.

Jiang Jian's methods were also powerful enough that a single move seemed like an endless killing move, and a mere glance was enough to make Soul Extinguisher and the others feel like their souls were on fire.

At this time.

Jiang Chi suddenly said, "What if this seat does not return it?"

Just kidding, the Void Swallowing Flame had already fallen into his hands, where was the reason to take it out.

Moreover, he couldn't take it back.

It had already entered the space of the Vajra Bracelet and had been assimilated by it, and Jiang lacked the World Origin Power, so where was the reason to return it.

Even if the one in front of him was from the Soul Clan, he, Jiang Jiang, would never do that.

Immediately intoning his gaze, he continued, "If you want a child fire there isn't one, but if you want a life there is one, you can be afraid that your cultivation won't be able to take it."

He, Jiang Hou, was no vegetarian.

Cold gaze stared, the cold mane still non-stop, he gloomily said, "The Soul Clan has been rampaging across the Dou Qi Continent for many years, it has also been barbaric and tyrannical for many years, it is the number one tumor, now it is finally time for you to dissipate, this seat is very happy."

It was as if he had seen the process of the Soul Clan heading towards its demise.

At least with him Jiang lacking, the Soul Clan would not be able to grow and expand, and would be doomed to be only losers in this world.

Even with that Soul Heavenly Emperor.

Today, he was still miserable and not enough to be feared.

Where is a mere Dou Sage enough to look at, Jiang Ji did not wait for the black-robed man at the level of a nine-star Dou Sage to speak, then he said, "Thinking that this seat is a first-rate figure under the heavens, what's wrong with taking away your Soul Clan's child fire."

Doesn't your Soul Clan still have a true Void Swallowing Inferno.

Why should you care about a mere child fire.

Even its party, Soul Destruction Life, didn't say anything, so it's useless for you to come out and tyrannically accuse.

Upon hearing that, however, the black-robed man shuddered slightly and gazed coldly, "If you don't hand over the Zi Fire, you are making a deadly enemy with me!"

"So what?"

Jiang Ji raised his eyebrows and said contemptuously, "Even if you are the enemy of your entire Soul Clan, what does that count for.

Don't tell me that you're just a nine-star Dou Sheng, even if he, the Soul Heavenly Emperor, came in person, he wouldn't be a match for this seat."

This confidence Jiang Chi still had.

It was precisely with this kind of confidence that he dared to confront the Soul Clan, or else as a weakling he would have to survive and survive again.

Black-robed man: "......."

He didn't seem to have ever seen someone as brazen as Jiang Chi, and it was unknown where he got such confidence from.

Glancing coldly at Jiang Lack, he said, "Who exactly are you, and why have there never been any information about you in the Dou Qi Continent before and have never heard of you."

The black-robed man was very sure that he had never seen Jiang Lack before.

It was as if this person had appeared out of nowhere, out of nowhere, and he guessed that the previous robbery of major powers on Central China was probably inextricably linked to this person as well.

It might have some supernatural connection.

But he didn't understand it.

"Zi Huo I can't feel the slightest connection anymore, it's as if it never existed."

The black-robed man pondered in his heart, "This is something that definitely didn't happen before, this person has either isolated the connection or has completely refined all of that child fire."

Otherwise, this would definitely not have happened.

In his heart, he was ten thousand times colder, yet he thought, "How could I be afraid of him, I'm not a human."


He was the Void Swallowing Inferno who was famous and ranked second on the Exotic Fire List, an extremely magical figure.

A transcendent peerless existence.

It looked so extraordinary, he was the alien fire, the human form transformed by Void Swallowing Inferno, a powerful figure.

A body with even more strength with the early stages of the Nine Star Dou Sheng, even that Soul Heavenly Emperor of the Soul Clan didn't dare to accept him, merely cooperating with him.

Both sides had equal status.

Another point was the function of his Void Swallowing Inferno itself, not only could he devour everything, he could also transform into a Void Body, and even a nine-star Dou Sage Great Perfection existent might not be able to beat him in battle.

Such a base made him so proud of himself for so many years, always feeling that he was the one standing at the top of the world, as he already had a goal to strive for.

"The Dashe Ancient Emperor who once ranked first on the Dou Qi Continent's Different Fire Ranking is actually a strong Dou Emperor who became a Different Fire, and I've been pursuing his footsteps."

Void Swallowing Yan secretly said, "Although a single fire is insignificant to me, this brat's attitude clearly doesn't take me seriously, it's time to give him a taste of his lesson."

He, Void Swallowing Yan, was no vegetarian.

With a shake of his body, he was on his feet, and the powerful scorching energy was holding him up in front of Jiang Xiao, "You're quite bold."

"A coward wouldn't survive this long."

Jiang Ji said indifferently, "In this world, it's always the bold ones, you're not small, but unfortunately you're just a bit too arrogant, and this seat is definitely not something you can handle.

Am I right, Void Swallowing Inferno."


After hearing Jiang lack's words, Void Swallowing Inferno was clearly stunned, "You actually know my identity?"

It was important to know that no one knew about the fact that he was Void Swallowing Yan.

Those of the people on this trip who were truly Soul Clan were actually unaware of his identity.

A foreign fire.

Or the second ranked foreign fire.

He had never thought to understand how Jiang Xiao knew that he was Void Swallowing Inferno, it could never be a guess.

