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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 989 - Thunder Clan Old Ancestor (Seeking Subscription)

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Thunder Realm, in the Thunder Clan.

Although that strong Thunder Clan Dou Sheng who had managed to survive was trying his best to arrange for someone to take care of Jiang Liao, and was acting as if he was being raised like an ancestor.

But because of his actions, he still made some people of the Thunder Clan feel discontented.

Especially when they saw that one technique and Dou Technique fall into Jiang Liao's hands, the resources that had been collected for countless years in the Thunder Clan were moved into the living room right after him.

Some unsuspecting Dou Zun became jealous and discontented.

Even though someone explained to them, they still felt that this was not the case.

They were jealous.

After learning about Jiang Lack's group, some people wanted to hit on them, but they were afraid that the strong Dou Sage would talk too much about other things.

So someone wanted to invite that ancestor of their Thunder Clan to come out.

That's right, the one who had been closed for years and had never been able to break through.

They just wanted that old ancestor to come out and take charge, and it was said that that old ancestor was already an eight or nine star Dou Sheng.

They couldn't remember the details, but that was about it.

After not being used to that Dou Sage's strong hands, many of them thought of asking that ancestor to come out of the gate to be in charge.

That way they would have a hope of winning and wouldn't be afraid of retaliation.

They didn't know about the day when Jiang Hou had killed the four corners of the earth, which was why they were so.

Thinking that the Thunder Clan should be fair and not some people's one-upmanship.

Little did they know that their actions were ruining the plans of that powerful Dou Sheng.

It was probably going to go down the drain?

After all, those people were targeting Jiang Lack, and that Dou Sheng had gone to teach those people a lesson, but it had ultimately backfired.

The resulting impact was unexpected to him.

When he brought in all of the Thunder Clan's techniques and fighting skills and gave seventy to eighty percent of the resources in the Thunder Clan to Jiang Lack, he discovered that the group of people had gone to the forbidden area to invite their Thunder Clan ancestor.

"This is troublesome."

Upon learning about this matter, that strong Dou Sheng could not help but be worried as he said anxiously, "Senior, I've already satisfied you with everything you wanted..."

Shouldn't we go?

Although he didn't say these latter words, an individual should be able to understand that this Dou Sheng of the Thunder Clan was giving away a guest.

At least that was the meaning in his words.

And the one who was satisfied and gained quite a lot was none other than him, "This visit to the Thunder Clan has gained quite a bit of origin power, plus some cultivation resources, in that case this seat will take his leave."

This Dou Sheng wanted to send him away like a plague, it was better to leave early, and he didn't mind that.

He had already obtained what he wanted anyway.

Nor did he care about the other party's attitude.

It was no big deal if he didn't treat them as he wanted to be treated, he could still afford it.

Pillow Dust and Wind Leisure were quite free these days, and had seen what Jiang Liao was capable of, someone who could make the entire Thunder Clan fly apart with one person's strength, how could he be a simple person?

I'm so envious.

To become an immortal, I don't know when the two of them will become immortal.

When will they be able to live forever.

They were all very envious and looking forward to it.

At this moment, Jiang Jian didn't even get angry, which made Pill Dust and Wind Leisure a little appalled.

This didn't seem to fit his identity as a Jiang Old Devil ah.

Where did it go wrong.

They were so stunned that they didn't understand it all and felt a little embarrassed, but they still got up along with Jiang lack.

"It's finally time to send these plague gods away."

In the Thunder Clan, that Dou Sheng was delighted once he saw that all four of them had gotten up along with Jiang Xiao.

"They're finally leaving."

These days, as the only Dou Sheng in power in the Lei Clan, he was exhausted.

Serving this man, he almost collapsed.

If it wasn't for the fear of Jiang Xiao destroying the Thunder Clan, if it wasn't for the fear that the Thunder Clan would really be annihilated, he wouldn't want to bother with so much shit.

