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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 996 - One Slap and It's Gone (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Jiang Chi was confident, since he felt that he could suppress those Soul Clans with a flip of his hand, and the tunnel had not put the Soul Clan in his eyes.

Perhaps in his eyes, the Soul Clan was just a Soul Clan, just like ordinary insects.

Even if it was that Soul Hall Master Soul Exterminator that Pill Dust feared, he was likewise a Gryphon.

A five-star Dou Sheng wasn't enough.

At least not enough in front of Jiang Liao, not enough at all.

That Spirit Clan ancestor was only at the peak of five-star Dou Sheng, so Soul Destruction couldn't compare to him yet.

The more one was at the Dou Sheng level, the more difficult it was to improve one's cultivation, so each small realm of progress was a huge improvement.

Although Soul Destruction and the others weren't strong, they were more than enough, ranging from one star Dou Saints to nine star Dou Saints, and there were quite a few of them.

After this comparison, it was found to be quite a bit stronger than those of the Spirit Clan, so the Soul Clan felt strong.

There was the urge to strike.


Regardless of how strong Jiang Jian was, at the moment, those of the Spirit Clan didn't actually know, nor did they deliberately observe Jiang Jian.

So with a single order from the Soul Thousand Strangers, they were going to completely annihilate the Spirit Clan.

In the eyes of the people of the Soul Clan, probably the Spirit Clan would have little resistance and should be able to be easily subverted.

The Ancient Eight Clans had existed for too long, but it was because of this that they wanted to exterminate the Spirit Clan even more.

The eight clans were less than a tribe thanks to them, and all of their resources would be fully received by the spirit clan so that they could continue to grow.

Not to mention the fact that the Ancient Eight Clans definitely had some Dashe Ancient Emperor Jade in their hands, which was even more of a great benefit to them.

It was exciting to think about.


Of course, this was their ultimate goal.

In reality, as long as the Spirit Clan was annihilated, there would be one less enemy for the Soul Clan, which was a heavenly benefit.

They were naturally happy as well.

It was just that, whether it was Soul Exterminator, or that Soul Thousand Stranger, or that nine-star Dou Sheng level Soul Clan powerhouse, they did not expect Jiang Chi's existence.

This was an existence powerful enough to overturn the Ancient Eight Clans, definitely not something they could deal with.

Moreover, although they were aware of the existence of a powerful being like Jiang Chi in the world, and the events that had happened in Central State previously were very clear to the Soul Clan crowd, they were unable to recognize Jiang Chi.

Therefore, they were all a bit confused and looked unhappy at the sudden appearance of Jiang Chi in front of the Spirit Clan, "This person is so bold, he doesn't dare to stand in front of the Spirit Clan even if he's not a member of the Spirit Clan, he should be damned!"

Soul Thousand Stranger's face was cold.

In his opinion, Jiang Chi was just a figurehead with a puffed up face, an arrogant person.

Faced with the monstrous ferocity of the Soul Clan, the Spirit Clan couldn't be stopped.

-- At least that's what those people of the Soul Race thought, they were inherently stronger than other races.

There were more than ten Dou Saints out this time, not to mention dozens or hundreds of Dou Zun, a composition that made them feel sufficient to deal with anyone.

Even the Spiritual Race was not enough to resist.

Long before coming to the Spirit Realm, they had already received news that the strongest person in the Spirit Clan was only a peak five-star Dou Sheng, which was not even as strong as the Soul Thousand Strangers.

What else was there to say about resistance.

It was just that Jiang Chi's strength wasn't something they could understand, and if he wasn't here today, perhaps the Spirit Clan would suffer bad luck.

But since he was here and had promised to help the Spirit Clan, he would never break his word.

"Are we going to do it?"

With a raised eyebrow, Jiang Chi secretly said, "But with me, Jiang Someone, how can you annihilate the Spirit Clan."

Eating a man's mouth and taking a man's hand.

He had previously taken a lot of benefits from the Spirit Clan, and although there was an element of authority in it, hadn't those Spirit Clan people already forgiven him.

"I'm sorry for their forgiveness if I can't hold off the Spirit Clan for them." Jiang mumbled, "Especially when I see how serious they look, I feel guilty."

He felt that those people of the Spirit Clan were sincere.

He couldn't let them down, or else he would be sorry.

It wasn't that he was so bored, it was really that he also wanted to meet those bastards of the Spirit Clan for a while and see how much they were capable of.

So, the moment the Soul Thousand Stranger shouted out to kill, he began to move his body's true essence mana, and his body actually rose in a terrifying manner.

Even that nine-star Dou Sheng strong man frowned inwardly as he watched, he always felt that there was a great terror and danger about to arise, and that Jiang Liao was even more terrifyingly strong.

Suddenly, he noticed this person as well.

It was just that it was already too late to start at this time, as Jiang Lack had already started to do it, already condensing terrifying true essence mana between his palms.

Whoever touched it would die.

The great power was still continuing to brew, and there were already strong Soul Clan members coming towards those of the Spirit Clan to kill them, while Jiang Mo was as if he didn't see them.

Gryphons like the Nine Star Dou Saints were really just gryphons that could be crushed to death at any time, so he didn't mind at all if those Dou Zuns did it.

"In the end, you all won't be able to escape this throne,"

Jiang Guiao muttered to himself, "If you Soul Clan didn't come here, if you realized that what happened in Central State was the beginning of a calamity, you might still be able to live if you avoided the world early.

But that's no longer possible now, you have no hope of surviving if you die yourselves.

