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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 990 - Flicking Ashes to Go (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The Thunder Clan Ancestor probably never expected that this young man, who he hadn't taken into account from the start, was actually terrifying.

A Dou Sheng like him, killing him was no different than crushing ants.

It really wasn't much of a challenge, and from the beginning Jiang Hou was the winner, this guy from the Thunder Clan in front of him.

"It's just an old man who's not shy, he really thinks he's a talent."

He, Jiang Someone, was not a simple generation, he was a magnificently strong man.

No one could match him.

Strength was his bottom line.

It was because of having all kinds of bottom strength in his heart that he dared to speak with that Thunder Clan ancestor with a bland face and pull a half-day's worth of family talk.

Everything was under his control, he didn't mind if the Thunder Clan ancestor danced for a while longer.

It didn't feel at all like it was dangerous to be in the Thunder Realm.

Perhaps in that Thunder Clan ancestor's opinion, this Jiang Qian was definitely a bold and arrogant young man, otherwise how could he be so calm.

That Thunder Clan ancestor said in his heart, "If he wasn't faking it, how could he have such powerful skills at such a young age, what a joke."

At this time, this Thunder Clan ancestor continued to coldly say to Jiang Chi, "Kid, I don't care what your status is or where you come from, in short, you will have to pay the price for offending my Thunder Clan!"

Upon hearing that, he couldn't help but raise his eyebrows, "What, is the ancestor thinking that this seat is easy to bully because he is young?"

The Thunder Clan ancestor actually nodded involuntarily as he heard, "Otherwise, there aren't strong young people like you, but all of those kinds of people aren't arrogant and young and famous.

And you.

With nothing, how can you convince people that you are a strong man?"

"So that's how it is."

Jiang Qiao sort of understood, this Thunder Clan ancestor's way of looking at people turned out to be like this, and it wasn't good.

It didn't sound good.

Just an ordinary old immortal.

It was then not enough to be feared.

He even wondered if this old thing had been in seclusion for so long that it had become so old-fashioned that it was going to end up in a miserable state.

It was probably possible.

No, it should be absolutely possible.

"After all, I, Jiang Someone, am here, how can he have a reason not to die."

Jiang Ji took a deep look at that Thunder Clan ancestor, his eyes involuntarily flashing coldly.

A dying generation that should have been waiting for death in a coffin board, but instead came out to seek death, "Since you're seeking death yourself, there's no way to blame me, Jiang Shi."

At first, he thought that this Thunder Clan ancestor was a character, even if he was dying, his vision should not be old.

But now it seemed that this old thing was just also an old thing.

The shadow of death had loomed over him, and he was afraid that he might still die for some reason.

This kind of person was best dealt with.

Originally, Jiang Xiao thought it would be good to just leave, but who knew that he would suddenly kill someone halfway.

Although this ancestor of the Lei Clan was no match for Cheng Bite Gold, and although he was much worse than Cheng Bite Gold, he was still unpleasant to deal with.

It was clearly just a rat turd that spoiled a pot of soup.

Jiang Chi's heart was extremely dissatisfied as he said, "Since you came out of the closed door, you know that there is a calamity, the Thunder Clan is being calamitized, and you, being a part of the Thunder Clan, should naturally be calamitized as well."

Nor did he wait for that Thunder Clan ancestor to start lecturing people, before Jiang Chi continued, "If someone like you had remained in the forbidden area of the Thunder Clan and stayed in solitary confinement, perhaps this seat really couldn't do anything about you.

But now that you've come out on your own, that would be like seeking death!"

As he spoke, a deep killing intent was suddenly revealed in Jiang Chi's eyes, he really wanted to kill this Thunder Clan ancestor.

If he dared to ruin his good deeds, he was destined to only die.

Jiang Mo's cold eyes revealed, and the killing intent was like a storm that suddenly swept out.

It was terrifying.

The Thunder Clan Dou Sheng, who had long been aware of Jiang Chi's strength, was now saying in his heart that it was indeed so, and that Jiang Chi's performance just now was just hiding.

He wasn't really weak.

What was really weak was that their group was that ancestor, and even though he had the peak cultivation of an eight-star Dou Sheng, he seemed to be no match for the young senior in front of him.

He was really strong, so strong that it caused despair.

It was also really frightening, indifference in his heart, and coldness swirled up like a storm.

The coldness rolled up a few points.

Right at this time, Jiang Jiang suddenly said again, "Alright, you don't need to explain anything, now that this seat is in a bad mood, then we can only take the sword of this so-called Thunder Clan ancestor of yours."

After smiling faintly, the faces of those Thunder Clan people around became silent, there were those who didn't know Jiang Chi's strength who wanted to see the joke, and there were those who knew his strength who were afraid.

They were terrified.

Previously, when Jiang Kou had killed their Thunder Clan Dou Sheng and Dou Zun powerhouses, it was a matter of a snap of his fingers.

It didn't give anyone a chance to react at all, or rather, no one could dodge it.

As a result, the entire living room was inexplicably quiet.

That Thunder Clan ancestor, who was unsure of the reason, suddenly said sternly, "Kid, I didn't expect you to be quite arrogant, but it has to end here.

Today, with this ancestor here, don't you dare try to think of any evil thoughts towards our Thunder Clan."

Jiang Ji: "........"

He really didn't know where this Thunder Clan ancestor had gotten the courage to be so neutral.

And acting like he was the best in the world, who gave him the backbone, where did he get the courage to dare like this?

For a moment, Jiang Qiao was surprised.

