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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 993 - Suppression of the Disobedient (Seeking Subscription)

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Lately, it seemed that no Spiritual Clan juniors had gone out either, so it was also unlikely that someone from the younger juniors of the Spiritual Clan had gone out to stir up the storm of right and wrong.

It was even less likely that someone went out to stir up trouble and provoke an existence that shouldn't be provoked.

Firstly, no one went out, secondly, the people of the Spirit Clan were generally low-key and gentle, and thirdly, they all knew a bit about the strongest people in Zhongzhou, and were sure that they had never seen Jiang Xiao.

So that five-star Dou Sheng strong man got a little worried in his heart, "Who exactly is this person, and what is he doing coming to my Spirit Clan so menacingly?"

A moment of bewilderment, a million worries.

He was truly afraid of something happening.

The Spirit Clan was not strong, it was already low key, if it encountered another situation, it would only be difficult to save it.

That's why this Spiritual Clan Dou Sheng strong man's heart was somewhat helpless, he said in his heart, "I only hope that this senior will not be a disaster to our Spiritual Clan."

Otherwise, it would be tragic.

The Spirit Clan, a family that hadn't even made an appearance in the original plot, was now also terribly afraid.

If this man in front of him really did act in certain unfavorable ways, then what would he do.

The mood was still very complicated.

Jiang Ji looked around at the sudden appearance of quite a few Spiritual Clansmen and said indifferently, "No harm, this seat just wants to borrow something, none of you need to panic.

As long as you are willing to cooperate, this throne will not be able to make a move against you, after all, this throne is not someone who likes to kill."


The spirit race strongman nodded inexplicably, thinking to himself, "If only it were as you say it is, I'm afraid it's not."

He was so helpless in his heart.

Just in case Jiang Xiao was different from what he had imagined, he was afraid that this person had come with a different purpose.

At that time, their Spirit Clan was afraid that it would be bad.

These worries should naturally be there, and that Dou Sheng level Spiritual Clan powerhouse suddenly said, "Senior, I wonder what you want to borrow?"

He knew that even if he didn't ask, the man in front of him would definitely speak up.

He could still give the other party a step down if he asked, maybe he would not target the spirit race for the sake of his cooperation.

Jiang Chi's eyes lifted slightly and suddenly asked, "It's like this, this seat needs to watch other techniques and fighting skills in order to continue perfecting them because they have reached an incredible level of cultivation.

But at the same time, because cultivation requires quite a few resources, it also intends to borrow some from the Spirit Clan."

The Spirit Race crowd: "..."

They sort of saw that Jiang Xiao clearly wanted their Spirit Clan's techniques and fighting skills, as well as their Spirit Clan's resources.

What an appetite.

For a moment, they both spoke with a shocked face, horrified in general.

It was truly a bit sad.

Looking so weirdly tight, they had never thought that one day a strong person would come to their door and ask for these things.

It was said to be a loan, but it wasn't actually a loan.

It might be the kind of borrowing where there was a loan and no return, after all, no one would dare ask a strong man like him, Jiang Lack, to return it if he didn't.

The Dou Sheng who was in charge of the matter smiled bitterly and said, "Senior, your strength is extraordinary and powerful, so I shouldn't refuse.


Before he could finish, he saw Jiang frowned, "Huh? Are you saying that this seat isn't worthy of coming to the Spirit Race to borrow things?

Or is it that your spirit tribe is unwilling to lend something to this seat?"

Spirit Clan: "..."

All of a sudden, those of the Spiritual Clan felt that Jiang Xiao's words were a bit aggressive, and how to reply was not good.

This one was a strong man, the kind that they Spirit Clan couldn't afford to offend.


That Dou Sheng strong man of the Spiritual Clan bit his teeth and said, "Senior, I can make the decision to let senior take a look at our Spiritual Clan's techniques and doujutsu, and I can also borrow some resources..."

This time, also without waiting for the other party to finish his sentence, he heard Jiang Chi interrupt, "Wait, this seat has quite a few resources to borrow, you'll have to think carefully before you say anything.

Also, this seat isn't easy to bully, if I were to know that you've bullied this seat, or that your Spirit Clan isn't willing to borrow, then this seat would have to say that it would have to go and get it itself."

After this was said, it suddenly told those of the Spirit Clan to turn pale.

It was clearly a threat.

Their faces darkened and gloomy for a moment, and if they could, they would love to rise up against it.

But the thread of reason in their hearts prevailed, and they really couldn't resist.

They couldn't resist now either.

A bitter and depressing moment, and even a bit of tears and laughter.

After a few strong men looked at each other, it was as if they were in silent deliberation.

In the end, that Spiritual Dou Sheng strong man said, "Senior, your proposal is a bit too big, shall we discuss it?"

"Yes, but you only have a maximum of one tea."

Jiang Xiao said, "No more than that, or this seat's patience will have a limit."

"Yes, we know."

That Dou Sheng strong man nodded, one tea was one tea, and he thought that was enough time.

He was nervous, not at all as calm as Jiang Xiao.

The Spiritual Clan had been inherited for so many years, of which there were countless collections, the techniques and doujutsu could use the topography version, but what about those resources.

Giving less to this senior was afraid that he wouldn't let up, and giving more to their Spiritual Clan couldn't bear it.

"Let's all talk about it, it's now the most crucial moment for our Spirit Clan, what should we do now?"

"Actually, just think about a few questions: do we say yes to him, or no to him? Are we Spirit Clan capable of resisting?"