This throne is a strong man, and it is by no means something you can deal with, and with the fact that you have offended Pill Dust, this account is even more complicated."

The Soul Clan must not be spared.

Otherwise there would be no end to the consequences.

After all, the Soul Clan was the race that held the most grudges, and he mustn't let something like this happen, mustn't leave behind a trail of consequences.

After thinking of this, Jiang Yao said, "Everything is under my control, even if their Soul Race is powerful and their methods are clever, they will not be able to escape from this seat."

It must be known that he, Jiang Someone, was an immortal walker of the Great Perfection of the Merging Realm, with a strength beyond the imagination of ordinary people, and definitely had the ability to pass through the heavens thoroughly.

After all, he was one step away from becoming an Immortal.

Even if it was the lowest level of immortal, but that was still immortal.

So it was definitely not something that those Soul Clan people in front of him could resist.

And right now, those people of the Soul Race probably hadn't realized that they were about to face a super strong person.

As time passed by, the reinforcing mana condensed in Jiang Di's hands became more and more powerful.


Suddenly, he only heard him say something faintly, and then the surrounding heaven and earth suddenly solidified as if the air around him seemed to have cooled.

A huge energy palm, however, suddenly appeared above the heads of those people of the Soul Race, revealed in the blink of an eye.

It was truly terrifying.

In the sudden scene, it was seen by those people of the Soul Race, but it was as if they were dumbfounded.

They all stopped in their tracks and were stunned.

They probably never dreamed that this ordinary man in front of them would have such a technique.

With such a skill, even the Ancient Eight Clans wouldn't be able to stop him ah.

So the people of the Soul Clan laughed bitterly, their pale old faces filled with incredible shock.

But they no longer had a choice and stood on their two legs on the ground, looking at Jiang Kou with trepidation.

Not even the words to beg for mercy could be uttered, and the dou qi in their bodies was even more suppressed and unable to function in the slightest.



That huge energy palm above their heads caused those of the Soul Clan to feel deep despair.

From Dou Zong, to Dou Zun, to Dou Sheng.

None of them were in fear.

But all those from the Soul Clan who were below eight-star Dou Saints were now pale, staring deeply at the huge palm that had suddenly appeared in the sky.

At the same time, the strong nine-star Dou Sheng in the Soul Clan, who was dressed in black robes, was now confused.

The tactics that Jiang Xiao suddenly used made him gape, "What kind of tactics is this, it's actually so powerful?"

He had never seen such tactics before either, it was simply unimaginable and called for a stunned audience.

But it was in the space of a split second that Jiang Chi glanced coldly, "All of them go to hell."

Those people of the Soul Clan deserved to die, so he didn't mean to hold back, but killing them would be considered revenge for Pill Dust anyway.

Pill Dust and Wind Idle likewise looked on with wide eyes, murmuring, "This is truly remarkable, it's a bit too powerful."

It sounded a bit mysterious, but when the hand was suppressed in a matter of moments, it was only then that they suddenly saw how terrifying Jiang lacked.

Those people of the Spirit Clan were depressed, they had thought that those people of the Spirit Clan were existences that could be casually killed, they had thought that this time the Spirit Clan united with the Hall of Souls to take action against the Spirit Clan and annihilate the weakest Spirit Clan in the Ancient Eight Clans, it should be a very easy task.

Who would have thought that such a shitty thing would happen, before they could even return to their senses, the situation had taken such a turn for the worse.

For a time they looked bitter and gloomy.

It seemed to be just like the saying: thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river.

Such a huge transformation made it difficult for them to accept this reality for a while.

If they could, they would love to flee this place and never come to invade the Spirit Clan again.

Unfortunately, there were no regrets in this world.

Even if one was as strong as a ninth grade alchemist, he or she would only be unable to concoct a regret pill.

Their ideas were just ideas, after all, just something impractical.

It was going to be bad luck.

"Bang bang!"

A huge hand crushed down, and people from Dou Zongs to Dou Saints died miserably under Jiang Qian's palm.

Even if they were as strong as the Soul Clan, even if they were once unstoppable, even if they were the Soul Clan that was known as the most powerful of the Eight Ancient Clans.

They were still no match.

Jiang Ji's appearance remained flat and suddenly muttered to himself, "You Soul Clans deserve to die, this seat grants you death."

Soul Clan: "........"

His sudden words, however, made all those people of the Soul Clan look foolish, and they were all embarrassed.

So many people were actually unable to resist even one move from him.

Of the Dou Sheng level powerhouses, apart from a few who had managed to escape, all of them were dead.

There was no way that Jiang Mo's gigantic palm suppressed them, and there was no way that they could escape.

The people of the Spiritual Clan were now cheering up, praising Jiang Chi for the fact that this man of extraordinary strength was the real big man.

To cultivate immortality and ask for eternal life.

This kind of cloud-turning and rain-turning means of his Jiang Chi was truly extraordinary and called for envy.

"This is the immortal means ah, I wonder if we have a chance to become immortal?"

"Maybe some of it, but that doesn't go anywhere."

The two of you, Pill Dust and Wind Idle, were so happy as you spoke.

The future was infinitely bright.

Unknowingly, it was as if Jiang Xiao had drawn a huge pie for them, a pie that had become immortal.

In the future, they would dominate the sinking and floating of the Dry Land.

Regardless of what Pill Dust and Wind Leisure and the others thought, the Soul Clan was experiencing unprecedented losses at the moment.

And the party had almost lost everything, but there was one person who piqued Jiang Di's curiosity at this moment.


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