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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 997 - Soul Extinguishing Life (Seeking Subscription)

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This person Pill Dust was familiar with.

Soul extinguishing life!

The Soul Hall Master, an early five-star Dou Sheng powerhouse, was also a supreme existence that rampaged through Central China.

If the Ancient Eight Clans hadn't gone down before, he would be the worthy overlord.

But now he was a bit of a mess now that his soul was destroyed, and he was almost shot to death by the suppression of Jiang Qian's hand.

If it wasn't for a bit of luck, I'm afraid he would have been slapped hard into a pulp.

That would probably make him famous, and he, Soul Destruction Sheng, was going to be the first Soul Hall Master to be slapped to death.

That's right, Soul Destruction Sheng wasn't dead yet.

But this time, having survived because of his luck, he was also severely injured and his vitality was injured.

In the future, it was feared that there would not be any good life for a certain period of time.

Having come to annihilate the Spirit Clan this time, he had even bothered to do so, which made Soul Destruction Sheng's heart rise like a grieving ghost.

He had never expected things to turn out this way, and never would have thought he would become like this.

The tainted blood stained his body and almost collapsed.

After one move, Jiang Chi looked calmly at those who no longer had the strength of heaven before him.

He said, "This seat also said how powerful the Soul Clan was, but it turned out to be so vulnerable as well.

Hehe, what a disappointment, the Soul Clan turned out to be nothing more than this."

In the past, when he first came to the Dou Qi Continent, he was quite scrupulous about the Soul Clan, especially that Soul Heavenly Emperor of the Soul Clan.

Now it seemed that the Soul Clan was nothing more than this, and although the Soul Celestial Emperor hadn't made a move, that Hall Master of the Soul Palace was already in such a mess.

He almost died.

If it wasn't for luck, they probably wouldn't exist half the time.

Now they could only end up in an extremely miserable situation, the once high and even unbeatable Soul Palace Master could only linger on now.

And the means just now was just a casual strike from Jiang Jiang Xiao.

He didn't use his full strength.

That meant that Jiang lack's terrifying methods had not really been revealed, and the star was just the tip of the iceberg.

It was probably unimaginable in his life that he, an existence that could dominate the lives and deaths of countless people, would almost die.

It was terrifying to think about.

It was terrifyingly tight.

The color of his face also became increasingly ugly, "Can't attract attention, the less people know as much as possible about such things as me being the Soul Hall Master, the better."

Right now was obviously not the right time, and he, Soul Extinguisher, did not want to be exposed.

But he didn't know that because of the existence of Pill Dust Pill Lao, Jiang Xiao already knew about his soul extermination.

The reason why he hadn't killed yet was just because he wanted Pill Dust to take revenge himself, after all, Pill Dust was waiting there.

He had waited for many years and finally had the chance to take his revenge.

Right now was the time when enemies were extraordinarily jealous of each other, and Jiang Xiao did not stop Pill Dust.

"With the Soul Exterminating Life now heavily injured, it should be easy for Pill Dust to use his means to deal with him."

Jiang Chi secretly pondered, "After all, he cultivates the path of Ghost Cultivation and will achieve Ghost Immortality in the future.

His means are no less than mine, and these days Pill Dust has not wasted them in vain."

Many bizarre and unpredictable and vicious methods he had, displaying them as if bathed in spring breeze, but he was rejoicing.

So the unlucky one must be Soul Extinguisher, and not Pill Dust.

At this moment.

Pill Dust's face was indifferent as he slowly walked up to Soul Destruction Sheng, "Soul Destruction Sheng, do you still recognize old man?"


Looking at the somewhat illusory figure in front of him, Soul Destruction was faintly stunned, "Hahaha, who are you?

This seat has offended too many people, I really can't remember you."

He hadn't remembered at all, Jiang Chi was a person he didn't know, and Pill Dust he had likewise forgotten.

Pill Dust couldn't help but remind, "Old man Pill Dust, back then, the eighth-grade peak medicine alchemist of Middlesex, was also the unlucky one who was infinitely hunted by your Hall of Souls."

"Then you're really unlucky." Soul Exterminator laughed coldly, "If you do it again, this seat will definitely skin you and beat your soul to death."

It was only a matter of letting out harsh words now.

How could he not remember the name of Pill Dust, back then, Pill Dust's reputation on Central State was very great.

The identity of a Peak Eight Pill Refiner was even more coveted by countless people, and even they, the Hall of Souls, had to get help from this person.

Unfortunately, Pill Dust didn't join the Soul Palace and didn't compromise when faced with the Soul Palace.

That's why there was a wisp of soul that entered Uttan City later and was almost completely wiped out as a result.

So even though he had become a soul body, he hadn't forgotten the scene where he had been hunted by the Soul Temple.

All of the anger from back then was focused on erupting today.

He was ten thousand times angry, endlessly indignant, and his incessant hatred was even more like water.

He hated to beat his soul to death.

Calling it an eternal death.

The pain, the hatred from back then, also hit together.

He was full of fire that never ceased, icy cold to the extreme, gloomy mood silent to the extreme, and also indignant to the extreme.

If he could, he would love to torture, after all, he was outraged by the actions of Soul Extinguisher in the first place.

"But I have all the means to deal with him now, even if Soul Extinguisher is still fine."

But being seriously injured and unstable, this was his chance.

So Soul Destruction Life's current condition was something Pill Dust was very willing to see.

