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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 988 - He Who Knows When to Act (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Lei Clan, the crowd was all bitter.

Who would have thought that Lei would one day end up like this, actually causing their Lei Clan to have this calamity.

It was truly a bit unwilling.

However, how could they refuse Jiang Chi's conditions.

Kung Fu and Dou Technique were fine, just give a copy of the topography each, and I don't think Master Jiang would refuse.

The resources, on the other hand, were a bit of a headache.

That was what they had accumulated over the years, and what all of them in the Thunder Clan relied on to survive, once they lost those resources, how were they supposed to cultivate?

This reasoning had occurred to everyone in the Thunder Clan.

That Dou Sheng strong man in particular was even more clear, once they refused Jiang Liao's request, then the old devil would go and get it himself, and then it would be said that he would be searched clean.

Not a single cent would be left.

If anyone were to stop them, they would only provoke someone, and with his unpredictable abilities, the annihilation of the Thunder Clan would only be a matter of moments.

If they took the initiative to give it, even if they were to withhold 10% or 20% down, I'm sure that demon head wouldn't say anything.

"In the end, it's still inferior strength."

If their strength was all-worldly and peerless, then Jiang Mo would not be able to take action against their Thunder Clan.

Even with this calamity, they would have to weigh their strength.

It was a pity.

That strong Dou Sheng of the Thunder Clan could not help but sigh, "Everything is a matter of fate, after today, the glory of the Thunder Clan is afraid that it will never exist again, we are sinners ah."

It was a pity that they didn't have any power to resist at all when facing Jiang Jian.

The Lei Clan did have many geniuses, dozens of strong Dou Zun, and even that legendary Dou Sheng powerhouse.

But some had just died, leaving only the one Dou Sheng strong man in front of them, while the rest were all dead.

They were also incomparably bitter.

Although there was a set of powerful formations in this Thunder Realm, if all of them were to be triggered by Dou Saints, I'm afraid that even Dou Di wouldn't dare to take it hard.

However, there were originally enough Dou Saints to set up the formation, as their carelessness earlier had led to them being killed by Jiang Xiao in several places, and now even if the rest of them were to set up that thunder formation, even if they were to inspire their maximum power, it would only be insufficient to blast Jiang Xiao.

The biggest card was useless.

It was precisely because of this that they were bitter in their hearts.

The Thunder Clan was to blame for ending up in this situation today, they were to blame, if they had been cautious from the start, if they had initially stimulated the formation, they might have suppressed the person in front of them.

But their previous arrogance made none of them notice that the demon in front of them was by no means as powerful as they could be.

That was why it had created the current awkward situation.

It was truly a bit depressing for them.

"What should we do?"

That Dou Sheng strong man looked helplessly at the few Dou Zun around him, "Now that things have come to this, it seems that we have no room to maneuver."

How to do it?

Bitterness was bitterness, but what had to be faced still had to be faced, and naturally, the calamity that should be their Thunder Clan could not escape.

For example, at this moment.

Jiang Chi was looking at the Thunder Clan's crowd with a smile, secretly lining, "These people have different and different thoughts in their hearts, but they are actually suffering inside."

Now that the deliberation was not possible, they couldn't even retreat.

The only thing that could be done was probably to try to preserve the Thunder Clan, perhaps only then could they survive, otherwise if they didn't even have a chance to live, the Thunder Clan would really be annihilated.

And that situation was not what these people of the Thunder Clan wanted to see.

So Jiang Chi was well aware of the current situation.

"Thunder Clan, after all, you guys have made yourselves smart, if you were alert from the beginning, you probably wouldn't be as passive as you are now."

But now it was advantageous to him in every way, he was very happy, it would be great if the rest of the clans were like this.

At this moment, Jiang Xiao was hoping that the Thunder Clan would be a little tougher, if I were to harden my grievances, then I would have an excuse and reason to go all out.


Although these people of the Thunder Clan in front of us were also arrogant and unrestrained, and although they also considered themselves to be supreme heavenly pride, they were still cautious when facing Jiang Qian at this moment.

They were afraid of making a mistake.

Compared to the complete annihilation of the Thunder Clan, even if they themselves and others offered up seventy to eighty percent of their years of collection, it seemed to be acceptable.

It wasn't that it was unacceptable.

Before it was because there was no comparison, but now they couldn't help but be happy at the thought of such a thing as the extinction of the clan.

Perhaps it wasn't necessarily bad to take a step back like this, but at least they had preserved the Thunder Clan, and as long as they were still alive and the Thunder Realm hadn't been taken from them, they still had hope of revival.

"When these people leave, we can also guide them to visit some other clans again, I'm sure they'll be happy to go."

After all, the other clans also had endless treasures, so naturally, there were endless benefits that they might be able to obtain.

Thinking like this, that Dou Sheng felt much better in his heart.

So he intoned, "Senior, we of the Thunder Clan have agreed to your conditions, we just hope that Senior can spare our clan members, they are innocent."

Innocent Jiang Chi didn't know, but at the moment, he didn't want to get rid of all the people of the Thunder Clan.

He smiled and said, "Those who know what's good for you, your request has been granted by this seat, and as long as the people of the Thunder Clan don't anger this seat anymore, it's not a bad idea to let you live."

So much the better.

That Dou Sage of the Thunder Clan was relieved at the words, and said under his breath, "Although the conditions have to be paid, my Thunder Clan is at least preserved, and leaving behind 10% or 20% of the collection is enough for the clan to continue living."

The worst that can happen is to continue to plunder Central China.

Anyway, most of those resources in their treasury were actually scavenged from all over the world, and some extraordinary means were used in them.

