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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 991 - Crying to Send Big Brother Away (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Terrifying as hell!

Almost all of them sucked in a breath of cold air, fearing in their hearts that Jiang Xiao would take action against them.

If that was the case, they were afraid that they would die without knowing anything, just like that old ancestor.

After all, the old ancestor was a peak eight-star Dou Sheng, and he didn't even react, let alone those Dou Zun.

Still not a match for the young man in front of him.

No one was fearfully coping.

In the end, it was still inferior strength.

"Senior, we were wrong, please forgive us this time for the sake of our Thunder Clan."

"Senior, spare our lives, please treat us all like a fart."

"Oooh, I don't want to die yet, I just broke through to Dou Zun a few days ago..."

In a moment, those Thunder Clan people around the entire living room all poofed to their knees weeping and grieving.

They all began to beg for mercy.

It didn't seem to work if they didn't beg for mercy, Jiang Jian was too strong, so strong that they didn't have the power to resist.

They were powerless to escape even if they wanted to.

They could only pray that Jiang Yao would be generous and let them go, or else it would be a bit hard to say what would happen.

But even so, they still had no bottom in their hearts, because Jiang Chi's cultivation was really too strong and strange.

That kind of power was overwhelming.

They couldn't even muster the strength to resist.

They only felt that they were muddled under that pressure, and it might be a good thing if they were still alive.

However, there were some things they really couldn't say, and in case Jiang Xiao's anger remained unabated, they would only continue to be unlucky.

At this time, that Thunder Clan Dou Sheng continued, "Senior, all the sins are the old ancestor's own doing, I'm sure you know that because he's an old ancestor and stronger than all of us, we can't make decisions, and he won't listen to our words.

It's fortunate that you have now killed him, otherwise our Thunder Clan would only be living under his shadow."


After hearing the news, Jiang Ji was deeply stunned and couldn't help but say, "What, so wouldn't your Thunder Clan be grateful to me?"

That Dou Sheng was stunned, but when he reacted, he said, "Exactly, and was about to thank you, Senior."


Jiang Chi smiled slightly and said, "Since your ancestor is dead, the grudge is gone, but..."

At this point he paused God, while the others opened their eyes wide and secretly said something bad.

Although the meaning of Jiang Xiao's words was that their little lives had been saved, there might be other punishments.

But this was good, at least they could still continue to live, and that was enough to be satisfied.

What else would one want.

It was better not to wish for anything else.

The heart was a little baffled and worried.

That Dou Sage asked down the line following Jiang Qian's words, "Senior, I wonder..."

What's the follow-up?

He had to ask, or else his heart would always be at a loss.

For his part, Jiang Qiao said, "The death penalty can be forgiven, but the living crime is unavoidable, and no matter what, it's because of them that it's such a tragic outcome."

Not something he wanted to see, nor was it something he was willing to see.

But in the end, they were the ones who had caused a tragedy to happen.

Jiang Mo's face was calm as he continued, "The usual punishments wouldn't be fresh in their minds, and only by making them completely remorseful can they be deeply engraved in their memory.

Let's say everyone scraps a bit of their cultivation, and only have the strength of a fighter for life."

Everyone: "........"

That was worse than killing them, what was the difference between becoming a fighter and becoming an invalid.

Especially in this Dou Qi Continent, it was simply unimaginable.

Perhaps unable to imagine this matter either, they howled, begged for mercy, and even cursed angrily, but it didn't seem to work.

Jiang Xiao opened his five fingers, followed by a flick of his hands, and dozens of streaks of light flew into the crowd, then vanished.


Before anyone could return to their senses, someone had already discovered that their cultivation had turned into that of a fighter, the one above the power of Dou.

As long as this body didn't have an existence more powerful than Jiang Xiao to lift the restrictions for them, these people would be reduced to a fighter for the rest of their lives.

Perhaps in a place like Utan City, a doujinshi was barely useful, but in Central State, in a place like the Thunder Realm, a mere doujinshi was nothing.


This was the true Gryphon of Gryphons.

In the Lei Clan, that Dou Sheng's face was awe-inspiring as he said, "You did the right thing, Senior, they should be punished since they did something wrong."

Jiang Gou nodded and said, "Not bad, I also think so."

Although Jiang Guiao's words sounded so helpless and depressed, and although Jiang Guiao's actions actually made that strong Dou Sheng of the Thunder Clan feel discontented, that was all.

He didn't dare to voice out this hint of dissatisfaction at all, and even more so, he didn't dare to state it directly.

He was also afraid that Jiang Xiao would be angry.

This one had a hard time dispelling his anger and was about to leave, but he couldn't let this matter go halfway.

Right now, all this Dou Sheng strong man had in mind was simply to send Jiang Chi away, the plague god, as long as he left better than anything else.

It was a pity that Jiang Chi suddenly had no intention of leaving.

He said indifferently, "Since the Thunder Clan has been punished, this seat continues to be a guest for a while?"

The crowd: "..."

They were on the verge of tears.

And I can't help but think to myself, "Shouldn't you be leaving?"

And stay for what.

He got a little weepy and was so depressed for a while.

His heart was heavy and he was at a loss as to what to say.

That Thunder Clan Dou Sheng was in a hurry and suddenly said, "Senior, you're a senior, I guess you must still need more techniques and fighting skills, as well as those cultivation resources.

I, however, know where to find them, that Spirit Race....

And the Horde..."