Because guessing was unfounded, and looking at the firm gaze of Jiang Jiankou, he knew even more that Jiang Jiankou was sure.

This was really knowing his identity.

"Just how did he know that?"

This puzzled Void Swallowing Inferno, who had been touching the door, unable to figure out what Jiang was judging it on.

Was it just a sub fire?

That didn't seem possible.

"Is it hard?"

With a raised eyebrow, Jiang Ji said, "You care so much about a child fire and know it so well, plus there are rumors that there is a true Void Swallowing Inferno in the Soul Clan.

So it wasn't difficult at all for this seat to guess, and now it seems that this seat's guess was correct, you are indeed Void Swallowing Inferno."


The words were so dumb that Void Swallowing Yan was at a loss for words.

As for the rumor in Jiang Gou, he was even more stunned and somewhat baffled, he resided in the Soul Clan, and the fact that he had reached a consensus with the Soul Celestial Emperor was almost unknown to anyone in the world.

How had it become a rumor.

It was only that this matter hadn't spread this far, and it was far from being as terrifying as the legends had made it out to be.

He was unbelieving.

With a gloomy face, Void Swallowing Yan's eyes turned and he said deeply after several times, "I don't care how you know about it, now that you've killed so many people of the Soul Clan, even if I could spare you, that Soul Heavenly Emperor would not want to let you go.

As for the matter of my child fire, it's not over yet."


Jiang Ji sighed and said, "Interesting that you, a Void Swallowing Inferno, a guy ranked second on the Exotic Fire List, would go to the Soul Clan and give a hand to the Soul Heavenly Emperor."

"We're just cooperating."

Void Swallowing Yan said indifferently, "He, the Soul Heavenly Emperor, is not qualified to take me in, but I am determined to become a figure like Dashe Ancient Emperor."

Very powerful.

It really seemed that way.

Jiang Ji looked on indifferently as he continued, "This seat doesn't care what relationship you have with the Soul Heaven Emperor, in short, the Soul Clan is bound to be exterminated, and you, Void Swallowing Inferno, as an alien fire that has taken human form, if the resources give up most of your origin, perhaps this seat will still allow you to continue to exist, otherwise..."

"Or else what?"

Void Swallowing Inferno sneered, "It's hard to kill me, you still want to kill me, with your ability to annihilate those trash can easily do it, but dealing with me may not be possible."

Void Swallowing Yan shook his head and continued, "This seat is not an ordinary person, I am a different fire, and after the number one ranked different fire Tushe Ancient Emperor in the world became a fighting emperor and ascended, I am the worthy number one different fire!"

Coupled with the instinct of being able to devour all things, it naturally made him feel that the world was wonderful.

And it didn't put Jiang Xiao in his eyes in the slightest.

"You seem to be very confident." Jiang Xiao suddenly said, "Sometimes that's not necessarily a good thing, with your early nine-star Dou Sheng cultivation, this seat hasn't been afraid."

If he was truly afraid he wouldn't deal with the Soul Clan.

The Vajra Bracelets Master was ready to be continued, ready to put away the Void Swallowing Inferno in front of him, and he didn't even need to do it himself.

And save some trouble.

How good this was.

He was thrilled to think about it, and continued with a cold gaze, "The strength of this throne is beyond your imagination, and this throne's finesse is by no means something you can handle, so I urge you to take the initiative to send most of your origin.

Otherwise, you won't have a chance when this seat makes a move, it's not easy for you to transform into a human, and it's even harder to cultivate to a Nine Star Dou Sheng.

If you still want to continue living, this is the only way, otherwise you'll only have to die when this throne makes a move.

What do you think?"

He felt that he had exhausted all the good words like this, and his face was heavy with a gloomy and cold look.

As long as Void Swallowing Inferno mostly originated, this was already a great good thing, he felt that his request was reasonable, and he thought that this Void Swallowing Inferno should be easy to accept.

But the Void Swallowing Inferno was cold and stern, cold mane curling up, "Hehe, you're talking nicely, you somehow received my child fire, and now you want me to take the initiative to serve up most of my origin, but it's a good plan."

But did he, Void Swallowing Inferno, seem like the kind of fool who didn't know anything?

Although he wasn't a real person, he had learned quite a few things over the years from being by the side of the Soul Heaven Emperor.

He said with a cold face, "This matter is out of the question, I am Void Swallowing Yan, the one who should be afraid should be you, what do I have to be afraid of?"

Even if Jiang Gui could slap the group of Soul Clan people to death, even if Jiang Gui had the intention of annihilating the Soul Clan crowd, Void Swallowing Yan felt that this person wasn't enough to deal with him.

He could deal with it.

"No matter how strong you are, you're definitely not as strong as my natural prowess, which can naturally devour all energy, even if you're a strong man!"

The Void Swallowing Inferno muttered, "You've brought this on yourself, I originally wanted to leave you to the Soul Heaven Emperor, but now it seems that the Soul Heaven Emperor probably doesn't have a chance.

Because I'm going to kill you with my own hands and tell you to enjoy this death!"

And so.

When the Void Swallowing Inferno looked at Jiang Xiao once again, his eyes were different, and his killing intent swept through the changes.

It was as if he wanted to kill Jiang Di with his eyes.

The Jiang Chi in front of Void Swallowing Yan also looked similarly cold, "It seems that persuasion is fruitless, it's time for this seat to proceed with the next step in the plan, what about the Different Fire becoming a Dao?"


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