But he didn't want to delay any longer, it wouldn't do him any good to drag it out, he had already gotten all the benefits he wanted from the Thunder Clan this time, and it was time to leave.

And before he could leave, he had to finish this Thunder Clan ancestor off.

After all, this Thunder Clan ancestor had made him unhappy in his heart, so naturally he would have to settle the score.

That Thunder Clan ancestor probably never dreamed that he would be killed cleanly by Jiang Chi.

Presumably, he thought that this Jiang Chi was just an ordinary person, not enough to be feared.

Suddenly, a terrifying aura emerged from Jiang Chi's body, which was his aura of a great completion of the Merging Realm.

Now suppressing over, it was like that stormy wave routing towards that Thunder Clan ancestor.

Immediately afterwards, some of the surrounding people who were in the know, such as the Dou Sheng strong man from the Thunder Clan, turned pale.

He secretly said, "Oh no, this senior is afraid that he's really going to make a move, with his unpredictable strength, how can my Thunder Clan ancestor be a match."

A mere eight-star peak Dou Sheng existence, even a nine-star peak Dou Sheng was afraid that it wasn't enough.

He was so bitter.

"I only hope that this senior is only targeting the old ancestor, if he is targeting the entire Thunder Clan, I'm afraid that..."

I'm just afraid that the entire Thunder Clan will suffer, and then the Thunder Clan will probably really be in decline.

No, it's also very likely that they'll be wiped out.

If that was the case, they would be pointless.

With a deep bitterness in his heart, that strong Dou Sheng of the Thunder Clan wanted to come out and stop it, but he found that Jiang Xiao gently flicked at the other side.


Then there was a divine light that quickly flew out, dazzling and flashing like the falling meteor.

"It's over."

That Dou Sheng of the Thunder Clan secretly said, "This Senior Lord has already made his move, I'm afraid that Old Ancestor he's going to be bad."

He saw with his own eyes that the light was streaking towards his own ancestor, and also saw the hint of astonishment in his own ancestor's eyes.

Whirling around, he saw the endless power roll in, and even if that old ancestor of theirs was unwilling, he could only be suppressed by Jiang Qian's methods at the moment.


A shadow of death suddenly loomed over him, making him feel horrified.

Immediately after.

In the span of a few moments, that ancestor of the Thunder Clan did not even have the time to scream before a beam of light pierced through his head.

The blood and white colors mixed together.

He probably didn't expect things to turn out like this, and he probably never thought that his hallowed Thunder Clan ancestor would die in such a way.

It was actually a bit too horrifying.

The moment he was about to be hit, he had thought of avoiding it, but in the end, his body was not able to react in time.

So he died unwillingly.

He probably didn't understand even at the last moment at the end of his own life, why the obviously young-looking Jiang lacked that kind of supreme means.

Could it be that all the previous impressions were all false?

He was a peak eight-star Dou Sheng, yet he hadn't even been able to give his name name, and as a result, there was no follow up.

There was no follow up.

Thoughts vanished in an instant, instantly losing his perception, and he didn't even know what he would face next.

It was only when he waited for a whirlwind of heaven and earth that he suddenly saw how tall Jiang lacked, but it was no longer useful or meaningful at this point.

He only felt his head sink and his eyelids heavy, that is, there was no follow-up.

Everything was extraordinarily calm.


All of this happened in a brief moment, and then nothing happened, it was over.

In everyone's eyes, it was just a flash of strange light, and then their Thunder Clan's ancestor fell to the ground dead or alive.

They actually knew that the old ancestor was dead, but couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Wasn't this Thunder Clan ancestor at the peak of the Eight Star Dou Sheng?

But why did he die in a flash of light.

Was everything so bitter?

What the hell is going on? How did the ancestor die?


"The ancestor is dead, so this man isn't going to continue to take his remaining anger out on us, is he?"

"Even a peak eight-star Dou Sheng ancestor was killed by him, what kind of realm is this young man in."

"I don't know, it just seems like that strong Dou Sage of our Thunder Clan is extremely respectful to him."

"It can't be a Dou Emperor, right?"


No one knew, so no one could answer the doubts in everyone's heart, even that strong Dou Sheng of the Thunder Clan was now hastily wiping cold sweat.

He said, "Senior, these Dou Saints don't know how much they know, so they have invited the ancestor out of the gate, even if we wanted to stop it, we couldn't stop it, so I hope that Your Excellency will be clear about it."

He now only hoped that Jiang Yao was only targeting that ancestor who didn't know how to live or die, but the others were already dead anyway, so it was best to put all the blame on them.

As long as the Lei Clan could be written off, it would be possible to save the Lei Clan to some extent.

"As long as my Thunder Clan is safe and sound, as for the old ancestor, he's already dead, so let him do the last thing he can for the clan."

In the Lei Clan, that Dou Sheng strong man secretly thought, "As long as the majority of the Lei Clan is still alive, that's the best."

Jiang Guiao's eyebrows raised, but he said, "Really?

Since they are all involved in this matter, let's go together to accompany your Thunder Clan ancestor.

I'm sure that ancestor of yours would be very happy if he were to spring to his feet."

Everyone: "........"

Everyone feared Jiang Liao for a time, this was simply a devil.

Killing a peak eight-star Dou Sheng with the flick of a finger, this kind of tactic was unheard of even for those Thunder Clan members present.

It was truly somewhat formidable.

So terrifying, it was momentarily chilling.

Flicking their fingers and turning into ashes, who wouldn't be afraid?


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