But the good news was that the Thunder Clan had finally been preserved.

"Although our Thunder Clan is now paying a heavy price for it, it is still preserved."

That Dou Sheng knew very well that once he didn't compromise and do as he was told, the Thunder Clan was truly going to be annihilated.

He didn't want to see this end, so there were so many compromises that followed.

Guessing that Jiang Lack and the others were finally leaving, he was naturally secretly relieved.

Jiang Lack, which was definitely a plague god and a demon all in one, was now finally leaving the Thunder Clan.

That Dou Sheng secretly swore, "I just hope to never see him again, in this life and the next."

He even felt that as soon as Jiang Lack and the others left, he would close down the Thunder Realm and close it down completely.

As long as they Thunder Clan still existed, there were infinite possibilities and hopes for the future.

That was what he thought.

However, an accident happened.


Just when Jiang Xiao was really planning to leave the Thunder Clan, a silhouette appeared in front of the living room door.

Immediately afterwards, several more figures appeared.

It was indeed that Thunder Clan's final card, a powerful man at the peak of an eight-star Dou Sheng.

And beside him were several Thunder Clan Dou Zun, all of them looking at Jiang Xiao and the others with a bad face.

"I know everything about the matter."

Before Jiang Chi opened his mouth, that Thunder Clan ancestor spoke indifferently, "You've seen the Thunder Clan's techniques and doujutsu, but you can't take them with you.

As for our Thunder Clan's resources, you don't want to take any of them away, they are my Thunder Clan's collection of many years, how can you be told to take them away?"

If he hadn't been woken up that might have been fine, but now that he had been woken up, it was natural for the Thunder Clan to take charge of things.

At the very least, as a peak eight-star Dou Sheng existence, he didn't give a damn about Jiang Qiao and his party of four.

He felt that Jiang Lack was just a somewhat capable cultivator, but that was all.

Honestly, he didn't want to release Jiang Lack from the Thunder Realm.

Such a person should stay in the Thunder Clan, so that their Thunder Clan could study him and perhaps gain something.


Jiang Chi smiled slightly, but was incomparably calm and self-assured, "Old Ancestor is quite confident, but I wonder how much you really know about the real situation?

Are you representing the Thunder Clan this time, or are you representing yourself?"


Originally, he, Jiang, was all set to leave the Thunder Clan for his next target, but unexpectedly, a Thunder Clan ancestor appeared at this critical moment.

Prejudice still wanted to stop him.

I don't know where the bottom line came from.

The bottom line of a dying man?

You're going to come out and fight for your life when you're nearing the end of your life?

Jiang Qian felt a bit amused.

He looked around the circle with a seeming smile and said, "The Thunder Clan, one of the Eight Ancient Clans, is a bit interesting, but do you think that the reason why this seat is standing here is just a bit of skill?"

What a bunch of ignorant people.

Even if it was that Thunder Clan's peak eight-star Dou Sheng, he still didn't feel anything.

Earthworms and tile dogs.

It was just a bigger mole in his Jiang Someone's eyes.

However, a mole was a mole after all.

Even if it was a bigger one.

He could crush them to death at will, so Jiang Jian didn't make the first move.

He was teasingly looking at that ancestor of the Thunder Clan, a man who was about to enter his body in half a body, but he still wanted to come out and cause trouble.


Are you looking for death?

Do you really think he's a fake?

At this time, that Thunder Clan ancestor, on the other hand, suddenly mocked and scoffed, "What, you still want to not hand it over?

I'm not afraid to tell you, Old Ancestor, that in the Thunder Realm, our Thunder Clan is the largest, and you're just an outsider, someone who doesn't have the thunder attribute in his bloodline.

You're not even a match for our Thunder Clan here, so what qualifications do you have to stand here and speak?"

In this Thunder Clan ancestor's opinion, Jiang Liao was just an outsider, if not a bit capable.

It was unlikely that he could enter.