This, it seemed like they really weren't able to resist ah.

Even though they were strong, no one could resist it, and now even Jiang Di's imposing pressure couldn't resist it, so what else could they resist.

It was bitterly bitter, and after a few Spirit Race powerhouses looked at each other, there was nothing they could do.

Jiang Lack's strength was simply not something they could deal with, the techniques and fighting skills had to be seen, and the things that the Spiritual Clan had collected over the years would only have to be given to him in part.

No, at least most of it.

Those who disobeyed, I'm afraid that they would be suppressed in minutes.

That kind of result was too horrifying and not the result they wanted, and then they might not even be able to save the Spirit Clan.

Their Spirit Clan was already quite low-key, they didn't like to fight in the first place, and had been living in seclusion until now, if they hadn't been discovered by Jiang Di, they wouldn't have gone out of their own accord.

But the truth now was that they had no other choice.

Facing such a super strong person like Jiang Xiao, they were no match for him, and if they were not careful, they would run the risk of angering this incredible being.

Once they angered such a strong person, one could imagine how terrifying it would be, it was terrifying to think about.

It was truly somewhat terrifying.

It might be necessary to let their Spirit Clan clan die out, and at that time, they might really become the sinners of the Spirit Clan.

That's why a few Spiritual Clan strongmen discussed and combined for a while before finally saying, "Senior, just now we have deliberated and decided to agree with you, only to ask you not to make a move against our Spiritual Clan."

As long as the people were still there, there was still hope for everything.

However, once the people were gone, what was the use of even the most resources they had in the Spirit Clan.

After all, people were still more important ah.

"Ruizi can be taught, er who knows the time is a good man, since your Spirit Clan treats me like this, then this seat will not touch your Spirit Clan."

Jiang Ji said reassuringly, "Killing is meaningless to me, although sometimes it is possible to kill, but strong people like this throne keep their promises."

Only a weak person wouldn't keep their promises, and that Jiang someone considered himself a strong man, so naturally his words should have some credibility.

Otherwise, it would ruin his reputation.

"Thank you, Senior."

Those few strong Spiritual Clan members were not happy after hearing the accurate reply from Jiang Xiao.

They said, "I hope senior you will move your feet and come with us to the tribe for a visit, and what you want will be served afterwards."

Weakness was the original sin, and those of the Spirit Clan knew this very well and felt it very much.

If they weren't weak, how would they have agreed to such humiliating conditions as Jiang Chi, and if they didn't have the strength to resist Jiang Chi, I'm afraid that with their pride of being one of the eight ancient clans, they would have slapped Jiang Chi away long ago.

Now well.

They could only follow Jiang Lack's words and obediently serve up their skills and fighting techniques, as well as the unlimited resources.

They didn't know if it would be of any use to Jiang Liao, but they were aware of the heavy pressure on their shoulders.

It was an ability that could kill them at any time, anywhere, and was really too strong for their Spirit Clan.

"It's just that this is probably our Spirit Clan's doom, since we can't resist, we can only serve this senior well and only hope that he will leave soon."

"As long as our Spirit Clan can still be preserved, as long as we are all still alive, there will definitely be a time when we will rise in the future."

"That's right, we must keep this breath hidden, otherwise we're afraid it will be bad."


Numerous Spiritual Clan people were disturbed, but in the end, they all succumbed to Jiang Lack's pressure.

They were no opponents at all, and they could only passively make a choice in the face of Jiang Xiao's mighty power.

Jiang Chi smiled faintly, locking eyes with Pill Dust, Wind Leisure and the others, "I never expected this spirit tribe to go so smoothly, the feeling of powerful strength pushing across the board is really good."

He couldn't help but look forward to the rest of the clans, if he, Jiang Someone, continued to suppress the past with this kind of powerful strength, would it be possible to receive this kind of effect as well.

"Senior, this way please."

Now, those people in the Spirit Clan were truly planning to support Jiang Jian as if he were an ancestor.

Perhaps that was the only way to feel at ease.

If Jiang Lack didn't even agree to their proposal, then they might have to think about it carefully.

After all, they were scared.

They had never seen a strong person like Jiang Lack before, and even those high up at the peak of the Nine Star Dou Sheng level didn't have such a powerful pressure as Jiang Lack.

It was simply unimaginable.

No, it should be unheard of.

It had never even been discovered before that there was a strong person like Jiang Liao in the heavens and earth.

Truly formidable.

It confused their thoughts and made them ten thousand times more complicated.

But when such trouble came to the Spiritual Clan, they had no choice but to accept it.

So, Jiang Xiao and his group of four were living at ease under the arrangement of the Spirit Clan, just like the ancestors who had been provided for, in the Spirit Clan.

At least during these few days, their spirit tribe was very considerate in their hospitality, all of which made him feel like he was enjoying himself.

The topography versions of the Kung Fu and Fighting Skills had all been brought, and Jiang was naturally happy as he had obtained quite a bit of World Origin Power for it.

As for the resources of the Spirit Clan, those people had taken out sixty percent, and Jiang Kou didn't say anything about it.

Sixty percent, that was already quite a lot.

Although he might be able to gain more if he continued to be powerful, he did not do so.

On this day, Jiang Xiao had already lived in the Spirit Clan for nearly half a month, and his cultivation was still at the Great Perfection of the Merging Realm, still no progress.

He, on the other hand, was ready to take his leave, but the Spirit Clan was in big trouble at this time.

A great trouble!


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