In the blink of an eye that Dou Sage had sold all of the eight ancient clans, and with the exception of the Thunder Clan itself, and the already declining Xiao Clan, the remaining six clans had all been greatly boasted of by him.

It had to be said that Jiang Ji was a bit moved by his words, and only felt that it was a good thing.

That Thunder Clan Dou Sheng's idea was simple, as long as he could send Jiang Gou away, the plague god.

No matter what method was used.

Unfortunately, he wasn't able to persuade him, and after only a slight hesitation, Jiang Yao said, "There's no harm in it, since the Eight Ancient Clans are one, although they are not so much of one mind, they are definitely somewhat involved.

What on earth do you mean by recommending this to me in such a high spirited manner?"


That Dou Sheng strong man was stunned at the words, and said in his heart, "Don't you have any idea what I mean?"

Isn't it just hoping that you, Old Devil Jiang, will leave quickly.

It's not necessarily a good thing now, and after being spoken to by Jiang Chi, that Dou Sheng strong man of the Thunder Clan couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air and continued, "Senior, the other clans do have more collections than our Thunder Clan, you only need to investigate this point."

Jiang Ji nodded his head and couldn't help but say, "You do have a bit of truth in what you say, but is it not good for this seat to go over now, what if you guys tipped us off?"

That Dou Sheng: "..."

He couldn't help but say under his breath depressingly, "Where in the world do so many tipped-off people come from, really."

He was just trying to shift the conflict, just to take the opportunity to send away the plague god Jiang lacking, otherwise where else would he be so quiet.

In the end, he all but cried and sent the big brother away, looking silent and unhappy.

His messy heart was really calling for some sadness, and he also said, "Since that's the case, how many days are you going to stay here, Senior?"

In the end, the Doujinshi who was rendered helpless had no choice but to speak up like this, since your old man wants to live then so be it.

He was indifferent.

Jiang Jian, on the other hand, shook his head and said, "Forget it, this seat has already spent quite a bit of time in your Thunder Clan."

Not staying.

That Dou Sheng of the Thunder Clan: "......."

He suddenly had the urge to curse and said under his breath, "What a preposterous thing to do, if it wasn't because you're a big shot, I wouldn't bother to take care of you."

Unfortunately, Jiang Chi was indeed such a big man that one look from him was enough to depress people up.

So his power was also evident to all.

Seeing that Jiang Lack showed signs of letting up, that Dou Sheng was busy saying again, "Senior, if you need someone to lead the way, our Thunder Clan..."

He was about to arrange the people from the Thunder Clan in, but suddenly heard Jiang Xiao waving his hand, "Forget it, it's better not to be like this, it's a bit embarrassing to keep bothering you Benza himself."

Mainly because he already had two guides, especially Pill Dust, who was most familiar with the road.

"Alright then."

In the Thunder Clan, that Dou Sheng strong man sighed grudgingly, not knowing what he was sighing about.

Suddenly, he continued again, "Senior, then how about if senior and the others escort you?"

This is what it means to have a send-off.

The corner of Jiang Chi's mouth secretly twitched as he thought to himself, "This seat is just trying to tease your Thunder Clan, I don't really want to stay any longer."

His mind was already calculating, "When the matter here is over, this seat should go to the next place.

There's no escaping the Ancient Eight Clans, and since the Thunder Clan has already suffered, the Spirit Clan will be next."

He didn't bother to decide which clan was next.

Since the Thunder Clan had said the Spirit Clan, let's go to the Spirit Clan, and the worst case scenario was that his Jiang Someone's terrifying qi pressure would be added and he would just crumble over.

That would be fine.

It won't take much time, there will be someone in the Spirit Clan who knows what's right and will be able to solve the problem without bloodshed.

Simple as that.

It's very easy and relaxing.

Jiang Mo's face was calm, and he suddenly said, "In that case, the seat and the others will leave first, and if you guys have something important to do, you can contact the seat as well."

Finally, you're leaving?

That Thunder Clan Dou Sheng strong man was secretly happy, "After waiting for so long, this devil is finally leaving ah, it's not easy."

It was just too hard.

He just about couldn't hold on, it was good that Jiang Liao had already offered to leave, that was good, at least it gave one hope.

Crying to bid the big brother farewell.

Those who didn't know thought they were really clinging, but they actually wanted to cheerfully bid farewell.

Jiang lacked left.

This time he, Jiang Old Devil, was really leaving.

Taking Pill Dust and Wind Leisure with him, along with Qing Scales, he left the Thunder Clan.

After leaving that satisfying place and going to the Thunder Clan, he had gained a great deal.

Whether it was the techniques or the fighting skills, or the endless general collection, they all demonstrated his Jiang someone's skills.

Looking at the back of Jiang Lack's group of four as they left, for some reason, that Dou Sheng always felt a great sense of relief.

The hardest thing had been put down, and this was a great good thing.


"As long as our Thunder Clan can continue to exist, we have always remained one of the Ancient Eight Clans, but what the old ancestor did previously was a bit extreme."

That Dou Sheng muttered to himself, "If the old ancestor hadn't left the gate, perhaps our Thunder Clan would have been better off."


The self-same Old Ancestor might have been a little uncontroversial, so it created a very awkward situation.

Now that the person was also gone, there was no point in being pathetic at all.

A few days later.

Jiang Chi and his party of four had arrived at a turquoise land, a land of lush greenery.

And this was the territory of one of the Ancient Eight Ancient Spirit Clans.


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