But just because the rest of the Thunder Clan submitted, it didn't mean that everyone in their Thunder Clan had submitted.

So he came out.

This Thunder Clan ancestor's cold and stern gaze swept over him like a cold mane, and in a matter of moments, his aura of pressure at the peak of his eight-star Dou Sheng was ruthlessly routed down.

It was suppressed without hesitation.

It was terrifyingly tight.

However, this was only for other people.

For him, Jiang Lack Jiang Someone, it was just that, nothing more powerful.

He was sparse.

With a calm face, he continued, "The Thunder Clan, perhaps once upon a time, was truly glorious, and there were once really Thunder Attribute Dou Di appearing.

But now that it has fallen, even if you, the dying ancestor of the Thunder Clan, were to come out, it wouldn't change the outcome.

If you hadn't come out, perhaps this seat wouldn't have known that the Thunder Clan still had a powerful existence like you, a peak eight-star Dou Sheng, and wouldn't have thought anything of you.

But now that you've really pissed me off, this throne intends to give you a little bit of a show.

It can also be considered as teaching the Thunder Clan a little lesson."

But Jiang Jiang's words made this Thunder Clan ancestor's face cold, and he looked as if he didn't care, "What, do you still want to kill this ancestor?

Although my ancestor is nearing the end of his life, he is still a strong eight-star Dou Sheng at the peak anyway, so how can you handle it."

He felt that Jiang Qian must have been overthinking.

This brat was definitely just scaring him, the real situation was definitely not like this.

The amount of breath he felt from Jiang Qian's body, it was obvious that this was a weak person, "Because he can't be a peak 9-star Dou Sheng, even that kind of strong person I can still feel breath."

This Thunder Clan ancestor probably never dreamed that the young man in front of him was probably not something he could handle, but this was a super strong person.

A great completion of the Merging Realm, a strong man who was one step away from becoming an immortal.

Where was it that an ordinary person could handle it.

Thunder Clan Old Ancestor.

It was just a simple interlude for Jiang Qian.

He suddenly said coldly, "Whether this seat can kill you or not, that's not something you should worry about, but I do think you should ask why someone from your Thunder Clan has compromised this seat."

Those few Dou Saints and dozens of Dou Zun of the Thunder Clan didn't die in vain.

They're all still vividly present now.

Of course.

This Thunder Clan ancestor and those Dou Zun around him didn't know the details, which was why there was a scene of inviting the ancestor out of the gate, wanting him to do justice.

Jiang lacked an indifferent attitude.

Anyway, this ancestor had already offended him, and he was not going to let it go, so it was just as well to show his hand and let others see that he was not a simple person.

At this time, the Thunder Clan Dou Sheng from earlier came out and said, "Old Ancestor, this matter is too complicated, I'll explain it to you afterwards, okay?

This senior has no ill intent in coming to our Thunder Clan, so just step back and let him leave."

He was very worried about Jiang Gou striking again.

Would it be a calamity to the entire Thunder Clan?

If it would really be a calamity, it would simply be a catastrophe for the Thunder Clan.

He had thought that he could persuade him, as he was a strong Dou Sheng.

However, that ancestor of their Thunder Clan shook his head and fiercely said, "No, this person has trespassed into my Thunder Realm and not only has he read all of our Thunder Clan's techniques and doujutsu, but now he wants to take away that impoverished collection.

How can this be?"

As an ancestor of the Thunder Clan, he would never allow anyone to do that.

Because he felt that he was the last line of defense for the Thunder Clan, and with the fact that he himself didn't even care about Jiang Xiao, he naturally didn't take that Thunder Clan Dou Sheng's words to heart.

A mere Gryphon Gryphon's generation still wanted to fight and kill him, he really didn't know how to live.

He was a peak eight-star Dou Sheng level existence, and was by no means a mudblood.

Although he was also an old immortal, he would not accept defeat!


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