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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 994 - Big Trouble (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Outside the Spirit World.

The originally peaceful world was calm and tranquil, like a chic paradise.

This was supposed to be the frontier of the Spiritual Clan, and the environment was excellent.

However, things began to go awry.

A black cloud actually quietly drifted over, as if it was a black cloud pressing down on the city.

It was quite scary.


Countless silhouettes.

The blackness was all over the place.

Countless heads surged as if they were about to pile up into a mountain, quietly routing and pressing in.

The speed was not slow.

Under the flight of a large number of people, it called for people to be startled, and if someone from the Spirit Clan came out, they would be shocked, right?

However, because of Jiang's lack of appearance, it caused the Spirit Clan to serve up and down, and no one was watching the frontier this time.

Passing through the frontier was the Spiritual Realm.

The Spiritual Realm was a huge place, and with that group's powerful momentum, it would only be able to easily enter, right?

In that case, who could fight against it?

No one.


Jiang Chi was taking his leave with those strong men of the Spirit Clan, hello to me and everyone else, and looked like he was reluctant to leave.

Seeing that the Pill Dust and Wind Leisure behind Jiang Lack were slightly stunned, they secretly said, "Could it be that because of this time together, they're still getting along?"

Where did they know that it was only because those people of the Spirit Clan were actually depressed and wanted Jiang to leave quickly.

Just waiting for this plague god to leave, they were happier than anything else.

That's right, in their eyes, Jiang Gou was the Plague God, a demon.

If it wasn't for this person's inscrutable cultivation, if it wasn't for those strong men of the Spiritual Race who knew they were no match for this person Jiang Lack, they would have wanted to fight and kill him.

And now they only wanted to send Jiang Xiao away early.

So much the better.

Unfortunately, just when those of the Spiritual Clan were in high spirits and wanted to send Jiang Lack away, and were happy about it, an accident happened.

The Spiritual Realm was broken and a crowd of black people appeared, very suddenly in front of Jiang Lack and the Spiritual Clan crowd.

Uninvited guests had come.

Those of the Spirit Clan had never dreamed that just after sending off a group of demonic devils, a pair of demons would come over.

This was a nightmare.

Calling them to weep without tears, it was really a bit of a pity.

I thought that they would be sent away soon, and the Spirit Clan should be able to breathe a sigh of relief and just close the Spirit World completely from now on.

Who would have thought that before they could even wait for them to cheer and get excited and excited, a storm would have swept over.

If the black crowd in front of them was just coming to watch the show, I'm afraid that everyone in the Spiritual Clan wouldn't believe it.

The good ones don't come, the bad ones don't come.

These people swarmed here so and so openly, who would believe it if it was said that these people did not have a purpose at all.

There must be a purpose.

A large crowd of black people, all clear and dressed in black clothing, was like a dark cloud rolling in.

The spiritual realm was also torn right through by them.

In such a menacing state, they were going to attack like mad, even if they were to behead everyone in the Spirit Clan, they wouldn't blink.

"Who are they?"

"This group of people has even torn through our spirit world, what do they want to do?"

"It's over, sending away a demon but then a bunch of uninvited guests, do they all think that we Spirit Clan are easy to bully."

"I'm afraid today's matter will be difficult to put right."


Many people in the Spirit Race muttered to each other, they were not fools and naturally understood that the group of people in front of them were actually a group of devils.

Others might not know their identities, but those strong people of the Spiritual Tribe could tell at a glance the identity of that group of black-robed people.

Either they were from the Hall of Souls, or they were from the Spirit Race.

None of them were good people anyway.

They were all a bunch of abominable people, and it was really hard to be half as happy as they were, at least now that many of them had black faces.

Very unpleasant.

On what basis.

Should they, the Spirit Clan, be unlucky?

This reasoning might not make sense, nor could it be called convincing.

After coming back to their senses, those strong people of the Spirit Clan sort of understood that even if Jiang Xiao didn't come to the Spirit Clan, it was possible that those people of the Spirit Clan and the Hall of Souls wouldn't let them go.

"Senior, these people..."

The Spiritual Dou Sheng was about to say something, but Jiang Xiao hastily shook his head, "These people have nothing to do with me, I don't know them, and they don't know me."

It seemed to be the most important thing to clear the connection.

Otherwise, if they were blamed by others, the pot would be carried in vain.

Although it was okay to carry it, it was never a good thing to do.

Spirit Clan Dou Sheng: "...."

He cryptically explained, "Senior, I know they have nothing to do with you, but I wonder if you could do us a favor, Senior?"

With his mere five-star Dou Sheng cultivation, where could he resist those strong men of the Soul Clan, they weren't even enough to give others a shoe.

This was the difference in strength.

The only one he could rely on was probably the devil in front of him.

No, it was Senior.

After all, Senior was so strong that he could push across their Spirit Clan with just one person, and he could also push across the Soul Clan if he wanted to.

"Just is this senior willing to take action?"

The Spiritual Dou Sheng couldn't help but hesitate, secretly saying, "Or is the Spiritual Clan qualified to let him do it?"

He wasn't sure what Jiang Xiao would do.

In case this senior looked like he was watching a good show, there was nothing he could do with it, "With his great strength, I'm afraid those people of the Spirit Clan won't want to do anything to him."

It was a pity that the Spirit Clan didn't have a strong person.

Five-star Dou Saints simply weren't enough to hold up the scene.

With the eight and nine star Dou Saints of the others Soul Race rampaging around, their Spirit Race was weak.