Although this time taking it out was painful, and although they also felt that their old faces were shameless, and even the Thunder Clan's luck over the past thousand years had been squandered, they still felt that this matter was good.

At least it preserved the clan.

It was better than anything to keep the clan still alive.

"Living is hope, once you die there is nothing left, the same goes for world families, essentially the Thunder Clan and the other eight ancient clans are the same, in fact they are all world families with a long heritage."

The powerful Dou Sheng in the Lei Clan saw it very clearly and knew exactly what was going on right now.

His mind was incomparably complicated, the once glorious Thunder Clan was also one of the Ancient Eight Clans, and once they were one of those many strong people, but now that bit of glory inherited from his ancestors was about to be defeated.

"I only hope that the clans will be more vigilant after this time, or else it will really be difficult to survive in the Dou Qi Continent."

He gave a complicated glance at Jiang Chi, but then had to respectfully say, "Senior, why don't you come sit with us in the clan first, while we bring over the techniques, fighting skills, and resources?"

How these people's thoughts were unclear to Jiang Xiao, but not point blank, he knew that these people of the Thunder Clan would definitely not dare to conceal it on a large scale.

And leaving a small portion of them behind was still acceptable to him.

But it didn't matter at all, at least it was normal enough for Jiang Chi, and he nodded his head and agreed, "Fine, then go to your Thunder Clan and take a seat, and make sure to get all the techniques and fighting skills for this seat."

As for the collected resources those, it was reasonable to withhold 10% or 20%.

After all, this great Thunder Clan also needed to survive and cultivate, and since he wouldn't even drive them to extinction, he naturally had to leave something for others as well.

That strong Dou Sheng of the Thunder Clan's eyes couldn't help but flash a glint in his eyes after hearing this, and he couldn't help but say, "It seems that this senior has tacitly approved of our idea, so that's good."

At least the Thunder Clan was preserved for now.

The next thing they needed to do was to go and bring in the topiary techniques and fighting skills, as well as the seventy to eighty percent resource collection.

"This senior's cultivation is inscrutable and his methods are powerful, I can hardly fathom his words and actions, he's definitely not an ordinary Dou Sage."

The Dou Sheng in the Lei Clan thought so, "It's not like I've never seen a peak nine-star Dou Sheng level existence before, but never as much as I feel this person.

He's like bathing in the spring breeze when he's pleasant, but when he's angry, he's majestic and endlessly powerful, as if he can kill us and other existences at any time."

It was terrifying to think about him.

Although there was still an ancestor in the Lei Clan, he was definitely no match for him and had already closed the death barrier.

All the other Dou Sheng powerhouses had been disabled and had become ordinary people.

He was the only one still in charge in the Lei Clan now, so he had to think about the Lei Clan.

Only an existence like the Thunder Clan was what they were thinking about, and for a moment his mind couldn't help but feel even more distressed, he didn't even know how to explain to those of his fellow clans after he invited Jiang back.

"I just hope they're all a little more sensible, otherwise they'll only be the ones who die." The Dou Sheng strong man inhaled deeply and secretly lined, "This senior's strength is so strong that I have never heard of it, and it's also really terrifying."

Why hadn't this kind of existence been heard of before.

This was something he had always wondered about, but he didn't think about it seriously.

Jiang Gong greeted the already foolishly blinded Pill Dust and Wind Leisure and said, "Let's go, let's go to the Thunder Clan as a guest, I'm sure this experience will be unforgettable."

He was looking forward to someone dissatisfied with him and challenging him.

It would be fun to think about it.

Pillow Dust and Wind Leisure both looked at each other, the horror in their hearts didn't subside for a long time, and they were sort of clear that Jiang Xiao was not a human at all.

He was clearly a demon head only.

How powerful such an existence must be to be able to push through a clan with just one person.

What was important to know was that the people here were definitely not those ordinary families and sects out there, but a group of powerful generations.

One of the Eight Ancient Clans, because back then, their ancestors had produced lightning attributed Dou Emperors, so the bloodline of these Thunder Clan people was flowing with lightning.

But it was such a profound existence, yet it was hardened by Jiang Qian alone, "Where on earth did he get such powerful means, has he already become an immortal?"

It was impossible for them not to speculate like this.

It was because Jiang Jiang had said that immortal cultivators only possessed all sorts of magical and unbelievable means after they became immortal.

And wasn't that what the strength he was displaying now was like.


The two of them responded, and then they respectfully followed Jiang Qian profoundly, but in their hearts, they had already tacitly classified Jiang Qian as on the list of not to be offended.

It was true that such an existence couldn't be offended ah, if he displeased Jiang Lack, they would probably step into the footsteps of those strong men of the Thunder Clan by the minute.

But no one wanted that.

Soon, they arrived at the Lei Clan's palace, which was the most luxuriously built place in the Lei Clan.

The Dou Sheng strong man ordered his clan members to bring tea, and then instructed the Dou Zun strong men, "You go and bring the clan's techniques and fighting skills first, and don't leave anything behind.

If anyone asks you to patiently explain it is just really not possible then say that I have decided."

All the Thunder Clan Dou Zun Zun nodded in unison, "Yes, we know, it's just that collection of resources..."

"I will personally handle this matter." That Dou Sage gritted his teeth and said, "Leave one or two other people at the peak of the Nine Star Dou Zun to accompany the few seniors."


The crowd nodded their heads once again, not even daring to have any complaints.

This was the only way to preserve their Thunder Clan ah.

Perhaps that card within the clan wasn't even a match for the person in front of them, and that was why they had compromised and conceded.

They were downright sensible, but yet there were still people who were not too sensible.

One day later, something big happened.


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