He continued coldly, "Soul Destruction Sheng, you probably never thought that you, the Hallowed Soul Hall Master, would actually have today, hahaha!"

"There's no telling who's going to be unlucky."

Soul Destruction, however, said disdainfully, "Pill Dust, don't rejoice too early, this seat is a strong five-star Dou Sheng, while you weren't even a Dou Sheng in your prime.

As for now, you're just a residual soul, how much skill do you have left?

You don't want to be shameless."

Soul Destruction Sheng seemed to see the state of Pill Dust at a glance, his gaze was cold and stern, and he looked strange.

Thinking that he came to bully because he was seriously injured?


How can there be such a good thing in the world, his soul-destroying body is a strong five-star Dou Sheng, but he's not that easy to bully.


Soul Destruction Sheng thought that he was winning, and as long as Jiang Liao didn't make a move, he felt that a mere Pill Dust was no match for him.

Even the Pill Dust in its prime was still no match for him.

Pill Dust, on the other hand, glanced indifferently, "Soul Extinguisher, don't rejoice too early, Old Man's methods are bizarre and unpredictable nowadays, yet they are not something you can deal with."

He looked indifferent.

The cold light dao swept out, rolling extraordinary, and suddenly his hands began to pinch a mysterious hand seal.

As a ghost cultivator, he possessed quite a few spells that targeted the soul body.

It was especially easy to be effective against someone as deeply injured as Soul Destruction.

As a result, Pill Dust's various incredible methods were gathering, and a mana began to be gathered by him.

It was as if it was about to condense into a rope.

Soul Destruction Sheng secretly frowned, "It's only been a few decades, but this Pill Dust actually has all these methods?

And it's still for souls.

But you know, our Soul Race has the most successful and thorough research on souls.

How does he, Pill Dust, know this?"

Soul Destruction couldn't figure out exactly where Pill Dust had gone to learn his skills.

Suddenly looking up at the white robed man not far away, Soul Destruction suddenly seemed like he understood something.

"Perhaps Pill Dust's change is inseparable from this man."

Soul Extinguisher pondered, "But who exactly is he, I haven't heard of him during my Soul Palace's travels across Central China.

Also, he's definitely not someone from the Ancient Eight Clans, the Ancient Eight Clans are different.

As for the other reclusive generations, is there anything even more reclusive than the Ancient Eight Clans?"

He had never heard of it anyway, and for a moment his suspicion of Jiang lacked was so strong that he was forgetting that Pill Dust was using tactics against him.

It also seemed that he didn't really take the Pill Dust to heart, so when he saw the Pill Dust, he was indifferent.

A mere Pill Dust might have some talent in alchemy, so back then, he had managed to become a peak eighth grade alchemist.

But that was already in the past, what was left of the Pill Dust now?

Soul Exterminating Life didn't feel in the slightest that those methods of Pill Dust could threaten him, "Although those methods of his are truly incredible and magical, the difference in our realms is there."

Even though he, Soul Destruction Sheng, was now heavily injured, he was still a strong man, one that absolutely could not be overturned by Pill Dust.

He could be sure of that.

So he continued, "Pill Dust, this seat advises you not to waste your efforts, you are not able to do anything to Ben.

At least with your current realm, it's not enough!"

"Cut the crap, let's fight first."

Although Pill Dust had a lot of doubts in his heart, although he also felt that the difference in realms was a bit big.

However, he believed that those spells of his own that were previously transmitted to him by Jiang Xiao were really capable of killing the soul.

"My spells are targeting his soul, not his body, so Soul Exterminating Life's cultivation realm is useless to me ah."

Pill Dust understood in his heart and looked cold, "Back then, he Soul Extinguisher was still thinking of killing me and chased me for countless miles with a disagreement.

At that time, he was the high and mighty Master of the Hall of Souls.

But now, he's no longer the unstoppable Soul Hall Master, just a man with a badly injured and unstable soul."

Nowadays only!

That was why he, Pill Dust, had a chance.

The techniques pinching in his hands had never stopped, and his methods had always been powerful.

The pressure was extraordinary, as if he was about to suppress it at any moment, it was truly a bit startling.


Suddenly, a terrifying sound acted on the soul-destroying body.


Soul Extinguisher screamed suddenly, he probably didn't even think that the methods that Pill Dust was displaying were so terrifying and overbearing.

"How is this possible?"

Soul Destruction was surprised, "How could you hurt my soul, the one who has studied souls the most in this world is our Soul Clan, but no one even knows how to do this kind of tactic of yours ah."

How could a mere Pill Dust be able to do that?

He was suddenly confused.

It was also unbelievable, could it be that he, Pill Dust, was the illegitimate son of the Soul Clan leader?

But that was never possible.

"That's right, the Soul Clan does study souls and has studied them quite thoroughly, but it's not the best at it."

Pill Dust coldly said, "The Dao of Immortality is the mainstream of the future, and it's considered a blessing for your soul to have heard of the Dao of Immortality.

So, now you can die in peace."

All along, he had never stopped thinking about killing the Soul Extinguishing Life, he had always had this thought.

If this person didn't die, it would be difficult for him to have peace of mind.

More importantly, the possibility that Soul Exterminator was related to whether or not his great revenge would be avenged was a given.

Next moment.

Pill Dust's methods continued to be cast, and the spellcasting prowess continued to crush down, powerful and tyrannical.

The crushing pressure, acting on Soul Destruction's soul, directly told his soul to not even have the time to escape.

It directly turned into ashes and in the end, nothing was left.



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