Jiang Gou's eyebrows furrowed as he couldn't help but say, "Let's talk about it later, this seat isn't thinking about it right now."

He didn't know what status these people were yet.

Naturally, he was not sure if he wanted to help.

At this time, Pill Dust said with a gloomy face beside Jiang Chi, "Fellow Daoist Jiang, this group of people is menacingly afraid that they are coming to exterminate the Spirit Clan."

"I know." Jiang Qiao said, "They've even destroyed the Spiritual Realm, so naturally they've come to subvert the Spiritual Clan.

But as you know, I don't have anything to do with the Spirit Clan, and even less hatred with this group of black-robed people in front of me.

So the division is nameless ah!"

He did want to take action, but he couldn't do it for no reason.

It would be bad if this group of people was an existence beyond plan, and he would have to plan all over again.

Jiang Qiao: "........"


Are they from the Horde and the Hall of Souls?

Why hadn't he noticed that all the people of the Soul Race and the Hall of Souls looked like this?

That was refreshing.

But what did this group of people suddenly appear to do?

What benefits subverting the Spirit Clan would have for the Soul Clan and the Soul Temple was never clear to him, nor had he ever thought about it carefully.

And it was a joint one.

The Hall of Souls had not been destroyed by Xiao Yan, so it came together with the Soul Clan.

This was a bit interesting.

A good thing like the annihilation of the Spirit Clan had actually caught up with him, and as Pill Dust had said, he really had to take action.

Maybe the other clans had already suffered, and even if he went to the other clans to fight Autumn Wind, he probably wouldn't be able to fight.

"Might as well get some goodies from the Soul Clan and the Soul Hall, maybe even gain a lot."

Jiang Chi secretly mused, "In that case, I, Jiang Someone, will be able to save a lot of time and collect all the World Origin Power as soon as possible, so that I can break through to the next realm sooner."

Become an Immortal!

He could look forward to this for a long time.

So after Pill Dust finished speaking, Jiang Chi's eyes glowed as he muttered, "In that case, I really have to help out with this favor of the Spirit Clan."

Can't not help.


At any rate, for the previous half month he, Jiang Someone, had been provided for in the Spirit Clan as if he was an ancestor of the Spirit Clan.

Not to mention that the Spirit Clan had given him all the techniques and fighting skills, as well as sixty percent of the resources, and although there was something in it due to his lack of Jiang's pressure, there was also a certain element of people knowing the times ah.

This was a good thing, something had to be given back.

After thinking about these things, Jiang Jiang said to that strong five-star Dou Sheng of the Spiritual Clan, "Don't worry, the Spiritual Clan treats this seat well, and this seat will naturally not abandon you."

As soon as that Dou Sage heard this, he felt bright, "Thank you, Senior, my Spirit Clan will certainly repay you with a spring in the future."

He patted up with assurance.

Paying back favors or anything else was not something that Jiang Chi didn't care for or need.

It was just as well to find trouble with the Spirit Clan and the Hall of Souls, and now that they had encountered it, it could only be said that they were unlucky and were just doing it in passing.

It would naturally be a good thing if it could be resolved in passing.

Maybe he could even have an unexpected reward for Jiang Hou.

As for those of the Spirit Clan, the Spirit Clan and the Hall of Souls were a big trouble, a bunch of well-fed bastards with nothing to do.

If they weren't inferior in strength, if they really didn't have the talent to be the most magnificent, they would have done it themselves long ago.

Why wait until Jiang Xiao.

"Senior is really a good man."

That strong Dou Sheng of the Spirit Clan murmured, "With his help, I don't think those people of the Soul Clan and the Hall of Souls should have much of a problem."

Having given Jiang Xiao so many benefits previously, it was finally not in vain.

It was also somewhat useful.

After he told the rest of the Spirit Clan about Jiang Lack's thoughts, those who had originally had an opinion about Jiang Lack felt guilty.

"Compared to Senior, we are too arrogant, Senior is a true sexist and a superior person."

"I... I want to go apologize to Senior, we misunderstood him earlier."

"I want to too, why don't we go together?"

"Senior needed the techniques and fighting skills just to become a more powerful existence, besides he didn't want the original, we misunderstood him before."

In the Spiritual Clan.

A group of powerful Spirit Clan members spoke up one by one, all of them expressing their deep guilt towards Jiang Xiao.

And the misunderstanding was great.

There shouldn't have been that kind of grumbling and anger before.

Otherwise, how else would their Spiritual Clan survive this crisis and get through this difficult time now that Jiang Lack didn't lend a hand?

They were all blaming themselves.

If they hadn't been disgruntled earlier, this senior would have been quicker to agree this time.

"It's all our fault, it's all our fault."

"That's right, it's all our fault for having eyes and misunderstanding Senior."

"Let's go, let's go talk to Senior and apologize to him."

"We Spirit Clan aren't the kind of people who can't afford to lose, nor are we the kind of people who dare not admit when we've made a mistake."


There were actually quite a few people who muttered apologies for a while.

In particular, those who were at the level of one or two star Dou Saints and Dou Zun were the most deeply touched this time, how could they continue to speculate their proud heads when people's seniors were able to help regardless of their past misgivings.

Apologies had to be made, and they had to be put into place immediately.

"What are you guys doing?"

That five-star Dou Sheng powerhouse of the Spirit Race was surprised and asked, "What apology?"

He was very puzzled.

So someone explained it to him, "Grandfather, it's like this..."


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